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Happy Birthday Motorola DROID!

Today marks the 1-year anniversary/birthday of the Motorola Droid.  When we look back at the success of the Android platform over the last 12 months, a lot of the credit goes straight to the device that was the inspiration behind this site.  The phone that took off with a brilliant marketing campaign, a huge holiday push, and as a choice for those not wanting to go to a certain other smartphone is one that shall never be forgotten.

Happy birthday OG.  We love ya.

Cheers Matt for the reminder!

  • Still love my DROID…even if it is getting a bit sluggish with every new app…poor little guy. Think you can just crack'em open and solder in some more RAM and a new CPU? 😛

  • The only other phone that might be better than the Droid 1 is the Nexus One. The droid is that good. Even today it is keeping up with newer phones that have just been released. According to Maximum PC it still has the most accurate color display of any cell phone released so far.

    Droid 1 overclocked to 1ghz with the ultimate Droid Rom = Awesome.

  • Justin

    I turned her on and got all up in it from the moment we met.
    She didn't hesitate and she let me do things to her that motorola didn't approve of. We play games and she makes all kinds of sounds.
    I keep her fully juiced and even added some aftermarket bolt on items.
    Thanks baby, daddy will continue to be here for some more good times.

  • Tgfree

    I remember where I was a year ago today….at the Verizon Store waiting for them to open the doors…when they opened the door, I was one of the first two or three through the door. I went straight to the counter and told them I was there to get the Droid along with the car dock and media/charging doc. As they were ringing up my purchase someone else asked for a car dock…and were told there were no more. I got the only one in the store that day. Sometimes it pays to be there early, lol. I have enjoyed my droid…through all the updates, rootings, new apps, and of course this site! Thanks for all the info, it has certainly enhanced my use and enjoyment of this amazing phone and operating system. Still have the original…can't seem to let go of it. I'm a little scared that the newer ones just won't measure up! 🙂

  • El El Kool J

    Keep your Droid forever.. It will be worth a lot of money down the road… It will be a strong collectibles item.. Happy Birthday OG

  • Dmc Student

    That cake looks good, what kind is it?

  • Garyg

    Long Live Droid, Happy Birthday

  • picaso86

    I love you OG Droid! Thats why you are still with me! (:

  • cb2000a

    Still using mine. Switched from ATT to Verizon for this phone. I knew a good thing when I saw it.

  • Mmm Cake!

  • Mysterion

    happy birthday DROID 1


  • Cutrona Sequence

    All these posts are great.

    My wife saw the look in my eyes when Droid landed. She went and suprise bought me one with in a week… Later, she regrets the purchase because of how much time I spend with it… So I bought her one. No more problem.

    “Happy b-day OG. Thank you for enriching my life and willingly lending yourself to my hacking experimentation. I'll keep rocking you to till the battery cover falls off.. again. Then I'll put it back on and rock you some more”

  • Man I remember freaking out the first night when you could pre-order the Droid at midnight when Verizon's site was so packed that I couldnt get my order through, so I had to wait til the morning.

  • g568krte

    hb og!! Can't believe its been a year already. I guess with all the updates it felt like you were new all over again. My first smartphone:)

  • Droid1294

    Phone that propelled android to the top. My first phone and I loved it. Take that iphone. Im rooted with cyanogen and love it, super fast with 1.1 ghz now.

  • ok, so i was just browsing around droid-life, and it turns out theres 242 pages! good job kellex!

  • Original DROID – Say hello papa

    DROID children – papa!

  • musicandnumbers

    I have plates just like that. I would like a piece of that cake to go with them. Thanks.

  • what does OG stand for? i've seen it but i never say its meaning…or even when people starting calling it that

    • Theflyingswami

      Lol, I need to answer this because you can't keep going through life not understanding the term. OG is a hip-hop reference to Original Gangsta. I forget who used the term first, NWA or Ice-T or someone.
      We should call it the OD (Original Droid) anyways.

  • JohnPA2006

    If Chuck Norris had a smartphone, he would have had a DROID.
    Nuff Said….