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Moto 360 in 360 Degrees [GIFs]

Motorola just announced what can only be described as the most gorgeous smartwatch to date, the Moto 360. If you ask me, the rest can all be thrown out – Moto has won me over. They gave us a watch that looks like a classic timepiece, yet is smart and runs Android. It’s not some completely off-track take on the future. It’s not trying to be edgy or trendy or a reinvention. It reminds me of a timepiece I would actually purchase, smart features aside.

Now, there are still plenty of things that could ruin it, like lousy battery life or a crazy steep price tag. For now, though, I’m on-board.

And with that, I’ve found myself staring at the 360-degree images that Motorola posted, plus the official press renders. This thing really is beautiful. So, because I’d imagine a few of you might like to watch these watches go round-and-round, we have included them in GIF formats below.


Moto 360 in Metal


Moto 360 in Leather


Oh, and because they are also gorgeous, here are the official press images for each model.

moto 360 official-1

moto 360 official-2

Via: Motorola

    I don’t even care for round watches and I want this. Assuming the display actually looks that good in real life, I might have a replacement for my pebble.

  • derp

    how would the battery work

  • Brandon

    Now this is a piece I’d actually wear!

  • Jeremy Buro

    Metal please!

  • Matt Cropley

    Anything under 300$ and this will be mine

  • Lucki

    So am I the only one wondering where is the “smart” part?

  • Gary

    That looks like rubber, not leather

  • NemaCystX

    I wonder if there will be a way to customize the watches software with apps or whatnot. I’d love to be able to install a custom watch head that functions like a Gorgy clock

  • Matthew Fura

    For the metal one….

  • NoMoto

    Looks like sh*t.

  • John Davids

    $99 or less and you will have a firestorm of interest. I am talking like, game-changer.

    • NexusMan

      um. no. there’s no way it will be $99. Or less.

    • Ryan N

      sweet spot for sales and profit would probably be $199. Probably costs them around $100 to make. and then in classic motorola fashion, as sales increase and cost per unit goes down it’ll approach $149 then possibly $99 right before its successor is launched.

      • Deltido

        $199 and I would have to buy one.

  • Eric Blackman

    now *that’s* how you do it. I have been completely uninterested in the smart watch train until now.

  • mattybeee

    NOW we’re talkin! This is the first watch I’ve considered in a looooooooong time. Let’s hope the features and price point are spot on

  • Dr. Steve

    I just made milk come out of my dingus.

  • UncagedChipmunk

    I really hope the metal launches side by side with the normal leather band. I hate to see this go like the bamboo on the X

  • Ryan N

    If this has a decent battery and access to much of a phone’s functions, it could extend the life of your phone’s battery as well.

  • this thing looks like its worth 300+ bucks…what i see is a nice looking watch…that has smartwatch capabilities…thats what i been waiting for…
    my only beef is whyyy couldnt they make it have a standard watch band so you can change the bands to a bunch of dif ones match any outfit n such…buy a real nice leather one(bc that leather looks like rubber?)….if i buy one id shell the money for the metal bc damn thats nice looking

    • NexusMan

      That is one render on one band. They did a video detailing how they painstakingly chose the finest, best, premium leathers.

  • RandyTorres

    Pricing will depend on a lot of factors. For example, the renders smack of ceramic cases, if so you could be looking at close to a grand. Is the glass, sapphire or mineral crystal that can make a difference. If the case is not ceramic, is it completely made out of stainless steel or does it contain plastic, that will also have a bearing on price. The internals also have an impact on cost. Somewhere in there there will be a quartz mechanism, will they use a cheap cheap Asian or better, but more expensive Japanese Miyota or Swiss Ronda movements. I assume that this will connect via bluetooth and I assume there will be price/quality considerations there as well. Bear in mind that there are some quartz “dumb” watches out there that cost well over a thousand dollars and if you get into GPS/Satellite Wave territory you’re looking at well over $2k. Having said all that the damn thing is stunningly beautiful and puts my Pebble to shame!

    • NexusMan

      All of the core internals have been designed custom, specifically for this device to accommodate the engineering and design, according to Motorola. There is NO WAY this thing will be cheap. It is premium in every sense of the word.

    • jason w.s.

      Why would there be a quarts mechanism inside of a touch screen watch? There are no moving hands that keep time on it.

  • Grasshopper239

    Inductive charging? I don’t see a charging port.

    • PaladinBladeX

      That was my immediate thought!

  • jnt

    This is the first “smart watch” I’d even consider buying b/c of how it looks. However, I’ve been an Ironman guy my whole life. I can get one of those as cheap as $25 and on the higher end, $50 to $60. I can swim in it. It can take a bit of a beating. I only have to change batteries every few years. For something that “just” adds some link-up to the phone in my pocket (or nearby), I don’t know if I’d be willing to pay more than $100 to $150 total. I get that build is a part of the cost, but when it doesn’t seem to add much on functionality (IMHO it adds convenience, not functionality), and probably has much worse battery life, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to justify the cost. But I’m cheap when it comes to watches, and not into “style” evidently. I guess you could say, when it comes to watches, I’m stuck in “flip phone” land. But I do like this one, by far, better than any other I’ve seen.

  • Ryan N

    Inductive charging? I see no port (aside from what I’m guessing is a hole for a mic)

  • T_Dizzle

    The case is very nice but as a former full time jeweler I can’t see myself buying a watch with what looks like a metal expansion band. Where is the classic leather strap? It would look so classy.

  • jaymonster

    I like this… but am very skittish about Motorola and a Smart Watch as my MotoActv dies a slow, buggy death into obsolescence.

    • that things like 6 years old what u expect…go use a 6 year old phone see how it works

      • jaymonster

        First of all, it isn’t six years old. It is 3… and has been dead for about 2 (again, right around when Motorola was bought). And my point wasn’t about expecting updates now on the watch, it was the way it was unceremoniously dumped when the company changed hands (which it is about to do again).

    • Charlie

      I had the same thought – what happens once Lenovo shifts the focus to the “emerging markets,” and support/integration for the smartwatch dies out (an assumption, but a reasonable one imo)?! While this thing is sexy as all get out, i’m thinking other OEM’s are going to take notice and start copying the form factor. I think that MY best option is to probably wait for a form factor copy to come from LG, Sammy, Sony, etc – either that, or wait for a few cycles to ensure that Lenovo really intends to continue pushing Moto as a high end player in the US market.

  • Ryan5609

    Price. Price. Price. (and battery life) Was totally off of the smartwatch bandwagon before the 360. But now that I see it, I want in. I have expendable income, but if I don’t feel like Dollar to value ratio is not high enough. I will continue to wait until it is. I assume the metal band will cost a bit more, but how much more?

  • John Motschenbacher

    So far the only one I would consider besides an Omate neither of which I have ever held.

  • Preach2k

    I like the Moto in Metal. Just wondering if it is just for Motorola ( like Samsung did) or made to go with any device? Also How good is the Battery life?

    • JSo

      I doubt it will be only for Motorola devices since it seems Google is the one putting it all out there and promoting it.

      • Preach2k

        Thank You!!!

  • Walter Partlo

    What’s up with the black bottom? Nav bar?

    • JSo

      Maybe a notification light

    • Dave

      Touch Wiz launcher…

  • DimStyle

    How do you charge it? I am seeing one tiny hole opposite the crown side but that looks more like a reset hole. I wonder if the crown hides the charging port.

    • Mr E

      I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but someone on another post suggested they may go with built-in wireless charging.

  • Andy Botwin

    If there are any fans of Weeds on this thread all I can say is I’m having a “proud Smurfs banging tiny blue hammers” moment here…

  • Dave

    This is the 2nd round smart watch I’ve seen here in a week. Crazy they actually look like watches now and not 7th grade calculator watches.

  • magiccoupons


  • EvanTheGamer

    Wow, definitely looks like Motorola has a winner on their (wrists) hands! They definitely watched Samsung’s Gear and absolutely took note.

    Finally a smart watch everyone can get behind and actually like.

    My only concern is the battery and price, as Kellex pointed out. If those two are acceptable, I may just end up replacing my watch I’ve been wearing for years with the Moro 360. Or switch ’em out from time to time.

  • W. Paul Schenck

    Very beautiful. I would love to have one, but I need something that is sweat-proof.

  • belsonc

    Guess this makes me the only one who has no desire to buy one of these?

    • enigmaco

      1 is the loneliest number

  • root4life

    Sick as fuuuuuuuu

  • enigmaco

    My precious oh I want one and still want the metal band


  • Arty McBert

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  • mcdonsco

    Looking at the wrist shots on motos site it looks HUGE … Too large for my tastes … Hopefully I’m wrong cause otherwise I like it, but if I wanted a satellite dish on my wrist, well…there you go.

    • clay

      i thought the pebble would be too large, but it ended up fitting quite nice for the most part. unless you have tiny baby asian wrists then i think you will be fine.

    • Mr E

      I had the same thought. It seems to at least be quite a bit thicker than a regular watch. Hopefully it hides the bulk well.

    • all i read is waaaaaaaaa im a woman

      • mcdonsco

        And apparently you’re a low life POS … Congrats!

  • Now, since the Moto 360 is round, the G Watch and Galaxy Gear are squarish, and the Galaxy Gear Fit is rectangle, I am going to predict that Apple’s iWatch will be a TRIANGLE, and they will patent the triangle shape!

    • Will

      The Sabre Pyramid from the Office is going to become a reality!

    • Grizzy

      I’m sure they’ll just copy one of them then claim they did it first and sue everyone else.

    • NexusMan

      No. Apple’s will be round too. And have 1/2 the functionality of the Moto 360, yet they’ll brag on stage for 2hours, to massive applause how they have “reimagined,” and “reinvented” the smartwatch by making it round.

  • schlanz

    yep, echoing everyone else… this looks very nice. like kellen said, you can throw the rest out. this is the first smartwatch I’ve even been modestly interested in.

    hopefully its competitively priced and has excellent battery life. 2 things we’ve come to expect from moto products so I’m feeling optimistic.

  • Jeff Mowbray


  • jbdan

    So pretty and actually a very nice looking size for a smart watch. From the wrist shots I’d guess ~44 – 46mm wide and ~14 – 15mm high

  • Blue Sun

    Metal band please. Take my $$$!

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Please make the dial colors changeable. That would be oh so sweet.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths
    • Nunya Bizniz

      Like when Stan introduced Francine to “The Thickness”?

    • Ryan N

      its a full color touch screen device on your wrist, that with any luck will have a decent battery. It’s going to be larger than your average timex. I’d rather it be a little thicker than having the battery only last half a day.

  • merlin

    My god people, get a life!

  • Thomas

    So, does this mean that pebble is already a flop? I was still waiting for the pebble store to open to buy mine. I guess I will be buying more moto stuff.

  • cornbread43

    Yeah….l like…..

  • James_Kernicky

    I can’t stop throwing my wallet at the screen.

    • Dave

      I’d guess $349 or $399.

      • JSo

        The same as a Nexus 5? I doubt that.

        • grumpyfuzz

          Knowing moto, they will have a ridiculous price at first then gradually make it cheaper with all these deals then make a permanent price cut.

          • JSo

            I have a feeling Google will be selling these. It may be high hopes but I’d like to see some “Nexus pricing” with these.

          • grumpyfuzz

            I guess we will see, but “Nexus pricing” would be great.

        • ddpacino

          Engineering a piece of beauty that small… why not?

          • JSo

            It just doesnt sound like the “Google way”

          • The Narrator

            Small doesnt mean cheaper. It’s actually more expensive

      • morteum

        Could be, but considering Motorola has taken up a mantra of affordability it could be cheaper. I’d still guess at least $299 though.

      • Aooga

        If so, that’s way too much. <= $250 is good.

  • Randall Wanamaker

    Until they have one as thin as a Skagen I’m out. My wrists are too small for that to look like anything other than a hockey puck strapped to my arm.

    • jamdev12

      You are such a girl!!! j/k

      • Randall Wanamaker

        What can I say? I’m dainty.

  • One of the nicer looking smartwatches we’ve seen. Not a fan of the strap attachment.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Yes Kellen!!! Praise it!!! Who else are we going to trust to make these mics for voice input? My only requirement so far is for it to lock when i take it off or they push trusted bluetooth devices.

  • Walter Partlo

    What’s up with the color on the back?

  • Alec

    brb jacking off to this

  • Colton

    Would be cool with MotoMaker-like buying options. Like leather color, texture (?), trim, button color, etc. Just a thought.

    • Mr E

      In the videos, they showed a lot of different colors/materials. I know some of it was to represent the design process, but I’d have to imagine there will at least be quite a few band options.

  • Neil Ostrander

    My thoughts exactly. First Smart Watch I have even found interesting.

  • Sean Walton


  • nabooska


  • chris125

    Finally an amazing looking watch. Now to see the price

  • XvierX

    The leather one is classy. Very cool.

  • mcdonsco

    With a single button on it and what looks to be a reset button I’m guessing this will be touchscreen?

    Liking the looks of it just hope its not huge, or $300+…

    Battery life too…I’m finding with my steel battery life maxes put for me around 2-3 days.

  • Orion

    This watch is so gorgeous that I’m willing to wait until Summer to pair it up with a complementary phone.

  • NAM37

    It’s the first “smart” watch I’ve ever wanted…

  • Shane Redman

    Flappy Bird: coming to a wrist near you

    • Michael Bassett

      What happened, did your watch hands stop working?

      Nope, playing Flappy Bird.

      • Shamu

        I have a feeling this will come up more than we think

      • Mr E

        Sure…. you were playing “flappy bird” in that bathroom stall….

    • Will

      I have it on my Pebble currently, as “Tiny Bird”…its on the Pebble App Store. Great for a class lecture time waster.

  • Thomas

    Watch porn? Oh yeah this thing is that sexy!!!

    • Daistaar

      Imagine the accelerometer LOL. Wife says “Wow you walked a lot today!” HAHAHAHA

      • JSo

        What are you a rookie? You dont wear it on THAT wrist. lol

        • Jason B

          Not everyone is right-handed …

          • JSo

            I think you missed the joke. lol. But anyways (serious question here), don’t you usually wear a watch on the opposite of what you are? For example, if you are right handed, you wear it on your left wrist. And visa versa?

  • Shane Redman

    ability to change the leather bands….pleeeeeease ability to change the leather bands

  • Bryan Burch

    Waterproof? Heart rate monitor?

    • needa

      heart rate is doubtful. the device has to go through much more scrutiny. fda etc.

      • Bryan Burch

        FDA only if it’s being used as a medical device. I’m not looking for an EKG.

        • needa

          neither am i. but it still has to go through the process.

          • Matthew Galea

            All they have to do is make a statement that the watch is not intended as a medical device and they don’t need FDA approval.

          • needa

            i dont know if it is quite that simple. let me explain my reasoning…
            when you can buy an oxygen/heart rate monitor for twenty bucks and it be a ‘medical device’… that tells me that the sensors to do it are dirt cheap. they can probably be purchased for pennies. yet none of the fitness watches and such have these sensors. it seems to me like these things would be in each and every possible device if all they had to do was buy it and place it in the device.
            while i have no clue as far as law goes, nor do i have a clue on the actual process…. it makes a lot of sense to me that there are more hurdles to cross when you start implementing sensors like this into your device. otherwise everyone would be doing it.

          • Bryan Burch

            You say nobody is doing it (others are, check garmin, NK, suunto) and that some sort of FDA approval is needed. And you say you have no clue as far as law goes, and no clue on the actual process. Let me summarize. You have no clue. I’m just hoping for a waterproof device that has a heart rate monitor and doesn’t look like a 1980 Casio.

          • needa

            well from the looks of it i was right. as was matthew galea. although he was only half right, because it still needs approval even if you are not going to use it as a medical device. but you are completely incorrect. it also looks like i should add the amount of time it takes to get that approval, from the fda i might add, which could be reasoning behind why ‘everyone’ is not doing it.



            i gotta tell ya… i do thrive on proving people wrong when they have made it abundantly clear that i have no clue. enjoy the links… and the education.

    • morteum

      I bet they coat it in their splash proof nano-coating, which would satisfy me, but waterproofing would be awesome.

  • Nick Floria

    Will probably jump on the metal 360 then alternate everyday between my pebble and my 360 as long as it is 300 or below I’m game.

  • tiptoptommy

    Man this looks fantastic!!! Hope it’s not too high of a price point!!!!

    • Menger40

      Same thoughts exactly. This is the first smartwatch that’s caught my interest. I just hope it isn’t too expensive.

  • t.virus

    FINALLY a ROUND smartwatch! don’t know why it took this long but it’s actually real now but probably gonna hold off for the 2nd version with the watch body slimmer… by the way I still don’t know why some big watch manufactures haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet… timex? rolex? where are you people? the marketing guys there must be living under a rock

    • Andy Stetson

      wow, talk about going from one extreme to the other, rolex and timex, lol! Only one so far is Fossil, i’m on board with that, style for a good price. Hopefully that translates to their Android Wear watches.

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    I can’t wait, this is beautiful. Haha, I’m willing to change up my wardrobe just so the watch can compliment better.

  • michael bourgoin

    black leather and im sold

  • Jason

    I want.

  • Curtis

    I’ve got to ask everyone to not look back at my comment history and see what I’ve said about smart watches in the past… I’m in now!

  • Pete Arado

    Damn that thing is gorgeous.

    • 4n1m4L

      Wonder how it charges?

      • Mr E

        wireless maybe?

      • Chileball

        Maybe with movement?

  • EricMayBell

    Yup.. I need it. Motorola has been off the charts

  • Alex Sherer

    so much want for that Moto360

  • Hunter

    yep. the metal one

    • The Narrator

      Have fun taking out a mortgage 😉

      • Spawnxripx

        Or just have a career

        • The Narrator

          I make $20/hr 30 hours a week and school full time. Unless most people don’t spend much money and can afford a $500+ watch, i guess so. It’s nice. Just not something im into.

          • David Chi-town

            You’re a cheap manwhore!

          • David Chi-town

            Oops. Sorry didn’t read fully. Thought this was another spambot

          • David Chi-town

            Sorry. Thought post above was one of those spambots. My apologies. Didn’t read it thoroughly prior to post.

          • JSo

            I thought that when I started reading his comment too. lol

          • Mr E

            I’m not saying it’s a good investment or anything, but you should really be able to have $200 or so accessible for emergencies, at the least. Unless you’re on welfare already, a $200 watch shouldn’t be “Impossible” or require a mortgage….

          • The Narrator

            If you think it’s $200, you’re in for a disappointment.

          • Stone Cold

            Yea I agree with you I know I can’t just afford to drop 200 on new tech.

          • FAL_Fan

            +1 right there with you! And someone else suggested having money saved up for emergencies…buying a smartwatch is not an emergency, so the comment is invalid.

          • Abgar Musayelyan

            what about your aunt’s doughters cousin?.. does how much does she make to afford that brand new range rover?

          • Rob

            I started to think you were spam talking about how much you make an hour and then kept reading and saw it was a legit comment. 🙂

          • Arnold

            But most people don’t post about their personal lives on a tech blog forum.

          • t3lancer2007

            What if we don’t have a car payment because our car is paid off, and are married and have no plans for kids?

          • KleenDroid

            It seems you think that is a lot of money.

        • Dave

          I think what he’s getting at is this thing will be $350-$500 which will be outdated in a year, since smart watches are still in their infancy on the market. It’s just a lot of money for “somewhat” of a duplicate tech device when people already drop $100-$300 on contract or $300-700 off contract.

          • Big_EZ

            The outdated part is the biggest concern when talking about a device that’ll be $300+. If the internals could be upgraded in a year or two for a fraction of the cost ($100-150) of a new watch it would be much easier to swallow paying $350-400.

      • Daistaar

        I’m sure carriers will get involved and offer the 360 either at a subsidy for data lockdown or offer some sort of financing.

        • Prox

          I dont think this thing has a modem, does it?

          • Daistaar

            Can’t say. I’m sure it would use bluetooth to sync with your phone but I guess I imagined it like an iPad with a data connection. Doesn’t actually make much sense in retrospect as it should pull data from the phone.

    • 1MPR0BUS

      They will need to be cautious of pricing I think. They can’t put the price very high because then it will compete with Swiss mechanical Time Pieces that retain their value much better (Tissot). I would suspect a $200-$300 price point would be appropriate where they are making a profit but aren’t trying to compete with time pieces that have inherent value and longevity.

      • Dave

        If I were to throw out a guess, I’d say this will be $349-$399. Just too much money for “somewhat” of a duplicate device to a smartphone which somebody already shelled out $100-$300 on contract or $500-$700 off contract. For me at least…

      • Raven

        I think I would be happy with the name being the initial price. I would definitely drop $360 for the all metal version.

        • ddpacino

          Same hear brother. The way this thing looks alone, it’ll be worth it.

      • King Lo

        This is Motorola we’re talking about. They’ve built a business on pricing things too high initially and letting everyone down.

    • jadeveon da destroyer

      Metal is clean I’m more of a leather band type of guy thou.

    • Rob

      Yep, my thoughts exactly. My pants just got a bit tighter.