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Is This the White Nexus 4?

white nexus 4-1

Well, is it? We have seen mentions of a white Nexus 4 on retailer sites like Carphone Warehouse, but to date, we have yet to see a real picture of one. According to PhoneArena, who anonymously obtained the photo above, the picture was taken with an LG Optimus G – not that that confirms anything. If real, it looks amazing.

What we can see is a semi-sparkly Crystal Reflection back along with the camera, flash, and Nexus logo in the correct spots. You can also see the plastic rim around the device, just like we have on the black version, though this one is obviously white.

Nothing in particular stands out that would lead us to believe that this is fake, so for now, we’ll go with it. We’ll also ask, “Where the hell was this at launch?” I’d love to get a hold of the white Nexus 4 if it looks this pretty.


Via:  PhoneArena

Cheers tyguy829!

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    I don’t see what is so “amazing” about it. It’s a white phone that says Nexus and has the camera and light offset instead of in the middle.

  • This pared with a white Nexus 7, all that is needed is a white Nexus 10.

  • It looks like a white whale to me.

  • andrew galvin

    white looks nice but how about a $400 32gb? or LTE?

  • Personally from someone who always goes for the white phones. This seems like it wouldn’t be very nice. The white soft touch would attract alot of dirt and dust to discolor it. The Nexus 4 is the first phone that I actually think looks amazing in black.

  • Brian Worhatch

    That does look very sexy

  • Joey Funk

    So this phone is basically the I phone 4 two years later? No removable storage, built in battery, Glass back, no lte, hspa+ only. White one comes out several months later? I guess if it worked for apple…

  • mechapathy

    It certainly looks like A white Nexus 4. Let’s hope it’s not THE Nexus 4, so I can buy one.

  • alphanu22
  • Aaron

    All I can say is yes, all sorts of yes.

  • jeff manning

    Will sell black version to pay for this.

  • xFenixA2x

    An LTE Verizon variant….pretty please?

    • Ryuuie

      Verizon didn’t even want the Galaxy Nexus. If there’s any CDMA carrier that gets a Nexus 4 in the US, it would be Sprint. That’d really only because they’re one one of the Big 4 US carriers to openly welcome Google Wallet. Not to mention they have a partnership with Google for Google Voice too.

      But yeah. Verizon getting a Nexus won’t happen again if Google values the Nexus brand like they seem to.

      • They can build the radios in, and verizon is legally obligated to activate the phones. Support, etc, they’re not legally bound (not that anyone uses their crap support anyway). Google (or whomever builds said device) can pay the royalties to qualcomm and add any CDMA tech they please. This is precisely what apple does…why the f*ck hasnt google yet?

        • Jared

          The problem is that Verizon has to aprove what CDMA phones enter their network. There is little to no chance that they will allow an “unapproved” Google phone to enter their network. However, once they use VoLTE and have a bigger footprint, that will be feasible because they can’t control what devices run on the LTE spectrum like they currently do with CDMA.

          • Justin Swanson

            You are also forgetting one primary objectives google had with the N4. Low price point. If they paid all the royalties to Qualcomm for CDMA then that jumps up the price of the phone. I wouldn’t want to think about the same phone, on different carriers being different costs. Plus if Verizon didn’t want it on their network, do you think they would offer subsidized plans (like T-Mobile is doing)?

          • Jared

            Excellent point. I did forget the royalty problem, the biggest fiasco of CDMA technology, in my opinion. And no, if Verizon didn’t want it, they definitely wouldn’t offer the subsidy. I think with the Galaxy Nexus they were trying to get the unlockable bootloader/rooting crowd (myself included) off their backs, which worked for all of about zero minutes.

  • d1ckdame

    Damn! If it comes with more memory, I’d sell my current nexii for this one!!

  • nightscout13

    I like it, even though I don’t plan to own an Nexus 4

  • The reason it wasn’t available at launch is because if it was, then they would have a surplus stock of black ones to get rid of 😛

  • droyd4life

    One does not simply

    Tease a white Nexus 4.

    That is some sexy ish.

  • Tony Byatt

    Nice…Just bought a black one myself and I’m sure I’ll be satisfied. Of the four, now five smartphones I’ve owned, one has been white (S3) and the others were black…

    • Droidzilla

      “Just bought a black one myself and I’m sure I’ll be satisfied.”

      • Tony Byatt


  • Hopefully the rear chasis will pop up on ebay so I can just swap it out with my black one.

  • Bowen9284

    It’s the secret stash from the canceled NYC event! Gimme!

  • Detonation

    Finally get Nexus 4 back in stock
    Everybody buys it
    Tease white Nexus 4

  • Dragonetti Surprise

    Black or white, at this point, I’m just grateful that I was able to finally order a Nexus 4 without a hitch this time around.

    I’ll be waiting patiently near my mailbox.

  • danny

    please be real!

  • Love.

  • That’s a different flash than on the nexus 4.

    • Looks the same to me, just has a silver rim around it.

      • You’re right my bad. For some reason I had remembered the Nexus 4 having a huge square flash.

  • DanWazz

    It would be nice to have color options for Nexus devices at launch (or at all).

  • Greg Morgan

    Why didn’t you post this this morning before I bought a black Nexus 4?! 😛

    • Hunter

      $5 says you can still cancel

      • Greg Morgan

        Oh i’m sure i can, just giving them a hard time. 😉

    • Droidzilla

      This thing will be available in 4 months, and sell out in 5 minutes while hundreds of thousands click on Play store buttons that do nothing. Stick with your black N4.

  • uh yeah it looks like a white nexus because the back says nexus…so therefore yes it is a nexus…

  • Give it to me now. Holy sweet virgin phone, make love to me.

    • Sort of my thoughts as well.

      • Hunter


      • Fattie McDoogles

        You guys don’t remember Panda talking about this in the IRC a couple weeks ago? He said that’s the phone he’s using and its the “employee edition” Idk if thats Google LG or both. I definitely agree it’s a beautiful phone.

        • d1ckdame

          Speaking of panda, I hope its not a panda device like the HTC Amaze and other phones that only had white on the back.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            I think its all white. I’ll ask him on twitter.

          • d1ckdame

            This would make my day!! I’m damn near ready to put this n4 on sale now lol. An all white nexii…whew!!! This is the stuff wet dreams are made of lol

    • Ryuuie

      Whoa… o.O What.