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Want More Proof? DROID X Inventory is Limited.

Been feeling a little heat this morning from some people not wanting to believe that the Droid X stock will be limited on launch day, as we reported earlier.  Well we’ve just grabbed 5 additional screenshots from 5 pretty major markets and I’d say again that inventory looks to be pretty limited to me.  Some of the major stores have upwards of 60+ (which I previously mentioned), but some are seeing as little as 5 (yes I said 5).

Now maybe these numbers are above average for a Verizon launch, but for a device this big, I guess I just figured stores would have tried to have been overstocked.

And who knows, maybe they’ll load up even more devices by Thursday and these numbers are simply premature.

Check out Los Angeles above and the rest of the screenies after the jump!

How about Philly?

How about Houston?

How about Las Vegas?

And how about NYC?

Oh and hopefully these will help you decide which store to go camp out in front of.  Your welcome!

Update: My inventory guy has started fulfilling a few requests and at least locations appear to have more stock than others.  Maybe the rest of their shipments are starting to arrive?  I hope so!  And be sure to say thanks in the comments as our source will read them…



Huntington Beach…(110!)


And that’s all of them!

  • I talked to a guy at Verizon in Tualatin and he said they will have plenty in stock.

  • Jjbass311

    just called in orlando florida they said 10 to 20 when is everyone camping out the night before or early mornin? im thinkin 12 the night before???? let me know what u think????

    • dave

      i’m going early morning, bout 5 am or so. but i live in a small town, not a big city that might have hundreds of people buying the DX

  • Droid X

    Poughkeepsie, NY?

  • Jorge_23

    i pre-ordered my droid x today at my local verizon store. i had to put a $100 deposit but guarantees me a phone on the 15th no matter what time i go in.

  • Those locations in ny pc richards is a small retail store almost like a small kmart…thats why there probably only getting 5

  • Jbeabs

    Is this current inventory or expected? I know that some of the DX's have been shipped but there should be more coming in. The stores should have some now and be getting alot more in this week.

  • Brian

    I did the same thing at my verizon store. They are going to call me the night before to pick-up a phone, no lines no waiting.

  • Looks like I'm calling off on the 15th

  • Mauricedg89

    HEy KELLEX. The reason for the low inventory is because Sam's Club and Wal-Mart will have the DROID X when it launches also. I believe they will have more then the actually Verizon store and probably at HALF THE PRICE.

  • Rodeojones000

    I just called the two closest actual Verizon stores to here (Chippewa Falls, WI and Eau Claire, WI). The store in Chippewa Falls said the last they heard they'd have 30 on launch day. The person I asked at the Eau Claire store didn't know so he asked a manager and was told they're not allowed to give away that info. I've tried the only authorized retail store in the town where I live, but I keep getting a busy signal.

  • Trophynuts

    i called my local corp store yesterday to ask the same thing….they said they were getting plenty in. i think everyone is getting a different response.

  • Trophynuts

    how awesome would it be if these pics were taken with a better camera………..

  • Bitterswee

    Could we get Baltimore MD please?

  • How much droid x phones do u think that the best buys will be getting I hope its more then five, cause I'm number 8 on the preorder list at my local best buy. I think only like 12 ppl actuall pre odered em at my local bb, hopefully vzw is just saying that there will be a limited amount so everyone can want to hurry up n buy it,

  • I Called The Wireless Zone In Bristol, CT And The Franchise Owner Told Me He Ordered The Allotment And Has Not Received A Number On How Many, But The Tone Of Voice He Gave Me Wasn't Gonna Be A Few Or None. I Believe Him When I Got My Droid 1 Back In February He Said It Would Be There By 1ish I Walked In At 1 And He Had It Ready For Me.

  • Jtlt2h1

    What about Omaha/Bellevue NE



  • dave

    well, i just went to my local vzw store and they said they have plenty for opening weekend. 🙂

  • NC-Droid

    I went by my local store today to ask how early I should show up. They responded saying they had very limited inventory, but would put me on a list. He asked me what time I wanted to come in. “As soon as you open…9am”

    After leaving, I thought about it and called up there. The woman told me if I had an appointment, they had already set aside a phone with my name on it.

    Can anyone confirm this. I’d hate to “sleep in” and show up around 9 to find that a line of folks camping out are ahead of me.

  • boston? 🙂

  • JohnR

    My local Verizon store suggested making an appointment on the 15th, which I did. They said that they will set a phone aside for me. Hope this works, maybe this will work in other locations.

  • FlyingPlatypus

    I look at the New York numbers, and the stores that are getting 5 are resellers, the other stores are getting at least 30.

  • Godfrey2009

    I pre-ordered a Droid X at my best buy Friday and at that time they said they had 13 Pre-orders. I hope I get mine!!!!

  • kellex

    I hope so. This device is too good to be shorted.

  • I didn't use SPRecov at all to install…and havent had to once since my first Root Day…Screw SPRecov 😛
    But seriously, it's an amazing ROM 🙂

  • Jwtyler

    Feels a little more solid. Integrated stuff into the ROM… its good. Its real good. Solid. But I think my baseband is dragging me down at this point.

  • What does CM6 bring to the table?

    Do you not need to flash to SPrecovery and back again as much?

  • WAldenIV

    These will end up being premature numbers.

  • Ummm, it's hard to explain. Yes there are differences.
    I would research the Chanelogs if you want a definitive answer lol

  • Niggy

    PC Richards and sons are Kiosk locations.

  • Michael_NM

    Did I hear someone doubting the authenticity of Dr. Droid's reporting earlier? This post is a first-class, unequivocal, smack-down! When Dr. Droid speaks, people need to be taking notes.

    Kudos to your informant as well!!! Can you have him check my upgrade date and reserve a Droid 2GHz? jk 😛

  • juan

    stockton ca?

  • Tiredofthewait

    that's fine, but what about Ft. Wayne IN?

  • Chrsi Giammona

    Would not be in their best interest to have a shortage right out of the gate – look at the damage that it has done to the DI and with new Samsung phones on the way.

  • Jbarb21

    any major differences or goodies you found on CM6 that is different than the rest???

  • Mygixxer

    I dont know if anyone else has done this or had success, but I live in Portland Oregon and I found a verizon location that said they are privately taking a list of those who have come in a week in advance (such as myself) when they come in (shipment came today..YES!!!!) and they have already pulled the phones for the 12 people who are on this private list in back and will have them set aside for purchase 8am thursday morning! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!! She let me play with their demo they got in today as well….FREAKING AWESOME! SO quick, responsive and smooth! I have to say that one of the things I was most impressed with was the keyboard. I dont think I will be downloading the HTC version again. Since the screen is so much bigger the keys are bigger and seperated allowing for a more accurate text. I CANT WAIT!!!!!

  • revelation

    can you post a North New Jersey Screen cap, I gotta see what I'm up against.

  • sweet i live right out side philly in bucks county.. i might be traveling in town for my X

  • kellex

    Pretty sure those will start this week. Can't wait. I wouldn't doubt it if they started today to tell you the truth.

  • EggoEspada

    I'm looking more forward to the commercials they're gonna have. ;D

  • EC8CH

    I have faith sooner or later someone will rip the chastity belt off this tease of a phone.

  • Seriously people, Kellex isn't going to tell all of you how many phones are in your towns…come on now…get real. 😛 lol

  • Tommonreal

    ooppsss i ment 93030

  • dave

    yea, i jumped the gun… just curious if this little podunk town will get any in on release day. guess i'll go bug the store manager. hehe

  • Tommonreal

    oxnard! 93093 please….

  • Merrillville, Indiana should be having plenty.

  • dave

    i would've had you tim-o-tato!! haha, i looked at the thread and saw now comments yet, and couldn't believe it, so i refreshed and you had posted first! lol!

  • pir800

    What about orange county? Specifically Huntington Beach? Love the coverage guys.

  • Thank you….lol