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Act Quick: $50 MOGA Gaming Controller and Modern Combat 4 For Free

PowerA, the sellers of the MOGA gaming controller for Android, are offering a special deal on a limited supply of controllers. For a very limited time, you can get a new $50 controller, coupled with Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4 for free. All you have to do is pay shipping and handling. Awesome, right? The controller attaches to your device, turning any phone into a portable gaming system.

Once on the site, add the controller to your cart, then apply the coupon code, “SecretSanta.” You better hurry!

Coupon Code: SecretSanta

Update:  We crashed the PowerA site for the MOGA, so they temporarily took it down. They are assuring customers that the deal is still on, though, and that they have extended it:

Wow! You must really like MOGA!
Don’t worry, the deal is still on.

We have temporarily taken down PowerA.com due to the overwhelming response.

Please check back as we will be back in business shortly!

Didn’t get your order in? Don’t worry, we will be extending the offer.

Update 2:  The site is back up! They have apparently extended the sale until tomorrow, assuming their stock lasts that long.

Via: Facebook | MOGA

Cheers Nick!

  • sporttster

    Here is what MOGA is saying:
    What a day! The response from our fans was huge, and we have exhausted our supply of free systems. Thank you for your support. For those who were not able to participate, don’t be sad. Santa still has something in his bag for you! Stay tuned (Facebook) for more details.

    • sporttster

      Guess that would be PowerAMobility, not MOGA….oops….

  • drkylecArchvile

    so its been 2 hours im worried that my order did not go through even though i was given a confimation number hopeing to hear back from customer support soon about it.

    • If you have the confirmation number, you are good. Confirm email not needed. Posted on MOGA and PowerA’s official twitter pages

  • sporttster

    Just got my email. Hour or so.

    • Took you a hour to get the confirmation email?

      • sporttster

        Sorry…went back and looked at when I posted about ordering and it’s actually been two hours.

        • Ok, I am sitting here anxiously awaiting mine. Got a confirmation number so I’m praying I’m ok

  • I got mine!!!!

  • Nishant Junankar

    it says the promo code expired..

  • sporttster

    Reading up on this controller a bit and it looks like the software that comes with it is crap and only works with a handful of games. One user wrote a app/software that lets the controller work with most any game and emulator. It’s called MOGA Universal Driver. Might want to make note of this when you get the controller.

  • So much BS, i went there added to my my cart, entered the code and it worked, registered my user, picked my shipping then on the confirm screen it added back the original cost, then tired to reapply the code and it says it expired. this was less than 30 seconds total time.

  • Dan Lopez

    It’s been like almost two hours. Where mah email?!?!?!

  • sporttster

    With so many people getting one of these, I figure I’ll get mine about this time next year….

  • Bionic

    Got mine and screen shotted the confirmation

  • Captain_Doug

    Got it!

  • Bionic

    Does this controller work with any game?

  • Got mine!

  • TheOiulkj

    Does anyone know what that game is in the picture? I looked all over their website but it doesn’t mention anything about it.

  • Bionic

    Dammit the Site won’t load!

  • David Rando

    got mine!!! thanks Droid-life for the heads up about this deal, you guys are one of my daily go to’s.

  • kervation

    Just ordered mine. Just got a confirmation number but no email yet. Saw the previous posts that said it might take an hour for the email.

  • hatboysam

    Order went through, but no confirmation email. Anyone get the same behavior?

    • Brandon Nesky

      i did not…i’m sure they were hit hard…i have a confirmation number though

      • hatboysam

        I’ve got the number but no email…. rats.

        • Brandon Nesky

          i think it’ll be okay…give it a little

          • Brandon Nesky

            reading cheapassgamer.com, someone said confirmation emails are taking a few hours

        • SchwannyT

          They said on the twitter page that it could take up to an hour…..

          • Brandon Nesky

            yep, just read about that on cheapassgamer.com, thanks for the reply

    • EvanTheGamer

      Yep…same exact thing occurred. Placed the order, got the order #, and then received no confirmation email. Also checked Orders page and no recent orders are there. Weird.

      • hatboysam

        Yeah same for me. Hopefully they are just having trouble clearing their email queue or something. I saved the Order # just in case.

        • sporttster

          Same, been awhile no email…

        • EvanTheGamer

          I was heading out as I placed the order so I didn’t have time to save the blasted Order #! I bet that’ll be my downfall in terms of not getting this controller for 5 freakin’ bucks! Lame! But tis life. lol

        • EvanTheGamer

          Scratch that…I just now checked out my Orders section of my account on the site and it looks like my order did in fact get placed! HELL yeah! All of that waiting wasn’t for nothing! YES! $5.33 for a freakin’ Android game controller with a few free games! SCORE!

      • Bionic

        I screen shotted my confirmation

    • hatboysam

      Got my email. Just took a while. Damn I’m so impatient.

  • Brandon Nesky

    scored mine…longest i waited on a page was no more than 15 seconds…i must have hit it at the right time

    • hatboysam

      Did you get a confirmation email?

      • Brandon Nesky

        i did not, i got a confirmation number though

    • Steevka

      Same! Makes that 2 hours earlier today seem kind of pointless. Well, very pointless.

      • Brandon Nesky

        agreed, tried earlier at work and it wouldnt even load…tried 15 minutes ago, no issues at al

  • Warwick

    Thank you for your order.

    Your order has been submitted and you should receive a confirmation email shortly.Your order number is **********

  • Jon

    right on! finally got it ordered $4.95

  • hatboysam

    Got mine! Took about 10 minutes total.

  • Anyone try to get more than one?

    • Nevermind, 1 per customer 😉 I suppose my mom could buy one too. And my brother. And my cat.

  • Took a while, but got mine ordered. $5.36 I believe is what it came out to. Thanks for the heads up.

  • peterjang73

    Got me one!! You just have to bare with it!!

  • Goose306

    Mine’s in. $4.95 (no tax here) steal along with the unlock app. Gonna use the crap outta this with my S3 and N7 with N64/Super/Gameboy emulators…

    • joejoe5709

      I read somewhere that it won’t fit the N7 but I’m sure you could just prop it up and use the bluetooth function. I am also very curious how this will work with emulators. Did a little quick research and it doesn’t look too difficult.

  • Yes! Got one ordered. Took a bit but it was way faster than before their server went down!

  • Woohoo got my order in just now!

  • I ordered on not showing in my order history, but I do have the number so we will see how this plays out.

    • Ok I just got my confirmation email on it now!

    • Neither is mine…No conf email as of yet (ordered about 20 mins ago). Like you said…We will see.

      • and just received confirmation email

  • Sporttster

    Order just placed and done!! $5 and some change…killer deal….

  • Woo hoo! Ordered mine. 🙂

  • joejoe5709

    AAAAANNNNDDD We’re back. I’ve already ordered mine. 🙂 Took a whole 7 minutes I think. Have at it boys!

  • It’s now back on!

  • Site is back up guys

  • It’s like a Bandolier of Carrots went up during a woot off. Somebody needs to get some better servers.

  • Sporttster

    <—-waiting patiently for site to come back up….

  • Steven Harper

    Android is Google open source!

  • Got mine before the crash. What a deal. I ordered a Steelseries mobile controller for my son to go with his N7 Christmas gift. I was waiting to see how it worked before getting one for me, but didn’t have to!!!!! Thanks for the tip Droid Life!

  • SlapNuts

    order placed 🙂 email confirmation confirms

  • looks like the site is done now…but i guess it will be back up later?

  • Bauce40

    Got my confirmation email so I’m good to go. I’m amazed they still have any of these left, can’t beat $5 for this controller and MC4!

  • Just got mine only took about 10 minutes for everything, since they are so bogged down !!!

  • duke69111

    I was one step from entering my cc when they took it down. Dang it

  • jimingo

    I want the last hour of my life back.

  • Andrew

    Forget Anonymous. Droid Life takes websites down quicker!

  • Glen

    PowerA site is down due to overwhelming demand. Deal is still on and will be extended. They will be back online when possible. I have mine in the shopping cart on my account, just haven’t finished checkout.

    • Shimamasu

      I was exactly at the point after trying for more than a couple dozen times….

    • Jon


      C’est la vie

  • Larry Franks

    Just got this:

    Wow! You must really like MOGA!
    Don’t worry, the deal is still on.

    We have temporarily taken down PowerA.com due to the overwhelming

    Please check back as we will be back in business shortly!

    Didn’t get your order in? Don’t worry, we will be extending the offer.
    sure to Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more updates as it
    becomes available.

  • kuboo99

    It looks like the site is totally down now. Shoot.

  • Kyle Way

    MOGA is officially down.

  • Jon

    ok. Not comical anymore…grrrr