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DROID X has been Rooted.

Birdman, you are the best.  6 days later.  We have root.  Droid X.  Bye bye bloatware.

Full instructions at the source link below.

Anyone successfully done this yet?

Source: Alldroid

  • Nik

    Well, so much for Moto's attempt at locked bootloaders…

    • Droidzilla

      The bootloader is still locked. Root =/= custom ROMS, overclock, FroYo, etc. Now you can do things like get the wifi tether app and the LEDs hack app. It's cool, but it's really not that big of a deal (from what I can see).

  • digitalicecream

    ok now I'm starting to really want one.

  • schex93

    sorry im new to this …
    but if you root you phone does that voids your warranty? can you do anything to reset you phone back so verizon wouldnt know?

    • skltr21

      it does void your warranty. there should be a way to get it back to normal but you'd have to find instructions on that. but this is a big reason as to why they're locking up their phones now is because someone very easily can brick/ruin their phone and just bring it to the store and be like, “look…. it won't even turn on” and they'd have to replace it. the same goes for calling up customer service. you can just call and say you're phone isn't working and theyll send you a replacement. it's good that verizon is so great about replacing our phones, but i can see why they want to lock them up because people do this. they ruin their own phone and then verizon pays to have it replaced. not like i care cuz they're ripping us all off anyways, but still….. i get it.

      • Richard

        All this does is give you superuser permissions. It allows you to:

        Run root only apps such as SetCPU, drocap2, AdFree, Titanium Backup, etc.
        -Have full access to the system to change framework, themes, etc.
        -Install root only ports (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S LWPs?)


    • Bbo

      It “does” in theory but verizon employees won't check so there is nothing to worry about.

  • Ragnarok180

    I just recently got the droid X (swtiched from droid incredible, I simply had faith 🙂 but now I'm curious as to what I can do with only root access? Please don't spare the techno talk… I can deal with it…

    • jacob

      Free Wi-Fi tether!
      And potential to custom rom!

      • Denniswrly

        Free!!!!! Explain please. Also KELLEX or anyone please direct me to a video or forumns so i can understand why all the hype on rooting our phones seems like a thing to do but just want to know the perks from doin it… Signed DI owner….

  • so can we overclock yet

  • UnknownZ13

    Hey Kellex, I was just told by one of my bodega that work in Verizon that They have something they're using to scan the devices ota to look for specific kernels on your device and if they're not there. Crash lol! What do you things about that?

    • Rizzidy

      Sounds like a complete load of crap.

  • Hogasswildmc

    I don't want to root until we get a 2.2 distro for the DX. Anyone seen a build for it yet? I got really spoiled with 2.2 on my first Droid. Now my daughter is rocking 2.2 and I'm stuck on crappy 2.1 with motoblur.

  • n00b

    Hi, smartphone newbie here. Just got my DX last week. Could someone recommend a guide that can explain some of the things that can be done on a rooted droid?

    • Fawzi94

      Kellex has an entire rooting guide that also lays out the benefits….just click on the big rooting guide button that is to the right of the blog posts.

  • lol, I knew all the time, but now I want to install custom roms

  • Cody

    Been working on this for an hour and half now, finally got it done. Removed some bloat, installed SetCPU more or less just for the underclock on screen off. This works, it just takes some time and patience. At least it did for me… =P

  • No comes the tough part. Bootloader DUN DUN DUN……………

  • John

    Ahaha this is sick newsss!!! Gonna be a great day!!!!

  • Does this mean that we can get around the hdmi output limitations?

    • mwaychoff

      That's what im hoping for, straight HDMI out from the phone no matter what you're doing on it.

  • Xtremenoel

    All we need now, is ONE CLICK root like unrevoked and we'll be good! cant lie, the process seems a little overwhelming =/ but all in due time i guess!! We have root, so anything is possible!

    • JCarroll

      Not as hard as it looks. Just ask questions if you get stuck. First time rooting and it took about 15 minutes.

  • Mps623

    how do we return back to factory, or how to we remove root? is it possible as of yet?

  • Tkc122

    I bet he was high when he rooted the phone.

    he woke up the next morning he was like 'wtf did i just do?!'

  • ScallopShoes

    Took long enough… 6 days geez. I was getting impatient. 😉

  • ajavgeek

    I was kind a not in favor of Linux till Ubuntu came out. One of the best thing that happened to Linux world. If you are coming from Windows, Ubuntu Desktop edition will be very close to it w/o Linux complication.

    I can see why regular user will run away if there is not enough support. But Ubuntu is for sure great to use. I have one of my work Desktop using Ubuntu and works like charm….

  • Did anybody else press the “hallelujah” instant button? I know I freakin did!

  • DX Baby!

    Question….once you root….you do not get Verizon OTA udates..right?

    • Legacy23

      I'm pretty sure we still do…simply rooting does disable OTA updates….custom roms do that

      • PyroHoltz

        I think you meant to write, “…simply rooting DOESN”T disable OTA updates…”

        Just keeping you honest, haha.

  • Now getting around the locked bootloader would be a major achievement! Good job nonetheless

  • RevolutionX

    So how long before we see a wifi tethering app hit the ROOT NATION??

    • ajavgeek

      You can always try this one on DX

      I am using this on D1 and works great.

      • Legacy23

        Yup works like a charm for me

      • RevolutionX

        I had this on my rooted D1 and I loved it. Curious as to when i will be available for my DX though.

    • I'm using Barnacle from the Market and it works flawlessly.

  • Aaron

    I cant wait for a mode that doesnt require the SDK.

    It WILL not set up on ANY pc that i try.

  • Tom

    All those that didn't get the DX on launch must be kicking themselves now that its out of stock and could be as late as August to join the club

    • Jbarb21

      My local WalMart still has the DX in stock……

      • Ben

        “My sister told me they had them at Walgreens.”

        • schex93

          haha i saw that

        • Droidzilla

          I don't care.

        • lvmydroid

          I need the white one. Can you wave the activation fee? Does it come with a case ?

          • ericsorensen

            I want the one with the bigger Geebees and the Whyfies

  • Nölff, esq.

    YESS!!! I'll buy one now that it can be rooted.

  • Legacy23

    I've done it….and I can vouche for it….it's true we haz root!

    • kellex

      Run into any issues?

      • Legacy23

        None at all….Just have to remember to put the phone in “PC Mode” when you connect it to the computer.

        *On a side note I sent you an email and didn't get a reply i've got some info for you if can email me back. TY.

      • Windows 7, loading the adb drivers was a pain. I had to download ADB and copy the files from the post into the tools folder. I had to work within that folder to get it to load. After that it went well. ROOTED!

    • sslayer22

      We has cheeseburger!

  • Mark Switzer

    this may be a dumb question but….if i root my dx, will wi-fi tethering become free?? or will i still have to shell out a monthly fee

  • Head2077

    wow i did the update and now my 7 home screensa are gone! HELP. instead of the lil home icon i got the phone, contact, cube, messaging, and browser icons and only 3 screens.

    • Head2077

      nevermind it was launcherpro issue after i did the update and restarted the changes took effect. why would anyone want this change?

  • will this mean, IF we get custom roms that “Blur” can be removed or the option?

    • Rodeojones000

      Just install LauncherPro and you'll get rid of Blur right now.

      • There are still things that moto has changed around in settings that changes from true google experience.

    • Legacy23

      Yes….”if” we get custom roms they will most likely have “blur” removed and be optimized as well

    • Jdstell

      Yes. Like was said before, just get launcherPro from the market. It will let you choose between Blur or LauncherPro for your home screens.

  • Chris Nimon

    Chicago trip update: Didnt see much of the fanboys yesterday. They had to go to the aphole store to exchange their phone (for some reason). Then their “GPS” got them lost. Funny, my Droid took me straight there and even told me which lane to be in. That surprised me a bit. First time I had to actually rely on Google Nav. and it actually worked better than some of the dedicated gps's ive used. Big Phone discussion ensued and I was pleasantly surprised when the bigwigs expressed their disapproval of the iphone to the fanboys 🙂 That was one of the best Droid moments ever. Heads dipped as if they just got grounded from playing with their friends. Lets see what today brings 😉

    • Flyinion

      LOL yeah the GPS works really well. It was one of the main reasons I bought my D1 since I wanted a GPS but I wanted to get a smart phone as well. There's still some things I'd like to see it be able to do, but it IS still in “beta” so I'll give it some time.

    • kellex


      Was with some friends last night and one of them had a i*hone 4. Was so tempted to say “can i hold it!” just to deathgrip that baby.

  • Maizekid

    Give me the ability of custom roms or give me death.

  • supermiah

    Just to be clear…doesn't the bootloader still have to be unlocked for like froyo (custom roms) to be put on it?

    • Yes…

      • Chris Nimon

        at least we can use those root required apps, like wireless tethering 🙂

      • supermiah

        And isn't that more of a daunting task then the root access?

  • Football4lifeson

    Kellex have you rooted your DX using the process listed by Birdman? (I only do stuff that you say works as DL is the most trustworthy android site on the web.)

    • kellex

      Just woke up, looking into it now. 🙂

  • Xtremenoel

    Kellex- Do I smell a video tutorial please???? =)

    • kellex

      Hah possibly, once I wake up and process all of this. 😛

  • El El Kool J

    Well now the X is alot more appealing to me. 🙂 Custom ROM's are next please.. I'll hold on to my D1 for now maybe oh and the survey of what phone reader have.. wow to the X 25% 1 week of life and it beats out the Dinc.. WOW..

  • Heather

    preceding message modified, media objects were removed

    i get this text message while texting with one contact, i cant figure out why. Anyone?

  • Br_d

    Wouldn't this prevent OTA updates? Why would you want root if it prevented you from getting froyo?

    • kellex

      It's only custom recoveries that block OTA updates. Just having root shouldnt block it.

      • El El Kool J

        Update will still come thru, but Update might cause some issue though if you are rooted.. Im sure its code is written to work with 2.1 for root access. But i could be wrong..

        • tonytbone7883

          won't the OTA upgrade remove root access? ???

  • djenks24

    Nice way to wake up!!! Bring on the Roms. How many days until we get a ROM? Any guesses?

    • El El Kool J

      Remember ROOTING and installing CUSTOM ROMS are different. bootloader needs to be cracked for those custom roms to be installed. Attaining root access usually is easier. Milestones rooted (no custom rom!)

    • Mrpicolas

      Remember that this uses the same bootloader the milestone does and its been 8 months and still no custom roms but with the x being in the USA expect development to pick up a 100 fold on getting the bootloader cracked

      • El El Kool J

        that is correct Mrpicolas.. If that milestone was stateside we would of had custom roms on it long time ago.. 🙂 so don't worry X owners..

  • Chris Nimon

    Awesome. I will definitely be joining the DX team now.

  • Kevin


  • kulz

    ok…but what about the NAND? can't have the full android experience if you can't flash roms~! >:O


  • This is one small step for Droid….One GIANT leap for Droidkind!

    • tkc122

      rec waaaarzzz! lol

    • 1bad69z28

      We are talking a Leap or a Hop Skip and a Jump LOL Cool X is Rooted, let the rooting begin LOL

  • palomosan

    That was fast, faster than the Incredible which it took forever.

  • UGH the instructions use windows! lol trying it with Windows 7 and its a little shaky since it picked up a driver and loaded it automatically. Yes, even us Linux users have to break down and use the Windows sometimes. Loading ADB drivers now!……..

    • Tony

      I never understood why people even bother to use Linux. Can you list a few reasons? (Not being sarcastic)

      • Not being sarcastic back but for the openness of it… what do you think runs android os??

        • Tony

          Oh I know that Android is a Linux based OS. But I can see how it is more applicable to a phone type device. But when people are adamant about using it as a PC OS is where I start wondering. My last experience with Linux proved to be troublesome as there were command prompts out the ass for damn near everything.

          • Try using Ubuntu or Linux Mint 9. Time have changed alot over the years. Its a whole lot easier to switch over. Or to just use something different.

          • Tony

            It seems like somehow there is a great deal of functionality missing from a Linux system as opposed to a windows system. If it does grow in popularity to rival windows you can bet your ass there will be viruses as well.

          • Maybe? but i seriously doubt it. Its just a better design. I been in the It industry a long time over 12 years and I will tell you its a big difference in design. But anything is possible, If you can root a phone running Linux you can root a computer running Linux! A computer is only as secure as where you keep it!

          • Tony

            I'd probably just try it for kicks. My main comp will probably remain a PC. I like PC games a lot. But it seems fun and I like the idea behind it. But I still sort of don't trust something so open.

          • Not trust something open? Open source just means that people don't hijack backdoors. The security in Linux is second to none. Apache servers, google… Most web stuff is open source. As for Viruses on linux, because to run anything that could harm your system requires permission, you have to give access via a password every time. This is why viruses wont work. Also, by default ports in Linux are close till you give permission to open them. This is why port sniffers have a hard time with linux.

            Long story short, Linux default security is very tight and because of the permissions it is hard to allow a virus to run. The fact that it is open source means when a problem is found anyone can fix it. Makes it nice not to have to wait for a service pack to fix issues.

      • Oh god Tony, We have to have a sit down now! There is so many reasons! go to http://www.whylinuxisbetter.net/ for a start. But some of my reasons are….Security, flexibility, Open source, scalability, stability…. and the list goes on. The reason people use Windows is because it was marketed very well and its 95% of the market. Think of Linux as Android (since android is a form of Linux). Why do we love Android? why don't we just use the iPhone? It has been here longer? It's kinda the same thing you know what I mean? We love Android because of the freedom it gives us to do what we want! Opensource, Sharing and learning….ok we can talk later more if you like…LOL

        • Is it easy to set up the computer running Linux to play all PC games?

          • No, “PC” is noted as Windows games, so No It is not easy to play all, but it is not impossible. Its just not easy to do. It can be done but you need to have a little more experience.

      • And without getting into philosophical arguments, there many other things I would rather spend money on than an OS for my computer. Happing running Mandriva 2010.1 with KDE 4.

      • ajavgeek

        I was kind a not in favor of Linux till Ubuntu came out. One of the best thing that happened to Linux world. If you are coming from Windows, Ubuntu Desktop edition will be very close to it w/o Linux complication.

        I can see why regular user will run away if there is not enough support. But Ubuntu is for sure great to use. I have one of my work Desktop using Ubuntu and works like charm….

    • ROOTED!

    • Badi95

      you can just download the android development kit for linux, it comes with an adb executable. much easier than using windows imho.

      • yea I did that already.. I rooted in win7 but since then I have loaded the linux dev kit and have been working on making a script. Also i have been removing apps and playing with all my root apps! I love root! Our phone our control! Thanks!

  • Wooooo!!

  • fgonzo98

    Darn…I was close with 8 days!

    • kellex

      I think I said 9. Damn! Part of me wanted to say “tomorrow” but that was just too risky. -1 Me.

  • Kevin Butler

    I have a quick question.. I'm new to droid. But if I root my Droid x can I remove motoblur and just use stock android??

    • you can remove motoblur by simply installing Launcher Pro……

      and by remove, I mean disable and hide in the corner where nobody will hear its screams…

      • kellex

        JP is exactly right.

        • Kevin Butler

          Thank you. I was on the fence of the droid x. But I wanted stock droid. I wonder if i should just wait for the new ones in november or december

          • tonytbone7883

            I'm looking forward to a 2GHz MOTO-Droid X running 2.2 froyo and a HD camera and screen. 32GB sd installed and 16BG memory. YEAH!!!

        • It's what I use. 😛

  • El El Kool J

    KELLEX.. You lost.. I remember you posting 9 days…lol.. great job Birdman.. by the way love your CD…lol

    • kellex

      I sooooo lost. 🙁

      • Mrpicolas

        But really you win More readers Will come to droid life for instructions on this

      • But that's a good thing. Now les slap a ROM on this motha

  • JosueD


    • lol

      • Jdstell

        It's funny how people rush to write that were first, then come back a couple minutes later to write something intelligent.

  • that was fast…