Monday Poll: Locked DROID X Bootloader is a Deal Breaker?

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To those into having complete control over their Android devices, we were introduced to some pretty disappointing news over the weekend.  Our newest family member, the Droid X, is reportedly stuck with the same encrypted bootloader as the Motorola Milestone which has yet to be cracked for custom ROMs after 7 months worth of attempts.

If this turns out to be correct, and we’re pretty sure it will, does this device still interested you?  Whether you planned on buying one on this Thursday or not, please provide an answer as this is something that could cripple future devices as well.

Would you buy the DROID X knowing it has a locked bootloader?

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I’m going to reserve comment at this time, but as always, feel free to express your feelings on the issue while staying somewhat civilized.  As a blog that covers both the rooted and non-rooted worlds of Android, this is one of those topics where we greatly appreciate your opinions.



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