The King of Bezel: Is This the New Color Pebble?

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In 23 hours and change, Pebble is going to announce some sort of new product. At least that’s what their website is telling us with a countdown that started last week. Rumors suggest that it will be the next generation Pebble smartwatch with a bigger, color display and new version of Pebble’s watch operating system. Thanks to an image found on Pebble’s own website servers, we may now know exactly what it looks like. Just look above. 

9to5Mac discovered the image, which is still live on Pebble’s back-end at the moment. The image is named “important-498f2948dc15c9b8d5883394635c209d.png,” so it’s not exactly giving us any information on name, price, or availability. The image itself, on the other hand, does give us plenty of info.

First of all, it has a colored screen. Well, it’s yellow, which is technically a color. It also has a massive amount of bezel. As in, if this is the new Pebble, it will go down as the king of all things bezel. Seriously, look at all that bezel! Is there even a screen there? There is, right? Someone do a bezel-to-display ratio, already.

OK, all jokes aside. The body looks much rounder than the original Pebble, the buttons seem more flush on that right side, and it sort of reminds me of a Sony Smartwatch 3, only with a sh*tload more bezel.

Is there still interest in the Pebble, even though Android Wear is alive and well? Current Pebble owners, would you upgrade to a new version?

Via:  Pebble | 9to5Mac



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