Verizon’s Samsung 4G LTE Device Caught in the Wild, Battery is Not an Issue

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The crew over at Techno Buffalo was fortunate enough to have a friend send in some new pictures of Verizon’s Samsung 4G LTE (SCH-i510) device that we were all introduced to at CES.  The device appears to be the guy’s everyday phone and was definitely up and running on Big Red’s LTE network.  He mentioned that battery life (1500 mAh) was not an issue at all and was easily getting 8-10 hours per day out of it which is exactly what we wanted to hear.  The phone will definitely be loaded up with TouchWiz when it’s released (targeted for mid-April), but you won’t see much of it in the pictures below since he has LauncherPro installed.

So there you go…no battery issues on a 4G LTE phone! (We’re lookin’ at you HTC.)  Oh, he also mentioned the name “Stealth” again which seems to pop up every time this phone is around.  As far as I know, that name is just a code name.  I’m sort of expecting there to be a surprise when this phone is finally unveiled.

Pics after the jump!  

Via: Techno Buffalo



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