Greatest Samsung Commercial Ever.

I seriously can’t tell if it’s meant to be as bad as it is because it just keeps going and going, but you know what, I just don’t care. This is hands-down, without a doubt, Samsung’s finest commercial to date even if it was unintentionally made to be so. As our reader put it, “so cringeworthy it’s newsworthy.”

I hope Aimee and Jack can make it to the Galaxy S5 unveiling to relive this on-screen magic like only Jack and Aimee can. Please, Samsung, bring them. Please bring the single man’s guide to picking up women with a Galaxy Gear too.

“Want to see something cool?”

So, are you GEARed up? Haaaaaa.  (more…)

Video: Motorola Put a Color-changing, Interactive Moto X Ad in January’s WIRED

Motorola created a “first of its kind” ad for the Moto X that will run in the January issue of WIRED magazine. The ad is fully interactive, giving readers the opportunity to see what it’s like to customize a Moto X in real-time, and in a print magazine. Yes, I know that sounds impossible, but when you create an ad with a battery, LED lights, a keyboard-like button membrane, and other paper-thin materials, anything is apparently possible.  (more…)

Verizon’s New DROID ULTRA Commercial Shows Off Strength, Touchless Control, in NYC Cab Chase

YouTube Preview Image

Don’t worry, there are no explosions, ninja robot women, or motorcycles in this chase scene. Instead, a man leaves his DROID ULTRA inside an NYC cab, and then proceeds to chase it through the park to hunt it down. The phone, as you would expect while in the possession of a lunatic cabbie, is bounced from door-to-door and window-to-window. Of course, no damage is inflicted, but the owner is only able to find it in the end by saying, “OK, Google Now, call my DROID.”

Our ULTRA review should arrive any day. In the mean time, read about all of its features in our Moto X review. (Seriously, same software.)

Did you pick up an ULTRA or MAXX today?