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Dropbox Brings Doc Scanner to Android, Paper Now Offered Offline

Announced earlier this week and now rolling out, Dropbox is bringing its awesome Doc Scanner feature to Android users. For anyone keeping score, this feature was first made available on iOS back in June, 2016. That’s not quite a year ago, but close enough for us to hold a grudge.

Anyway, with Doc Scanner, users can simply snap a photo of a document, which then gets shaped into a PDF file for editing and sending. If you need to quickly snap shots of receipts, or any other type of document, it’s clutch.

On top of this great update for Dropbox, Dropbox Paper also received some love, in the form an offline mode. As a recap, Paper is Dropbox’s collaboration tool for teams who work online. Now, all of the Paper stuff you need can be had while not connected to the servers, which can be quite useful.

Follow the links and get your update on.

Play Links: Dropbox | Dropbox Paper

Via: Dropbox
  • Steve Hendricks

    Am I missing something? I have the most recent version, but when I click the plus button to add I get no scan option, just one to take a picture. Am I just dumb?

  • Scanners

    DropBox’s scanner is 10x better than Google Drive’s or Evernote’s scanner.
    It’s simple to just transfer the PDF to Drive afterwards.

  • AvalancheRyder

    I thought Android users were used to waiting for software updates? Complaining about it is like an iPhone user complaining about not being able to customize their device.

    • Jeandring

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  • BobButtons

    Yet still has the most pathetic free tier. Sorry, Dropbox. Still not a winner.

    • Pedro

      I find them to be the absolute winner, since they have an actual linux client that runs in the background. Every file I deem important is immediately backed up their servers. I’ve never lost an important file. I’ve lost important hard drives.

      And, since you only complain about the free tier, I’m sure they’re not heartbroken about the lost ‘customer’. The paid tiers are on par with the industry.

      • BobButtons

        I’ve used paid tiers, with competitors, since my files were already on them since they offered more free storage for me to start out with. So, yeah, I’m one customer. Big woop. But I’m one customer who paid a competitor because they had a more tempting offer to get me in the door.

        • Sabrina Hale1245

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    • AvalancheRyder

      So they’re not the best at giving away things for free? What an awful business way to run a business.

      • BobButtons

        It is if their intention is to have free members convert to premium. Them succeeding shows they’re doing something right but I’ve purchased additional Drive storage after starting off with the free tier due to them starting at 15GB. I, and many people I know, avoid Dropbox because of the small free storage. If we stayed free members that wouldn’t matter to Dropbox, but if/when we become premium members, that’s money going to others, not Dropbox, because they’re slacking on the free storage.