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Verizon Introducing Tiered Data Plans in 4-6 Months?

Ivan Seidenberg, the CEO of Verizon, confirmed today that tiered data plans may arrive in the next 4-6 months.  There was no mention of pricing or structure of tiers, but he did manage to take a quick shot at AT&T, claiming they don’t necessarily “agree” with the way they valued their data.  Most people are expecting the new pricing structure to hit about the same time LTE (4G) takes off.

And surprise, surprise, the i*hone was also brought up.  Seidenberg said that Verizon doesn’t feel like it has an i*hone “deficit” and that they would love to carry it, but need to “earn it.”  Whatever that means?

I’m actually a fan of the tiered data idea, but I know many of you don’t share my enthusiasm.  Any reason a tiered plan would turn you away?

Source:  WSJ
Via:  BGR

  • I don't like the idea of tiered data. it is great for the average consumer however, Im not the average consumer. I use about 50 gigs of data a month tethering through my Droid X and this would cost me a lot of money for data. Also, if LTE and 4G technology is supposed to be faster then why are we supposed to use less data? We should be able to use more especially, if applications become more reliant on the internet.

  • Foneman338

    Im an AT&T employee. I'm planning to dump AT&T's wireless product due to the new tiered plans. I WAS planning to go to Verizon. I was hoping that Verizon would have stayed “unlimited”, but no, they've caved to this unneeded concept of tiered data. I WAS changing to show my support for unlimited data. So perhaps I should look for another unlimited service provider.

  • Jaymonster

    I would be ok with something along the lines of 5gb or more for$ 40, 3-5gb $30, and so on down once LTE arrives. And don't kid yourself, once LTE arrives, thee is going to be a price increase to fund the build out.

    But VZW needs to move carefully here if they don't want to scare away tablet users and kill that market before it gets off the ground. Price this too high and you will scare away people, or see people move to a tablet and drop their smartphone plans rather than adding devices, consumption will just shift.

    What scares me more about when he starts talking about “valuing” data is the killing of net neutraility. For example, as they try to get people to use thinks like that hideous Blockbuster app, they will start incentivizing certain things like that by not counting *certain* things against your cap. In other words, they don't have a deal with Netfix, so that counts against the cap, but since they make money on the Blockbuster app, that is not counted against the cap. That is the real danger in this scenario.

  • Guest

    Time to jump ship to Sprint when contract ends

    • rals

      News alert pal, Sprint will be doing the same thing. I would still choose Verizon's LTE anyday over sprint.

      In fact I hope more people do break contracts or jump ship, one less person to share my connection with.

      • Guest

        Right now Sprint has an unlimited plan that includes talk, text, and data for way less than Verizon. I only kept Verizon because I am a lazy shopper, and I had this phone number before Verizon existed.
        Kind of feel like a fool for paying an extra $10 just for texting.
        Heck, if Metro PCS adds an Android LTE phone and expands their LTE 4G coverage outside of Las Vegas, then they would be a better deal than Verizon or Sprint.
        3G is a rip off, since its speeds are barely better than dial-up or low end DSL. $30 a month for unlimited data is a rip off. I only got it because I was able to write it off as a business expense.

        I love the DROID phones and the Android OS, but these service providers are making them into overpriced toys.

  • WhereIsTony

    Data use goes up. Better multimedia on the net will make people use more and more bandwidth.

  • ylexot

    I don't like “tiered” data plans. I'd rather have a small base charge for something like 2GB of data and then charge something like a penny per MB over that. Want to use up massive bandwidth? Go for it. You just have to pay to play like anything else in this world. People who currently use 20GB per month a are the real greedy ones here.

  • carl

    unlimited just feels so right..having boundaries makes people nervous when they use their phones heavily..this sucks for me because my droid x has pretty much replaced my laptop ha froyo is simply amazing on this phone

  • jtwildman1

    I like unlimited data because it is simple. I don't have to worry that I have gone over a set amount and cringe when looking @ my bill.
    I understand it's a business and the need to be profitable, but there comes a point when it just becomes greed.
    Do I use a lot of data… not really and it probably won't matter much. However, I like the freedom I have now and don't need the extra worry. Don't let AT&T dictate the market … their decision shouldn't have any effect on Verizon, last time I checked the were in the driver seat.

  • Curtisthefox

    I definitely need the unlimited!!!! They're already making tons of money on it for crying out loud. I guarantee you it doesn't cost them $30 a month to bring me my 20+GB's. This sucks!!!

  • See, I use less than 2 gigs, but far more than the lower tier that AT&T has. I use about a gig and change every month. Realistically, I only use my internet to check email, Facebook, occasionally watch a video, read news sites, etc. Things like that. I don't need to download tons of things because it's pretty pointless for them to be on my phone and I have internet at home.

  • NorCalGuy

    Well I am pretty sure if the lte network comes out at the same time as these new data plans then we will be paying more, i am thinking that it wont matter if u have a 3g phone or a 4g phone your unlimited plan/ tierd plan will be the same, and with that being said I am pretty sure big red will be increasing the price for the new network. So my guess is we are all going to have to dig a bit deeper to get our desired data plans.

  • JLeo87

    If the 4G Unlimited Data Plan costs more than $30 a month, I'd never be able to afford that. I can barley afford to pay $30 extra dollars a month on top of my regular wireless bill for my 3G Data Plan now. Even if there are tiers, I use enough data the I would NEED the Unlimited 4G Data Plan anyways. If I can't have access to unlimited data for a reasonable price, then I may not be able to get that Full use and freedom feel you get with todays' android phones, when I get a 4G enabled Droid sometime in the near future. I would feel limited like a i*hone owner.

  • Mata

    You are inevitably going to see more data hungry plans in the future. Netflicks, data heavy games etc. Bandwidth must grow and prices on data must fall, not the other way around. Somehow I doubt unlimited will be anything near$ 30 a month, not if they can help it.

  • remy2501

    as long as they keep unlimited data, and make cheaper data “tiered” plans, i'll be fine with it.. i'm a heavy data user. as far as i know.. i sometimes download with my phone, listen to alot of xiialive radio, make calls with g-voice, and some times tether my 3g when i have home network issues.. all cariers should have unlimited availabe, at&t is stupid for what they offer.. i'd never use at&t.. especially since i have verizon's unlimited plan..

  • Michael_NM

    This whole discussion brings tiers… uhm… tears to me eyes. VZ already has tiered data plans. Want to use VCrapst? $10/month for that data. NFL streaming video (for late adopters)? $10/month. Sleazy Navigator? $10/month…

    Tiered data plans may have some advantages from a customer point of view. However, VZ is setting the prices and they're not the customer. I seriously doubt any of us will save money when tiered data arrives. I guess I'll just be more diligent about turning on wi-fi when it's available. I'm sure that's part of VZ's motivation (along with the sound of more cash hitting the till), but until then I'll be a data hog! 🙂

  • nick

    Verizon's unlimited plan really isn't unlimited… It has a 5g limit. If you go over that you get charged for it. Read your plans guys, its right there.

    • NKTizzle

      That's for Broadband Access plans, not smart phones. Data allowance on smart phones is unlimited. Why do you think most everyone roots and installs the free wifi tether? So they don't have to pay to get the Broadband Access plan…

      Even then, their BBA plans are still technically unlimited. They don't cut you off after 5 gigs. They will throttle you and charge you extra. You can use as much as you want, it's just gonna cost you (as it should)

  • I and i think everyone else on here would have no problem with tiered plans if: 1. Verizon still offered unlimited for $30. 2. Easy switching between the tiers if usage goes up or down dramatically. 3. Automatic referral to the upgraded data plan if one uses an overage of data equal to a higher tier. Of course that's not going to be the case.

    Would I drop Verizon over this? No, simply because no other carrier works worth a damn where i live and travel through. Would I be tremendously angry if they force me into paying more? Yes. I use ~500MB-4GB of data a month. If I am given no choice but to spend more money…Guess I'll say goodbye to my Smartphone and just use a Multimedia phone again. Sure it's far more limited but I'm not paying them anymore money.

  • Scohking20

    16.5 g here last month. I like the unlimited. They better keep it. I wanna break 20g this month!

    • You do realize that its because of people like you that we are going to have to get tiered data… Why don't you try to be reasonable with the amount of data you consume. I find it hard to reach anywhere near 5gb, and I use pandora, download music onto my phone, browse sites w/ flash, and more…

      • Anonymous

        he is lying…the only way to consume that much data is to be tethered and to have your computer sending and receiving alll night and alll day for 3 days, while downloading, and uploading heavy software. i dont even break that much in a month on my computer and im a pirate. i download like no other. about 8 gb last month ON MY COMPUTER. so how in the heck do you do 16 on your phone?

        o you must be thinking about the 16 gb sd card

        • I don’t know what your talking about I download 1 file that was 28gig (matrix trilogy high def) just yesterday plus probably another 2 gigs today, so to me 16 gigs on a phone is highly achievable

        • Cliwat

          @Lane252 “im a pirate. i download like no other. about 8 gb last month” Youre a wanna be bullshitter, I’m a pirate ..thats funny…d/l 1 Blue Ray movie or new game and you just killed your “Massive 8gb a month” in one hour…i download about 400 gb a month on my computer..and i’m not a pirate.

          • Tj

            any pirate laughs at only 8 gig per month i was laughing that avatar is 11 gigs just movie alone

          • Anonymous

            or im a safe and smart pirate. Cliwat ur an idiot. and what you dl in blue ray i just get in normal old dvdrip. yea i cud download a whopping 400 gb a month but even uploading at 1kbps downloading that much wud put me in a red zone for uploadin… so ur not to intelligent and ur the reason why we are getting tierd plans u douche bag. now that u think about it im glad we are getting tiered plans so it can own DB’s like u who take and unneccessary advantage of something thats a gift. u twat

        • Armonpazouki

          he didnt lie, he did say he was tethering. If you download that stuff on your phone, u’d be looking at a lot. And If you have a 2 year contract, they are not going to change anything, if they do, say bye bye verizon

          • Anonymous

            but whats the purpose of downloading that much or being on your phone or computer at all…at some point you have to come up for air or at least have a life and go to work or school etc….theres no reason for him or anyone else to be pulling more than 5 gb a month on a phone yes on a computer but not a phone. and i was in verizon about 4 months ago and ive mentioned this in another post on the tethering topic where a marine and his wife got billed 6300 for tethering bc of some package deal not allowing them to go over 5 gbs. and it was 25$ for every 1mb they when over that. and it was all from tethering.

            and what do you do after the 2 year plan goes bye bye…and u have to renew and they force you into the tierd plans? what then? you jumpship like the guest said he was gonna do to sprint or tmobile?

            all im saying is because of people breaking hidden rules and yes every thing has hidden rules that arent out right said, we get punished for it with these tierd plans

      • Racket

        You do realize that as speeds increase you will likely use your phone more. I can stream now, but its a bit slow and choppy on 3G. If the speed caps are derived from 3G and we are using LTE, Verizon will make a boatload of money. I copy Netflix movies and TV shows on my DX and watch on airplanes, public transport, and hotel rooms with HDMI TVs. If I could stream I would. I don’t want to worry about my data, as a matter of fact, I want VOIP and text to be included so I simply pay for a data plan.

      • Anonymous

        Because he is more than likely tethering. No way do I use close to 3gigs a month.

      • Ainvar

        Heh I use on average 12-14 gigs a month without even breaking a sweat. I do the above as you. I also use my laptop when it is on and around.

        I am trying to figure why people think going over 5gigs is considered heavy usage. Have you seen the amount of data it takes to stream video, audio, or data? Now in 2000 5gigs may have been to much but this is 2010 and 5gigs is nothing anymore. 10 gigs is nothing, it is a mentality the carriers have instilled in most peoples heads by charging you 59.99 a month for 5gigs and 29.95/24/95 a month for unlmited on your smartphone.

        I have the data plans VZW offers for computer usage. I burn through 5gigs a month just using this to VPN remotely and working. I really am going to hate the tired pricing if it is anything like the data plans pricing they have now.

        16.5-20 gigs a month is not that bad. I really have a hard time understanding why peolple think it is a lot of data.

        • Jsmuli2

          You just spewed out more crap than anyone else on these boards.

      • If you really think its because of high consuming data user that Verizon is tiering is a misconception. They’re just doing it to slowly raise the prices. Verizon and al the carriers probably get together and laugh about how they’re gonna screw us over.

      • xyzlene

        like using as much data as possible on a unlimited plan is going to harm the environment??????????….. please…… if u pay for unlimited – u get unlimited. a lot of you cats are lemmings.

      • Woofhound

        I doubt that anyone tries to “see how much data they can consume” in a given month. I use my DX all the time. Sometimes Pandora for a few hours, lots of video, tons of searches etc, etc. I always use more than 5gb in a month. I would always want a true unlimited plan.

        • Woofhound

          Data plans are there to be used. As time goes by, we will likely ALL be using our smartphones more and more. I already use my desktop PC a LOT less, now that I have my DX.

    • Jdstell

      You know that Ivan Seidenberg looks at people like you and sees dollar signs? .. Using At&t's pricing (You know Verizon's will be slightly more expensive since they can do this with their superior network), you will be paying $205 a month for data at 20gb of usage. Come back on here and post when you accomplish your “goal” so we can all laugh at you. Just like doronster said, ” its because of people like you that we are going to have to get tiered data…” So thanks a lot.

    • Its people like you that make me all for tiered data. Why should I pay more so that you can use 15 times as much as I do?

  • If they force tier data plans on me and take away my unlimited. To me thats a breach of contract cause I didn't sign up for a tier plan I signed up for a unlimited plan. But as I read in a post I don't think if you already have a unlimited plan now this is just a theory but they can't take that away only new customers in fact I don't think they can take it away from you when you upgrade as well as long as your contract has it you can still have it now this info is coming from a verizon rep that told me today. Now I Just looked at my usage for the month and i'm on day 28 of my month bill and I'm running alittle over 7 gigs of usage for this month and thats is normal usage for me I have a DX and my phone is always connected to the internet in some was my facebook apps my email and my corporate email accounts youtube widgets my pandora the list goes on I for one are against tiered plans if they do force them on me goodbye verizon and to hell with early termination fees

    • Jaymonster

      If you buy a new *subsidized* phone, it comes with a new contract and thus would end you being” grandfathered into the old rates. You would have to pay full prices for each new phone.

  • BAoxymoron

    Honestly… I really think they just need to keep 3g with unlimited and add an option for so many gbs of lte on top of that… back tracking will definately hurt business

  • IMHO 29.99 is too much for a mobile internet. I know some don't share my opinion on that speaking of folks that don't share enthusiasm. My only recourse would be not to subscribe, but I'm OK with 29.99 for unlimited since that is what there is to choose from. If a we are moving to tier's and that goes away, I would be looking into other options that is for sure. Just my 2 cents.

  • Rdburke

    Any cap on data and I will drop VW like a hot potato, Droid phone or not. I refuse to do business with any company that restricts my data usage. NO company has to do it, if they can't handle the usage then they need to file for bankruptcy and get the hell out of the business. They knew that the data usage would happen and putting a cap on it with so-called “tiered plans” is a let down to the customers. They should have prepared their systems to handle the usage from the get-go. Go ahead Verizon and put the caps in place. I will be out the door.

    • Mdn5024

      I’m kinda confused on what you would do than, switch to t mobile, haha…no. Unless you stop using a cell phone, if verizon changes there’s no other option than having to deal. Shit, if you have a better plan, let us know, I’m sure everyones is wondering.

    • Jeramiah461

      you know that you won't be able to find a carrier if that's how you feel about it right?

  • dredaav

    As long as in the tiered pricing they have an unlimited option its all fine with me. Also as long as the unlimited option doesn't cost more than what it does now.

  • Stang

    I have unlimited and have used well over 5gb in a month no to mention what my wife uses. Would that be 5gb cap per phone or shared like the minutes on a family plan? I never looked into this since I am on unlimited. If your like me and your only options for internet is dialup, satellite or this you hope unlimited doesn't go away.

  • Saweetie

    Yeah tiered pricing is only going to effect the LTE devices that'll be coming out. There will be unlimited data option in place still for our current 3G and tiered prices will effect 4g lte…. don't think that you'll start paying through the arse for data if you got a droid now….because by the time 4g rolls around, you'll be eligible to upgrade again anyways 😛

  • Kraymanbauer

    As long as they can't force the tier on me if and when I can upgrade I guess its ok. I just think vzw is the best and hate to see new customers take a walk if they price it high. Still surprises me that they didn't see thbis coming miles away and upgrade they're equipment in a way to not have to tier due the increased traffic. Can't image we'd see a decrease in their service tho with more and more new activations.

  • Shadow00198

    I guess I wouldn't mind tiered yo much so long as they made it like 5gb for the 30 or so and also gave a good way to make sure u dnt go over without knowing. Like say the ability to cutoff 3g automatically if u reach ur limit as well as warnings

  • Jim18green

    if you already unlimited you should be father in.

  • aholeinthewor1d

    what they should do is still offer the unlimited data for $30 then have 2 lower plans maybe a 10 dollar one and a 20…..there is not oneeee person that would be angry about this…it would still help with data usage cause the majority of people who dont use a lot of data im sure would love to pay less than 30 for it….those of us who want to keep paying 30 for unlimited can…and verizon would still get lots of new customers and smart phone customers with the lower plans…perefect for everyone

    • Rdburke

      You can forget about that happening because it does make sense.

      • Or because Verizon is perfectly happy not cutting their prices….

      • Anonymous


      • The only reason I can see them being “reasonable” about the pricing of the plans is if they’re setting up for the apple-phone-which-shall-not-be-named when it eventually makes it’s way to Verizon. If they’ve can hit the ground running with the largest network *and* a better data/pricing package, they may lure an even larger number of iphone users over from AT&T.

        Or not.

    • Anonymous

      Problem is, they aren’t looking to save customers money. They are wanting to make more money.
      Are there some that should pay more than the current amount… you bet. However, it is probably more than offset by the people who don’t.

      • ylexot

        In other words, the people who do not use a lot of data are paying for the people who do.

        • Anonymous

          I think so, now if you got a discount on your bill for using less then a tiered system would be great, but I doubt it will be the case.

          • Tj

            juat gotta say 20 gigs last month alone

          • Anonymous

            Don’t really care how much you use now, it’s unlimited. Let’s see how much you will use when it’s tiered .. I’m betting nowhere near that amount 🙂

    • This would be ideal for me. They might actually make more money off of me, in the long run. As it is, my wife and I both have the full $30 data plans, but she’s mostly on the WiFi at home all day and rarely does much when she’s not at home. I, on the other hand, sometimes have pandora running at work for 3 or 4 9-hour days a week (at work).

      Anyway, if there were $10 plans, I’d drop her down to that (or maybe the $20), but I would also probably provide data plans for my daughter and my son, which would mean they’d end up getting pricier phones when it was time to replace them.

      But if I start having to control my data usage for fear of over-charges, it would really make me rethink my provider. Being on the nation’s largest carrier (or whatever) doesn’t really do me much good if I can’t use the service. Sorry, but the “telephone” part of my Droid X is probably one of the least used parts of it. That and the Blockbuster app I left on just for S&Gs…

    • There already is a $10 plan, but it is only for 25mb, which is nothing. You are lucky to check your email once a day without going over that. And that’s if you don’t HAVE any email. (this is for Non-Droid ‘feature’ phones)

      Trust me, there are two phones on my plan with this. I don’t have them automatically check email because it puts them over the limit. It’s funny how Verizon can charge you over 200k data usage just checking an email account that is empty.

      And let’s hope Verizon doesn’t value their data use MORE than AT&T does!

  • all I know is that i spend 30 dollars for unlimited and I use over 6 Gb a month. So yeah, im gunna have to start paying through the ass

  • The350zWolf

    Im with the group of people that use between 2-4 Gb… I'll pay $30 for 5Gb/month

  • Hp

    Every month i have seen a steady increase of my data useage which tells me for me unlimited might the best option unless i can cap off somewhere however as the interwebs grow there will be more videos and content that i may choose to use and don't want to feel strapped down.

  • R R

    I use 2.5 to 4 GB every month without tethering so it would depend on how it's structured.

  • eddieonofre

    kellex can u say what do you like the idea of tiered data???

  • Barbacoa1076

    Hey all the Tiering will most likely effect the 4g And honestly there will most likely be an unlimited plan

  • ReebX

    I used almost 5 gb the first month I had my DX, and that's without tethering. So for me, I guess it depends how they structure it.

    • How do i find out how much i use per month?

      • Semperfarr

        Joe – Log into your VZW online account and it’s under your phone summary (data usage).

      • ReebX

        The My Verizon app is what I went by.

      • Jsmuli2


        if u don’t have an account yet, make one and when you put in your phone number it will link it up and you can check out data usage.

    • Tommyt_dagoat

      5 gigs in a month?! How??

      • ReebX

        Lots of downloads, viewing You-Tube, and others things the internet is used for… lol

        • Racket


      • Ainvar

        It is called using your phone like it is was made to be used. Browing the web. Streaming video, audio, and gaming. Downloading files, using your smartphone as a smartphone not just a large screen dummy phone.

      • Schwinn

        Hell, I’ve used 3.6GB this month so far (per Netcounter), and I don’t use Youtube, etc at all. I browse rarely… I wonder what’s taking up all the data? Just installed a few other data-tracking apps (TrafficInfo and TrafficStats) to see what’s eating up all the data. Better to know now rather than find out the hard way later. VZ tells me that the phone is doing something worth a few hundred meg every night/morning… not sure what it is…

  • trombone dixie

    i'm okay with a tiered data plan as long as i don't have to pay as much as i'm paying for my unlimited data plan.

  • I am all for tiered pricing because honestly I don't use that much data. But I hate having to watch my data and see where I am at every day of the month with regards to overage.

  • worldxdownfall

    like quik said, I doubt I use 2gb a month, but I'd like to think that if I needed to tether my laptop for any reason, I wouldn't have to worry about ridiculous overages. if it saves most people money, then I have no legitimate complaints about it. “unfair,” maybe, but welcome to cell phone companies…

  • Depends on pricing, with 2 Droids and an Incredible plus 2 other phones Ive already got a jar collecting change at the 7-11 counter to help me fund my fetish… ;^)

  • Javier

    Im a heavy user and never go over 4gb, I'll be ok for 2gb if I get to pay less.

  • minuzle

    tiered data wouldn't bother me so much as long as the highest amount isn't over the current $30, tiered is also good for your wife who probably only uses her smartphone for youtube videos..

  • I dont care about tiered data, as long as they dont screw people over with the highest being 2gb instead of 5 for a whole $5 less

  • Droid in Oregon

    Just curious , why are you a fan of tiered data Kellex? I mean what do you think is the benefit?

    • droidaholic

      probably because this could save a lot of people money, those that arent real big data users might find this to benefit them.

      • DataHog4Life

        If they do go to a tiered data plan, and don’t “grandfather” users when upgrading devices, I would see no reason to stay with Verizon, if you look at AT&T’s little data calculator just 2.5hrs a day of streaming music will put you over the limit, and I use pandora as our shop’s source of music during a ten hour shift, easily breaking the 5GB mark monthly. I don’t see any benefit in saving a few bucks to have a cap put on my usage, if Verizon’s tiers look like AT&T’s then my data would cost me an additional $30 on top of my monthly plan fee, so I’m interested in seeing what they come up with


        • “just” 2.5 hours a day?

          This is why tiered data pricing makes sense, why should you pay the same amount as grandma who used 100 MB a month to occasionally surf the web? You’re the one that’s slowing down my phone by using all the bandwith.. Or you can just use wifi

        • You Said: If they do go to a tiered data plan, and don’t “grandfather” users when upgrading devices, I would see no reason to stay with Verizon…

          Remember that ‘contract’ you signed? That goes both ways. As long as you don’t initiate a change to your account (new phone, plan, etc) they have to honor the contract you signed. Once you make a change or the two year contract is up, you are fair game. Like my post above said, however, they charge $10 for a 25mb feature phone data plan. You can break that limit just checking an empty email box more than once a day for a month. Let’s hope they are more generous with the new pricing.

        • Guest

          Dude, ever hear of CD’s? Maybe satellite radio? How about good old FM radio?

          Stop clogging up the airwaves and the internet by streaming all that music.

          • xyzlene

            the above user has every right to use their phone as desired…. If they play for a plan – let them use it. You work for VZN mafia or something?

      • Silverhawk

        Verizon isn’t going to do this to benefit users. They’re doing it to make more money. While it might save some folks some money, I guarantee this will end up costing most folks more money.

        • Anonymous

          could be. i guess we’ll just have to see what they come up with for the tiered prices

          • The don’t have to make it more expensive for it to still make them money. If they have a cheaper plan, many people that have been holding off on getting data plans will take the plunge. If it is not too expensive I will upgrade my husbands phone.

        • Ainvar

          Your statement speaks the truth. Nobody is going to win with the tiered data pricing except VZW.

        • AT&T’s, as much as I hate them, actually do save a lot of folks money. Their 2GB plan is $5 cheaper than their unlimited plan was, and >90% of people use less than 2GB a month

  • briderx

    I just won a launcherpro icon license!!! YES!!!

  • I guess it really depends. For some users that would be a godsend. I don't think that much is going to change for those of us that like it unlimited.

  • If tiered data improves speed and reliability of the data network, I'm all for it. If it's just Verizon being greedy dicks then I am not for it.

  • quiklives

    I think I automatically react negatively to tired data plans because what I hear is “limited” data plans – like AT&T's cap of 2 GB. But honestly, in practice, I doubt I use 2 GB a month.

  • zizzybaloobah

    As as it doesn't cost me more than what I'm paying now, for the same amount of data I'm using on average, I don't mind. I DO NOT WANT something like AT&T's plan. I am already pissed at VZW for requiring a minimum $9.95 data plan on all but the most minimal of phones.

    • xyzlene

      VZN charges enough already. If the tier is not viable, im crossing over to t-mob. I’ll go for the vanilla G2…. getting tired of locked phones and inflated prices….

  • ummm overages are in your future.

    plus “hey its free when it doesnt matter and you cant put a dent in our pipeline, now that you can we rape you”

    • quiklives

      “oh and FIRST's suck, big time, i hear after you do 10, you have sex with a dude, you really cant help it.”

      You're a homophobic, ignorant idiot. Just sayin.

    • Dude, don't bring that here plz…