Galaxy S21 vs. OnePlus 9 Pro

I Hope You Love Samsung or OnePlus

With the launch of the new OnePlus 9 Series this week, Android fans have another couple of phones to choose from that could satisfy their need for a flagship-level experience. Assuming the Galaxy S21 line-up didn't do it back in January, the OnePlus 9 phones...
Samsung Gear Live

Is a New Samsung Wear OS Watch Interesting?

That's the question I keep asking myself now that we have both rumors and a possible code reference to Samsung working on a Wear OS watch for the first time since the platform launched in 2014. I can't decide if Samsung should make a Wear OS watch again or if...
Pixel 5 vs Galaxy S21

Sorry Galaxy S21, I’m Sticking With the Pixel 5

Passing on the Galaxy S21 to keep Google's weird phone. When a new year kicks off, just after we've crowned our "phones of the year" from the previous 12 months, the first wave of phones hits to show us the beginnings of new tech trends going forward. It's...