Google PIxel 8 Pro - Hands-on

Pixel 8 Pro is the Choice This Year

The decision over which Pixel 8 phone to pre-order this year seemed so clear to me after watching the reveal (all of the leaks too) and then pulling up the Google Store a couple of days ago. In past releases, I can't say the same, because I was always torn...
Pixel 8 Pro - Flat Screen

Goodbye to Google Pixel Phones With Curved Displays

The image at the top of this post is a thing of beauty for those of us who complained all those years ago about curved displays and the frustrating experiences they projected even if they looked neat in the hand or in a promo video. Curved displays were never...
Android Logo

Toxic Android Fanboyism Must Die

"As a Samsung fan" or "As a Google fan," which is then usually followed by some super biased bullshit, are phrases I see often on Android blogs, YouTube comments, and various tech-related sites. In case anyone needed reminding, a perfectly good stranger on the...