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Tuesday Poll: Rooted or Non-rooted?

Every six months or so we like to run this poll to get an idea as to how many of our readers are living in the land of the superusers.  And this time, we’re going to do something similar to the poll we ran a few weeks back, when we asked users which ROM they were using.  We want to create more of those fancy charts, so along with answering the poll, we also want you to list out the device you are currently running in the comments with your root-status.

Rooted or Non-Rooted?

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  • Sandyman

    Original Droid, Rooted. ProjectElite 5.2 ROM

  • Nathanbull33

    Rooted. Droid X running Rubix Focused 2.0.1. Overclocked and undervolted to 1100. With black juice true blue theme. Loving my new X so far!

  • Deeptommy

    i am rooted (using super one-click) on stock ROM (still), and am using a Droid 1, Set CPU, ROM Manager, Titanium Backup Pro, Launcher Pro, installed. Overclocked at 800 mhz, scaled.

  • Smtxom

    This is like polling the readers of the Fox News site if they would vote Republican or Democrats. Most readers on this site are well informed Android Consumers and are more than likely going to be running rooted devices if possible.

  • Romma1

    Rooted Running CM7 RC2

  • Wigb

    DX Rooted

  • jetnoirz

    Xoom Rooted

    Droid X rooted, Fission

  • OG Droid running project elite’s latest at 1.1 GHz. Love it!

  • OG Droid running project elite’s latest at 1.1 GHz. Love it!

  • Forehead

    OG Droid, Project Elite 5 Update 2.

  • Ron

    Droid X

  • immadroid

    Rooted OG Droid running the latest Project Elite + Rooted Xoom with the latest OC kernel release.

  • kismet769

    Rooted Droid X running ApeX 1.4.1

  • Anonymous

    Xoom – Rooted & Unlocked

  • Sprotthedestroyer

    I live around a bunch of droid users(bout a hundred) and I’m the only one rooted. I use stock for about most everything because I don’t need fancy shit, just functional. I rooted to overclock, underclock, convert to a wifi hotspot, and to remove bloatware. I’ve been trying to convince my friends that rooting is easy and is reversable(depending on circumstances) but they have apps that do almost everything my rooted only apps can do. Can anyone help? I want my friends to open their minds to the possibilities rooting allows.


  • My OG Droid, son’s Droid X, daughter’s Droid Pro, daughter’s Incredible, and now my Xoom all ROOTED and loving it… Next I want to ROOT my car… LOL!

  • Anonymous

    rooted DX bootstrapped oc’d lv 1.45ghz honeycomb themed liberty 1.5 and themed lpp

  • Anonymous

    Rooted OG Droid – Simply Stunning 5.01 Gingerbread

  • Rooted. Motorola Droid running Liquid Gingerbread 1.31 with Honeycomb theme.

  • Jobslave72

    rooted original D1 running sapphire 2.0.2 . This ROM seems to be the most stable without too much lag or dialer issues.

  • Jbmiller148

    Rooted DroidX. No roms.

  • Voldroid

    Rooted using OG Droid with PE4.2 Rom. Gingerbread doesn’t seem to like OG Droids 🙁

  • Brutalsnowman

    Rooted – Droid X – Liberty 1.5

  • Aaron G

    Rooted Droid X with Darkslide 4.2 semi-blurless.

  • buck i

    Rooted OG Droid running PE v4.2 / v5 depending on the day. 1.1 GHz.

  • Krystra

    rooted dx stock rom oc’d to 1.4mhz

  • neverknow

    Droid 2, Rooted, Liberty 1.5

  • RavnosCC

    Rooted D1 w/Bugless Beast latest ROM

  • Shawn

    DX running apex 1.4.1 OC’ed to 1.2 LV

  • KyleD

    Rooted Droid X and a Rooted Nook Color

  • jmanGJHS97

    Rooted HTC Incredible. CyanogenMod 7 RC1 (Gingerbread)

  • Wingman520

    Droid incredible running cm7 rc2 and Droid Eris with cm6

  • blackbranch

    DX Non-Rooted. The plan to is to stay non-rooted for as long as i can stand it and then root to extend the life of the phone.

  • Anonymous

    Droid Incredible, Rooted
    Motorola Xoom, Not Rooted

  • DX, rooted.

  • crack

    Rooted Droid Incredible currently running Virtuous, but as soon as CM7 goes stable I’m moving to it.

  • Jon

    Droid X running RubiX 2.0.1

  • John

    Rooted. Nexus One. CM-7RC2, Dark Tremor A2SD, setCPU=1113

  • Littleperry6904

    og droid running GPA13 with Slayher 1.0 lv kernal and loving it1

  • RW-1

    Rooted OG Droid running Pete’s GPA13, very nice !

  • Sacnotsack

    OGD rooted LGB v1.3.1 @1200Mhz. Just wish my phone liked low voltage kernals

  • Rooted. Motorola Xoom and Droid X.

  • Ehall247

    OG Droid GPA13 using Pete’s 1.0 Gz LV Kernal…..sweet!

  • Ronniefoxxx

    Motorola Xoom, not rooted (yet)
    HTC Vision, rooted running CM7 RC2

  • Djenks24

    Droid X Rooted running Rubix 2.0
    Droid Rooted running GPA 13 Gingerbread

  • JK

    OG running Cyanogen 7 nightly

  • John..

    Rooted, Motorola Droid, Project Elite 5.2

  • Ssavage41

    rooted d1 pe5.02

  • MachineGun68

    OG running Steel Droid 4.0 GB ROM

  • DT3

    OG Droid, rooted, running PE 5.0.2