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Download: New Camera, Gallery, Desk Clock and Cube Wallpaper Android Apps (Updated)

Here are a few additional downloads that originated from Tech From 10’s test Android Market.  The new camera, gallery and desk clock apps are below for you to download, but for whatever reason, they may not work on most or any phones.  In fact, the only app that would not force close for me, was some sort of test cube wallpaper that is also available below.  Feel free to install them all though and report back if you have any success on any of your devices.  The new music player which definitely works, is back at this post.

*Note – Again, these may not work at all.  But if they do, please let us know what phone you are using.

Download:  Camera | Gallery | Desk Clock | Cube Wallpaper

Install just as you would any other .apk file.  Let us know if any of them work for you!

Update:  Camera app works on DROIDX Gingerbread.  Nothing all that new.

Cheers postal32!

  • Good sharing,thanks very much.wireless surveillance cameras

  • somebody

    Music works on Nexus S (stock).
    Gallery FC. didn’t have the courage to try the rest after that.

  • minii

    only the cube one works with samsung galaxy s running darky’s 9.3 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Camera & Music works on N1, Gallery installs but crashes on launch and Clock won’t install at all

  • LG Ally for verizon running Froyo-
    Working: Cube Wallpaper
    Not Working: Gallery, Camera, Clock

  • Music and Camera apps work fine on my Desire HD running Gingerbread 2.3.2

    Both Gallery and Clock apps force close…

  • Nothing works on T-Mobile G2

  • Nothing works on T-Mobile G2

  • who creates an app that “they may not work on most or any phones”… LAME!

  • Only the music app works on my phone….the rest just crash on the Galaxy S

  • googleguy

    Camera app works on evo running cyanogenmod 7.0.0 rc4

  • FoxtrotFTW

    All of them work, including the music app from the other post, except for the desk clock on my EVO with CM7RC4.

  • Scottdouglasmahoney

    great camera works great on htc desire Z BELL running the europe vanilla htc sense rom for it work you have to open the stock cam app once if u dont i will force close works great after that without having to open the stock app

  • Anonymous

    Inc on CM7 RC4:
    Camera works but breaks camcorder
    Gallery crashes (FC notification)
    Desk clock doesn’t install
    LWP works

  • Pandafloski

    Cube works, the other force close though. HTC Evo with a 2.2 ROM with Sense 2.0

  • Chris

    myTouch Slide CM7 RC4
    Camera works fine
    Cube wallpaper works fine
    Clock doesn’t install
    Gallery force closes

  • Chris

    myTouch Slide CM7 RC4
    Camera works fine
    Cube wallpaper works fine
    Clock doesn’t install
    Gallery force closes

  • Shon

    D2G(Froyo), Camera, And Gallery app doesnt work, Music, Desk Clock, And Wallpaper works

  • The_great_dahli_llama

    Camera works on Original Droid running CM7 nightly build #29.

  • Jessesaintz

    Nexus One

    Music works great
    Cube works great until you try to change settings then it force closes.

  • Jason

    Camera works for me. I’m running CM 7 on Droid Incredible. However, the picture quality only goes to 3 MP. No force closes though and runs smooth. Uninstalled because why shoot at 3 MP when you can have 8? Lol.

  • Anonymous

    The clock works as a widget. But it’ll force close otherwise.

    It’s the honeycomb clock.

  • Patrick Rigby

    Using xperia play and the new camera app works

  • JOK

    New camera app force closes when you tap on the camera/camcorder toggle.

  • Camera works on my Droid X running Gingerbead (Rooted/Deoduxed) the rest force close

  • OGD CM7 RC4 clock doesnt work. Wont even install.

  • camera works on my ogd cm7 rc4

  • On my Desire with CM7 RC2:
    * Camera works (but FC’s if i switch to Video)
    * Clock does not install
    * Gallery FC’s

  • Porcelain Mask

    Music player works on rooted DPro, all others FC

  • Fpitkat

    Sounds like Junk!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just tried this on an EVO running CM7 RC4. Camera works, but it’s limited to 3M largest size and it’s not much different then 2.3.3 stock camera app. Deskclock won’t even install and Gallery app force closes right away.

  • Anonymous

    none of these work on stock thunderbolt… 🙁

  • Rickerbilly

    Camera max resolution is 5MP on my rooted DX 2.3.3, I like to use my 8MP setting which disappeared. The rest of the apps either fc’d or fc’d. All uninstalled.

  • Scottvalue

    Camera force closes on video. Works good otherwise.
    Gallery fc
    Clock won’t install
    Wallpaper works

    Optimus s cm7

  • I’ve gotten camera to work on both my DX running the deodexed GB leak and on my OG Droid running CM7 #31. Everything else besides cube, which I haven’t tried, FC’s on me. Trying to get in to check the XML files but they aren’t playing very nice.

  • Mooncheeze

    camera, wallpaper, music install and run flawlessly. gallery installs but force closes instantly. clock wont install.

    moto droid running project elite gingerbread 2.3.2

  • Music Player and Live Wallpaper running on my Desire HD Revolution 3.2

    Gallery and Clock not working, force close

  • Camera works on Leaked Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread.

  • BK

    Music App is working on OG Droid (unrooted)

  • Fg2srt4

    OG Droid, Gallery FC’s, Camera just opens my stock camera and Music works great.

  • I don’t like the new camera. Image looks pixelated on screen before picture is taken. Also, the max res is 5MP

  • Neuman8

    On my Nexus 1 with Gingerbread. Camera will not install, Desk Clock will not install, Gallery3D force closes. New Music works, although I can’t seem to figure out how the 3D album art works or is scrollable…

  • Anonymous

    I was able to get the camera app to work. The only difference I could find was the border around the shutter button was blue and the app crashed when switching to video.

  • I love the way the Stock GB camera operates…I’m not changing, esp by the screen shot posted, i’ve had that camera, imo, boring…

  • Anonymous

    FYI – I have the Evo, running Gingerbread 2.3.3 (Cyanogen Kernel, Salvage Mod 1.1) and the camera app seems to work flawlessly for me.

  • misphit917

    Droid X
    Camera works only uptime to fivebad megapixel? but video force to close
    Wallpaper works choosing setting force to close
    Gallery force to close
    Dock didn’t chk
    No spyware or malware found.

  • Why did they not also provide the market apk?

    • Anonymous

      Likely the Market app was pushed out to the phones because they were dev/test units sent out before the phone was sold to the public. Somehow their phones were ‘on the list’ for this dev Market update.

      So, in short, there was no apk, just a push to the phone itself.

  • Ajpdrumm

    Camera is completely functional on Evo CM7 RC4, front camera works, flash works. The gallery works too probably cause I use quickpic instead. Didn’t force close once after playing with it for 10 min

  • Ajpdrumm

    Camera is completely functional on Evo CM7 RC4, front camera works, flash works. The gallery works too probably cause I use quickpic instead. Didn’t force close once after playing with it for 10 min

  • Dazu

    None of these work on thunderbolt 🙁