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Video: This is Android 5.0 “Lollipop” on the New Moto X

moto x lollipop

In a crazy, yet somehow completely unsurprising move yesterday afternoon, Motorola began pushing Android 5.0 “Lollipop” to the “Pure Edition” of its brand new Moto X (2nd gen) in a soak test. We talked about this on the DL Show the other day, mentioning the fact that it wouldn’t surprise us if Motorola was the first to get Lollipop ready and make it available within about a week. But even I would be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised by it showing up before the weekend. 

So you are all clear, Motorola is only pushing this Lollipop build, which is Motorola system version 22.11.5, to members of their feedback network who own the “Pure Edition” Moto X. This isn’t an over-the-air (OTA) update that you can try and pull to install. They are soak testing to try and find bugs before going ahead and making it official for all. But even once they do make it official, it will be for the “Pure Edition” only, as the other carrier variants likely still need approval.

With that thought fresh in your mind (again), this is yet another opportunity for us to remind you that this is the version of the Moto X to buy, assuming you aren’t on Verizon. Motorola told us that the “Pure Edition” would be their baby, and that it would be the first to receive updates since there would be no carrier interference with this particular model. They are delivering on that promise.

And with all of that out of the way, let’s talk Lollipop on the Moto X!

So yes, we have the soak test build up and running on our “Pure Edition” and it is glorious. It’s incredibly speedy, responsive, and beautiful. You have options for Ambient Display or Moto Display, Adaptive Display also joins the party, new battery stats are there, as is the new lock screen, quick settings toggles, animations, and more. This is pure Lollipop goodness, brought to you by Motorola, so it also has their suite of Moto add-ons, like Voice, Display, Actions, and Assist to make it even better.

To see it all in action, hit up our 9-minute video below.

Note:  If you would like to try out the update, you can do so by sideloading the .zip file that was pulled from the soak test. That’s what I have done and am currently experiencing no problems, but then again, I have only had the build up and running for a couple of hours. Keep in mind that this is indeed still a test build for now and there could be issues that I just haven’t discovered yet.

If you own the Moto X (2nd gen) “Pure Edition,” you can find the .zip file at this XDA thread. You have to have the Moto X (2nd gen) “Pure Edition,” otherwise, don’t even attempt this.

The file needs to be flashed using the “adb sideload” command, which we have full instructions for here. Follow those steps correctly on your “Pure Edition” and you will be up and running Android 5.0 in no time.

Note 2:  The wallpaper is from nowPaper, an app we highly recommend for all wallpaper junkies.

  • Yazm

    So if I’m on Verizon and have the original Moto X I will never be able to get the Lollipop 5.0 update?

  • bahiaeternal

    where is that wallpaper from

  • No

    Thanks for the moto x video, that was not a lollipop video..

  • Sameer Rathore

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  • Tonytwoeyes

    What about that cast screen option I saw, is that a mirror mode for the chrome cast?

  • Travis Oakshott

    Wallpaper link? Looks nice

    • Patmw123

      Try reading the entire article. Its from an app called nowPaper.

  • Dylan

    Ugggg… I hate the moto camera UI, was hoping the pure edition would at least have the stock android camera as a default. Twist gesture is awesome but that software tho…

  • apjans

    I’v avoided looking too much at lollipop, but wow. I am absolutely in love with the new lockscreen and notification panel.

  • apjans

    If adaptive display used the ir sensors and lit up whenever you picked up the phone (and pulsed the time and notifications like moto display), that would be GOAT. Hopefully at least some of those changes will come with updates… but for now, Moto display looks smoother to use.

  • Daniel Paim
  • Chris Hughes

    Anyone hear any rumors about when the OG moto x might get the update?

  • KingKondiment

    So, based on the screen in the “Sound and Notifications” section, we still won’t have the ability to control Google Voice volume independent of Ring Volume? That’s frustrating to me. I can’t be the only one who leaves their phone on vibrate 24/7 but wants to be able to hear the feedback!

  • IranMCT

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  • droidrazredge

    Anyone that has this installed does Android Lolipop on the Moto X 2014 come with the new Android 5.0 dialer ? or does it still have Motorola’s version of the dialer ?

    • needa

      still has old dialer.

  • droidrazredge

    Kellen how does Ambient Display respond and perform on the Moto X 2014 versus the Nexus 6 ? I ask this because since the Moto X has the 4 IR sensors on the front and the Nexus 6 does not it I feel the Moto X should more responsive and consistent in regards to hand gestures and movement compared ot the Nexus 6. Could you also note this in an updated review comparison of Ambient Display on the Moto X vs the Nexus 6 ? Also how does it now compare to Moto Display with both running on the same device ?

  • Erstam

    The active display demo here just reinforces why i wish the nexus 6 also had a led light or moto display… It seems so finicky on nexus 6 demos as well.

    • needa

      it does not seem finicky to me. every time the nexus is sitting long enough for the sensors to settle…. it works. but when they sit it down. then immediately pick it back up… it doesn’t.

  • jtwildman1

    Went to the Verizon store today, played with the moto Droid turbo..what a joke. You can polish a turd all you want Droid life, is still a turd! Don’t be deceived by these idiots. .pure android is not exciting, you will read about this pos but it isn’t anywhere near as kewl as the note 4…test them side by side and you will know

    • needa

      lol. the note is still stifled by touchwiz. there is still a delay when you hit the home button. it is still slower to open apps and get things done when sitting next to an $180 moto g.
      enjoy your note.

  • doncha lose my number

    this is the new dev catchup WAITing game

    it is not an upgrade if my apps are not available [root]

  • Iskandar

    How is the battery life?

    • Godzilla

      I was at work today and it was idle in the office. 1.5% drain per hour with HSPA+ signal of -105dbm

  • chris125

    Now if only they would have upped the battery and improved the camera, could have been the perfect device.

    • markwebb

      True but the camera seems improved with lollipop. Moreover battery life is hugely improved!

      • Godzilla

        have you spent a day on wifi yet? And i see no camera improvement especially insdoors.

        • needa

          yeah he is probably talking about the API that lets you take pics in raw. sucks to hear that about the battery.

          • markwebb

            Battery no longer sucks. 😉

        • markwebb

          Yes 8+ hours on battery with moderate usage includes email, web surfing, texting, photos and a few you tubes and it said @ 12 hours remaining. I also took a great indoor photo without flash and it was better than one of same scene prior to update.
          Battery is truly improved!!! Like a different phone.

  • Allen Byrd

    “how do you spell cantaloupe”

  • Barlog

    Wow I’m surprised that this is getting it before my Nexus 7 has gotten the OTA

    • needa

      twwo years in a row now.

  • Ismail Akram

    Contiously using from last night everything seems to great no issues so far probably one I was not able to connect it to my car via Bluetooth its smooth, notifications are awesome I wished interactive notifications though like iOS but I am very satisfied by Android l finally I can enjoy pure android , I never liked stock android till kit Kat everything have changed with it, especially the way I use , my first announce was quick setting now they have all want I use everyday like screen rotation, hotspot and flash is great to have, and dialer its awesome now not as HTC but its very very close but animations of android l dialer and colors are fantastic and its awesome to see notifications at top and calls don’t disturb when using any app can finsish or say wait to friends before I attend call, one more thing I would have wished is if I can rearrange icons in launcher ,, don’t like extra launchers like nova would but prefer HTC launcher its simple but enough, ambient display is actually cool better than moto display but ir sensors don’t works and it blinks 3-5 times max then screen don’t lit up. Until next notification comes in, picking phone does nothing and notification time is exponential I guess 5 second 10 20 40 80 and end .. But look of ambient display is cooler than moto display, messenger app was missing so installed from dump so it works but not every thing attachments don’t works .. Its 9.8/10 for me.

    • doncha lose my number

      BT is a bit more complicated than you might realize

      more than one chipset
      more than one stack
      more than one version

      start with that interoperability fun

  • shubham

    Moto g 2nd gen

  • NexusMan

    What Wallpaper is that? It’s gorgeous.

    • mdh

      Nowpaper Seattle

  • Lance Davidson

    Why does this person only have 4 fingers?

  • hyperbeatser

    I love my ’14 X even more than I did the OG

    • markwebb

      I think I may agree with you: speedy, fluid, better and bigger screen, better camera (now after update), better software.

  • Connor Sanders

    I’ve had a Nexus 7 2013 running Lollipop as my daily driver for a about 3 months now lol. But, still nice to see.

    • markwebb

      But that was a preview build; not final with everything. I also ran it on my nexus 5.

  • Patmw123

    I’m just somewhat glad that it is more confirmation of the fact that the moto x update will include the new navigation keys for 5.0.

  • It’s too bad that Moto took out the Nexus dialer. They also took it out in KitKat, and I had hoped that they’ll keep it in Lollipop.

    • Godzilla

      eh, i verbally tell my X who to call, screw actually holding it. LOL

    • miri

      As far as in aware, Google Dialer is Nexus-only. Can’t take it out of you never had it.

      • dwboston

        Google Play editions had that dialer as well.

  • Godzilla

    No camera improvement when in artificial light. I used the stock moto camera, FV5, and google camera. FV 5 used the lowest ISO but not by much. Indoors the moto X camera is still meh.

    • droidrazredge

      This just shows that the Nexus 6 camera is not good due to Lolipop but due to the hardware and sensors that Motorola added to the Nexus that are not in the Droid Turbo or Moto X 2014. Makes me want a Nexus 6 even more now.

  • thatann44

    Is it compatible with the moto x retail european?

  • Godzilla

    Yup, i just got done side loading 5.0 to my pure X. It is SWEET so far.

    • chalker

      I see what you did there!!