Asurion No Longer Replacing DROIDs for DROIDs, Production Stopped by Motorola

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We’ve heard rumors that the original Droid is nearing “end of life” status, but according to cell phone insurance machine Asurion, it’s already there.  You see, we’ve received a handful of emails from frustrated readers who attempted to make claims on broken Droids, but were told that it is no longer in production by Motorola and they would have to settle for something else.  (See screenshot above.)

The situation is this.  Droid owners are paying anywhere from $6 to $8 per month for Asurion insurance in order to protect an investment they made knowing that if something tragic were to happen, they would be covered and a replacement would be on hand.  Oh let’s not forget that a steep deductible is also required when filing your claim, although better than paying full price for a new device, it is still nothing to snicker at.

So what’s happening right now?  Since the D1 is “no longer in production” claimees are left with 3 options that are essentially a slap to the face.  Your choices are the Droid Eris, Motorola Devour or LG Ally.  Yes, instead of another Droid you can have MotoBlur and Android 1.6.

Lesson of the day?  Be careful with those D1 devices!  If you expect to file a claim to receive a replacement, it’s not happening.  Yikes.

Cheers Addison and Jared!



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