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Happy Birthday Motorola DROID!

Today marks the 1-year anniversary/birthday of the Motorola Droid.  When we look back at the success of the Android platform over the last 12 months, a lot of the credit goes straight to the device that was the inspiration behind this site.  The phone that took off with a brilliant marketing campaign, a huge holiday push, and as a choice for those not wanting to go to a certain other smartphone is one that shall never be forgotten.

Happy birthday OG.  We love ya.

Cheers Matt for the reminder!

  • Still love my DROID…even if it is getting a bit sluggish with every new app…poor little guy. Think you can just crack'em open and solder in some more RAM and a new CPU? 😛

  • The only other phone that might be better than the Droid 1 is the Nexus One. The droid is that good. Even today it is keeping up with newer phones that have just been released. According to Maximum PC it still has the most accurate color display of any cell phone released so far.

    Droid 1 overclocked to 1ghz with the ultimate Droid Rom = Awesome.

  • Justin

    I turned her on and got all up in it from the moment we met.
    She didn't hesitate and she let me do things to her that motorola didn't approve of. We play games and she makes all kinds of sounds.
    I keep her fully juiced and even added some aftermarket bolt on items.
    Thanks baby, daddy will continue to be here for some more good times.

  • Tgfree

    I remember where I was a year ago today….at the Verizon Store waiting for them to open the doors…when they opened the door, I was one of the first two or three through the door. I went straight to the counter and told them I was there to get the Droid along with the car dock and media/charging doc. As they were ringing up my purchase someone else asked for a car dock…and were told there were no more. I got the only one in the store that day. Sometimes it pays to be there early, lol. I have enjoyed my droid…through all the updates, rootings, new apps, and of course this site! Thanks for all the info, it has certainly enhanced my use and enjoyment of this amazing phone and operating system. Still have the original…can't seem to let go of it. I'm a little scared that the newer ones just won't measure up! 🙂

  • El El Kool J

    Keep your Droid forever.. It will be worth a lot of money down the road… It will be a strong collectibles item.. Happy Birthday OG

  • Dmc Student

    That cake looks good, what kind is it?

  • Garyg

    Long Live Droid, Happy Birthday

  • picaso86

    I love you OG Droid! Thats why you are still with me! (:

  • cb2000a

    Still using mine. Switched from ATT to Verizon for this phone. I knew a good thing when I saw it.

  • Mmm Cake!

  • Mysterion

    happy birthday DROID 1


  • Cutrona Sequence

    All these posts are great.

    My wife saw the look in my eyes when Droid landed. She went and suprise bought me one with in a week… Later, she regrets the purchase because of how much time I spend with it… So I bought her one. No more problem.

    “Happy b-day OG. Thank you for enriching my life and willingly lending yourself to my hacking experimentation. I'll keep rocking you to till the battery cover falls off.. again. Then I'll put it back on and rock you some more”

  • Man I remember freaking out the first night when you could pre-order the Droid at midnight when Verizon's site was so packed that I couldnt get my order through, so I had to wait til the morning.

  • g568krte

    hb og!! Can't believe its been a year already. I guess with all the updates it felt like you were new all over again. My first smartphone:)

  • Droid1294

    Phone that propelled android to the top. My first phone and I loved it. Take that iphone. Im rooted with cyanogen and love it, super fast with 1.1 ghz now.

  • ok, so i was just browsing around droid-life, and it turns out theres 242 pages! good job kellex!

  • Original DROID – Say hello papa

    DROID children – papa!

  • musicandnumbers

    I have plates just like that. I would like a piece of that cake to go with them. Thanks.

  • what does OG stand for? i've seen it but i never say its meaning…or even when people starting calling it that

    • Theflyingswami

      Lol, I need to answer this because you can't keep going through life not understanding the term. OG is a hip-hop reference to Original Gangsta. I forget who used the term first, NWA or Ice-T or someone.
      We should call it the OD (Original Droid) anyways.

  • JohnPA2006

    If Chuck Norris had a smartphone, he would have had a DROID.
    Nuff Said….

  • kulz

    oh! the memories!

  • I think I'm about to cry… :')

  • Christopher Brown

    Happy Birthday OG!!! Truly an ORGINAL!!!

  • Depdad362

    Happy Birthday ol' reliable Droid! You are the first and best! I got mine on the 16 of November and its better than ever! Rooted and Running BB v.50! What a glorious journey! I will always consider it as a special union between man and Droid!

  • B_kincaide

    I love my og it was the first smartphone that I got. I had a blackberry 8330 and. I hated it .it was not smart it was dum. But happy birthday og we will alway love you. And I still have mind and I still love love love it ……

  • Patriotvirus

    Happy B-day DROID!

  • Stephen D

    Happy birthday to my Droid! My nerd-friend and I baked a Droid shaped cake 😀

  • Carismatico0213

    I love. My Droid too bad. I dont. Know. How. To put. Costum rooms on it. But. I love. It. Thank you. Motorola for such. A great. Phone.

    • I think. My brainzzz. Just. Bled. A little.

  • Sluggo97

    I got one of the first Droids on release day; the minute
    That I saw it I knew. That this was. Something big!!
    I had to go thru seven(7)
    Droids(4 new,3 rebuilt) to
    Get one that was as close to
    Perfect as a droid can be.
    I still have it, and when my
    Droidx is acting up(post
    FroYo) I will activate it, but I
    Always go back to the X;
    Love that Screen.hope that the next update will cure both volume& balky keyboard.then it will be perfect or as close as a Droid can be!!
    Happy Birthday-Droid Dude

  • sherri64

    Happy birthday to my beloved Droid!

  • ohh.. uhh its your birthday??? Im just kidding! huh? of course i got you a present! let me just go grab it from the closet… *car door slams, engine starting, rubber burning*

  • salient7

    Nov 6, 09; I was first in line at my local VZW to get my Droid. Never have been so happy with a new product and I've tasted a few. I've also never experience a product life-cycle as short as cell phone technology. No sooner was I comfy with my D1, yet found myself back in line to upgrade to the D2. And now only a few months with the latest and greatest, I see newer, faster, better models on the near horizon. LoveIt!

  • it's to bad that 2.2 ruined the device. i loved it before then…now it gets on my nerves!! rawr! always crashing and doing things it shouldn't. i even just got another replacement (3rd) and i've had it for less then a week and i already see signs that'll it'll start doing the same things again….oh well still love droids…just wish mine wasn't messed up…again

    • Chris

      If you already haven’t, it’s time to root!!!

      • and break my warranty…not ready for that one yet…will once it’s up though

  • Androidlover

    Please 'like' if I get the rom manager premium.apk can I update it from the android market

    • Stephen D

      Or just buy it…loser pirate.

  • Damn! I forgot another birthday…. I need to run out and buy a gift now.

  • nblufire12

    I Heart my Droid!

  • JEeeez. It's hard to believe that in the last twelve months, I've gone through ten phones.

  • Laz

    Happy birthday! I'm still rockin the droid1

  • Jerflash63

    wow its only been a year…seems like i have known her for much longer lol

  • StephanC

    My Droid didn't seem to handle its birthday very well. It's stuck looping the boot animation. Any idea what's going on? I would like some help here.

  • jiggaman508

    Happy birthday…i just wanna say thanks to the droid for opening up a whole new world for me…my girlfriend on the other hand may not be as happy cause I spend too much time on my phones lol

  • WHOOO! If only I still had my OG 🙁 D2 from insurance. Stupid Asurion 😛

  • Jtwildman1

    Still the best!! 🙂

  • Jeremy

    Been a year already on Android. Thank you Droid and Verizon for your iDont campaign. Without it I would have been an unhappy BB Storm 2 owner.

  • Jose carlos

    Long Live DROID!!!!!

  • Pmaroke

    Kellex, do you live in oregon? Not tring to be creepy or anything..lol

  • beyourself88

    Android FTW

  • Brando21

    Not one comment about not having vanilla. Shame on you guys

  • Rrbferrari

    I sat in the car for 3 hours buying the equalizer and trying to get the mp3 to work. Back & forth. They really didn't know how to run a droid, just came out. “Why doesn't it have the flashplayer ?”

  • OG All The Way! I'm Still Sportin It Everyday!!

  • mcdoogles

    Toast to the one that made this all possible!

  • Tergiversator_Maximus

    Long live the OG Droid!

  • JMTownsend83

    Sadly, I broke my Droid…i now am madly in love with my DroidX, but Droid changed my life forever! If anyone wants to sell a D1 let me know!

  • Michael_NM

    Happy Birthday Daddy Droid!

    Thanks for being smart enough to remember when Daylight Saving Time ends, unlike that “digitally clueless” fruit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w83UQkiuNZQ&feature=related

  • Most reliable phone ever? Hell yeah. Still livin with it after 12 months.. even after buying a Droid X!

  • Socaldubs

    So lame

  • To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of the original Droid, and was even thinking about going to the iPhone, but as I hate AT&T almost more than anything, I decided to go with the Droid X, and you know what, I am extremely glad I did. Easily one of the best decisions I've ever made.

    Even if the iPhone goes to Verizon (maybe next year), I'll still be sticking with my Droid X. Wow. This is a solid phone to an even great solid foundation, so I've definitely made the right decision.

    Thanks, Android, Motorola, Droid-Life(for being a great site) and everyone else in between.


  • evltwn

    How often can we really say something so simple as a cell phone has changed our lives? Well the Droid changed mine. I bought mine on 11/11/09 and my world changed. I never wanted an i*hone, but I HAD to have the Droid and even switched carriers to do it. Then in Feb my eyes were opened up to this site and the world of rooting, and I had been forever changed. I was now, a tech-geek. All my friends come to me for their Droid problems, of course if I can't help them, I send the here. Because the Droid community is the best out there. Happy Birthday OG Droid, I'm still singing your praises. With rooting, you will be my phone for a long time. And thanks to Kellex for starting this site. You Rock!

  • i'm waiting for the milestone 2 ….

  • And tomorrow, I'm eligible for an early upgrade. {{-_-}}

  • Njoy3219

    Lmao I'm posting this from my og right now, awesome phone and also rooted 🙂 I also have those same type of plates at my house that the cheesecake is on 🙂

  • EC8CH

    if I was a Droid, I would prefer my cake served on an I*pad

  • EC8CH

    The cake is a lie…

    Happy B-day Droid… Nuthin' but love for ya

  • bob

    I'll drink to that.

    HBD OG Droid!

  • Flighinhigh

    I bought a used D1 and am loving it and all that I can do with it. I also bought a DX that is still waiting to ship. I desired to check out keyboard/no keyboard phones. I have found that having the keyboard with arrow keys really help me a lot. With the screen keyboard I can not put the cursor where I desire it, so the keyboard is a big help. The DX big screen my make the difference. I can now wait for the dual or quad CPU's and high capacity screen to come out, and with LTE. I have never had so much fun with a cell phone and play some Angry Bird's. I will keep this phone and sell both WM 6 phones, or give them away.

  • Jarred

    The cake is a lie!

  • sr_erick

    I remember getting my Droid the day after launch day last year. I was so excited dumping the Blackberry Storm! I was still under contract so I just paid outright for the phone, but then lucky me two days later Verizon sent out a mailer saying I was eligible for an upgrade to a Droid at the promotional price ($200) so that worked out perfectly!

    Currently running the Droid X and am awaiting the arrival of the first Verizon LTE phone.

  • 1bad69z28

    Hey that's right it's my birthday and my OG Droid was my B DAY present. Happy birthday MOTO DROID and Me. 🙂

    • Happy birthday.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Quiklives 🙂

  • Damn that cake looks good!

  • Eseyfried79

    Got my droid on the day it came out.. rooted a week later.. Oc'd to 1250mhz a month after that.. flashed uncountable number of roms.. dropped it fromscary high places on many unforgiving surfaces.. thought i killed it at least a dozen times.. still going strong. what an incredible device. happy birthday droid, i love you

  • Sob157

    There is still no contender (w/out comparing standard hardware upgrades) I refuse to trade in my D1 until they release the next ground breaking phone.. what the D1 was to us 1 yr ago.

  • good phone but still waiting for froyo

  • Shawn

    My girlfriend is making a droid shaped cake for the big day, should I send pics to kellex?

    • Anonymous

      Yes pics!

      • Anonymous

        “The phone…is one that shall never be forgotten.” Except for when its time for custom theme Friday?? I guess the D-L wallpapers make up for it slightly, but it would have been a nice way to celebrate such a momentous Birthday… lol

    • Yes yes yes please! I wanna see it dude! Make sure she includes android 2.3 gingerbread ;D

      • Shawn

        haha no, she might go for the red eye though.

  • Happy Birthday to my 3 OD. They taught me what freedom truly means….

  • DiGz76

    I picked up my OG Droid 1 year ago today, and I'm still rockin it strong! Congrats Hellex on all the success of the site. I can't believe how much it has grown since I found it back in March. Keep up the good work!

  • Mo

    oh a8tt, no one knew how gangsta you truly were.

  • Tkampka

    Well, I have og droid, droid x and a droid 2. I must be frank, I am Still using my droid 1. I like the x's big screen, but love all the roms on droid 1. As a matter of fact, it seems that my droid 1 is faster than my droid 2, how weird! My wife now has a droid, yea, and my 2 sons!

  • TheWizKid95

    dont forget the droid eris too!

    • That was a fail. Sorry. I don't even like remembering I had that phone. Not trying to be rude to you at all. I'm being rude to the phone.

      • TheWizKid95

        lol, oh no! i wouldnt be caught dead with an eris! lmfao. i was just statin.
        …I LOVE MY INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

        • OK cool! I was hoping you wouldn’t get offended. I hated that phone! hahaha enjoy your Incredible!

    • Eseyfried79

      Anniversary of a bad decision.. Shoulda gone with the droid!

  • Aaronsr80

    Love you Droid!! Happy Birthday!!

  • Jawshua

    Even though I've fallen in love with my DROIDX, I still have my original Droid and plan to keep it. That is unless I can get two hundred bucks for it.

    You pioneered the way for the best smart phones on the market! Without you I'd be stuck with a restricted freedom killing iPhone and be stuck on a horrible network! Thank you DROID!

  • InvaderDJ

    Honestly, there hasn't been a unanimous successor to the DROID yet. The G2 is the closest, but its NAND issue makes it just miss that mark. The DROID 2 and DROID X have better specs but due to their locked bootloaders and mostly awful NinjaBLUR skin.

    I'm hoping that Motorola and Verizon were just waiting until the original wave of DROID owners' contracts ran out before introducing a decent successor because if not, they are really tone deaf to what caused the success of the DROID. It was a high spec'd phone (back when most Android phones had the same specs as the Hero) that was stock, well made, and really had a lot of improvements over anything available at the time.

    Hopefully we get a high spec'd, stocked, unlocked, well made phone in 2011.

  • 0ExTwenty

    The first phone I got my own contract, I got a Droid 2 now but I still miss the old one, first phone to truly show me what 'awesome as hell' means

  • Cgmartin33

    Holy crap…I have spent a whole year of my life obsessively clicking on my Droid-Life link to get my daily fix! Its gone by really fast and I've learned soo much about my OG Droid and now my DX. Keep it coming guys!
    ~Sent via DX OC'd and stable from 28-psi…currently #3 on the Linpack top Droid X device list. (Thanks to this blog 😉

    • Flyinion

      [email protected] constant clicking. Even though I didn't get my Droid until Feb., I was checking out DL well before that after stumbling on it one day while looking for yet more Droid info.

  • Zero1988

    We will always remember Big Poppa

  • Devin Jones

    I remember watching TV and seeing the greatest DROID commercial for the first time.


    • EC8CH

      Epic commercial

    • Bigrob50

      I’ve never seen this one. super epic

    • JMTownsend83

      Live it! Remember that Xscope once allowed youtube downloads, and i downloaded that and sent it to all my iPhone loving friends!

    • And its funny bcuz this commercial doesnt even show you what the DROID looks like but the epic-ness of this commercial made me want it alone! hahaha

    • I would also like to thank T-Mobile for launching another attack ad at the iPhone 4… Motorola has completely lost its advertising balls. At least someone else is willing to call out what the iPhone doesn’t do any more. Will we ever see this type of aggressive marketing again from the Droid line? I miss it

      • Guest

        Motorola had little to do with it, the advertising was a result of Verizon’s large marketing campaign. Now that the iPhone is seemingly more and more likely to come to Verizon it’s not out of the ordinary for Verizon to stop the ridiculing ads, probably at the behest of Apple.

    • KleenDroid

      The day of the original Droid was an exciting time. The phone was awesome and the ads were amazing. It was a cool feeling to be a part of the whole Droid wave. Soon we were able to root and load countless custom roms which made the phone even more desirable. With all of this Motorola could have taken this loyalty and put us into their next great phone….but they have messed up by locking all their new phones down. Even so, they have sold many X’s and 2’s, but they have dropped the ball in a big way. Why? Because they have taken our passion and commercialized it. The Droid community grew in part due to the ability to modify the phone and make it your own, and that has been taken away from us. I now own a D2 and I enjoy it, but I am no longer loyal to Motorola. With some luck the Nexus 2 will be unlocked and pick up where Motorola dropped the ball. Most people may not modify their phones, so by locking them Moto was sending those of us that DO a message… they no longer need us.

      Happy Birthday Original Droid, I will always remember what the Droid used to be.

  • Flyinion

    Congrats! Droid was the phone that sealed my decision to go with Android over the “competition” from the “fruit” last year. Too bad it took me until Feb. of this year to actually get it lol. Still not regretting that decision at ALL.

  • Thornfullessrose

    Lol I can tell I'm gonna like every comment.

  • I love my droid 🙂 best one out there. I've managed to turn 8 other family members from old smart phone to new android phone and we have a blast with all the apps :). Love my droid

  • Too many good things have come from this device….still love mine.

  • Will

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Ryan C

    i will always love my droid.. it changed my whole life. idk if ill ever want to give it up, even when my contract is up. eventualy it wont be supported anymore and ive already run out of internal memory and ill be forced into getting a new (Android of course) device, that i might add, will never fully replace my, THE, OG Droid!

  • Love my D1 as well. One year and still speedy enough that I've had little desire to root it (although considering taking the plunge lately). Looking forward to another year with my little friend.

    • 3M4NU31

      with 1 click root methods, its never been easier

    • Chris

      Gotta root it man!!!

  • Jeffsohot

    We will never forget the OG Droid. It is the phone that brought great true power to the next generation of Android, and its one we can always give our regards too. BTW, i haven't missed a single article on Droid Life since the beginning it started, so thank you too, Droid Life, for making a fantastic blog for the best open source software in the world, Android!!!

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Happy b-day og

  • I've only had two Android devices. DROID and DROID 2. Would still be rocking the original DROID if I hadn't brick it. Still, DROID and DROID 2 are the true DROIDs.

  • Tbaybe02

    Zomg it is the droids bd

  • jedijesus95

    This the day my Storm died.

  • villian1998


    • Anonymous

      Especially with rooting so easy!

  • Mark J

    I can hardly believe it has been 1 year, but I do remember it like it was yesterday, when I got up around 4AM to go get the DROID I was first in the relatively short line in Eugene 🙂

    Compared to the last three (smart) phones I had, this is the only one I see keeping past 12 months!
    previous phones being Treo700P, HTC Titan? i think it was called, BB Storm/tour/Bold 😉 Though my storm did work well (the screen clicked nicely) just could not compete with DROID!

    and yet the OG DROID with LiQuID's ROM beats even the Droid X on Quadrant!

  • The350zWolf

    Long live OG droid! I'll keep mine until the end.

  • i <3 my motorola droid

  • Love it!

  • The world has never been the same. . . . November 6th will live in history as the day the iDon't began it's fall from greatness, and the assent of the Android model!

  • Matt

    Thanks for the shout out Kellex! Love your site. Read it every day.

    Happy Birthday DROID!

  • This means that I have been a android fanboy for a year now. Praise God for Android and the OG Droid.

  • in a world of doesnt, droid DOES save Motorola from imploding in on itself in a firey orgy of doom and death and destruction and set top boxes…..

    …OHH! CAKE!

  • Windarm

    I Love my OG DROID!!!!!! 

  • Crazydog

    That phone is too close to the frosting for my comfort.

  • I can haz the cake?

    • kellex

      Dark gingerbread cake from Sweet Life in Eugene. Can't beat it.

      • Anonymous

        So that’s where you got the name of the site from, eh? Just switched Sweet for Droid.

      • LOL this is proof the D1 is getting Gingerbread!!! Dark edition ←*in a mysterious tone*

  • DROID FTW!!!

    • i love it when people say FTW to anything! its funny

  • Eaturcrap

    Hell yea!!!!!

    I love my original DROID!


    • Geri O

      I LOVE that sig line in your post.

      Your name, not so much. But that sig line rocks!

      Geri O

  • Siccmoreno3


  • happy birthday 😀 love this device more than anything out there right now!

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree more. The one that started it all is still a magnificent device!!! D1 4 Droid Life….. thanks Kellex for giving credit to the innovator!!

  • Anonymous

    A great day in Android history. Centuries from now our ancestors will speak of this momentous day and the children will wonder, “What was it like?”

    • Anonymous

      and they will look to the “Elders” and beg them to tell of unlocked bootloaders….are the stories really true they will ask.

      • homeboy123

        and the great ones… these “Elders”, clad in their long-flowing white robes and frayed mocassins will pull gently on their beards… reach into their robes… and pull out a black rectangular object as they smile and say, ‘Yes, the stories, they are true.’

  • And it sounds like those of us who got the DROID at this time last year with a two-year extension, should be allowed to upgrade early to one of the new phones announced in January. I’ll happily keep my OG as well and turn it into a handheld for my daughter or something. Load it up with her music, videos and games? Hm….

  • Anonymous

    Thank you standard time! Oh how I’ve missed the sun these last few mornings!

  • Anonymous

    Props to the original Droid – still my first smartphone, I’m rocking the Droid X boot animation, and unless I find something that’s compelling enough in a few months when I’m up for an upgrade… I’m holding onto my Droid for as long as I need to. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I still have my Droid receipt and the bag……Matter of fact, i got the box too. When i do get a new Droid, um still keeping the OG Droid. “Ain’t Nothing Like the First” 😉