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Tuesday Poll: Current Custom ROM is?

It’s time to take a break from this insane Thunderbolt mess and talk about something fun, the current devices that we are all hopefully still in love with.  As you can maybe imagine, it’s become difficult to cover the plethora of ROMs for the DROID franchise these days, so in order to stay up to date on them, a reader of ours suggested that we start asking everyone what they are currently running from time to time.  We loved the idea so much that we’re already asking just one day later.

So…what custom ROM are you currently using?

To make this simple, follow a format similar to this:

DROID X:  Liberty ROM 1.5, [any additional details such as overclocking, special apps, launchers, etc.]

Got it?

Cheers Mike, for the idea!

  • vi001101106

    Droid X: Apex 1.3.1, ADW Launcher EX, Tron theme,

  • droid x – liberty 1.5
    droid 2 – liberty 1.5

  • tanknspank

    Droid 1
    Cm7 Nightly #31
    Stock CM7 800MHz kernel
    -modifications to include support for DarkTremor Apps2SD
    1GB Partition for Apps2SD, 32MB of Linux-Swap
    CyanBread Theme
    ADW EX
    -Eyefold ADW Theme by Koveleski

    That about sums it up.

  • el_ote

    Droid X. Liberty Rom 1.5
    overclocked @1.35GHz Linear theme!

  • suchashorttime

    OG Droid: MIUI weeklies / stock kernel / LauncherPro+ – I am also waiting for the LTE thang to settle out before making a decision on my next device.

  • Droiddawg

    D1 running PE4.2, Launcher Pro

  • Steve

    Droid X: Apex ROM 1.3.1
    Love the dark status-bar and the ability to switch between AOSP & Moto flavors (like Gallery) with a simple script.

  • Laz

    OG droid PE4.2 with LauncherPro plus

  • Juanepsteinus

    OG Droid: Project Elite 4.2 Launcher Pro

  • Anonymous

    did anyone figure out where to get those nice bluetooth/wifi toggles in the screen shot in this post???

  • Darkstone Froyo on my HD2 (Just preordered my Bolt yesterday)

  • Droid 1: running bb 0.6.2, stock kernal, launcher pro,

    just like to add, called verizon and complained about my moms palm pixi plus, and i asked if they could send her a droid 1 or a dinc, and they suckers are sending her a droid 2 global i am officially jealous. cant wait for my upgrade to get the best phone again

  • Original Droid running Liquid Frozen yogurt 1.96.
    OG Droid with the Liquid Gingerbread 1.1.

  • Geolevine

    Droid 2, Running liberty 1.5 with full launcher pro, over-clocked to 1.2 ghz getting quadrant scores of around 1610, yep life is pretty sweet, but cant wait for the thunderbolt, then to root the thunderbolt and then to download wifi tether and get 6 mbps for $30 and have it unlimited!!

  • Jason Wallace

    Droid X Liberty 1.5 awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Droid 1 – CM7 nightlies

  • Anonymous

    DROID 1: CM 6.1 RC5, Chevy #1 ULV 1.1GHz kernel, ADW Launcher EX

  • Lawless21

    Droid 2 running liberty rom 1.5

  • Ed

    Original DROID: Project Elite 4.2

  • Teon39

    Droid X with Liberty 1.5 all the way!!!!

  • duckphan

    OG Droid, liquid gingerbread v1.1, LauncherPro Plus, Set CPU oc’d to 1000mhz

  • Nick

    OG DROID: Cyanogenmod 6.1.2

  • Probably the wrong place to post this but what is the “con” to putting on a ROM? What major features do I lose? Thank you in advance.

  • Jon

    Droid X – Liberty ROM 1.5 – 1.25 Ghz Overclock using Low Voltage – Zeam Launcher
    Runs like a champ. Great battery life.

    An amazing note about the Droid X, you can underclock it to get some even more amazing battery life and it’s still a zippy device. My Droid X at 800 Mhz runs faster than my Original Droid overclocked to 1.1 Ghz.

  • Tuantsg

    DX Liberty 1.5 what more do you want?

  • Tuantsg

    DX Liberty 1.5 what more do you want?

  • Tnfan2k12

    Droid X, Liberty 1.5, Watermark’d theme, Launcher Pro.

    FYI – No rotation when in car dock with phone dialer
    No Speed Dial ( The Phone Dialer in general sucks )

    Everything else is so good I will gladly live with the small issues.

  • Droid 1: Bugless /w launcherpro +

  • Khollis33

    Droid X with Liberty 1.0 – need to get around to installing 1.5
    Droid 1 with BB 0.6

    Launcher Pro + on both of them.

  • matt

    Droid X: liberty 1.5, OC to 1.25 via jrummy market app. ADW EX, SwipePad, gingerbread blue! Awesomeness.

  • Neil Garrison

    DROID X: Liberty ROM 1.5 (@kejar31, @jrummy16), Droid Overclock @ 1.2GHz (@jrummy16), Sysctl Config (@jrummy16), LauncherPro (@fedecarnales).

  • What launcher theme is being used in this picture??

  • Brady

    DROID X: Liberty ROM 1.5 (Battery Test Setup)

  • Droid 2 running liberty 1.5 since this weekend. the greatest ROM ever IMO
    red gingerbread theme with a themed launcher pro
    liberty ftw!!

  • Derickmc

    Droid Incredible: INCredibly Re-Engineered v2.3 (EVO Framework) [4×5 workspace mod, Red Theme, Sexy Rosie Mod, NexusKang Live Wallpaper pack, Lou’s Kernal #9, xx.xx11.19 Radio, 0.92 Hboot, Rooted S-Off]]

  • WormDoes

    DROID Incredible running Incredibly Re-Engineered v2.3 with the Gingerbread Theme and Lou’s # 9 Kernel

  • WormDoes

    DROID Incredible running Incredibly Re-Engineered v2.3 with the Gingerbread Theme and Lou’s # 9 Kernel

  • Hey guys, I had my friend root my OG with cyanogenMod and my batteries pretty crappy…I have JuiceDefender and it heps a little how can I improve the battery life…I’m not to good with all this rooting stuff…thanks for the help

  • Anonymous

    OG: Project Elite 4.2

  • Anonymous

    Droid Eris: GingerShedBread cm7 nightlies. GB Android FTW!!!! Waiting for thunderbolt!

  • Aaron

    Droid 2 — Liberty 1.5 (OCed to 1.2 GHz)

  • Dunner3106

    DROID Incredible: OMFGB 1.1.1 w/ launcher pro.

    Runs smooth and I love it. Provides a great stock GB feels with little things that remind me just how happy I am that I rooted my INC.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone with an OG Droid needs to at least try the cm7 nightlies because the features are so f***ing incredible you won’t want a new phone unless you know it’s supported by cyanogen. No more crap copy paste, swipe to clear notifications, built in themes, crazy battery life, and a lot of other tricks I just can’t spoil here.

  • Ankit199

    liberty 1.5 on D2

  • Mr Carteratl

    D2: mutha f’n LIBERTY

  • Vmedin2

    dx liberty 1.5, oc’d 1250+low voltage w/jrummys overclock app, launcher pro plus

  • Joshua

    Droid: Miui, rocking the Meizu M9 theme
    It was a hard sell leaving Project Elite though.

  • bassdj

    Droid 2: Liberty ROM 1.5
    ADW EX
    OrangeSlice Theme

  • Darinr80

    Liquid Gingerbread on OG Droid

  • Sjm614

    Droid Incredible: CyanogenMod 6.1..amazing