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Video: This is Android 5.0 “Lollipop” on the New Moto X

In a crazy, yet somehow completely unsurprising move yesterday afternoon, Motorola began pushing Android 5.0 “Lollipop” to the “Pure Edition” of its brand new Moto X (2nd gen) in a soak test. We talked about this on the DL Show the other day, mentioning the fact that it wouldn’t surprise us if Motorola was the first to get Lollipop ready and make it available within about a week. But even I would be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised by it showing up before the weekend. 

So you are all clear, Motorola is only pushing this Lollipop build, which is Motorola system version 22.11.5, to members of their feedback network who own the “Pure Edition” Moto X. This isn’t an over-the-air (OTA) update that you can try and pull to install. They are soak testing to try and find bugs before going ahead and making it official for all. But even once they do make it official, it will be for the “Pure Edition” only, as the other carrier variants likely still need approval.

With that thought fresh in your mind (again), this is yet another opportunity for us to remind you that this is the version of the Moto X to buy, assuming you aren’t on Verizon. Motorola told us that the “Pure Edition” would be their baby, and that it would be the first to receive updates since there would be no carrier interference with this particular model. They are delivering on that promise.

And with all of that out of the way, let’s talk Lollipop on the Moto X!

So yes, we have the soak test build up and running on our “Pure Edition” and it is glorious. It’s incredibly speedy, responsive, and beautiful. You have options for Ambient Display or Moto Display, Adaptive Display also joins the party, new battery stats are there, as is the new lock screen, quick settings toggles, animations, and more. This is pure Lollipop goodness, brought to you by Motorola, so it also has their suite of Moto add-ons, like Voice, Display, Actions, and Assist to make it even better.

To see it all in action, hit up our 9-minute video below.

Note:  If you would like to try out the update, you can do so by sideloading the .zip file that was pulled from the soak test. That’s what I have done and am currently experiencing no problems, but then again, I have only had the build up and running for a couple of hours. Keep in mind that this is indeed still a test build for now and there could be issues that I just haven’t discovered yet.

If you own the Moto X (2nd gen) “Pure Edition,” you can find the .zip file at this XDA thread. You have to have the Moto X (2nd gen) “Pure Edition,” otherwise, don’t even attempt this.

The file needs to be flashed using the “adb sideload” command, which we have full instructions for here. Follow those steps correctly on your “Pure Edition” and you will be up and running Android 5.0 in no time.

Note 2:  The wallpaper is from nowPaper, an app we highly recommend for all wallpaper junkies.

  • Yazm

    So if I’m on Verizon and have the original Moto X I will never be able to get the Lollipop 5.0 update?

  • bahiaeternal

    where is that wallpaper from

  • No

    Thanks for the moto x video, that was not a lollipop video..

  • Sameer Rathore

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  • Tonytwoeyes

    What about that cast screen option I saw, is that a mirror mode for the chrome cast?

  • Travis Oakshott

    Wallpaper link? Looks nice

    • Patmw123

      Try reading the entire article. Its from an app called nowPaper.

  • Dylan

    Ugggg… I hate the moto camera UI, was hoping the pure edition would at least have the stock android camera as a default. Twist gesture is awesome but that software tho…

  • apjans

    I’v avoided looking too much at lollipop, but wow. I am absolutely in love with the new lockscreen and notification panel.

  • apjans

    If adaptive display used the ir sensors and lit up whenever you picked up the phone (and pulsed the time and notifications like moto display), that would be GOAT. Hopefully at least some of those changes will come with updates… but for now, Moto display looks smoother to use.

  • Daniel Paim
  • Chris Hughes

    Anyone hear any rumors about when the OG moto x might get the update?

  • KingKondiment

    So, based on the screen in the “Sound and Notifications” section, we still won’t have the ability to control Google Voice volume independent of Ring Volume? That’s frustrating to me. I can’t be the only one who leaves their phone on vibrate 24/7 but wants to be able to hear the feedback!

  • IranMCT

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  • droidrazredge

    Anyone that has this installed does Android Lolipop on the Moto X 2014 come with the new Android 5.0 dialer ? or does it still have Motorola’s version of the dialer ?

    • needa

      still has old dialer.

  • droidrazredge

    Kellen how does Ambient Display respond and perform on the Moto X 2014 versus the Nexus 6 ? I ask this because since the Moto X has the 4 IR sensors on the front and the Nexus 6 does not it I feel the Moto X should more responsive and consistent in regards to hand gestures and movement compared ot the Nexus 6. Could you also note this in an updated review comparison of Ambient Display on the Moto X vs the Nexus 6 ? Also how does it now compare to Moto Display with both running on the same device ?

  • Erstam

    The active display demo here just reinforces why i wish the nexus 6 also had a led light or moto display… It seems so finicky on nexus 6 demos as well.

    • needa

      it does not seem finicky to me. every time the nexus is sitting long enough for the sensors to settle…. it works. but when they sit it down. then immediately pick it back up… it doesn’t.

  • jtwildman1

    Went to the Verizon store today, played with the moto Droid turbo..what a joke. You can polish a turd all you want Droid life, is still a turd! Don’t be deceived by these idiots. .pure android is not exciting, you will read about this pos but it isn’t anywhere near as kewl as the note 4…test them side by side and you will know

    • needa

      lol. the note is still stifled by touchwiz. there is still a delay when you hit the home button. it is still slower to open apps and get things done when sitting next to an $180 moto g.
      enjoy your note.

  • doncha lose my number

    this is the new dev catchup WAITing game

    it is not an upgrade if my apps are not available [root]

  • Iskandar

    How is the battery life?

    • Godzilla

      I was at work today and it was idle in the office. 1.5% drain per hour with HSPA+ signal of -105dbm

  • chris125

    Now if only they would have upped the battery and improved the camera, could have been the perfect device.

    • markwebb

      True but the camera seems improved with lollipop. Moreover battery life is hugely improved!

      • Godzilla

        have you spent a day on wifi yet? And i see no camera improvement especially insdoors.

        • needa

          yeah he is probably talking about the API that lets you take pics in raw. sucks to hear that about the battery.

          • markwebb

            Battery no longer sucks. 😉

        • markwebb

          Yes 8+ hours on battery with moderate usage includes email, web surfing, texting, photos and a few you tubes and it said @ 12 hours remaining. I also took a great indoor photo without flash and it was better than one of same scene prior to update.
          Battery is truly improved!!! Like a different phone.

  • Allen Byrd

    “how do you spell cantaloupe”

  • Barlog

    Wow I’m surprised that this is getting it before my Nexus 7 has gotten the OTA

    • needa

      twwo years in a row now.

  • Ismail Akram

    Contiously using from last night everything seems to great no issues so far probably one I was not able to connect it to my car via Bluetooth its smooth, notifications are awesome I wished interactive notifications though like iOS but I am very satisfied by Android l finally I can enjoy pure android , I never liked stock android till kit Kat everything have changed with it, especially the way I use , my first announce was quick setting now they have all want I use everyday like screen rotation, hotspot and flash is great to have, and dialer its awesome now not as HTC but its very very close but animations of android l dialer and colors are fantastic and its awesome to see notifications at top and calls don’t disturb when using any app can finsish or say wait to friends before I attend call, one more thing I would have wished is if I can rearrange icons in launcher ,, don’t like extra launchers like nova would but prefer HTC launcher its simple but enough, ambient display is actually cool better than moto display but ir sensors don’t works and it blinks 3-5 times max then screen don’t lit up. Until next notification comes in, picking phone does nothing and notification time is exponential I guess 5 second 10 20 40 80 and end .. But look of ambient display is cooler than moto display, messenger app was missing so installed from dump so it works but not every thing attachments don’t works .. Its 9.8/10 for me.

    • doncha lose my number

      BT is a bit more complicated than you might realize

      more than one chipset
      more than one stack
      more than one version

      start with that interoperability fun

  • shubham

    Moto g 2nd gen

  • NexusMan

    What Wallpaper is that? It’s gorgeous.

    • mdh

      Nowpaper Seattle

  • Lance Davidson

    Why does this person only have 4 fingers?

  • hyperbeatser

    I love my ’14 X even more than I did the OG

    • markwebb

      I think I may agree with you: speedy, fluid, better and bigger screen, better camera (now after update), better software.

  • Connor Sanders

    I’ve had a Nexus 7 2013 running Lollipop as my daily driver for a about 3 months now lol. But, still nice to see.

    • markwebb

      But that was a preview build; not final with everything. I also ran it on my nexus 5.

  • Patmw123

    I’m just somewhat glad that it is more confirmation of the fact that the moto x update will include the new navigation keys for 5.0.

  • It’s too bad that Moto took out the Nexus dialer. They also took it out in KitKat, and I had hoped that they’ll keep it in Lollipop.

    • Godzilla

      eh, i verbally tell my X who to call, screw actually holding it. LOL

    • miri

      As far as in aware, Google Dialer is Nexus-only. Can’t take it out of you never had it.

      • dwboston

        Google Play editions had that dialer as well.

  • Godzilla

    No camera improvement when in artificial light. I used the stock moto camera, FV5, and google camera. FV 5 used the lowest ISO but not by much. Indoors the moto X camera is still meh.

    • droidrazredge

      This just shows that the Nexus 6 camera is not good due to Lolipop but due to the hardware and sensors that Motorola added to the Nexus that are not in the Droid Turbo or Moto X 2014. Makes me want a Nexus 6 even more now.

  • thatann44

    Is it compatible with the moto x retail european?

  • Godzilla

    Yup, i just got done side loading 5.0 to my pure X. It is SWEET so far.

    • chalker

      I see what you did there!!

  • Champion1229

    Active Display vs Ambient Display….the struggle of which one to pick!

    • Nazzi_Muhammad

      Ambient. More interaction on the lockscreen.

  • phandroid

    Kellen, does double tap to wake work? Thanks

  • Cole Cawtuh

    Making me so damn jelly lol!!!!

    • doncha lose my number

      cannot complain about battery and wield widgets

  • Ambient Display only works when you have new notifications that you haven’t seen. It won’t light up every time you pick up the device.

    • Patrick Smithopolis

      Sometimes I just want to see the time so with that kind of implementation I would have to turn on the display in order to do so. Motorola’s approach is better.

      • Agreed. I use Gravity Screen on my Nexus 4. Just wave something in front of the proximity sensor and the screen lights up for 5 secs.

  • Rech Vanny

    Funny how he got the “Alexa” commands in his google voice search. 🙂

  • NexusPhan

    Thanks for showing us all this, but isn’t the Motorola feedback network subject to an NDA?? Just curious how you are able to show us this from a legal perspective.

    • Patrick Smithopolis

      He’s not a part of the soak test so he didn’t agree to anything.

    • Godzilla

      No, its not an NDA, they simply ask that you not talk about it.

      • NexusPhan

        Ah. Smart move. He just flashed the image thats floating around.

  • adis agata
  • Junietanman

    When you long pressed multitask onscreen button on the right, how did you get the settings to appear there, on my droid turbo I only have widgets and wallpaper?

  • vfgds

    Nexus 7 have Lollipop already

  • AndrewScottRox

    That off center clock………

  • Matt R Carner

    Kellen, do you have a Chromebook you can put on Dev mode and check to see if the trusted device unlock feature is enabled?

  • Maximus

    Did he miss change of the pull down menu???

  • mcdonsco

    Is it just me or is the app drawer white background, awful?

    I’ve attempted to run a few sideload MD apps and find the overuse of the white background kind of crappy looking.

    Here’s to hoping there will be a way to change from white to black.

    • markwebb

      Yes I hate it. Only thing I don’t like… so far.

    • chris125

      Agree, like the old transparent background compared to the new white. Like everything else about Lollipop, just not that

    • White is the new Holo. I don’t like the app drawer background at all either. But, I use Nova, so I don’t really care. Besides, the Google launcher isn’t half as functional as Nova.

    • Suicide_Note

      Thank goodness for Nova Launcher.

    • jbdan

      Holo is very dated. White looks a thousand times better.

  • jcorf

    Ugh I wish the Pure Edition was on Verizon.. Ugh

    • Godzilla

      Nothing about verizon is pure, except BS

      • doncha lose my number

        except audio fidelity network

        FDD and LTE equivalent soft handoffs

        aside from that?

  • So Linux 3.4.42? I tought it would be something between 3.8 and 3.10.

  • Andrew Bockus

    Please, let us know how the battery life is after a few tests? It’s the only reason I’m holding off on getting this phone!

    • markwebb

      Definitely increased! After @ 2 hours on lollipop with moderate use it states 12 hours left! Never got that on original kit Kat build.

      • AnoNYC

        Please keep us updated on your battery life.

        • markwebb

          Just checked; after slightly 4+ hours, 67% with 10 hours left. Mod use with pic taking, XDA forums, email and web browsing.

    • Ankur

      Also found a used on XDA saying that he is getting better battery life after applying this update.

    • Godzilla

      It takes at least 3 days to let the phone “calm down” after a major update. So battery tests after a few days make sense, not right away.

      • Andrew Bockus

        I know, that’s why I said after some tests. I figured people would take some time to complete some testing with the update.

  • JP

    I found a bug Kellex. It seems the Active Display doesn’t work when you pick it up. 😀

    • chris125

      *ambient display is what he turned on in the video, not active.

  • Ian Case

    If its any indication, the soak tests on the 2013 Moto X went out roughly 24-48 hours before the final versions began being pushed OTA.

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    Does anybody else think MD looks like a 4 year old designed it?

    • Nope. Its just you.

    • Suicide_Note

      No, just you.

      • Nazzi_Muhammad

        Ok, I take that back. Looks like a 10 year old designed it.

  • Nice! As a Verizon Moto X 2014 owner, this means we could get it by July!

    • John Kitchen

      Were you a Verizon Moto X 2013 owner? Cuz they only waited for like 17 days

    • ultravisitor

      Pay attention. Verizon Moto X 2013 owners got Kit Kat in 19 days.

      • Tom S

        Well, guys, he is Wireless G. You should automatically know he’s behind the times.


        • doncha lose my number

          as are people posting gif

    • tdizzel

      Nice! You’re allowed to make really stupid comments!

      • doncha lose my number

        freedom: ability to fail

    • Armyof2

      Every.Single.Update post. You idiots crawl out of the cracks and show just how little you actually pay attention..

  • TheDrunkenClam

    I need help guys.
    My GF is gonna be brand new to Verizon, and since I have unlimited data, I haven’t paid any attention to the way pricing and packages work for quite a while.
    I have my Dad and Sister on my plan, and when I added them they were able to get 4gb data instead of just 2. And keep in mind, I remember them not being added at the same time, there was time in between (though I don’t remember how much).
    But my gf will be on her own plan all by herself.
    She also wants the New Moto X, and would like to customize it. But I think I remember seeing a promo from amazon where they were selling the phone for a dollar?
    If the moto maker option is too expensive she will be willing to just go with a plain black one.
    With all that said, how can I get her the best price for the best amount of data?

    • Higher_Ground

      motorola had a sale going on for a weekend not too long ago, and now that the turbo is out for verizon, they might discount it as well. Historically they have sales every few months. I think the amazon deal is for the standard models, not the customized ones. I think I vaguely remember verizon saying that they’re doubling data (4gb for $30 ?) but that might only be for the turbo. Moto maker shouldn’t be any more expensive unless you go with the wood or leather, which are a $25 upcharge (but worth it in my opinion).

  • Jack Bauer

    A Saturday DL article?!?!
    What sorcery is this?!?!? It must be my birthday!!!!
    Next thing you know, we’ll have a Nexus 6 review!

    • Jared Denman

      Nexus 6 review won’t drop until Wed the 12th

  • The Rock

    does anyone know if the student discount they had for people with a .edu email address is still valid? I registered mine yesterday and still have not gotten an email with the discount code

    • The Rock


      • Jeff Badger

        That promotion is still going on. As long as you didn’t use it for a first version, you’ll get an email from Moto with the discount code.

        • AnoNYC

          Been trying to find the link, do you know where you can submit your .edu email for the promo?

        • The Rock

          thanks I got my email like 2 days after I registered for it

    • doncha lose my number

      case != heat escape

  • Guest

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me about how long it takes to get a custom moto x delivered after ordering one.

    • guesswhst

      3 -4 days

    • Steve McQueen

      I ordered mine on a Friday afternoon and had it by the following Thursday. It’s a 32GB model with the regular black back.

    • FritoDorito

      Ordered mine late Tuesday (11/4 at about 10 PM) and it is projected to get here by Thursday (11/13). I ordered mine with leather, so it is possible that it may have delayed my order by a bit since others seem to have gotten it sooner.

    • Higher_Ground

      awhile… though I imagine they’re rather busy at this point. When I ordered mine the weekend it came out, there was like a 2 week delay. I cracked my screen and ordered a replacement 2 wks ago, and it still hasn’t shipped, though it says 11/12 estimated arrival. These were 32gb/black face/wood backs on verizon.
      YMMV as some people seemed to get them within a week of ordering.

  • Silky Johnson

    everybody who complained about the size of the nexus 6…. here is your nexus

    • Suicide_Note

      Or they could buy the Nexus 5, too. It’s like people forget that it’s still available.

      • npompei

        Verizon dude. Verizon

        • Suicide_Note

          Those poor bastards.

          • doncha lose my number

            yeah my unlimited data and audio fidelity network are a torment

          • schoat333

            Well, maybe not those, but VZW policies and prices sure are.

          • Suicide_Note

            High prices and missing out on plenty of great phones is a bummer. Glad I don’t have that problem, plus I have unlimited/unthrottled data and a reliable network, too.

  • markwebb

    working beautifully for me as well! Of course I lost root but I’m sure in due time it will become available. It also seems the camera software has improved as my pics seem to be a lot better than before.

    • jbdan

      I’d bet it has. The Dev preview on the N5 greatly improves pic quality for me and many others as well

  • Derek Duncan

    This is absolutely breaking the terms of the soak teat agreement. Shame on droid life

    • mcdonsco

      They weren’t part of the soak…they got the file over on XDA from someone else that broke it.

      • Ankur

        But they are promoting something which is against their terms or not legal.

        • Tony

          Kellen didn’t agree to their terms so he isn’t obligated to follow them.

        • Adrynalyne

          Not legal?

          What law did they break?

    • Fieldy

      Droid Life nor Kellen are participants in the soak test. If you paid attention to what was said in the article, he downloaded a sideloadable zip that was released by someone else.

    • Scott Tucker

      I bet you told on kids in school too.

    • chris125

      Because posting the emails that explicitly state not to tell people about it is any less worse… You sound like the kid in school who when a teacher forget they gave homework, you were the one raising your hand saying “remember we had homework from last night” Don’t be that guy lol

    • TechTinker11

      Do you know how many times soak test terms has been broken? Every.Single.Time

  • miri

    Can you use Google’s hot word detection or is it still disabled/blocked?

    • Patrick Smithopolis

      I can’t get it to work. I’m trying to train my voice and nothing happens.

    • markwebb

      it works for me.

  • Russell Cox

    Galaxy Nexus already got lollipop ROM, by the same dude that made it for KitKat, MWisBest!

    • Kevin

      A link please? 🙂

      • doncha lose my number

        highlight, right click, search?

  • Nikuliai

    So I know this shouldn’t be easy to spot but… any word on the battery on wifi bug?

    • Rod

      Already solved

      • Nikuliai

        Awesome! in both the X and the Nexus?

        • Rod

          In Android.

          Serves for any device

  • Suicide_Note

    I noticed there is no animation when you tap the onscreen keys. Perhaps this soak test isn’t the final build that will go out to X owners?

    • Patrick Smithopolis

      The animations are there.

      • Suicide_Note

        Really? I don’t see anything when Kellen taps the home, back, or recent apps keys.

  • Pieter-Jan Voskamp

    The only thing I want to know about Lollipop on the Moto X 2nd Gen is battery life. That’s the only reason I sent my Moto X back.

    • AnoNYC



      Following this post, guy already sees improved projections. Update soon.

    • doncha lose my number

      buy only removable battery capable phones

      carry spare batteries


      • findinghomer

        ………or an easier route, just buy an external charge pack lol. I have a 20,000 mah charger.

    • James Pineapple

      It’s for sure improved even if this android version was a side loaded

  • somad

    Wow before motorola did it before google

    • TechTinker11

      Like last year.

  • Bruce

    Pure (stock)=Boring

    • Witaro

      Yes, it is much better to try to guess when a lag, hiccups or updates will appear …

      • LionStone

        I get occasional lag and hiccups on my stock N7’13. I know some of it is the screen issue but not always, so even stock isn’t all that…but updates, yea, it will get them early.

    • MicroNix

      Though one of the things TW haters say is that it looks cartoonish. I’m wondering where all those people are with the screenshot posted in this article. I don’t personally find anything wrong with either it or TW but geez, if you are going to bag on one, you can’t pass this one up…

    • La2da

      Don’t bring me down, Brrruce!

      • MicroNix

        I’ll tell you once more before I get off the floor

    • Your “interesting” compass needs a full reset and recalibration…

    • Godzilla

      And touchwiz is rape.

    • doncha lose my number

      stock = zero polish

      but massaging hardware can lead to version update bugs as dev focus moves to next flagship

  • Guest

    Does this have the new messenger app? I’m currently using that on my X and it’s pretty awesome. The only thing not working is search.

    • chris125

      no it does not.

    • TechTinker11

      I haven’t sideloaded it yet only because I really don’t like that yellow button, it ruins it all.

  • 55fifty

    Can you confirm if double tap to wake was included? I’ve always liked that feature, I’m not sure how often I’d use it but I’m curious to know if it’s there.


  • Alicemad

    And us Nexus users still waiting for something that should have been released already….

    • Suicide_Note

      This is just a soak test for the X. It hasn’t been sent out as an OTA to all X owners.

      There was a severe wifi bug that was found in the N5 and N7 builds of L that may be the reason for the hold-up.

    • IDGAF About Nexus

      I’m beginning to hate you NEXUSORGTFO drones as much as I hate Apple drones. Your enthusiasm stopped being enthusiasm a long time ago and is now the worst combination of arrogance, condescension and entitlement. On behalf of the 90% (or more) of consumers who straight the hell up don’t give two whits about Nexus or pure Android, please just give it a freaking rest already.

      • joeallen

        Now that’s what I call a cool story, bro.

      • Adrynalyne

        I hate the people that complain about the haters just as much.

    • Ankur

      It’s a soak test captured OTA. Seems to be less stable that what Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 owners have already got, Dev preview builds.

  • Eddy Tang

    Can we get a idea about battery life compared to the Nexus 6 with the project Volta once you get an idea of it?

    • Nick

      Not as good as it should be. It looks like Moto is sticking with the 3.4 kernel instead of updating to 3.10 (or 3.12/3.14). 3.10 brings big improvements to battery life with timerless multi-tasking; so unless Moto back-ported features and is just keeping the 3.4 label, they’re leaving a lot of performance and battery gains on the table.

    • doncha lose my number

      not without identical aosp images

  • gregba7

    Camera performance improved?

    • JD

      Basing my buying decision on this alone, please update us.

      • doncha lose my number

        why not audio fidelity or radio transmissions in first place?

    • doncha lose my number

      phone != camera

  • Maxim∑

    please let us know the battery life after this!

  • needa

    kellen. what are you using for your security cameras.

    • Vien M Hoang

      i believe that is dropcam

      • needa


    • Godzilla


      • needa

        you and your pornhub.

  • Travis Halfman

    I see the Google Cast icon in the quick settings. Can you test: Open Amazon app, pick a Prime movie to stream (assuming you have Prime), and cast to Android Player/Chromecast. I’m looking for a way to get Amazon Prime on my TV without buying another box.

    • TheDave1022

      It likely wont be as smooth since it’s casting from the phone vs over the dongle internet connection

    • cns2007

      Check out the PrimeCast app that just landed in the Play Store.

      • Travis Halfman

        Don’t see it.

      • hike15

        It got pulled because Amazon changed something on their end preventing the app from working.

  • Tony Spencer

    Hopefully this goes well and we see more Motorola soak tests in the coming weeks!

    • AnoNYC

      Band 12 LTE possible from software on this phone?

      • Jason B

        It might be possible with the hardware inside (amplifiers and such), but Motorola has already said the Pure Edition will NOT support band 12. Meanwhile, the Nexus 6 … ugh.

  • Tyson

    They did not add the new Google Messenger app?

    • Nope, they did not. 🙁

      • doncha lose my number

        Help people waste less money on monthly mobile costs (sms text huge portion)

        Xmpp Texting: $0

        cross platform app with OTR: Conversations

    • Josh Matthews

      I’m sure you’ll be able to sideload it at least

    • FritoDorito

      This is probably because the Moto X originally shipped with Hangouts as the default messaging application. Generally, it is bad to confuse the user by completely switching stock apps in an update. Even Nexus phones do this. The Galaxy Nexus retained the original stock browser even after it received Jellybean where Chrome took over as the default browser for Android. Likewise, the Nexus 5 will probably not get the messaging app when it gets updated to Lollipop.

    • doncha lose my number

      $0 Xmpp Texting

  • Daeshaun

    i feel an ape swinging from a vine in one hand and beating its’ chest with the other. “OOoo ahhh ahh ahhh”
    Need a sound clip for that.

  • Satan

    “brought to you buy Motorola”

  • Hope you’re diggin the Portland nowPaper Kellen.

    • It’s so beautiful. Love it. 😀

      • Kevin

        My question is… Do we get the Google dialer where you can search business and places?

        • marcus russell

          I got that on my nexus 5 with kitkat it’s a life saver

          • TechTinker11

            Yeah and Google kept it to the Nexus 5 with many other things.

            I want to know the answer to this too..

          • marcus russell

            Google is aiming at apple’s neck that’s why. To steal away any I phone sheeple u have to have a phone that has a good Eco system where every thing coincides with each other. The nexus 6 and 9 are the last nexus expect great things from the silver line. Notice how all nexus 6 phones are all unlocked no matter if u get it from a carrier and can go CDMA to gsm without a hiccup

          • doncha lose my number

            too bad there is no incentive to end the malware market kludge

            google is first an ad server

          • doncha lose my number

            The only carriers worthy of use employ LTE FDD (not TDD)


            CDMA > TDMA

          • TechTinker11

            Yes Ecosystem is good, everything works fine with Stock Android, no huge conflicts like Touchwiz that has their own ecosystem. But iSheep also talk about fragmentation, keeping stock android features to a single phone is a mistake. in my opinion.

      • elijahblake

        Please let us know if battery life improves with 5.0

      • doncha lose my number

        riiight and how does it impact the prime functionality:

        audio communication

    • Josh Matthews

      I was about to say thanks for saying what wallpaper that was, then I realized you made it. I just went through your site, your work is sick! Great stuff man

      • Thanks! Working on more as we speak 🙂

        • Alex Farra

          Damn yeah just looked through your site. Definitely buying nowPaper and bookmarking your site 🙂

        • Tristen

          Please add seattle Alex.

        • Addison

          I know you’re already working hard, but if you made a Dallas/Fort Worth paper, us North Texans sure would be happier than a pig in slop!

        • sski66

          Cool man, I just bought it too, it’s really nice. I have 2 questions, are u going to do all the states & when u get around to NY do u think u could make it with the old Twin Towers? Thanks bro.

        • TechTinker11

          Wait, according to Tristen, you haven’t done Seattle yet? Don’t add the big city from my state, I will de-friend you! Haha ~Travis.

        • Bobby Polk

          What’s your website??

    • ApplesNAndroids

      Fwiw, I really enjoy the Rochester NY walls.. 🙂

      • mdh

        Same here. Was surprised to see these when there were so few!

    • Patmw123

      Add RDU

    • Jason Stanton

      Is there a list of cities other than downloading the app?

      • Josh Matthews

        on his website, just google his name

    • MrBunster

      Any chance you have one for Philly?

      • Josh Matthews

        i would like that too, but i’m digging portland right now

  • Zac Shannon

    It really kills me that they don’t update the dialer icon. MOTO WHY.

    • John Kitchen

      Soak test bro.

      • Zac Shannon

        I kind of doubt it, they did the same thing with the original moto x. When the dialer was updated in 4.3/4.4 they kept the original icon from 4.1/4.2

    • FritoDorito

      My best guess, if it is intentional, is that they may not want to confuse current owners by changing the dialer icon.

    • doncha lose my number

      change it

  • Ben Murphy

    LG G2…

    • iNomNomAwesome

      I don’t want them to rush the update for the Moto X, when they rushed it for the original Moto X, KitKat brought so many bugs for me that they never fixed

      • Nw_adventure

        Such as ?

        • iNomNomAwesome

          Broke the Bluetooth music, made the battery life much worse, and caused my phone to switch itself to silent a couple times every day.

          • elepark

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          • doncha lose my number

            how many malware apps installed?

            (any “free” app showing web ads is adware and not-free)

        • sirmipsalot

          Exchange support was broken badly and was never properly fixed. 4.4.0 would do an initial sync and then would spin forever, never updating again (but draining your battery). Subsequent releases (which took a LONG time after the initial, btw… there was a very long period where builtin Exchange support did not work AT ALL) made Exchange functional, but battery life was notably bad for me using the builtin Exchange stack. I bought a third-party client and still use it on my Moto X (2nd gen). Helps battery life, for sure.

          • doncha lose my number

            there is an IMAP solution playing nicely with exchange. I bet you can find it

      • .

        I never had a single issue with mine.

        • bertha892

          up to I saw the paycheck which said $9430 , I be certain …that…my mom in-law was like actualy bringing home money in their spare time on their apple laptop. . there brothers friend has done this 4 only ten months and recently repayed the depts on there house and bought a new Mercedes . visit this page ….>> -> READ THE ARTICLE!!!! <-

      • Chris Hughes

        I never ever had a problem

      • Daniel Marcus

        Keep in mind that those bugs were from Google, not from Motorola. Unless you’d rather Motorola just wait until 5.1, after which 5.0 should have most the bugs fixed.

    • doncha lose my number

      stop killing culture

    • nate

      I’ve been running an experimental CM12 build on my G2 for a few days and all has been well for me. Just no video recording right now, but it’s only the 3rd release In less than a week so they’ll get that sorted out.

      • Ben Murphy

        I was wondering about that build. I’ll have the Note 4 soon though, so this thing will be going to the highest bidder.

      • findinghomer

        I’m running that on my dna. So far so good ! Video record works. Haven’t found anything that doesn’t. But it’s only been two days. Had one reboot. Not bad

    • jim

      Kit Kat killed my LG G2 battery life.

    • findinghomer

      It’ll be awhile. Remember how long kit Kat took? We just got it lol

  • First, just kidding…. Lol