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Amazon Echo Can Now Read Books to You Thanks to Audible Support

Amazon Echo, the company’s voice-activated assistant of sorts, can now read audiobooks to you thanks to newly implemented Audible support. If you have a little library of ebooks piled up in your Audible account, you can get started by saying, “Alexa, play the audiobook 50 Shades of Grey.” 

To celebrate this most joyous occasion, Echo owners can grab two free audiobooks from Audible for listening. All you need to do is download the Audible app.

How It Works

  • Start any book you own with “Alexa, read [Audible book title]”
  • Resume the current book you’re reading by saying “Alexa, read my book.”
  • Control playback with “Alexa, go back/forward.”

And that’s it. If you have an Echo, go make Alexa read you War and Peace. On that same note, does anyone here own an Echo?

Via: Amazon