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Show Off Your DROID, DX, D2, Incredible Home Screens!

Been a while since we’ve done a “show off your screens” post, so let’s do it again!  With an entire lineup of Droid devices, this could get really big and entertaining especially with the number of launchers, custom docks, hacks, etc. floating around.  Plus, we love giving all of you the opportunity to show other readers your style.

If you missed out the last time we did this, here are the basic guidelines:

  1. Take screenshots of as many of your screens as you’d like using apps like drocap2 or ShootMe if you are rooted.  Follow these instructions to take them using the Android SDK if not rooted.
  2. Upload your screenshots to an image hosting site like Imgur.  Paste the URLs to the images in the comments to allow everyone to see the images as click-able thumbnails.

With your shots, list out some, all or more of the following info:

  1. Device (D1, D2, Incredible, DX, etc.)
  2. Current launcher
  3. Special wallpapers, widgets, icons
  4. Custom ROM if you are running one.

My home screen:

  • Droid X (leaked Android 2.2)
  • LauncherPro (custom dock and text icons)
  • Beautiful Widgets (Minimalist weather skin, NakedDroidBW clock skin)
  • BattStatt (the text battery meter)

Show us what you’ve got!

  • Ah.its.kayla

    Beautiful Widgets

  • chimpy


    Droid Incredible
    Launcher Pro (with milk icons)
    Beautiful Smaller Home (with DarkLudi icons, cashmere black text)

  • hold on to your screen and look for “beautiful smaller home”

  • SoDroid

    I made a post but as soon as I hit ‘post’ it disappeared and I can’t find it. Anyway, is here what I’m rockin’ this week.




    ROM: Sapphire 1.0
    Theme & Icons: Watermark’d
    Dock: LauncherPro, custom dock from LauncherPro site.

  • Pouxonu

    DROID 1
    Bugless Beats V0.4
    Smoked Glass Theme
    Distant Galaxy Font
    Oveclocked to 1GHz
    Launcher Pro

  • Shanehillsr

    Droid 1
    launcher pro
    Lithium mod 1.0.12
    Alternate dark Theme


  • Xheavymetaldadx
  • Alex M Keech

    Were are those icons from in the screenshot?

  • Xheavymetaldadx

    Ok so I have dissected the retarded part of myself for today at least

    Droid 1
    Sapphire 1.0 alternate dark

  • Great Post!! It is always nice to see how everyone sets up their phones. All of them are very kewl, and some are just mind blowing. One of the best things about Android is the customization it allows. I think Motorola should take a look at some of these pics, and realize this is why people love the Droid so much and just embrace it and leave the locked bootloaders off future products.
    It's also kewl to see what you can do with a stock model. I have not rooted my Droid, but it's amazing what you can create with some wallpaper, Beautiful Widgets, and Launcher pro… and a few icons. I wish I could share it with you, but didn't have much luck with the screenshot instructions above with my Mac. 🙂 still enjoyed all the photos!

  • Midknightobr

    Nothing Fancy But it does the job

    Droid 1
    w/Droid 2 live wallpaper

    Cyanogen 6.0.0 RC3
    w/ Smoked Glass-Esque 1.6.03

    Launcher Pro Plus
    w/ Red Light Cards Dock Skin

    Beautiful Widgets
    w/ Card Flip Clock Skin


  • themiracle2012


    HTC Droid Incredible unrevoked root 2.2 w/2.xx radio
    Skyraider 2.2 Vanilla w/ optical unlock and 7 home screens
    Beautiful Widgets Naked droid seethrough
    Black notification bar w/ smooth battery indicator

  • Krweby
  • Smashadamz07

    I want that black droid-life wallpaper sooooo bad. Can someone please send me that??? Please!!!

    • jduffy118

      just search droid-life wallpaper on the search at the top of your screen (computer obviously) and youll find it

  • Pouxonu

    sorry forgot to add

    Droid1 (Rooted)
    Bugless Beast V0.4
    Smoked Glass Theme
    Launcher Pro
    Distant Galaxy Font
    Overclocked to 1 GHz and running at a cool 96.6 degrees


  • Droid 1
    LauncherPro Plus w/ manup's text icons
    CM6 RC3 w/ REVOlution theme
    SwitchPro & BattStatt


  • Pouxonu


    sorry posted wrong link

  • Racingmaniac

    Rooted D1
    Sapphire 1.0.0

  • Droid Incredible
    Stock 2.1
    Launcher Pro Plus


    • Pdxfrolfer

      How do you make, or better yet, where do you get the dock buttons in text? ie. phone , www

  • DROID 1 (Official 2.2)
    NOT rooted =)


    Apps (from market, in order from top to bottom):
    AndroIRC (IRC chat client)
    GameBoid (Gameboy Advance game emulator)
    BatteryTime (battery meter widget, buy the full version and get my widget skin “Art Deco”)
    Skype Mobile
    Droid Gamebox (a browser bookmark of a android flash game site I made, http://www.droidgamebox.com)
    BattStatt widget
    Asphalt 5
    Doodle Jump

  • Droid
    Beautiful Widgets
    Lancher Pro


  • RevolutionX


    Launcher Pro Plus (Themed Dock Bar and Icons)
    Beautiful Widgets

  • RanballX

    Droid x (rooted 2.1)
    LauncherProPlus (custom icons LPi)
    Beautiful Widgets (nakedDroidBW clock – ANDRODena Weather Pack)


  • Resident Evil Theme (Looks busy but i like it)


    Droid X
    Beautiful Widgets
    Battery Indicator on the top left

    • lg

      Awesome! Love the Umbrella icon!

  • DipdCrown

    DROID 1 (“O.G.”)
    Ultimate Droid Froyo eXtreme 7.0 (Black Themed)
    Beautiful Widgets
    Droid2 Boot Animation


  • Droid X (rooted 2.1)
    LauncherProPlus (custom icons LPi)
    Beautiful Widgets (NakedDroidBW clock – ANDRODena Weather Pack weather)

  • lg


    Droid 1
    Launcher Pro
    Beautiful Widgets
    Froyo Kangerade V5.0.9

  • French450

    You guys are so sick, the talent here is illegal. So many freaks and no Circus, keep up the great work!!!

  • SoDroid


    ROM: Sapphire 1.0
    Theme & Icons: Stewart1Champ's Watermark'd
    Keyboard: Made in Gimpsta's Hi Res HTC Kitchen
    Dock: LauncherPro, actual dock found in customization thread at LP website.

  • kellex

    Updated mine and wanted to share…


    • Matthew

      Awesome! What weather widget and app drawer icon are you using?

      Thanks so much for this site Kellex. Appreciate all that you do!

      • kellex

        Weather forecast and some random app drawer icon heh. HEre it is:


        • Rodeojones000

          Is it just called Weather Forecast? I just searched in the market and I'm not sure which one I should choose. Who is the developer?

          • kellex

            Francois Deslandes

    • Were the clock from?

    • youngnamlee

      That looks super clean! Where did you get the clock from? I downloaded D-Clock Widget from the market but it only comes with the 1×2 clock 🙁

      • sfc3rd

        You can re-size it using LauncherPro (not sure if the re-size function is for Plus users only?). Once you have it loaded on your homescreen, longpress and a yellowish overlay will appear. Drag the bottom corner and re-size to your liking. Hope this helps.

        • sfc3rd

          Almost forgot. When finished, hit the back button and you are good to go!

          • Anonymous

            Okay I got it to work 🙂 Thanks a bunch!

        • EC8CH

          Yes, resize is only available for Plus users of Launcher Pro

      • Henry 2

        u have the correct widget, only he used launcher pro to stretch the widget. while pro launcher is your home launcher press down on the widget and release and it will give u an option to stretch it.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks Henry! The problem was my titanium backup installed an older version of LP that didn’t have widget resizing capabilities. i had a FML moment after spending hours trying to find a solution to this problem :p

    • Alright bout to go to bed how to you get the words for your dock icons??

    • EC8CH

      +1… upgrade!

    • Vtek

      How do you get those text icons?

  • Andy T.

    Launcher Pro
    Lithium Mod (stock theme with some of my enhancements)


  • Theowb4
  • Edmund75

    Rooted Droid 1 w/ BBv0.4 & NexTheme
    Beautiful Widgets
    Launcher Pro Plus


    • Jr Kid

      Nice, where can I get text icon pack.

      • Edmund75

        Google “manup's simple word icons.” I think I got mine from XDA.

  • Every week I tend to change up my homescreen. Here are my recent favs. I threw the one homescreen onto an i*hone just for the hell of it. lol


  • Here are a couple:
    Beautiful Widgets
    News & Weather Widget
    Launcher Pro

    Simply Stunning 4.7
    Beautiful Widgets
    News & Weather Widget
    Launcher Pro



  • Droid X (Rooted)
    LauncherProPlus (custom icons from LPi)
    Beautiful Widgets (clock skin NakedDroidBW) (weather skin ANDRODena Weather Pack)

  • keyblade

    Droid 1
    Launcher Pro Plus
    ROM: Liquid Frozen Yogurt
    Theme: [WIP] 8-Bit Blue (I'm making it now…any criticisms let me know, I'm trying to build my first theme)


  • Paul

    OH SNAP! Does anyone know how to get text on the bottom of the home screen instead of the icons I LOVE THAT!

  • @Kellex – What are your dock icons and where can I get them?

  • peggsie


    Droid 1
    Bugless Beast v0.4
    launcher icons and docks
    Beautiful Widgets
    Nexus Revamped for live wallpaper
    928 black glass for BB as a theme
    Battery Widget

  • phenom

    My wife's home screen (the only one that looks awesome) with the Droid-Life-a-licious hacked up Calendar Widget. It's the JRummy PinkLife theme on Lithium Mod 1.0.12, with a modified calendar widget (thanks for the help JRummy) that looks fantastic. Most importantly, it fostered a happy wife. 🙂 Cheers Droid-Life!


  • BigRed4X15

    Any news on how to root a D2 yet?

  • The OG Droid (Lithium Mod)
    LauncherPro Plus (although I find myself switching back to ADW from time to time)
    Android Agenda Widget
    LauncherPro Icons/Docks
    Tech Widget (highly recommended, even aggregates Droid-Life posts 🙂
    Beautiful Widgets (DUH!)

    Hmmm, after seeing some of these other screens, I'm realizing I haven't even touched the guts of customizing, lol


  • MikeP


    Incognito theme on sapphire

  • Porschephile2k3

    Here's mine:


    Nothing fancy here, just Pete's FRG01BODEXED with P3Droid LV 125-800, though capped at 600 for now. Some of the custom icons are from the Galaxy S Theme for ADW Launcher. It's pretty stock, but I think the moon in the background complements the night sky. 🙂

  • Urugami

    OK, here's mine…

    Droid, Sapphire 1.0 ROM, Black Ice Theme
    ADW Launcher
    Wallpaper is something I found on a forum, called “Hammer of Zeus” or something like that.

  • balthuszar

    Original Droid, LauncherPro Plus, Neon Purple Dock, Sapphire 1.0.0, Purple Passion. Redbox codes(which none of them work) Droid Life, Imdb, DroidLight and Drocap2

    • Hey does blink really work? I tried it but never noticed. What apps do you use it on?

      • Anonymous

        i had an issue where blink kept resetting itself back to default settings, but i re-installed sapphire 1.0.0 and it works no problem now..it just changes the led color, for incoming, and missed called, and sms, and mms messages…it also has the option for a warning blink for if your memory or battery gets below a threshhold as well, i have those two options turned off

      • Anonymous

        I have a DX and I have it set to turn blue for missed calls and white for incoming calls. It turns blue for both. I have it set to red for battery warning, and it works. I just set it to orange and gave it a call… still shows up blue!

        Haven’t tested all the other colors, but the only ones that work so far for me are blue, red, and stock green.

        • Anonymous

          might try uninstalling and re-installing blink, see if that helps

    • kellex

      That dock is awesome.

      • Anonymous

        thank you, i got it from that launcherpro icons site that was posted on droid-life a few days ago

        • Anonymous

          i’d really like to get to the point where all my dock icons are purple as well…apparently there’s a custom icon website being built…droidicons.com

  • Droid 1
    Launcher pro plus
    Lithium mod 1.0.12 evo theme


  • Xheavymetaldadx

    Yep I'm stupid here's the URL lmao

  • Dropshot


    Skyraider 2.5.2 with espresso mod
    Beautiful widgets