New RUU Leaks for HTC Thunderbolt – Fixes GPS, Audio Recording and LTE Hand-off (Updated)

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Mr. JCase whom you may know from Team AndIRC, dropped a new RUU for the HTC Thunderbolt this morning, one that is potentially an OTA update which could be here any day.  He’s tweaked it just enough so that you will keep root if you flash this, but know that you will indeed lose all of your apps and other user data.  This definitely wipes everything.  Luckily, we all should be using the mighty Titanium Backup at this point, so wiping isn’t a worry.

So what does this new update fix?  Some things that have troubled many of you:

  • GPS Location Services
  • LTE/3G Transitions
  • Audio Recording
  • Video Playback
  • Proximity Sensor drain
  • SQLite API

Update:  The full RUU for non-rooted users is on the way…stay tuned.

Update 2:  Non-rooted users:  Full RUU download for non-rooted users.  Download Link

Rooted users:  Download Link (MD5SUM:  53e78863b7cc829261b4c6e1b984c200)

*Rename to, drop it on SD card, flash in HBOOT.

Full support can be found at this XDA thread.  Full RUU thread.



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