Verizon’s New DROID ULTRA Commercial Shows Off Strength, Touchless Control, in NYC Cab Chase

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Don’t worry, there are no explosions, ninja robot women, or motorcycles in this chase scene. Instead, a man leaves his DROID ULTRA inside an NYC cab, and then proceeds to chase it through the park to hunt it down. The phone, as you would expect while in the possession of a lunatic cabbie, is bounced from door-to-door and window-to-window. Of course, no damage is inflicted, but the owner is only able to find it in the end by saying, “OK, Google Now, call my DROID.”

Our ULTRA review should arrive any day. In the mean time, read about all of its features in our Moto X review. (Seriously, same software.)

Did you pick up an ULTRA or MAXX today?

Video: Verizon Takes Us Through the History of DROID to Promote the New Family

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The DROID brand at one time stood for everything you could want in a smartphone. But with some misfires over the last couple of years, and a handful of marketing campaigns that seemed to create confusion and negativity rather than excitement, Verizon is going to need to do something special to bring this family of devices back to glory. In a new commercial to help kick off what will likely be a massive marketing wave for the ULTRA, MAXX, and Mini, Big Red is trying to take it back to the roots – to the days of the original DROID.

In this full one and a half minute commercial posted to the Verizon YouTube account this afternoon, we are taken on a history lesson of the DROID brand. Verizon and Motorola want you to show you “innovation over flash,” phones that can do more, and to “challenge everything, again.”

It’s an interesting spot for those of us who have followed the DROID brand from the beginning of its life. It definitely brings back memories, but also reminds me of that original campaign. It’s to the point. It’s bold. And it’s in-your-face the right amount.

Verizon Reminds Us That Google Voice Search Can Solve All Your Problems

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Verizon’s new Father’s Day commercial that popped up over the weekend is a fine reminder that Google Voice Search is there to help you in times of need. When your child adopts a dangerous pet, baseballs are thrown through windows, a kid puts the wrong dish soap in the dishwasher, superglue is used to help someone palm a basketball, or when your daughter gets her little heart crushed by a boy, you can search for help.

I can’t tell you how many times recently that I’ve pulled out Google Voice Search to find things. If my friends and I can’t remember anything from an actor’s name to movies they were in to how many different NBA teams Dr. J played for, Google Search can get you there quicker than any other method. I forget to use it every so often, but lately it has become a part of my everyday life.

Oh, the ad was also to show off the current “Free” deal that VZW is running for the RAZR M in blue, should you be interested.

Are you using Voice Search regularly or do you forget about it?