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DROID DNA Receiving New Update to Improve SIM Card Detection

dna update

Verizon has approved another update this morning, only this time it’s for the HTC DROID DNA. The update is incredibly small and only contains improvements to make SIM card detection better. That’s it. The update is 33MB in size.

More info.

  • When is this update coming out? I tried manually checking for an update, nothing comes up except for a message that says “your phone is up to date”. What I also want to know is why is it that HTC tech support told me this is a design flaw instead of a simple fix with a software update? I smell somethng fishy….

    • ace

      Just got my update a few minutes ago.

  • bg

    No update yet WTF?

  • Guest

    I filed a complaint with the fcc about this problem a few days ago. I wonder if that helped

    • B

      No. And you know it.

  • Great, I have had the problem on and off since I got it. I had the SIM card replaced once.

  • Lakerzz

    I’ve never had the sim read problem, but my coworker has quite a bit. He got a new sim card, and hasn’t had the problem since.

  • This issue has been a thorn in wife’s side for a while now. She’ll be very happy to get this update.

  • Spider210

    I’ve never had this problem, watch me take this update and start having this so called sim error

  • eli


  • Muji Samovar

    Well, perfect goddamn timing. Just shipped a replacement back, after the hours of transferring settings, files, etc. on a non-rooted phone. It was a super-annoying problem: you would look down after being out and about and see the dreaded SIM-card-with-exclamation-point symbol in the notification bar.

    Harumph. Oh well, I guess one should be thankful that other won’t have to put up with it.

  • kamkid279

    Anybody know when this update drops?

  • That’s funny. I’m using an AT&T sim in my Droid DNA and I have never had Sim detection issues, though I have heard of the issue.

    • Crockett Kimberlin

      yeah my brother sold me his dna because of the sim detect issue, i put my att sim in and it works perfectly.

      • Wouldn’t it be funny if the Verizon DNA only hates Verizon sims?

  • Love my DNA…. never had the SIM card issue but my buddy has and he hates the phone cause of it… hopefully this will help him but he already smashed the screen

    • Westside

      Same with someone I know! His screen was broke after less than a week. He had held out soooo long with crappy phones (even a BlackBerry for a spell) and when he finally got his new shiny phone, BAM! Poor guy

  • Damian

    Cool, now if Verizon could possibly send out an update that will fix the wireless charging issue I’m having with mine, that would be great! If you can even fix over an update?

  • Sqube

    Right? There’s a lot to say about them, but this year they have been churning out updates for what feels like every phone they offer. I approve, massively.

    • joeedick

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  • eli

    yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! it’s an update!!!! i don’t care what it is! #yolo#swag

  • Derek Lockovich

    Here’s to hoping.

  • Derek Lockovich

    That’s awesome. I’m glad. My DNA hasn’t given me the SIM card error in quite some time, but I do recall it happening. I’m glad it was software only and not a hardware malfunction.

    Good for HTC and VZW that they’re fixing this issue.

  • Will

    Thank god. My DNA always gives me the sim card error. This was much needed, even though it may not seem so.

  • Ferdy

    thank god… this is something that has plagued the phone. Can’t get calls because it lost detection and you have no way to know.

  • steve james

    Hey the wife has a DNA and it sounds like she is at the bottom of a well. Generally cra* call quality. Any one else have that? Is it a bad phone or do is it all HTC phones?

    • Check the microphone hole on the bottom. Sometimes lint gets inside of it (I actually just found some in mine). You’ll need a pin to push it to the side and I don’t know an easy way to get it out.

      I had a user with a GS3 in the office who had this happen and she sounded the same way. Pushed the lint out of the hole and everything was fine.

      • steve james

        Thanks I’ll try it. We took it in for the issue. Been doing it since day one. They did some sort of firmware update and it got better but it is still there. My buddies dna has none of it.

        • S.Scott Turgeon

          I went through two of these phones and I found when I took the preinstalled SIM card out and put a new one in it worked better and the preinstalled SIM card when I took it out was very scratched but ultimately I returned the phone when I heard it was discontinued?
          Customer service told me the phone was discontinued now they’re saying it was a glitch and its the best selling phone at the moment and they are going to keep it even when the One comes to Verizon. I loved everything about it other than the fact that it couldn’t make phone calls.
          I did not want to get stuck with a retired phone trying to find accessories months from now or even years and software upgrades.
          I don’t know what to do because now I want to get the phone again my first Dna dropped about 10 call the day and technical support said it was my device the second phone one had horrible reception and every one sounded muffled with an echo?
          From the build quality to the screen to the hardware and speed it was the best phone I should say was the best tablet I ever owned. amazing

          • tailwhip

            Tablet? huh

          • HTC said they didn’t want people calling it a “tablet” or a “phablet”, it is just considered a phone as it is not 5.5 inches or more like the samsung galaxy note and note 2. If you knew anything about the phone you were using you’d know that it’s NOT a phablet/tablet it’s simply a phone or a supercharged phone at that! I own the DNA and although it’s the biggest phone I’ve ever had, at first it did feel large but it’s not quite as big as my tablet (10 inch display). The only reason I say it felt large is because it is the largest phone I’ve owned, it does take some getting used to. I got my DNA april 1st, by the 5th day seeing smaller phones in your hands just looks and feels very weird. After having my DNA and holding an Iphone 4s in my hands (iphone not mine) smaller phones just simply look well…. SMALL! If you do get the DNA back and if you can get used to the 5 inch display everything else will not compare! After having the DNA you will not want to get a phone with a smaller display. As of now I’m already considering a galaxy note 2, the DNA’s large screen is even starting to feel small to me! This day in age 4.5-5 inches is something a lot of people want/need. Now I can safely say that samsung has probably the biggest display on a phone right now, at 5.5 inches that is almost a tablet, in other words a phablet. You really should have deleted your comment though because I just can’t get over the fact that you called the DNA a “tablet”. All it is and all it ever will be is a phone, until the DNA has another model with a 5.5 inch screen or larger it should not nor ever be called a tablet….Just thought I’d give you some insight on that. Now if you have small hands then maybe it’s safe to call it a tablet, even a person with small hands can get used to a larger display. It just takes a little longer thats all 🙂