Pebble is Teasing Something for Next Week, Could be a New Watch With Color Display

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This morning, Pebble updated its website to include a picture of a blue Pebble watch with a smiley watchface, situated above a countdown that ends next Tuesday. The updated site doesn’t mention what the countdown is for, only that you can sign-up to receive more info if “curious.” Of course, our immediate thought is that they have a new watch to unveil next week, which 9to5Mac has received word on. 

According to their sources, Pebble has a new watch in the works that features a wider display that produces color in favor of their previously used black and white e-paper panels. The overall body of the watch is said to be thinner, battery life should still be on par with current models, even with the color display, and Pebble may have added in a microphone. The new watch will reportedly run a brand new version of Pebble’s operating system that has been designed by the guys who hooked up LG’s webOS interface on their current line of TVs.

9to5Mac isn’t positive that the new hardware and software will debut next week. I guess we don’t have long to go before we find out.

Is the Pebble still an interesting take on a smartwatch to you or would you rather just stick to Android Wear?

Via:  Pebble | 9to5Mac



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