Amazon Introduces 4K to Amazon Instant Video, Price Negotiating Too

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Amazon issued a couple of new product announcements this morning, one involving Amazon Instant Video and the other a “make an offer” price negotiation for select product categories. 

With Amazon Instant Video, Prime members can now view 4K (Ultra HD) streams at no additional cost, which as you probably know, is 4x the number of pixels found in standard full HD. TV shows like Orphan Black and a bunch of new pilots from Amazon Studios are already streaming at the higher resolution. As for movies, you can view Crouching Tiger, Funny Girl, Hitch, and Philadelphia in 4K today. Amazon is posting a handful of live concerts in 4K as well.

As for the new “make an offer” price negotiations, Amazon has introduced the idea for customers to negotiate prices with sellers in categories like sports collectibles, collectible coins, and fine art. In order for Amazon customers to be able to make an offer, a seller first has to add the buying option to their listing. If a buyer decides to try and buy a product for less, they can submit an offer to which the seller can then accept, reject, or counter. It works just like you would think it would.

Amazon has created an entire “make an offer” page, which features products already utilizing the new service. It can be viewed here.

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