Galaxy S23

Galaxy S23 is My Happy Little Phone

Back in March, I shared my early impressions of the smallest Galaxy S23 after spending a few days with it. The post, at least at the time, might have seemed a bit ahead of reality, as I was quick to call it the "Small Phone King." Like, come on Kellen, 3 days...

Why’d You Leave Verizon?

Verizon reported their Q1 2023 earnings today and the numbers on the consumer wireless side aren't great. Basically, Verizon lost a bunch of customers once again and we've been discussing back and forth what we think the reasoning is. We now turn to you to...
Galaxy S23

Don’t Upgrade Your Phone For 5G

There are lots of reasons to upgrade your phone to a shiny new one. You might want to test out what's new in camera technology. Maybe you want a 120Hz display or to see just how fast that new processor is or you are out of storage. Maybe your battery has...
Samsung Galaxy S23

Galaxy S23 is the Small Phone King

The world of Android smartphones doesn't have many realistic options for those who prefer a smaller phone. That's not to say that there haven't been smaller smartphones in recent years, but they often lack in high-end specs or have predictably poor battery...
Pixel Watch 2-Month Review

2 Months With a Pixel Watch: Here to Stay

Spending two months with a device is more than enough time to learn its quirks, what you may like or dislike about it, that sort of thing. I'm at that point with the Google Pixel Watch, which has been on my wrist since the day it was released and has only come...