Pixel 5 vs Galaxy S21

Sorry Galaxy S21, I’m Sticking With the Pixel 5

Passing on the Galaxy S21 to keep Google's weird phone. When a new year kicks off, just after we've crowned our "phones of the year" from the previous 12 months, the first wave of phones hits to show us the beginnings of new tech trends going forward. It's...
Smartwatch to Fitness Band

I Ditched Smartwatches for a Simpler Fitness Band

Smartwatches have been a big part of my tech life for several years now. From before the launch of the Snapdragon Wear 3100 through the Galaxy Watch Active 2, several fitness-focused "smart" watches like those from Garmin, and the most recent Snapdragon Wear...
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung is the King of Android Updates

When the Android 11 update finally showed up on my $2,000 Galaxy Z Fold 2 this morning, the range of emotions jumped from "Yay!" to "Why again did I have to wait so long?" That may seem like a jab at Samsung for taking this much time to update their most...
Google Voice RCS

Google Voice RCS Would Be Awesome, Google

For most of the past decade, I have used nothing but Google Voice for texting and calling. Through the hundreds of phones I've tested on various carriers, I almost never touch the dialer and place a call through that phone's actual number, because instead I...