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SMS is Indeed Coming to Google Hangouts, According to Google+ Community Manager

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To say that readers were disappointed at the lack of SMS support in Google’s new Hangouts application is probably somewhat of an understatement. People are 100% ready to make Hangouts their number one way of communicating via phone, but if SMS (text message) support isn’t there, it becomes difficult, because not everyone you know is going to be up for switching their life over to Hangouts. We had heard through sources of ours that Google Voice support was eventually coming, but that it wouldn’t be a part of the service at launch – something that ended up being true.

Now, according to Google’s G+ community manager of Hangouts and Chat, Dori Storbeck,  SMS is one of their most requested features and will be “coming soon.” 

gplus sms

On a related note, if you stop by your Google account settings page, you’ll see an area labeled “SMS for Hangouts.” Tough to tell if this is new or not, but it does appear to be a way “to receive messages from Google+ Hangouts as SMS, when you are idle.” Unfortunately, the U.S. is not one of the countries listed.

sms hangouts

So it is coming, we just don’t know when. Hang in there, folks.

Via:  +Dori Storbeck

Cheers Adam, Justin, and Miguel!

  • hithere

    pinch/zoom on pics also please

  • Rodys Gonzalez

    Let’s talk when “soon” arrives;… & don’t forget freaking MMS… Please!

  • Mikesphoneandtab

    Really the decision is simple for Google. If they add SMS support I will use their service. If they do not add SMS support, I will not use their service.

  • ” Dori Storbeck –
    Oops! Hi everyone, regarding my SMS comment above (#14) – we actually have nothing to announce at this time. My apologies.”

  • Dylan Patel

    Just tweeted it was a mistake, you may want to update this.

  • My Google talk didn’t update to hangouts even though the play store says I have hangouts installed. Anyone else have this problem???

  • Loren Cogar

    She took back her comment. No SMS integration planned.

  • Royal Assassin


  • Jovan Givens

    Oh my.

  • I’m really hoping they integrate this with Google Voice… They already have the backend for Chrissake.

  • Pat Hamilton

    I just want my Talk to actually update to Hangouts.

    • MrWicket


      goto the Play Store via the website and install it that way. Not sure why it won’t from the device or if they are just rolling it out slowly but this will force the update.

      • Pat Hamilton

        I actually just found an apk somewhere. Didn’t see your response earlier. The store wouldn’t let me download either because it said I already had the app installed. Turns out the problem was that the google talk version I had was a later build number than hangouts. They fixed the problem with an update the other day.

        • MrWicket

          yeah, I saw they pushed a fix the other day, at least you found a solution at the time.

  • I-Troll-U

    Be nice if Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Blackberry would adopt a standard basic sms/mms protocol then have their own perks on their own messengers. That way we would have a universal way to communicate other than standard sms/mms but yet each one could still have it’s own *Cool* feature set.

  • Daniel

    What about 3rd party application support, extended XMPP support, or even a list of who is online?!?!

  • joejoe5709

    Full SMS support and let’s not forget MMS. I hate to complain about it, but I’m just simply NOT going to adopt this until it completely replaces the Messaging app.

  • Andrew Correnti

    I just want to be able to send a file to someone else that I am talking to through drag and drop. I want all the google services to have the same chat client (looking at you google docs)

    I want some one to show me why SMS should be intergrated


  • SMS/MMS support will come when a new version of android is released…mark my words. It seems redundant to have two sms clients on a phone, therefore I think that google will get rid of the current SMS app all together in favor of Hangouts but to do that will require an OS upgrade.

    • Jon

      No it wouldn’t require an OS upgrade at all. It’s very easy to replace your SMS app on Android simply by installing a new SMS app and choosing it as default upon first opening it. And also, Google Hangouts is simply replacing Google Talk via an appstore update. Google is completely getting away from waiting till OS updates, and rather simply updating component features via app updates.

      • I think he meant as far as wow factor/appeal it would be intro’d along with 4.3.

      • You can set it as default but that would not stop notifications from coming through your stock sms app, this similarly occurs when you install an SMS replacement app such ass ChmpSMS or HandCent. You would then have to go through the settings on the stock app and disable notifications. I highly doubt Goggle will take that approach as it seems rather complex to some non power users. This is why the best way to implement this will be with an OS upgrade removing the stock SMS app all together similar to what they did to the stock browser with chrome. the stock browser is no longer found on stock AOSP builds.

        • Jon

          Read my reply above. Google Play store is being used to update system app of Google Talk to replace with Hangouts just fine. This isn’t rocket science. Google can easily replace a system app via Play Store.

        • bahrta sai

          You can turn off notifications in the stock sms app on any version of android as you can any other app you use for sms. I did it on cupcake, éclair, gingerbread, ics & now jellybean.

      • nick

        You’re misunderstanding what he is saying. You can’t remove the stock SMS app from Android without an update because it is a system app. Unless you’re rooted, you’ll have to wait for Google to remove it. Google wouldn’t want to confuse people by having them choose which way they want to send their SMS. Makes more sense to wait for a newer version.

        However, I see no issues bringing GV support now.

        • Jon

          No your wrong. Google just needs to update the system app which they can do via the Play Store. Proof is the Google Talk app that is a system app that is being updated to Google Hangouts all via the Play Store without any fuss.

  • sirmeili

    Regarding GV integration:

    I just received a call on my GV number and my computer lit up like an xmas tree telling me I had a call coming in through “Hangouts”. I know it’s coming through my GV number because it rings my phone and I get the message about getting a call from “X”.

    Just curious if anyone else gets this.

    • I just tested this as well….it works!!! basically you can pick up the call on your computer using hangouts but phone also rings…..tested with SMS and no dice, texting your GV number does not notify you at all through hangouts…

    • shepiji

      This has been the case in gmail for a while now.

      • sirmeili

        Yup, but not gTalk (the standalone app), which is what this replaced. I’d much rather have SMS support than GV Call support though, but I see that you can turn it on in GV, which is nice 🙂

        • catpunt

          Actually I’ve been using this feature through the Chrome Google Talk extension for over a year, it is basically the same now but with a new UI and instead of a little voice call window it starts a whole hangout.

          But I’m really really hoping they bring this to the mobile app, because then we will have true VoIP from Google for Android

          • sirmeili

            Once again, not the standalone app. That is/was an extension. I’m not very happy at this point that there is no standalone app for hangouts. I prefer my IM apps to start when the computer starts, not when my browser starts. And it’s great that it keeps it open after I close chrome, but after looking at the task manager, I see that chrome is still in fact running and likely using up more resources than a standalone app would use.

  • NastyEmu

    Has anyone gotten Hangout notifications to show up on the Dashclock lockscreen widget? The plugin for Google Talk doesn’t seem to work now that it has changed to Hangouts.

  • ddh819

    what will the sms integration be like? will it just mean that the hangouts app will take over sending SMS’s like what Facebook Messenger does?

    • correct, it will work exactly like any other SMS replacement. Similar to iMessage, it will intelligently decide whether a contact is easier to reach via SMS or Hangouts, and send accordingly. I.e., if you have Hangouts on your phone, even if you receive an SMS message, if you reply from Hangouts and the other person is also using Hangouts, it will reply via the Hangouts protocol rather than SMS. That is why it has you confirm your phone # upon first using Hangouts on your phone.

  • Shane Redman

    Screw all this….where is the new nexus7?!?!?

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Honestly for me, until they do its a fail

  • Tom Yarrish

    Hangouts has possibilities, but the immediate issues I have are:

    1) Doesn’t work on my Nexus tablet. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of chatter (that I’ve seen at least) on this. I did find a Google+ page that they are aware of it and a “fix” is coming. But aside from the Talk app still being on my tablet, Talk/Hangouts has basically gone dark on my tablet.

    2) With GTalk I had all these people listed and their status. Now with Hangouts I have like 5 people listed and no status. So I’m guessing if someone isn’t set up on Google+ you won’t see them on Hangouts (at least right now). But there’s a big difference in the number of people I see in GTalk versus Hangouts.

    3) SMS support would be nice as long as it eventually allows me to make Hangouts the default SMS app on my Android phone. Otherwise I just have two apps sending me notifications instead of one now.

    4) Hangouts should be intelligent to know what device I’m talking on right now. If I’m chatting with someone and they start a video call with me, I don’t need my phone, tablet, and all my PC’s notifying me that there is an incoming call (or that I had one). Maybe this will go away with the synchronized notifications (which IMO was the biggest announcement of the keynote).

  • Color me underwhelmed with Hangouts. Its a much prettier interface with Google Talk but that is all it is right now. It doesn’t unify anything (My Messages, Google Voice and G+ Messenger apps serve evidence) and doesn’t really give any benefit. I used it to test it and probably wont touch it again until they actually do something with it.

    The REAL hangouts are great, I use the video chat feature all of the time, but this thing they put the hangouts name on is really just Google Talk v2.

  • jzwerlz43

    i’m sure some people are having similar issues but why wont this install on my phone/ why is it still mistaking hangouts for google talk on my phone?

    • You’ll need to either install Google Talk from the web Play Store, or delete Talk with Titanium Backup or something similar, then install Hangouts from the Play Store on your phone.

      • jzwerlz43

        i checked on the web play store and it said it is already installed and wont let me download it

        • Uninstall Google Talk with Titanium Backup or another root app. That’s what I did from the beginning.

          • jzwerlz43

            hmm my phone isnt rooted :/ i unrooted it cause i wasnt rly doing anything with it and i wanted to update to 4.2.2 way back when it was first released for the galaxy s3. oh well the app devs said on the google play page that it will roll out for all devices over the course of several days so il see if the problem fixes itself. thanks!

  • SOLD. {{-_-}}

  • jbdan

    Great news !

  • Scott

    Adding SMS…later, adding Google Voice integration…later. Why roll out of a half baked product during Google’s IO?

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Because the service as it stands is finished. Adding more features isn’t going to change the service that’s available now. Don’t you update your phone and apps as they get more features and services? Are they halfbaked at release?

  • Tom Luley

    I just want Hangouts to stop sucking the life out of my battery…Waitwut?

  • underwhelmed

  • There’s more that needs to be done, this 1.0 release is pretty but generally rather disappointing. Not being able to decide which circles are included in the Contacts list is a nuisance, especially if you follow a lot of people. Having a separate album made for every Hangout with sent images seems like it will generate clutter over time. The desktop browser plugin doesn’t show the image inline, which is rather unsightly.

  • So, I just got a copy of a reply to on of my hangouts and the reply was a SMS. I couldn’t reply back though.

    • I got the same thing. It was from a 205 number

      • Same here, happened twice. Replying did nothing so I turned if off again.

        • I actually found out why it was happening. I had activated the option to send me an SMS if I was idle on Hangouts. Once I disabled that again, it stopped

          • Yup, we are on the same page. This read from AP (http://goo.gl/R2adY) points out that even though the option for idle notifications via SMS is available (sans United States), it is not the same as actual SMS integration which is coming. I think that’s a good sign (that its not the same thing). The SMS notification is more for countries that don’t have data all the time, interesting.

  • WalkerNA

    Why isn’t there a buddy list with currently online friends? I’m not saying they should make it the main screen, but if you’re integrating gTalk, I’d like to know which buddies are currently online.

    • noneofthem

      Where are you looking for it? I am using it on my desktop in Google Plus and on my Nexus 4 right now. Everything is showing up alright.

      • WalkerNA

        I’m using my Droid Charge (crap, I know) which only gives a ‘frequently contacted’ alphabetized list. Interestingly, this list includes people I haven’t e-mailed in years. As my edit mentions, I need to scroll down a long list of names to find a user who’s image is slightly brighter than the others.

        I also use the Chrome Plug-in. The update also removed the buddy list here and only shows the same ‘Frequently Contacted’ alphabetized list. All profile pics are the same brightness with a green bar under online users. Why a new set of apps has inconsistencies, I don’t know.

        Besides this one gripe (which is really just an inconvenience), I like the app itself.

        • Just wondering, what would be the advantage of knowing if someone is online/connected? The idea is a chat/SMS replacement. I.e., your contact will get the message immediately and be notified, and they will reply when it is convenient for them. The idea of being “online” is essentially dead. You decide whether you are available by deciding whether you look at the app or not. A notification is meaningless without user interaction. If you need to talk to someone RIGHT NOW, it is much more compelling and useful to call them rather than text. Maybe this service will actually increase the usage of phone calls, which are much more intimate and personable than text, even with 850+ emojis 🙂

          • WalkerNA

            The same use case as older AIM and current gTalk users. I log online for an immediate conversation. If I have a specific question or comment for a specific individual, texts and e-mails are great. If I have time to kill (5, 10, 20 minutes) and want to find someone else who is logged in & available for an immediaterandom chat, I use gTalk.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            You completely read my mind!

          • Jon D

            I get that the new app is meant to compete with the likes of WhatsApp and SMS and thus doesn’t “need” online/offline indicators, but in my mind Google Talk works best for longer conversations, collaborating on projects, discussing homework, etc. These are conversations that you don’t want to start if the other person is not online and at a computer.

            For instance, if I want to ask someone about a point made during a college lecture, I want to be able to quickly glance at who’s online, available, and at a computer, suggesting that they have their notes handy, and then IM them for a quick immediate answer. I wouldn’t randomly SMS or call people in my class and hope for a quick answer, and I certainly won’t do it in Hangouts either.

            Or, if I see that someone is online but busy studying for an exam as per their status message, then I won’t bother them unless it’s something relevant or important to the exam. There’s no reason why Google can’t include available/busy/idle and desktop/mobile indicators to help with these situations.

    • jstew182

      I agree with this 100%. It is rather annoying that this feature is not integrated.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Do you have a list of people who are actively texting? Do you have a list of people who are actively on the phone? As more and more services get merged into it that’s not going to be an efficient way of grouping people.

      • WalkerNA

        I understand your argument, and admit that this is certainly a personal gripe (as it is with a number of others). I guess I’m just not a fan of “merging” services while removing major features we’ve relied on for years.

        My personal preference would be to allow users to create their own lists at the bare minimum. Even if buddy lists go away forever, allow me control to addremove groups or individuals from the displayed lists. Most of my “frequently contacted” list contains people that I have NEVER sent anything other than a random e-mail to and will never contact them via Hangout. Why force me to go through their names when there’s a select few I will always use?

        • Yaniv Tal

          This isn’t email and it’s not gchat. This makes perfect sense as mentioned above. Messaging should be “always on”. Whether I choose to respond via phone, desktop, car, or anything else is my preference but your messages should always get to me where ever I am.

          This is not e-mail. Use e-mail for work, use messaging for your personal life. Odds are the “select few [people] you always use” will be in the recently contacted list of your personal messaging system. In the rare event that they’re not you could always ~search~ for them.. with.. how many key strokes?

  • Zack

    How about a Hangouts desktop client AKA Google Talk replacement? Not everyone wants to be confined to a browser tab to instant message on their computer.

    • noneofthem

      A web based version is easier to develop because it just works no matter what OS you are using. Otherwise Google would need to make versions for Windows, OSX and Linux. They may develop those at a later stage though.

    • The Chrome app for Hangouts (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hangouts/nckgahadagoaajjgafhacjanaoiihapd?utm_source=plus) doesn’t actually live in a tab, so maybe you could check that out. It’s just a small overlay that pops up when you hover over it.

      • Loving the Chrome extension. I also love the Remote Desktop extension.

        And to anyone who’s wondering, no, Chrome does not need to be open for the extensions to work. They live in their own process independent of the browser, then open in what is essentially a miniature browser tab (if that makes any sense at all).

  • MMS Pleeeeease

  • Daehyun Kim

    If you put Guam as your country for United States it works!! I tried it already with my phone. Because it uses +1 as country code as well

    • secondshadow

      That would be because Guam is a US territory…

      • Geoff Johnson

        Canada (at least parts) is also a 1

        • tapsboy

          Didn’t work for me.

    • Joe

      How do you remove your phone from SMS for Hangouts once you added it there? I successfully used Guam for my number, but I want to remove it now and there is no way for me to do it in the settings there. Any idea?

  • Bionicman

    this it’ll be great if I could send SMS from desktop or other devices tied to my account. At that point I’ll definitely switch to this than my native SMS app.

    • jnt

      Until it comes, you should check out MightyText – it does this and more, it’s greatness…

  • Guest

    What about MMS?

  • InyRules

    When should this update on my phone? When I navigate to the Play Store both on my phone and on the web, it says it’s installed, but I still have the Google Talk app.

    • sirmeili

      I had to go look it up on the play store website and install it from there. There is some kind of conflict with how they named the package that makes it think it’s installed (since Talk is installed). When I installed from the web it worked and Talk went away.

      My biggest gripe is I want a true desktop app, not the Chrome extension that keeps chrome open just for that exension (which uses a bunch more memory than just an IM client would use)

      • T4rd

        I had to install it through the web store too to get it on my Note 2. I switched ROMs last night though and now it’s not giving me the option of installing it on my phone through the web store (it’s greyed out). So do yo happen to know where I could get the apk for it?

      • InyRules

        I tried to install it from the Play Store website, but there’s no “install” button. It still says it’s installed but when I open the app from the store itself it still opens Talk.

        • sirmeili

          Google is now saying that they know of the issue and that they will slowly roll out the update. So yes, it says “hangouts”, but it opens Talk. Seems dumb to me, but at least they say that it will update at some point.

  • Elise Hines

    As long as it supports Google Voice SMS I’ll be happy.

  • Bionic


    • Hey where ya been.

      Sarge must be shyting his pants.

      • Bionic

        I told you guys that there was a good chance x phone would not appear at I/O. However now that it has indeed happened that way…..it shows what google thinks of motorola right now……not good things.

        • Geoff Johnson

          Google owns Motorola Mobility…

          • They operate separately. Meaning different companies.

          • Bionic

            um DUH! Dont you think i know that? However consider this. Google chose NOT to show x phone at its premier event of the year, they chose instead to showcase a Galaxy s4 with stock android which will cost 650 bucks. Instead of appealing to the masses with the x phone they chose to appeal to the 1 percent.

            This shows how google feels about motorola right now.

          • Logan Kraus

            The Moto phones aren’t done yet – there’s nothing TO show.

            And the X Phone doesn’t exist. There has never been any real evidence that it’s a real thing, people just pull rumors out of the air about what they hope a Google phone could be.

          • nvitone23

            How many times do Bionic and I have to tell you all?…Just because YOU haven’t seen anything, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist…it certainly exists

          • Geoff Johnson
          • Not necessarily. Motorola could have decided that their device is not ready for release, OR they are waiting to launch with 4.3 which is still a couple months out, OR they want their own launch event to showcase their “new direction” properly and center-stage, OR Google decided to keep the DEVELOPER CONFERENCE for, ya know, DEVELOPERS. It does not imply or infer any feeling towards Motorola from the higher-ups at Google, unless and until an internal memo from Google execs to Moto execs surfaces that says something to the effect of “yeah, we replaced your announcement in the I/O keynote, we just don’t feel your devices would have been as compelling next to the stock GS4”.

          • Bionic

            You seem to forget that I am privileged to a lot more information than the average android enthusiast. I KNOW that something is up, and it aint pretty.

          • Geoff Johnson


          • Bionic

            lol all you want, but i know better

          • Sometimes things are not what they seem. From “this thing is going to be awesome” to “Google doesn’t want this disaster besmirching their good name” is a hell of a swing of opinion in a relatively short time. All I’m saying is, not matter what is up, a consumer device not being featured at a developer’s conference is not necessarily a significant occurance, and Google could be unhappy simply because Motorola wasn’t ready to show anything. Without more information, the Google-Motorola relationship is impossible to know, and unless your source is one of the VPs or CEOs themselves, their information could be nothing more than a misunderstanding.

          • Bionic

            I truly hope you are right. But set all that aside for a moment and consider this.

            Motorola has a hardcore fanbase, im one of them. They are TAKING FOREVER to develop anything. Even the 5 inch version of the X phone i have been giving you guys specs on its looking less and less impressive because it is supposedly using a CPU that is a year old while the competition is using newer.

            My point is that moto needs to do something soon or more and more of its hardcore fanbase will leave and buy something else.

            Even I am considering the S4 at this point if motorola does not show me something soon.

          • Big EZ

            I left for the Note 2, which I love but it has a few drawbacks. I will consider a Note 3 or a new Motorola phone as my next device but Motorola has to get with the times and not release a product that is 6-12 months behind the competition like they have been.

        • It doesn’t mean they think “not good things” about Motorola, they just need more time. Do you think totally changing a company and their products is done overnight? Give it some time and then judge.

  • DanSan

    this would be awesome.. i never used Gtalk as i only had like 2 or 3 friends who even used it. having everything done through the stock messaging app would be ideal, like imessages but if i can use the hangout app to send texts within it that would be sweet too.

  • Roberto Elena Ormad

    The “send messages to my mobile phone” is not related to SMS, at least not right now. What it does is the same as WhasApp/Line/Viber. If you tell Google Hangout your mobile number, anybody using Hangouts that knows your mobile can send you a message, even if they don’t know your gmail. I will say it again, this is exactly like WhatsApp/Line/Viber and is one of the main advantages of those apps, at least in countries other than the USA, where SMS are not unlimited or have only become unlimited recently because everybody now uses WhatsApp/Line/Viber and nobody uses SMS anymore.

  • noneofthem

    Is SMS really still such a big deal for everybody? I send out something like one text message in three months if not less. As for MMS, I haven’t sent out any MMS messages in years. Everything is either email or Google Talk on my end. Just curious…

    • Steve Benson

      SMS is a big deal to anybody without a smart phone (older folks).

      • noneofthem

        Sure. I understand that but I didn’t expect this to be such a huge issue. I mean I don’t expect people who still use those old cell phones to participate in tech blogs like Droid-Life or Engadget. Still, the number of people asking for SMS seems to be huge.

        • Steve Benson

          I think most people are just speaking on behalf of the majority in thinking that this should be fully integrated. I would love to use Hangouts as my only messaging app but that’s impossible because 90% of the people I message with on a regular basis DO NOT have Gtalk, Google+, or even Gmail for that matter, so I’m stuck with SMS. If SMS was fully integrated like it is in iOS then there would be zero issues. As it stands, Google has alienated millions of users.

        • arthuruscg

          Because we use sms to communicate with people that are not as tech savy and I don’t want to have to deal with multiple messaging centers.

    • Because I have a TON of family and friends that still use SMS for various reasons. I’ve been trying to move my immediate family members (all Android users) over to GTalk for a LONG time now yet they always creep back over to SMS/MMS. I’m guessing it’s like this for a lot of people.

      • noneofthem

        Thanks. That explains it. I have got similar “problems” with people still using Facebook. Can’t get them to follow me to Google Plus, even though there are lots of reasons why this would make sense for everybody. People are lazy. This is true in many areas unfortunately.

        • Yep, same here. I’m constantly trying to get my friends/family over to G+ as well. The ones that have come over haven’t really used it and keep plugging away at FB…
          It’s so frustrating when I get my parents, sisters, and wife to send me GTalk messages instead of SMS, they do it for a couple weeks, and then all the sudden here comes the SMSs again! Grrrrrr!

          • LionStone

            We are creatures of habit huh?

          • Yup.

    • Phil

      SMS is essential because it is the only universal communication tool. every phone can accept it. once iMessage is on every phone and hangouts is on every Android will SMS be extinct.

    • David Vaughan

      Yes SMS is a big deal for many reasons…mainly that even in the US smart phones are less than 50% (closer to 45%) of all mobile phones. That’s a large number of people that do not have a smart phone. It’s not just old people, it’s people who just do not want a smart device (I can tell you of one relatively famous actor I recently chatted with who still used a regular feature phone).

      Here is one article saying the same http://goo.gl/DoHSH

  • Mike Kilar

    I just want Voice integration. I don’t use SMS/MMS at all. No one has my phone number but everyone has my Voice number.

    • chris neuman

      100% agree with u

    • niuguy

      I don’t even know my phone’s actual number. To me and everyone else Google Voice IS my phone number. And I totally agree, all that its missing is MMS. Its funny trying to explain to people why you didn’t get their picture message.

      • I’m pretty sure the MMS gap is because the carriers are holding it back. Hopefully it can finally happen.

    • Guest

      Scared big brother is watching?

      • Have you used the service? Its not just a burner number. I have had the same G Voice # for 2+ years now. I love it, it transcribes my voicemails better than the services that carriers charged for, works on my computer as well as devices and allows me to swap sims constantly and still get messages on my phone even when my physical number has changed.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      it’s not like it’s impossible. skype and facebook have voip, why not hangouts. They might have something even better in store. With the data crackdown from carriers i’m sure they are working on a solution. it’s more than just adding the service, make it worthwhile for the masses to adopt it. Data is an issue, because wifi is not everywhere.

    • Chris Hannan

      I don’t have texting and I use GV exclusively but I’d rather Hangouts get standard texting over GV if it had to be one or the other. Most people won’t use Hangouts unless it’s also their texting app and I’d rather have to juggle two apps and have more people use Hangouts than use one app and still can’t send pictures to people.

  • Armel Tenkiang

    I hope coming soon doesn’t mean months. ( it almost always does though)

  • Johnny Volare

    GOOD. /whew

    With it NOT having SMS it was just one more choice in the landscape of ip-based messengers that don’t talk to each other.
    Now there’s hope for one App to rule them all. Emojii is huge, too. Hopefully down the road Apple and Google can agree on a subset of their chat client features to “standardize”… these guys are our only hope at a unified messaging experience.

  • Brett Gadient

    The SMS delivery when idle works. Leaving it set at Guam works just fine. I should add that I’m using Google Voice so I haven’t tested my regular cell number.

    • faganm24

      Have you tested this out? Does it send a Hangout message to your phone as a text message? This seems silly. And what do they mean by idle?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    My previous comment: I still stand behind my idea.

    I love Hangouts.

    Question: if carriers will someday in the near future be going VoLTE, wouldn’t text be sent thru data?

    If the plan isn’t to phase out cdma and 2g cell towers, then i do not get the point of having VoLTE as an option. I know not every device has LTE, but cmon, look at the smartphone adoption rate. Soon that’ll be the LTE adoption rate. GV is web based and it supports sms, so i don’t see a reason why it wasn’t included in HO.
    Do you see where im going? it shouldn’t matter (soon) if Hangouts supports sms. If you have an internet connection, make a G+ (which is exactly what google wants). I understand that not everyone will have the operating system that supports it and i don’t how that would be solved unless they add sms. I just know Google thinks for the future, and IMO sms seems like a step backwards for tomorrow. I think they want everyone connected to their services.

    maybe my point isn’t not including sms was the right thing to do. What i’m trying to say is, Google is raising the bar. They want everyone and everyTHING connected to the web somehow. They see a world where the internet is the bare minimum, and i support it.

    • arthuruscg

      I think they messed up big time. Google should have said they are done having multiple messaging systems of delivery and everything should have been rolled into one program. Gtalk, Gvoice, G+ Messager ect should have all been replaced by Hangouts. AND they should have released the API/ standards for all other services to interact with Google Messanger.

      Yes it is pie in the sky, but it would also make a dramatic statement as to where Carriers belong (dumb pipe) and how Google views the fragmented messaging system that we live in.

      I use SMS because EVERYONE has it, I don’t have to think about who as what service.

  • bakdroid

    I would be disappointed…if Hangouts actually worked on any of my devices…

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    I’d much rather the first order of business be allowing me to rename contacts in there as I would like to identify them. It is very possible to have people with the same names in your contacts, fathers and sons, the whole Smith last name popularity… and so on.

  • Andy Christiansen

    I also can’t tell who is online, like I could on google talk

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      why would u want to see that? if u have something to say, say it. They’ll get the message. Even if it’s “hi”.

      Mayb they’ll include the Colored dots Gtalk has/had

    • not sure if this is true or not, but someone said the “faded” contacts are offline, and the full colored ones are online.
      but i agree, the Green/yellow/red dots were a nicer way to show this.

    • BikerBob1789

      Contact pictures are brighter when people are on-line.

      • WalkerNA

        I’d much rather have the option to sort by ‘currently online’ instead of scrolling down a list of people automatically added by one-time group messages looking for images that are slightly brighter than others.

  • nvitone23

    With this, Hangouts now becomes the biggest thing from I/O.

  • jnt

    The way the settings page sounds, at least for now, it sounds like what WL Messenger used to do – basically forward messages to your phone number, and vice versa, when you’re offline. I’m sure it’ll be better than that in the future, but that’s what it sounds like.

  • This plus MMS is all I want.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Yes, we can send pics but other forms of mms aren’t supported. Seeing how Google has so many services that can be involved with hangouts, it’s hard to believe they won’t help you out.

    • Welcome to America. We get what we want.

      • Ian Monroe

        Haha, way to be in character!

    • full MMS support….i want pictures, .GIF, videos, voice ect.
      MMS is not a necessity for me since i rarely use it now, but if they are going to do it, they need to go all out. 🙂

    • Addison Todd

      In theory, SMS would send plain texts to whoever you sent them to that didn’t have hangouts, and “MMS” would probably be handled by pictures IN Hangouts. I’m guessing..

      • Fattie McDoogles

        But how would a phone that isn’t using Hangouts receive the picture if that’s how it’s to be handled?

        • S2556

          VIA MMS

          • Addison Todd