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Samsung Talks Future Innovations, Promising Foldable and 4K Displays Within Couple of Years

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According to Samsung, while speaking at its very own Analyst Day, the company is working to break technology restrictions in the world of mobile. Throwing out countless projections over the course of seven different presentations for investors, the company spoke a lot about innovations they are striving to achieve. The main one that Android users should focus on is Samsung’s undying belief that not curved displays, but “foldable” displays are the way of the future. 

In Samsung’s briefings, technology barriers should be broken around 2015 and 2016, which will allow them to mass produce extremely high resolution 4K displays for smartphones, as well as displays that are completely foldable.


While we wait for the folding phones, Samsung claims that it will continue to introduce more dense phone displays, starting with a WQHD resolution of 2560 x 1440, featuring 560ppi. Soon after that, we will begin to see the first 4K smartphone Ultra HD displays with resolutions of 3480 x 2160. If you thought people already argued about the merits of 1080p and the human eye, just wait till 2016 rolls around.

What has the company very confident moving forward in the flexible display space is that they currently hold 33% of all patents related to the technology, which does give them quite the competitive edge over other manufacturers.


So, let the arguing begin! Do we need 4K displays? Phones that fold? I thought we did away with those when dumbphones died out. It’s history repeating itself already. Thrown in your opinions down below.

Via: TechnoBuffalo | Samsung

  • Lugsz

    Dumb phone s lol. But hay if you can fold out a ten inch display from a phone the size of your watch that is not dumb. Bring it on. 🙂

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  • Cracker Jacker

    How about a device that simply wraps around your wrist and acts as a watch and phone all rolled up in one. The whole surface could be the display and you wear it or unfold for a full size phone. Fold over once and around your wrist it goes.

  • Cracker Jacker

    Can’t wait for the day when I can just fold up the phone and stick it in my pocket

  • interstellarmind

    I think 1080p on a phone is a waste of already precious battery life. 720p should be enough.

    And speaking of it, battery is where Samsung (et al) should be focusing their R&D billions.

    Re foldable screens, I think the benefits lie in a scroll like device. If you need a quick, mobile interface you roll out enough for a 4.5″ screen. You need a tablet style interface, you roll out more. Very cool.

  • an0nim0

    I want to see this applied to roll-down screens for home theater use; this would kill the front projector market, and probably take a dent out of flat-panel TVs as well – especially if they can price it competitively.

    A 10′ 4K display that rolls away when not in use? Yes please.

  • Trevor

    I feel like we barely need (want…) 1080p on a screen, let alone 4k. The numbers game really gets out of hand when it comes to all this marketing crap. It’s quite annoying.

  • Stephen D


    Oh boy.

  • Sjschwar

    unless it’s super thin, i don’t want another flip phone, bendable phone, foldable phone. what ever you call it.

  • John

    I don’t even know why I bother reading some of these articles if they’re going to be your opinion. You’re saying do we want foldable phones.. are you joking me or what? F yes we want them. Who in hell wouldn’t want an amazing big display that you can put in your pocket. You always compare new things to some stupid gimmick years ago. Dumbphones? Yea ok.

  • all i are about is battery life… make a phone that can last 1 week in one charge and can charge in a few hours. no one cares about 4k

  • W. Paul Schenck

    Forget foldable, I’m waiting for them to add the little rollershade screen to the side of the phone that is 6″ high by 10″ long to roll out when you want large media display. That should probably be 8k.

  • Pat Leck

    I cannot wait to see what the fold able phone will look like, I mean can you imagine folding your tablet to fit in your pocket.


  • Guest

    “Bended” displays? Uh. Really?

  • Daniel Faraday

    Flip phone!!!

  • Nick Klenchik

    Looking forward to always carrying around batteries and chargers, not

  • Tyler Rynberg

    Who gives a FF about 4k displays in a phone? How about designing a phone that actually is usable for 2+ days?

    • crazed_z06

      They did that already.

      • Big_EZ

        Only for some people. My phones need about 6-8x’s the juice of the Droid MAXX, or Note 2/3 for 2 days use.

        • Tyler Rynberg

          Exactly. My HD MAXX “lasts” for 2 days. Still not good enough. Especially since using a battery hard shortens its life, which becomes relevant in the new world of non-replaceable batteries. (Yes, I know the Sammy’s in question still do.)

  • greg

    i’m totally down with a foldable display, I like the size of the screen on my G2, but web content is still sometimes a bit hard to read even on that. If I had the capability to open up to a 10″ for greater functionality only when I need it, I think that would be super useful. Also would make it much easier to travel with, and less need to have 2 separate devices.

  • jb

    Don’t care about super resolution, give me a screen I can see in bright sunlight while wearing glasses. Unless insane resolution achieves that, then bring it on the pixels!!

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    When i first thought foldable screen i thought that sprint phone. Then i pictured htc evo in landscape on its kickstand and then a fold out display(no hinges, just screen). I don’t know if foldable is worth it. Strechtable is what we’re waiting for.

  • Nathan Borup

    1080p on a 5 inch screen is perfect. any higher resolution than that the human eye can’t even detect a difference. 2560 x 1600 on a 10 inch tablet is decent, but 4k would be a lot better. we don’t need 4k on a phone, but maybe a tablet

  • Brian P.

    No mention of Battery Technology for 2016-2017???

    • Chris Ta

      I’m with you on that! All this new hi-res displays, but what about the battery. Battery technology needs to improve. The displays will drain the battery like crazy

    • michael arazan

      The way it looks energy will be stored in newly made high capacitors. Capacitors are being researched right now that can store 100x to maybe 1000x the amount a li-ion can store. They are first going to implement them in electric vehicles in the next year or two for testing. Also they will charge a lot faster too.

  • Jon Berg

    If I can have a standard display of 5″ and then unpack that to a 10″ when I want it them bring on the origami screens.
    4k resolution sounds like a processor and battery hog that even at 10″ I’d be hard pressed to find a need for it.

  • Colton

    when apple releases their iPhone Air C with Cornea Display, you will all care… /s

    • DC_Guy

      You made me spit out my water!

      • Colton

        then my work here is done

        • Pablo D.

          ^this guy did not say that. Dude get a life….better yet purchase one on apple.com although it may be overpriced you will still get the same things anybody else has but it was bought from apple so you can rub that in people’s faces…..what a joke

          • Colton

            I’m confused about what you’re saying..lol I have a macbooks pro, I’m not bashing apple, I was just joking. hence the /s

  • moelsen8

    really, really don’t care about higher resolution displays.

  • Droidzilla

    Foldable displays sound useful, but I just can’t bring myself to care less about 4k displays on a mobile device. I have a 1080p device and I couldn’t care less were it to be a 720p device. On 5″, the difference is not worthwhile in my opinion.

    • Pat Leck

      I think the quality of it, is really different once you actually have a phone with lower resolution.

      • Droidzilla

        I’ve had both. I still don’t care. Give me battery life and better graphics performance on a 720p over the resolution bump that has no practical effect on 1080p any day of the week.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Bring it on. 720p was ugly and disgusting.

    • Big_EZ

      If they want to put 4k on a phone it needs to be in the form of a bright, extremely efficient, and small projector. Otherwise, just improve upon brightness and efficiency.

      • michael arazan

        I can’t even imagine the storage a 4K would eat on the memory of a mobile device. 20 mins of 720 is 1 gb, and about 10 mins of 1080 is 1gb right now.

        • ruthperez325

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    • TC Infantino

      I have the Droid Maxx with a 5″ 720 display and I think the screen resolution is great. Movies are cisp and clear with bright whites and nice dark blacks. I have seen the phones with 1080 screens and I really could not tell enough of a difference to want trade battery duration for the higher resolution. Of course I am interested to see how a 4k display looks, but I am skeptical as to how much better it will look on a traditional sized screen.

    • feztheforeigner

      This should also apply to tablets, Android powered TVs and pretty much anything else you can think of. I can definitely see uses.

  • Jeremy Gentry

    i really don’t care how awesome the display is, if its locked down as tight as my S4 i’ll have to pass