Check Out These 3 New Android Ads, Starring Androidified People and a New Slogan

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Android L, which we believe will be called Lollipop, will likely arrive on Wednesday along with a massive marketing campaign to help promote the platform. From what we can tell, that marketing campaign will feature Androidified people of all types, coupled with the slogan “be together. not the same.” Clearly, Google wants the world to know that everyone can use Android, not just nerds or elitists or hipsters or the rich or poor. It’s a platform with devices for everyone.

Ads for this new campaign began surfacing tonight, with a number of reddit users finding the individual video files and posting them for the world to see. We have included all three that are currently known below.

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[responsive_vid vid_url=”mS0tqSFP9f4″]

[responsive_vid vid_url=”hCCnqLzeQJQ”]

Via:  reddit



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