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Pixel 3a

Is the Headphone Jack Back?

It took "courage" from Apple to start us down the headphone jack-less path in 2016. Motorola wasn't far behind them. Google followed their leads in 2017's Pixel 2 by suggesting USB-C and digital audio were better audio. OnePlus joined the party in 2018 after...
Pixel 3a

What a Great Time to be a Smartphone Buyer

No matter what kind of budget you have, we are living through a wonderful time to be a smartphone buyer. And that's mostly because no matter the price point, you have an option that will make for an excellent smartphone. You'll have a phone that can take great...
Pixel 3 vs Pixel 3a

Google’s Pixel 3a is Boringly Good, Which is Fine

Tim said that I need to bring some fire takes on the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, since I haven't really mentioned the phone on the site after unboxing it. Ummm, I don't have any. This phone is boring, but that's probably good or fine. There, that's my take. OK,...
Galaxy S10 Family

Which Galaxy S10 Should You Buy?

After all of the videos, feature highlights, and separate reviews, we still get asked by readers, "Which Galaxy S10 should I buy?" And I get why! There are three to choose from this year, all of which differ in very specific ways. While the differences aren't...
5G is confusing.

5G’s Biggest Problem: 5G is Confusing

5G will one day be something special that could change the way our lives are connected. I don't think even me, the resident 5G pessimist, will deny that. The instant and ultra-fast connectivity has the opportunity to improve how society functions on a number...
Moto 360

Wear OS is in a Sad State

Wear OS is one of those initiatives from Google that has never failed to disappoint, yet it continues to stay alive through minor updates and name changes. I keep thinking that Wear OS is worth Google paying attention to, though, particularly because it's a...