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Motorola XOOM Priced at $699 through Best Buy without Contract

How does $699 sound for the first Honeycomb tablet on the planet?  According to Best Buy, that’s exactly what they plan on selling the 3G/Wi-Fi Motorola XOOM for without a contract.  And for those that seem to think this is too much, the 32GB iPad sells for $729, and doesn’t have cameras, a dual-core processor, and runs a blown up phone OS.  The price point is probably right where it should be.  If you want a tablet for $400, you’ll have to consider other options like those from ViewSonic.  Of course, we could still see a 2-year contract option with Verizon that would bring the price down further.

Oh, and we’re still on pace for a February 17 launch.

Via:  Droid Attic

  • scribbles

    Kellex I have been with your website since the start but it’s obvious you have sold out. You need to get back to basics. It is crazy to pay $700 for a tablet android or ipad. Yes xoom has better hardware, but its been outfor a long time (hardware wise).

  • So whoever leaked the “minimum advertised price” is not a reliable source, as it was clearly wrong. The MAP is a price that the manufacturer negotiates as the lowest price that a retailer can sell the item for.

  • Mr. Steve

    The price is getting better.

  • Octotron

    If the 2 year contract version on the 4g version of this is subsidized really well, then I could see this killing the iPad immediately. Otherwise, there is too much of a pull to go the $500 route with the low end iPad. I do not want another contract… and there is a much higher pull for me to go with a wifi only version.

  • Gottheguds112

    In theory you could buy it off contract for full retail and just use the wifi, with no obligation for getting the contract?

    • Mr. Steve


  • Blake

    The issue fir me isn’t the value, it’s that the cheapest one is $700. I don’t care for nor want a 3G connection on the tablet. I’m never going to pay for the data connection when I can tether my phone, so I’m paying for hardware I don’t want.

    So it’s $700 for the Xoom or $500 for an iPad. I know what wins in that scenario. Added bonus for me is that I don’t have to have verizon’s logo staring back at me every time I use it either.

    Release a wi-fi only non verizon branded device and I’ll order it the day it’s available, no hesitations.

    • DroidFan

      You may want to hesitate anyway. Honeycomb for tablets will be more robust than the iPad. Unless something changes in iPad 2, its mostly a big iPhone. Yes there are apps that take advantage of the iPad specs. But to maintain some continuity with iPhone apps the iPad will remain more limited. The iPad has impacted netbook sales. But from a total utility point, it has not replaced netbooks. And it certainly is not a viable replacement to a laptop. Honeycomb is going to come closer to a laptop experience. The connectivity capabilities alone may be worth the price of admission. No one knows how the Xoom will stack up against the iPad or laptops until it is available to use. Even then, as the case is with many Google launches, it may be a year or two before the total capabilities become apparent. But if Google follows the Android model, it will get better quickly. And because Honeycomb has been developed as a tablet based software, may have a lot more room to grow than iOS.

  • man, $699 is a lot better pricing. I will definitely be picking this up when it comes out.

  • Manuel

    I am missing something here? Isn’t the off-contract price of a smart-phone (like the DX) around $500-600? Why is $699 surprising for a high-end tablet? I’m sure VZW will bring it down at least $100 or more on contract, I’m buying it! 😀

  • Anonymous

    I want one, but still a bit too pricey for me. I’ll probably try to hold out for a Wi-Fi only version.

  • My opinion is there will NOT be a subsidized price from Verizon,because they cannot have the item being cheaper than the iPad,which would upset Apple, same reason the Galaxy Tab was full prices as well. The XOOM will sell well for Android standards but will not come close to iPad sales. A few months after the XOOM comes out, everyone will be on to the next big thing.

  • DroidFan

    For early adopoters, the $ 699 amount looks just about right. Based on specs, it certainly beats the $ 729 that the iPad started at a year ago. And is certainly more than competitive with current iPad pricing. And assuming the iPad 2 will have equal specs, there is no reason to expect it to sell for less than $ 699. The big question about android tablet sales will revolve around how many people really want a tablet like this. The highest estimate of iPad sales is 14 million. A lot to be sure. But consider that best estimates put the number of iPhone users alone at 60 million. Forgetting Apple iPod and laptop and computer owners, that makes the adoption rate for the iPad 23% of iPhone owners. Considering just how committed Apple owners are, it questions how useful people see a device like this to be. At this point don’t expect android users to adopt at any greater rates. Where Android manufacturers should develop for is business and government uses. The much greater connectivity of Android tablets would make them perfect for business, hospitals schools etc. Long live Android and Chrome OS.

  • I can’t see how an android tablet can compete at a higher price than the iPad when android cannot access netflix or hulu (yet). Say what you will about the hardware specs, the iPad appears to have an edge in terms of apps. I’ll consider the XOOM when the video streaming companies deliver on their promises.

  • Dadoblade

    A mistake not to launch with a wifi version. I have yet to see honeycomb but, right now if I am in the market for a tablet I am buying an Ipad. There are things I hate about Apple but the OS is much smoother that Android..at least pre-honeycomb. As much as I try to convince the wife and kids to wait for the Xoom, they want an Ipad. It is part of pop-culture. Android needs a product that is first to the market, rather than continuing to play catch-up.

  • Thebigwolfie

    I just talked to a Verizon representative today he informed me that it will require a contract. Also the 4g upgrade is a software not a hardware upgrade on the xoom. As far as $800. Bucks no way $600 is reasonable.

    • And that right there is THE reason why Android tablets stand no chance against the iPad. The WiFi model far outsells the 3G version. I read on Apple Insider or Tech Crunch that it is like 4-1 in favor of WiFi. Why Android device manufacturers are so tied to the carriers is way beyond me. Release a product that people want, not just what VZW or AT&T want you to put out.

      Until the day comes that you can buy an Android tablet at WalMart or Target or Best Lie that only does WiFi and doesn’t make you the bitch of a carrier Android tablet sales will suffer. HP and RIM are building tethering into their tablets so that they will piggyback on your phone connection. Why can’t Moto do that to?

      And I’ve read too many stories that the 4G upgrade is hardware to believe the rep on that one.

  • Anonymous

    Price is better but I’m waiting for the $500 16gb wifi version. Don’t want my droid x tether to go to waste now do we. I don’t need 3G on this.

  • Alvinm 77

    SOLD!!!!!! All I need is wifi. I would rather add a few bucks to my plan for 4G mobile hot spot (my city is on the LTE list) with a new 4G phone then to add a whole extra plan. I’ll use 3G hot spot til then

  • Alvinm 77

    SOLD!!!!!! All I need is wifi. I would rather add a few bucks to my plan for 4G mobile hot spot (my city is on the LTE list) with a new 4G phone then to add a whole extra plan. I’ll use 3G hot spot til then

  • ok,

    i don’t think motorola is expecting to outsell apple with the xoom. because moto is so much later than apple to the tablet game they need to play catch up.
    if you look at the rices of unsubsidized phones, this is a pretty good deal.
    if you want a cheaper tablet, start looking at other brands. there will be cheaper tegra 2 tablets out there as well.
    also, saying that acer has cheaper 17″ laptops is such a moot point. where size is not an issue, there is essentially no thought or money put into the industrial design about that. the xoom is almost all about that. there is no wasted space there and each component is high-end, unlike the 17″ laptop.
    and on-contract wi-fi only devices ? seriously who said that ?
    also reducing the storage from 32 to 16gb won’t reduce the cost by that much. apple may have you think that doubling storage costs $100 but it doesn’t. i’d venture to say $50 tops.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see how many people line up for blocks in how many cities waiting for the doors to open. Just an entertainment item for us droid peeps. I have a bet with a couple associates that there won’t even be news coverage with reporters interviewing people in line. LOL

  • Anonymous

    WoW!!!! Surprise this isn’t “4G”……Price is still kinda high doe. Hell, we can use our Android phone for 3G.

    • Anonymous

      Remember the LTE add-on? That should be about $299 as it is a data card.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure where you’re getting the $729 price for a 32 GB iPad. I paid $644.68 for my 32 GB iPad after tax and shipping when I bought it directly from Apple the end of April 2010. Unless the prices have went up, I say that’s a bogus number.

    As for the Xoom. I do fully intend to purchase one on launch day. Can’t wait to get my hands on one. $699 is a little more reasonable than $799 I was earlier, but still a little bit out of line I feel. Apple is going to come into the game with the iPad 2, similar specs, but priced no higher than the current generation. They’ve been doing it for years with iPods and iPhones so we know it will happen with iPad 2.

    • toneymack

      $729 for the iPad 3G+Wifi

  • Anonymous

    Pricing should not be a big deal? Has everyone forgot about our buddies at the yellow price tag have their buy back program? If you don’t like your tablet, take it back in 6 month to get your i*pad. Also on the specs side, you forget this is onboard 32gb. I don’t see where your i*pad will have a slot to put a SD card in to expand storage like this guy will. +1 to XOOM / +1 to BB.
    The one thing that kills me is in the bottom left hand courner the blurb “subject to change”

  • Now that is more like it. $799 was a bit too high, but $699 is what I’m sure everyone(doubt it) expected it’d be priced at. And if you still don’t like $699, go buy something else, like a dumbed down tablet for lesser money. You won’t get as much, though.

    And no contract? This is good, but like Kellex mentioned, if you buy the XOOM at Verizon, it’ll be even less, but then again, you’re weighted down for 2 years, so that’s a decision worth thinking about.

    Either way, I’m sold.

  • Calvin2110

    I only want a wifi only model, I can you my phone as a 3g hotspot.

  • Gee

    From what i hear verizon has no intention of subsidizing the cost on any of the Andy-pads. Sadly this means full price, but the up swing is no contract.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know how you could be sad about full price, since a 2 year plan on the cheapest tablet data level would cost $480 over the course of the contract.

  • Anonymous

    That price sounds a bit more “reasonable.” It sure makes the $799 price rumor seem like a plant to make this seem like a “deal.” I do question the accuracy of this screenshot however. Take a look at the product details: Height 11″, Width 5″, Length 5″. If they don’t know the XOOM’s size, do they really know the price yet?

    • Anonymous

      I’m gonna guess that’s for the box, since an inventory management system would be more concerned with space in the back than in actual product dimension specs…

      • Anonymous

        Unless the XOOM folds in half, it won’t fit in a box that size.

        • Anonymous

          Excellent point. I was focusing on the seemingly-excessive depth, but you’re
          right: 5″ in anything other than depth doesn’t match up.

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing how much $100 means to you people! 2 days ago you were flipping out about $799, but $699 is somehow OK? The funny thing is that moto probably told verizon to leak the MAP doc showing $799 so people would flip out. Then they called best buy and said, “hey, leak this price”, so then everyone would feel better. I was buying at either price, so whatever.

  • Anonymous

    I dont see why you have to attack the iPad in the article considering its been out for almost a full year longer. This is still a first gen product with software that wasn’t stable enough to run a month ago, with developer base that is considerably dwarfed by iOS’s. Also taken what we know about Apple and the iPad 2 thus far it will run at a much higher resolution, have two cameras, (rumored to have) a dual core processor, and a much more fluid and stable software experience while keeping the same price points as the previous generations (almost all of which are lower) and most likely much friendlier 3G situation, unless big V decides to forgo the activation charges we saw with the Galaxy tab.

    The Xoom from the outset looks impressive, but we dont really need to play up the superiority complex when we don’t yet have a product in our hands to play with. Let the product do the talking and consumers will decide what their needs are and what product suits them best.

    • Go read a blog that focuses on iStuff and you will see them taking unlimited shots at Android for things like fragmentation, lack of carrier support for updates, far fewer quality apps, an app store akin to the wild wild west, a company (Google) behind the OS that just doesn’t seem to give 2 shits about anything but ad revenue and on and on and on.

      That said, like in life and politics, you attack the thing that most concerns you.

    • Go read a blog that focuses on iStuff and you will see them taking unlimited shots at Android for things like fragmentation, lack of carrier support for updates, far fewer quality apps, an app store akin to the wild wild west, a company (Google) behind the OS that just doesn’t seem to give 2 shits about anything but ad revenue and on and on and on.

      That said, like in life and politics, you attack the thing that most concerns you.

      • Anonymous

        But you dont really (or I haven’t) see iFans going out of their way to diss Android, thats only if its brought up in the course of conversation that those points would be brought up, I certainly dont see iLounge or TUAW taking pot shots at Android in their blog posts as is done here with Appls. I certainly love D-L, but their comparisons of unreleased phones and tablets to year old products in an effort to seem superior in some way if off-putting, in a way making it seem like Android is the inferior platform when we need to constantly attack the competition.

        • Go read Apple Insider and Daring Fireball. You will see nothing but anti Google and anti Android posts. As far as the average user goes, most iPhone owners could care less about OS wars. They have what they love and anything else that is available is meaningless to them. the battle is for hearts and minds and Apple won that one a long time ago.

  • Sorry, but no. I have a 16GB WiFi only iPad that I tether to my Palm Pre. I don’t need 3G on my tablet nor do I need 32GB. I paid $499 for it and think it is an excellent value at that price. This thing will have a locked boot loader and any Moto device always has the threat of elements of Blur dropping in that has to be considered. At >$600 this is a non-starter for me.

    HP will have WebOS tablets to announce in a few weeks. Several other manufactures (like Vizio) will release pricing in the coming weeks for more realistic Android tablet options. Moto can sit and spin on it for all I care. I’m done with them and I’m not coming back.

  • Anonymous

    Well I suppose I just can’t afford tablets

  • I’m in, especially if I can get it discounted through Verizon but if not, $700/No Contract is the right price.

  • Kaboyer66

    Windows phone 7 is probably a nice OS and there are several nice phones, but it has to compete with Android and iOS, and it may be too late for Winphone7 to be successful. Same for the XOOM. How many iPads have been sold. If this was going to be a competitor to the iPad, it should have come out last year. I think this will not sell well. Nor any other tablet except the iPad, for that matter.

    • The samsung has sold pretty well. I mean over 1 million units sold is a pretty good industry standard for a luxury item like that. I must say that probable 65% of all iPad owners would buy anything named apple. I mean seriously why have an iPod, iPhone, iPad, as well as an iTouch. I would bet probable 50% off all apple product owners have atleast 3 of those items.

      • Kaboyer66

        What is an iTouch?? I love how people criticize Apple, yet they changed the game in the phone market, and the tablet market. You don’t necessarily have to love Apple, but you should appreciate them, for if it were not for them, we would all still be using RAZR’s.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t credit Chevy for “changing the game” with the Suburban, even though it seems half of the vehicles on the road these days are SUVs. Just becuase they had early market saturation doesn’t mean they had a monopoly on the technology. Smartphones are the same way to me. Now tablets, yeah, I could see saying Apple started the trend. Sure others were around before that nobody bought and now there are some competitors, but really, have you seen anybody with another tab? I’ve seen one person with a nook, and several with ipads. I don’t think I’ll ever see someone with a galaxy tab and it’s looking pretty bleak for the xoom given it’s cost.

  • I will be buying it even if they have them side by side the Xoom is worth the extra money.

    • Anonymous

      And you know this how?

  • Devz

    $700? Ouch. Well, guess I won’t be getting a tablet anytime soon. I’ll wait until more reasonably priced ones start hitting.

  • stang68

    YES! I will be buying!

  • I think i might be sold now.

  • Anonymous

    “runs a blown up phone OS”….so the xoom runs chrome?
    oh no….it runs a version of android called honeycomb….

    700 is still a little much…acer has 17inch laptops for 498…..so why is it so difficult to build a simpler device at this price point, its not like the manufacturers have to even pay for windows licensing on these devices..

  • Prepare for a total flop in terms of sales. We are talking Nexus 1 territory and here is why. The average consumer does not care about dual-core or blown up iOS. When they walk in and see an iPad and Xoom next to each other they will go for the iPad. It has more name recognition and is “cooler” than the Xoom. Moto should have been more agressive with their price point. The hardcore Android geeks will certainly pick this over the iPad but those types of customers are a minority. I think the tablet market is a bit overblown and suspect this will be a flop. Will most likely be a nice device but a flop from a sales perspective.

    • Monique

      I think u are absolutely right. The average consumer will go for the iPad especially since the lowest version will be $200 cheaper. And when the iPad2 comes out at the same price point as the original one, but with better specs such as dual cams and faster processor, it will spell trouble for the XOOM.

      • Absolutely. When they walk into Best Buy and see the two products right new to each other they will think “wow i can get an iPad for $200 cheaper”.

        • but they will get a product that is no where near comparable…thats like saying the guy would buy the cruz over the iPad, well of course he will $1xx over $499…who wouldnt do that.

          • But you get so much more with the XOOM though. See…people don’t do their homework, which is why 6 months from now, they’re saying “Why didn’t I just wait and get an XOOM or some other (better tablet than an iPad)? Damn!”.

          • WorkerBee

            What “more” are you getting with the Xoom? You keep saying it offers so much more than the iPad. Like what? Dual-cores? To run what apps? To run what apps that even take advantage of dual-cores? Dual-cores only benefit the end user if software exists that is written to take advantage of it.

            You’re speaking like a Fandroid geek and not like the average consumer. Just like Jeff Bernard said.

            The average consumer doesn’t even know WTF dual cores are or why it will (Will not actually) benefit them right now.

            Kellex is losing all credibility. Kellex can’t go a day w/o posting about Apple and Apple products. You have to take everything Kellex says with a grain of salt because half of it is blown way out of proportion.

            iPad is the market leader. Until something unseats it, you don’t easily dismiss it. Xoom is not out yet. It is not on the market yet.

            People are going to remember the folks on here (like Kellex) who put their name next to a bunch of ridiculous fandroid comments that bear no weight and even less credibility.

            I’d be cautiously optimistic about the Xoon, but definitely not that price. If that price holds true to form, iPad is going to wipe the floor and Xoom won’t have a chance. Regardless of what Kellex states after he jizz’s his pants thinking about more Android FUD.

          • You guys are mistaking this for a news site, which it clearly has never been. This is an Android fan site and never anything else. No legitimate news site would post missives like this that cut the industry dominating product at the knees while pumping the virtues of a device that the author hasn’t even touched.

            In defense of Kellex, I can’t recall ever reading a post where he claimed that you would find objective, unbiased missives about the mobile technology sector. He is now pretty much what he has been from the first day I came here, an Android zealot. That’s not a bad thing.

          • Sdk_1052

            Iphone/pad lover or whatever else apple brands with the letter i!

          • Todd

            Why so much bashing of Kellex for praising an Android product on a site titled… wait for it… Droid Life? This isn’t a tech site, it’s an Android site.

            The point people are also missing is that the Xoom is just one of a lot of tablets soon to released. Apple has a lot of sales based name brand recognition now, but they won’t next year. The Xoom will be better than the iPad. And yes, the iPad 2 will be an improvement over the iPad. And yes, the Xoom will be improved upon by other tablets and the iPad 2 will be improved on also by other tablets – does that surprise anyone? Everyone reading this site knows the product is basically obsolete the day it ships because there is always another better, faster, newer whatever coming along.

          • You just lost all credibility when you bashed kellex for this, this is actually a big article dumbass. its a $200 price drop, and i saw it here first and im glad.

          • WorkerBee

            >>You just lost all credibility when you bashed kellex for this, this is actually a big article dumbass. its a $200 price drop, and i saw it here first and im glad.

            “Motorola XOOM Might Not Be $699 After All, $799 Price Is Back”

            Ooops. Sheep.

      • Balthazar B

        Of course, when the iPad2 comes out, Moto/carriers will drop the Xoom by $200 to counter, but that’s still several months away (most likely).

      • Anonymous

        I think you are taking the average consumer for granted, most when making a $500+ buying decision does a little bit of homework at least or at least the people I know do.

        • Then you don’t know the average consumer. The average consumer walks into Best Buy and buys a $1000 TV with little to no research. They hear 1080p is good and such and such company makes good sets and that is about the extent of their research.

          • JG

            you’re probably right…but that only makes the average consumer…and around 80% of the planet….dumb.

          • Anonymous

            And that is why the average consumer buys Apple.

    • Anonymous

      But you are forgetting the average consumer is probably not going to be buying this at Best Buy. This is going to be pushed heavy at Verizon and will have a lower price point because it will be subsidized. I honestly think that the price point is aggressive considering what is included.

      • I would be willing to bet more people will buy wifi only versions. If you already have a smartphone why do you need a 3g enabled tablet? Is the need so great that the average consumer wants to spend an additional $50+ per month?

        • Wbmcadoo

          Dude, M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G W-0-R-K-S-! Come on guy. You don’t think Moto is going to spend $ to get brand recognition? Do you don’t they are going to have product comparison brochures? This sound a lot like people whining about price. If you don’t want to pay $699+tax for this device buy a Nook Color. The Samsung Tablet sold very well without dual core and other feature that the Xoom is bring to the tablet. They did it through marketing. Motorola is a very capable marketing company. If you don’ think that they know that VZW isnt going to bankroll the marketing like they did for Droid, you must not know the world of sales. Motorola will do what they need to differentiate this product from the IPad.

        • WiFi only, plus rooted Droid is all you need anyway…Barnacle WiFi anyone? But, you also have to remember that there are quite a lot of people still rockin’ old school phones instead of smart phones (dumb phones?). So, I can see the 3G having the same amount of use as the 3G i*ads.

          • Anonymous

            I disagree also, I am a big Rooting fan, but you have to undersatnd that the rooting community is a very small fraction out in the consumer world. Even though we have helped spread the gospel of Android, it’s the rest of the hundreds of millions of consumers that have recently purchased a droid phone that have a bigger say than we do.

            That’s were the marketing is geared too.

        • Anonymous

          Totally agree that if there was a wifi version, this thing would stand a better chance. Thats the mistake Moto is making…

    • It will be a flop compared to iPad like sales but Moto will sell the 7 million or so that they ordered. That is good enough for them and it will serve to reinforce their mismanagement of their Android devices.

    • Anonymous

      They sold millions of original DROIDs through a massive marketing campaign and will do the exact same thing with this device. Millions.

      • Millions through Verizon? How much would you like to bet? As of last month Galaxy Tab has sold 1 million worldwide. iPad has sold almost 8 million in the last quarter of 2010. iPad is now available through Verizon so Xoom must compete with that. Xoom has maybe 3 or 4 months tll the iPad2 is released, and i would assume that will also be available on Verizon, so they better get going. I love Android as much as the next guy but in all the Apple hatred people lose sight of the Apple marketing machine and hype, those are what sell devices not tech specs. So my official sales totals in prediction for the Xoom, through Verizon only, is less that 2 million in 2011.

        just looked and saw Moto expects to sell 800,00 before summer so maybe i should revise my estimate down by about 25%

        • Actually, he said millions of OG Droids, not Tabs so his statement is totally correct. The flaw in his assumption is that VZW will continue the massive Droid Does campaign now that they are sitting at the Jobs table. I would be willing to bet everything I will ever have that from this point forward Android will be marketed much differently on the VZW network.

          iPhone is the new flagship smartphone on the VZW network and the millions and millions of iPhones that they sell in week one will bring Android marketing to a grinding halt compared to what it has been.

          • Anonymous

            Sad but I agree.. vzw goes where the money is. The only reason vzw went with android is because they had no real competition for the iPhone, before that they were pushing the blackberry storm which was pathetic imo..now that they have the iPhone I don’t have much confidence that vzw will continue this android heavy marketing..it’s painfully apparent in the new iPhone commercial.:(

        • Anonymous

          Dude, I hope you’re basing your facts from marketing research or something more credible in the marketing realm here. You’re bringing up the Glaxay Tab which had little marketing at the Enterprise level and most people didn’t even blink at the Samsung tab. Apple has more than marketing they have “Brand” and an outstanding Brand at that. I am a Droid fan ever since day 1 of the OGD1 but that’s what makes the Android/Droid “Brand” competitive with Apple.

          Kellex is correct Verizon will come up with a massive Marketing campign, to establish the Xoom and bring out it advantages over the ipad. I can only hope this time that Verizon will appeal more to the young and middle age demographics like Apple targets thier audience. Take a look at the Apple commercials vs Verizon’s for example, most people will say that Apples commercial/makerting are more easier to understand, fun and the product is easier to use vs the Droid commercials (Like my wife says, “I still don’t get what makes Droid better”, No explanantion).

          Verizon has done better in thier marketing approach and will do so with the Xoom.

        • The Xoom will not have 3-4 months. You can almost set your calandar to apple releases. And the iPad hit early April last year. So that is 2 months. It was announced in Late Jan. But since this is now an exsisting product they will not announce it as early. But it would not shock me one bit to see the iPad2 announcement 2 weeks following the Xoom hitting the streets with a sell date 1 month later. Which means the Xoom has two weeks to gain traction or get drowned in the iPad2 marking machine.

      • Anonymous

        Not true. Millions of people on Verizon were in desire of a cool phone. One that they did not have until that point.

        There is no strong desire to buy tablets. The vast majority of people will buy a laptop at that price. The small percentage of people interested in a tablet will have to decide which to buy.

        I wish Moto luck… but they need to give an incentive to buy this over ipad.

    • Wbmcadoo

      I totally disagree with your opinion. Side by side the consumer will pick the tablet because of the camera. I know many people that love Apple products but refuse to get the IPad because of the lack of camera. Yes they most likely will not understand the benefits of dual core or the blown up IOS, but they will buy the device because it comes from a very well respected brand name and it is priced below the IPAD with additional functionality. Don’t understand estimate the consumer.

    • I for one hope it flops. Hopefully then will they drop the price. Yay!

    • Jawshua

      Yep I agree a hundred percent. You really have to consider that probably 90 percent of people on this site are die-hard Droid fans and would gladly pay that price for the Xoom, but like he said we are them minority and that is also very true. The average person not only would choose the one that has a bigger user base and has a huge marketing program, but most people just can’t afford the price of either.

  • Dshudson

    I’ll take it

  • Dshudson

    I’ll take it

  • This prices is actually really good. Aren’t most smartphones like $500 off-contract?

    • Anonymous

      Think higher.

    • Gee

      Most are 699.99 easy. Take it from some one who cant get Verizon subsidized phones

      • jmo76

        Yeah, I did look, last night in fact, as I am looking at getting the Thunderbolt off contract. The most expensive phones are $570 (one of which is the Droid X, but the are a couple others at that price). If you’re going to post something, please make it factual.

    • Alvinm 77

      $600-800 lol

    • They are but the pricing is not a market value pricing. The handset makers adjust the price based off what carrier is going to sell them since we have no real competetion in the US. Look at the Evo and the Incredible internal parts are almost the same yet off contract prices are $100 different and the incredible is more. Yet the Evo has another radio being wimax and the 4.3 in screen against the 3.7. So the Evo should in theory be more, but it is not.

  • Monique

    They really need a 16gb wi-fi only version in order to compete with the lowest iPad version. Also if this has an SD card slot, then a 16 gb version would be fine for most.

    • Definitely. SD card support will enable is to buy the lower capacity models with another cheap 16gb card from Amazon or something. Boom, 32gb!

    • Balthazar B

      It seems like one is on its way from earlier reports, but the timeframe for US release is uncertain.

  • (v)urphy

    Time to work a few extra shifts, by the way, I’m here in Vegas and got to glimpse a gigantic Bionic phone. 🙂

  • viewthis66

    that’s a great price! i’m sold! i’m giving my ipad to the gf as soon as i can pick this up. this and the Thunderbolt.

  • Anonymous

    When can we pre-order?

  • That’s the only way verizon does data.

  • Anonymous

    Now how ’bout on contract, subsidized, etc… WiFi only? $499? I’ll take 2

    • Waknatious

      If it’s Wifi only…. a contract for what, exactly?

      • Loginname101

        Its not wifi only. This version is 3G.

        • Waknatious

          You’ll notice my question was directed at marquesb82. No one’s going to subsidize a device when they can’t bill you to provide service to it. His request for “on contract, subsidized ~ Wifi only” is ridiculous.

      • Loginname101

        Its not wifi only. This version is 3G.

    • I don’t think there’s such thing as a subsidized WiFi only device…

  • Anonymous

    I have to have one

  • Patrick

    Hmm…after much thought, I’ve decided to gift it to myself as a late birthday/christmas present 🙂

  • Josh

    That is perfect. Is it data on demand like the iPad?