Galaxy S20 Family

Why Does the Galaxy S20+ Exist?

Creating tiers of phones is not a new concept in this industry. Separating out flagship phones into multiple models is actually the norm at this point, with many manufacturers moving beyond the 2-tier model and going with 3. Samsung just did it with the Galaxy...
Google Pixel

Why Google Phones?

The three companies that occupy the majority of pockets of readers around here are Samsung, OnePlus, and Google. In recent weeks, we've asked you to weigh in on why you continue to choose Samsung or OnePlus phones, so that leaves the final entry. It's time to...
OnePlus Concept One

OnePlus Hints at a Phone Future With Less Glass

The introduction of glass to the rear of smartphones has been one of my least favorite industry-wide adoptions of all time. Glass is not a premium material. Glass might be pretty to look at and touch, but by no means has taking care of it been fun. With glass,...
OnePlus 7T, 6T

Why OnePlus Phones?

OnePlus is no longer considered to be a small player in the Android game by this community. Their sales numbers may not place them in the upper echelon of phone makers and they may not yet be a household name, but you've told us time and time again that you...
Pixel 4 XL

How’s Performance Been on Your Pixel 4?

You have owned the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL for up to 3 months now, so let's talk about how it has held up. Google jumped the RAM to 6GB this year, included the latest Snapdragon processor, and is utilizing a 90Hz display. All of that should help with general...