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Friday Poll: How Many Widgets Do You Use?

beautiful widgets 5.0 android

In a post on HTC’s official blog that described the new Sense 5 experience, the company made an interesting claim involving Android and widgets. According to their research, widgets aren’t actually widely used by most. In fact, their study shows that if they are used, that consumers typically place weather, clock and music widgets on a screen, but that’s basically it. After those three, fewer than 10% of Android users take advantage of any other widget.

So as is usual when we hear numbers involving Android, we like to put together our own data via poll. In today’s poll, which should take us through the weekend, we ask that you share with us the number of widgets you use on a regularly basis. Once you vote, feel free to jump into the comments and list them all out.

How Many Widgets Do You Use?

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  • Aaron

    Relatively few; Power Controls, Calendar, and Flashlight

  • Dave

    This claim, coming from a company responsible for less than 10% of total Android activations, is automatically void.

    • Chris

      1-3 widgets is winning on this poll, though.

  • Timothy Edwards

    I only use 6, but I haven’t even had my Bionic for 8 months.

    Am I doing well?

  • brkshr

    Most users that come to this site are power users. So I would think that we may see higher numbers here.

  • Jeff Gibbs

    Maybe developers need to start an educational campaign on the positives of widgets. They are pretty great.

  • DanWazz

    Music and clock. That’s it usually.

  • FelisLachesis

    Google Now on the middle screen
    Power Control, Business Calendar, Flashlight, Google Play Music, and My Verizon Data scattered all over my phone.

  • Never realized I was in the minority, I have apw timeline (Facebook and Twitter) widget apw Google reader widget apw calendar widget(all with ics theme ) I have beautiful widget for my clock, world clock widget mint(bank account balance) sound search, Google now, chrome bookmarks, and on my lock screen I have dash clock simple dialer calculator and any.do

    I use alll odd them constantly

  • Sam Kirkland

    Google Now widget. Only one needed.

  • Rodeojones000

    Two devices, two different situations. On my GNex, which has one home screen, I have 3 UCCW widgets (but the design is such that it looks like one). Plus 2 more on my lockscreen. That is it. On my Nexus 10 (3 homescreens) I have 10 widgets, but only 1 on my main screen.

  • I also think with the newer ‘smart’ widgets (mail, calendar, etc.) that you can interact with and not have to open enhance the widget experience. The’ll be the thing to have come iOS7 I bet…

  • 10, more than 10 if you count Lock Screen WIdgets

  • Widgets are definitely the best part about android! I use TV Show Favs, Shazam, Spotify, Google Music, Google Now, Calendar, Pandora, Beautiful Widgets clock, and PocketCasts (I notice I have a problem with audio widgets haha)

  • Jon Picking

    Dash clock
    Google Now
    Beautiful Widgets (clock/date/weather)
    Pure Calendar Agenda
    Dropbox folders
    Evernote shortcuts
    Google Drive shortcuts
    Google Currents (off and on)

    • Jon Picking

      Also a flashlight toggle.

  • RTR2011

    With that attitude that HTC just demonstrated, it’s no wonder why Samsung is dominating the Android scene.

  • Micah Ramsingh

    My library, Google now, motorola contacts widget, flashlight widget, Google search bar and the task widget

  • Between widgets and shortcuts to apps, my screens are pretty filled but not congested

  • Lakerzz

    APW (Android Pro Widgets) Bookmarks, APW Calender, APW Twitter, APW Facebook, Google Music, Google Sound search, Google Search, and JB clock+. If I was able to use Dashclock on my DNA, it would be more…

  • Josh Oberg

    widgets are 1 of my favorite thingsI have calendar widget clock widget music email data calculator easy buttonI song power control widget in my notification panelI Google search widget Facebook widget and Google Plus widgetI, and on my Nexus 7 I have even more

  • NicholasMicallef

    Kinda surprised so many people use 1-3 widgets, I’m guessing they just have their homescreens full of icons. I just prefer simplicity, and more than 4 icons looks like clutter so I’d rather use some widgets instead, plus they can present app information without having to actually open the app.

    • JetBlue

      I have 3 including lock screen widgets and my homescreens have no apps on them expect the dock otherwise I just use my app drawer since that’s what it’s for.

  • Niall Fox

    I wish there was a way for widgets to disappear and reappear when you need them. for example, i don’t always need my spotify widget but if I was using the app, my phone made it appear and then disappear after killing the app

    • Brian P.

      That’s an awesome idea… any developers out there think so too?

    • The Galaxy Note II has a special screen that provides contextualized widgets, just like what you’re talking about.

    • I’d have to tinker, but I’d think this could be accomplished with a Tasker profile.

    • daveloft

      All the media apps do that already, but just in the notification tray.

  • tomn1ce

    I keep it nice and simple, hd widget (for the clock, weather and canlendar), battery widget reborn and widgetsoid (w/7 toggles)…oh, and I only use one screen.

  • danofiveo

    Droid RAZR
    Google Sound Search

    Nexus 10
    Google Sound Search
    TuneIn Pro
    Pocket Casts

  • Raven

    Widgets are one of the best features of Android and I use them heavily. In fact I have no regular icons on any of my screens and I almost never use the app drawer either.

    I use 14 instances of 9 different widgets.
    I use 5 screens with screen 3 or the middle one being my home screen.
    Screen 1:
    Touch Calendar
    Screen 2 (My main Widgets screen):
    Mini Info+
    Power control
    BW Plane Mode
    Screen 3 (Home screen):
    Beautiful Widgets Clock & Weather
    3 Circle Launchers
    Folder Organizer – Main menu
    Screen 4:
    Folder Organizer – Starred Apps
    Folder Organizer – Tools
    Screen 5:
    Folder Organizer – Games
    Folder Organizer – Multimedia

    • Dave

      Wouldn’t flashlight be more convenient as a gesture or lock screen target? Just wondered.

      • Raven

        Why not all of the above?

  • Warwick

    3. Moto Circles widget, Gmail and Play Music.

  • chris125

    Well glad it took HTC this long to figure this out yet they still made a whole homescreen a widget which 90% of people will probably never use

  • gchahinian

    wow i feel like part of the elite small group with all my 15 widgets…who woulda thunk not as many people use them as i thought…

    • Joshua Percell

      Try 18.
      3 lockscreen widgets:
      – messaging
      – clock
      – sound search

      15 homescreen widgets:
      First page
      – Google Voice
      – Play Music
      – sound search
      – Power Toggles
      – SoundCloud
      Second page
      – YouTube
      – Play Books
      Third page
      – clock
      – Uccw hotspot which opens Ingress
      Fourth page
      – Google calendar
      – Google Now
      – Google+
      Fifth page
      – Gmail (priority inbox for my main email)
      – Gmail (priority inbox for my secondary email)
      – Google Currents

      • michael arazan

        Wow, Talk about mind blown. You must run a launcher with extra screens to fit all those. You sir, win the internet.

        I use equalizer, moon phase pro, death star clock,what’s that song, Now.

        • Joshua Percell

          Nope. Only 5 screens. I do however use Nova Prime. Care for a screenshot?

          • KOBALT

            You’re pretty adamant in us asking for a screenshot. Just post one if you really want to.

      • KOBALT

        That’s gotta be hideous and a battery killer

        • LionStone

          I use 12 on 5 screens, not at all cluttered. My average battery cycle is 15 hrs on stock DNA w/ Nova Prime.

        • Joshua Percell

          Not really. I keep things organized. And surprisingly the Nexus 4 handles all the widgets well with decent battery life. I normally get around 4-10 hours depending on how much I’m on it, as I am normally a heavy user… Care for a screenshot? I’ve even added another widget, bringing it to 19 total.

  • Anthony

    Widgets are totally awesome. I think HTC’s findings are more based on a common user versus a power user. Power users use widgets.

    • Angel

      agree 100 percent. Statistics don’t always tell the story.

  • Tsabhira

    Gnex: One screen. UCCW for weather/clock/battery, Simple Calendar.
    Nex7: One screen. Stock clock, Eye in Sky forecast, Simple Calendar.

    As @pdiddy187:disqus below said, I like widgets, but I don’t like how most of them don’t jell together at all, so I wind up not using them.

  • jpfrasier

    I don’t like clutter. I just have a cLock on my home screen and then a weather widget on an adjacent screen. I occasionally may throw in another one but that’s it.

  • Beautiful widget clock, battle.net authenticator, music search, gmail, e-mail, bookmarks

  • Kenny Larson

    Simple Calendar on my main home screen.
    Power widget, weather and onavo data tracking on right homescreen
    Tasks on left homescreen.

    I limit myself to using only 3 homescreens.

  • nightscout13

    Keep It Simple Stupid

    • ProfessAndObey

      I do with 8 widgets that provide all the information I want to see at a glance and no icons on any home screen.

      • I didn’t think about not doing icons – I bet that looks sexy as hell.

      • Perry Randle

        I’m right there with you! I Since my froyo days I’ve never used Icons on my home screen’s. It’s just aesthetically unpleasing to me. I’vE always got at least 7 widgets. I’m on a nexus4 now, and I love the Nova primes launcher ability to have widgets that can stack on top of each other.

    • Mason Lammers

      KISS <3

  • Google music, pod cast widget, Pandora, Sleep timer widget. Shopping list note, battery, News, beautiful clock/weather widget, Active home widget (turn my living room light on with 1 touch from any where), Power widget, calendar, SSH widget, Wi-Fi hi performance widget, Google voice widget, and light flow clear.
    15. Most used daily.

  • Dustin Wen

    1. Dash clock
    2. Gmail
    3. Stock SMS
    4. Google Calendar
    5. Tasks

    Lockscreen = Dashclock + Google Play Music ID

  • dannyWHITE

    I actually have more lock screen widgets then I do normal widgets for some reason.

  • John Burke

    I don’t use them all, but I hate having unused space, so the Widgets I put –

    On WidgetLocker:
    -Google Music
    -One More Clock
    -Notification Light (toggle)

    On Homescreens:
    -TuneIn Radio Pro
    -Android Photo Widget
    -Mimimalist Text
    -Battery Widget
    -Volume Control+
    -Into Now
    -Sound Hound
    -Music Search

    • Mack

      I thought I had a lot.

  • Pdiddy187

    I use a ton of widgets. The main problem with them are finding ones that look good together and actually providing useful info.

    • Capt. Crunch

      I think we need a standard holo design for widgets.

      • Big_EZ

        No, we need customization. I. Love that I can give beautiful widgets and pure calendar a holo theme when I have a stock theme, but I like to change themes and like to customize my widgets to my theme. Plus 99% of users don’t have a stock ICS/Jelly Bean holo theme, they have an older version or a blur/sense/touchwiz skin.

      • Agree!

  • Finire

    3 on my phone, 9 on my tablet.

  • lp

    Clock/Weather, calendar (underrated), Google sound search is a must for songs I don’t know, music player, browser bookmarks,….. All Widgets that are useful to me

  • Ian Winchell

    dashclock, zooper, gmail, g+, audioguru, google now, outlook, play library. on my n7
    on my phone(razr maxx) zooper, scorecenter, g+, gmail, play library

  • I used to use 4 but now all I use is dash clock.

  • Buster

    If you use more than 10 widgets kill yourself

  • Q’s

    Is this counting the Dashclock widgets?

    • Mack

      I counted Dashclock and any extensions as one widget.

  • JakeS41

    2 visible on my main home page (clock/weather and google search) – but 3 invisible Circle Launcher widgets below (gApps, Music, communication). Then a full page contacts (faves) on one side and full page agenda on the other. I hate cluttered screens!

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    One screen ZERO widgets 😉

    • Greg Geter

      This is how I use my phone. Lightning Launcher, one screen, no widgets, and Google Now handling what I might have used widgets for.

  • gokusimpson

    Just EyeInSky and wikinvest. I don’t think the verizon data widget counts…

  • Nick S

    BeWeather Pro… done

    I even delete the Google Search bar after flashing a new ROM.

  • considering two of my screens are nothing but feedly widgets i do use quite a lot, then i use Dashclock on my homescreen, on another screen i have adsense widget along with power controls and finally Google Now.

  • Adam

    Widgets are for people that want their battery to die.

    • Mack

      I have 10 on a G-Nexus and it easily lasts all day.

      Sports, news, pandora, 3 minimalistic text widgets, google search, weather, google music, and dashclock on my lockscreen.

      • Adam

        Do you actually use your phone, or just let it idle? No way I could get a whole day (7am-10 or 11pm) out of my Gnex using it for the work day and evening activities.

        • Mack

          I use it a fair amount but not for my job. During the week most usage is just for calling and texting, screen-on time is usualy 50%.

          • Mack

            I could use to get rid of a few though, like Pandora and my news widget.

    • Ian Winchell

      thats funny casue i use all kinds of widgets and none of them even register on what is using my battery. widgets are for people who don’t need an extra row of icons.

      • Adam

        You think because they don’t show up in betterbattery stats or battery usage chart they aren’t using battery?

        Let’s think about this. A static icon or no icon VS a dynamic, data network polling live widget. Yes, no battery usage there.

        • Jon Picking

          Many widgets are static.

          • Adam

            True. Still costs resources to draw them.

    • dannyWHITE

      Not necessarily true. That’s a troll thing to say.

      • Adam

        I wasn’t trying to be a troll. Just poking fun. I’m sure people that use them don’t want their battery to die. Who does?

        Don’t get your panties in a bunch, DANNYwhite.

    • Simon Belmont

      Widgets barely consume any battery. They really don’t do anything until they’re interacted with or if they need to refresh what they’re displaying once in a while.

      The reason people may experience “lag” with them is because they need to be redrawn sometimes when, for example, the screen is rotated, but it’s not really noticeable on today’s fast devices (even my old Hero didn’t lag with widgets). I’m an avid widget user and a stats maven, and my battery life is unaffected by widgets.

      • Adam

        That literally can not be true. No way your battery life is completely unaffected by widgets. The difference may be only marginal, but there is absolutely no way battery life isn’t affected at all. Being a stats maven, you should agree with this logic.

        • Simon Belmont

          Being a stats maven, I can see what each app and associated widget is doing. They don’t even show up as using a fraction of a percentage point of battery life. I’m sorry if you have issues with widgets. But I don’t.

          My guess is you’re going to defend your point to the very end, which is entirely up to you. Have fun in your endeavor.

          • Adam

            Oh my, you’re not even recognizing your own statements now? You said widgets redraw and refresh, and you think that doesn’t use ANY battery? I guess when they grab updates from the data network that doesn’t take any battery either. I want these widgets. I’d use them if this were the case.

            I’m confused as to why you’re giving up if you’re so sure.

          • Simon Belmont

            Yep, I realize I stated that, and that uses little to no battery. If you’d actually read what I said, I mentioned that it can cause perceivable “lag” which is unrelated to battery life. I also never said that widgets use NO additional battery life. I stated that they consume very little additional battery life compared to if you didn’t use them.

            I’m not giving up, I’m merely comfortable with my statements and don’t feel the need for them to be validated by you. You have no idea what ROM I’m using, what handset I own, what widgets I’m using, and myriads of other factors. You’re trying to make a blanket statement that all widgets will kill one’s phone and I beg to differ. Perhaps there are badly coded widgets out there that could adversely affect one’s battery life, but I have not come across one in my travels, and I’ve been using Android since 2009. Feel free to continue commenting because vehemently proving your point to that “annoying guy” in a website’s comment section is a fool’s errand. Good luck, sir.

          • Belterama

            No point in sparring with this guy. He has to prove a point.

          • Adam

            I’m still confused. What does me knowing anything about your handset or ROM have to do with it? Widgets use resources and therefore consume more battery than not having them. That my friend, is a fact.

          • Simon Belmont

            You’ve shifted your whole argument. Originally you said, and I quote, “Widgets are for people that want their battery to die.” But now you’re just saying a much milder “they consume resources and battery.” That, my friend, is something that I’ve never said to the contrary.

            Widgets DO consume resources and battery, but it’s a VERY SLIGHT amount of battery, and not to the dramatic effect of ruining your device’s battery life. That is my point, but somehow it escapes you. On my devices, the battery consumption is so low that it’s deemed negligible. Your mileage may vary, and, apparently it does.

          • Adam

            I haven’t changed my argument. They consume resources and battery, more so than if you don’t use widgets. Everyone just seemed to take is as a seriously heinous act that I jokingly said widgets are for people that want their battery to die.

            Continue to say you’re done arguing with me, then responding to what I say. It’s fun.

          • Bantamman

            He doesn’t have to reply to you and probably won’t. He’s smart enough to know you’re a troll. So why don’t you continue to troll because you’ve nothing better to do apparently. It’s fun to watch all of your posts get downvoted into oblivion.

          • Simon Belmont

            Yep. So, in my case, they’re consuming so little battery that they aren’t really registering, which would mean that they are BARELY consuming any battery life at all, which lends credence to the fact that widgets don’t kill one’s device like you have been purporting.

            I fail to see how you couldn’t understand that. If they were using tons of battery life, they would appear as using a certain percentage of the battery life (thus far), if they don’t, then their battery usage is negligible.

    • Widgets are for people who want to access information without entering apps,

      • Adam

        I didn’t say they weren’t for that.

    • ckeegan

      You were probably part of the group who whined about battery life when dual core processors came out, even though everyone knows processors account for a very small percentage of battery usage.

      Regarding your comment though, it is weird that Weather Channel, Sportacular, Wizz, and HD Widgets don’t even show up on my battery usage page.

      • Adam

        I’m not sure what you mean by the first part of your comment. Can you elaborate? I wasn’t part of any group that whined about dual core processors. Core count isn’t the only thing that contributes to battery life though. Process node, GPU, network radios and other elements of the SoC need to be taken into account before we just count cores. But honestly, if you can elaborate, that’d be great.

        Why is that weird? They just don’t use very much battery relative to the other things most people do on their phones. If i can save any battery by not having a widget, then I won’t have it. Pretty simple. What’s Wizz?

        • ckeegan

          I guess my point was that people always seem to find something to whine about.
          Now, my GNex has been off the charger for 9 hours and is pretty close to dying. The lowest battery usage is 3% toward Exchange Services. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I couldn’t really care less about anything lower. Not a single app with a widget is even being reported. That should tell you something….after 9 hours.

          • Adam

            What was the part about dual core processors, is what I was asking.

          • ckeegan

            Reread first sentence. Some people will always find something to whine about. Just look at your claim about widgets using any measurable amount of battery life. Have yet to see any proof whatsoever, and clearly Android’s own battery usage meter doesn’t seem to think so.

        • Farfalli

          If you’re so gungho on saving battery life on your phone, then why don’t you turn off all of the radios except 1X or Edge (depending on your phone), set the screen to minimum brightness, uninstall all of your apps, turn off vibration, heck turn off sound completely, turn off all background syncing, remove your Google account (and others). Then you can enjoy your extra-long life dumb phone.
          Or better yet, why don’t you just turn it off completely, take the battery out, and seal it all in a box and lock it in your closet. You’ll be saving the most battery life that way.

    • billy routh

      No matter if I use no widgets or 7 screens full of widgets my battery always lasts the sme. Sounds to me like you need a better phone.