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Tuesday Poll: What’s Keeping You With Your Current Wireless Carrier?

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We talk a lot about carriers on this site. We cover all of their policy and plan changes, the new phones they release on a monthly basis, where their network has stretched to, and if their 4G LTE network is the biggest and baddest on the planet. But what is it that’s keeping you with your current carrier? Is it that ever-expanding phone lineup? Do their plans meet your needs? Is their 4G LTE network the best? Are you stuck with them because no other carrier offers decent coverage in your area? Are you counting the days until you can bolt for greener pastures. You tell us.

What's Keeping You With Your Current Wireless Carrier?

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  • How about non of the above? I’m still with Verizon because all 3 of my lines still have Unlimited Data. We also have nice Warranty’s (Authorized Retailer) on our phones where I can get them all replaced where in about 1 year when the warranty expires I can get them all replaced, tacking on another 1-2 years of Unlimited Data without having to pay pull pop for new phones, assuming Verizon doesn’t just pull it away regardless of existing contracts. This way, I can give Verizon 2-3 more years to come up with the next way to screw their customers, then I’m leaving for something cheaper. Maybe T-Mobile will get their act together by then and put up some towers.

  • romm

    Payed for by my employer. Free phone, but I would switch from Verizon if I could.

  • android_of_boulder

    I know they don’t have the best LTE right now but I’m patient and I can wait-My variety is Sprint and u think they are a very responsible company in general. One of the top green companies in the states. Supportive of good causes (currently supporting Domestic Violence awareness) and even their CEO took a pay cut when iPhones weren’t selling as well as they’d hoped. These things make me proud to have the sprint logo on my phones.

  • Prox

    I love T-Mobile, left VZW LTE, never looked back. You just need to live/work in a primary T-Mobile Market. $60 a month for unlimited everything with no caps. I am there.

  • Bob Sacamano

    —> Unlimited 4G LTE.

  • Sporttster

    What good is ‘grandfathered in’ if you have to pay out the nose to buy a new phone to keep it?? When I’m up with Verizon, I am going to go T-Mobile. Their network is equally as fast as verizon’s is in my area and Verizon is getting too big for it’s britches. If it gets much bigger, it should be broken up like Ma Bell was.

  • DanSan

    unlimited data… thats it.

  • steveliv

    For those of you on the prepaid plans, is the data really unlimited? i’ve looked into it, but the fine print always states otherwise like with StraightTalk Unlimited which means 2gb + throttling.

  • TheWenger

    Seeing that Google can offer kick-ass phones at affordable prices, off-contract, I’m dropping VZW like a bad habit once my contract’s up. It’s been nice GNex, but I’d prefer to not support VZW.

  • ds

    Company provided smartphone

  • YankInDaSouth

    My wife’s contract on her basic line with Verizon ended this past November. Instead of buying her a smartphone with Verizon and getting sucked in for another 2 years, I ordered her an N4. Gonna try some month-to-month plans and if all goes well I will be giving up my unlimited 4GLTE this May and jumping on the N4 as well. I am not a huge data user (average less then 5GB/month, and I am sure with some adjustments I could cut it down more if need be) and while thought of having unlimited data is comforting, the thought of having a Nexus without carrier involement is way more appealing to me.

    Just doesn’t make sense to me to keep paying Verizon prices and put up with their software/device delays …

  • schoat333

    I have been a VZW customer for over a decade, but they are losing me in March. I’m not paying $700 for a new phone just to keep the unlimited data that I have had for 5 years. Straight Talk, and a Nexus from Google sounds a lot better.

  • subiedude85

    seriously considering dropping Verizon and going to T-mobile when my contract is up next year, I’m just concerned about coverage in my area and where I normally travel.

  • Danja88

    I have unlimited data on Verizon but with cheaper prepaid carriers finally getting decent smartphones and unlimited everything plans i’m letting it go when the contract is up

  • Shom

    unlimited data…..need I say more lol

  • wickets

    Sandy taught me everything I need to know about carriers….vzw gets my vote/dollars

  • artsr2002

    I voted coverage. I am still using Verizon because ATT and T-Mo don’t work in my house and sprint cuts out. Verizon provides a solid 2 bars. LOL. I dropped Verizon but I’m using a Verizon-based MVNO, PagePlusCellular. Coverage works and its cheap.

  • Mchl496

    Unlimited Data is the reason why most people are staying with most carriers. Why would I switch from VZ? Well they also have amazing service and a bigger 4g LTE footprint. I have friends on other networks and I can’t even recommend them leaving their network and giving up their unlimited data.

  • Matthew Merrick

    you need another option – someone else pays the bill. that’s my case. i’m on a family plan. only reason i’m still on VZW is because its free.

  • Dan Monzelowsky

    As much as I’d love to say it’s only because I’m grandfathered into VZW’s unlimited data, the biggest reason is because the only other carrier available in the area is AT&T, and their coverage sucks here.

  • I have tried T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint/Nextel networks in Los Angeles/Orange County area. Forget data coverage, Verizon is still the best for receiving phone calls.

  • I left Verizon even though I had unlimited data. Picked up nexus 4 and went to T-Mobile value family plan unlimited unthrottled and saving $50 a month process. I also get faster speeds on hspa 42 than lte at my house.

  • SeanBello

    if AT&T service was better and I wasn’t grandfathered into unlimited data, I’d be out. if for any reason Verizon takes away my unlimited, I’m automatically out.

  • umataro42

    I’m also an “other” for being grandfathered into Verizon’s unlimited data. I also have an old work discount I don’t want to lose.

  • Doan

    Unlimited VZW data.

  • kisypher

    For me it’s the incredible coverage and LTE Verizon offers. Also, the unlimited plan is a factor. Honestly, until my unlimited plan is no longer an option I’ll never leave Verizon, I don’t care how much they charge me or how many phones I have to buy off contract.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    I took my Razr Maxx HD to T-Mobile using the $30 100min Unlimited Texting/Data plan… Can’t ask for anything better 🙂

  • Daniel

    Where’s the “hanging onto an unlimited LTE plan from Verizon still” option?

  • alex drum

    Unlimited data 3G/4G at a reasonable price

  • I would have to say “Plan options” for me since I am grandfathered into the Talk & Text Plus Data 1400 Family Plan and a corp discount. They can take my $9.57/line unlimited 4G data when they pry it from my cold, lifeless fingers!

  • Chris

    Mine is two fold the unlimited data on VZW and the large corporate discount makes it cheaper or the same as any other Major carrier

  • KRS_Won

    Is “Plan options” the same as “keeping my unlimited data plan on Verizon”??

  • Detonation

    I still have unlimited data and am on a family plan where I can use my other lines’ upgrades to get a new subsidized phone (since they don’t mind just taking my old phone), and I don’t care if I have a Nexus or not (quite happy with my Razr Maxx), so I have no reason to leave Verizon.

  • I have a 20% corporate discount on grandfathered plans on my main lines. Those are tough to give up.

    • fauxshizzl

      I have the same discount. I have the lowest amount of minutes they offer for a plan, unlimited text, and unlimited data and STILL pay $95/m. I am dropping VZ as soon as the Nexus is shipping reliably.

      • alpha

        Woah.. 450 minutes (I don’t talk on the phone much, but if I come close, I start using my company supplied cell phone), unlimited text, unlimited data, insurance, and 20% discount.. I’m paying just over $80/mo. I recently dropped my unlimited minutes promo plan since I don’t use my personal phone as much for work travel.

        Do you have extra features bringing you up to $95/mo? I can’t imagine a $12-$15 difference in taxes.

        I’m in the same boat, it’s hard to give up the unlimited data. The coverage is also nice since I travel a lot.

      • I’m actually using the Nexus 4 on the infamous T-Mobile $30 plan as my secondary line. It’s such a great value.

  • JMonkeYJ

    i’m not even waiting until my contract is up…i’m just leaving!

  • Ruel Smith

    Customer service isn’t an option? Verizon has always been great to me.

  • Hatyrei

    Hi, Guys ,…I just return my HTC DNA,. and they received the phone back via smartpost… , tracked it via fedex. How long will I received my refund?

  • Sqube

    VZW has the biggest LTE network and I’m grandfathered in.

    From the looks of the comments, “grandfathered data plan” would probably have won out over everything else if it had been in there.

  • namos23

    My unlimited everything plan, including insurance, for $50 a month after tax, on the nation’s best networkl

  • disqus_JKXop7FvQd

    Verizon for coverage. I’m on a family plan and I pay $60/mo. not complaining with my 2gbs of data. I never go over it so its fine. Don’t know why everyone is complaining about the unlimited. Start using wifi! For the people that don’t have wifi, and wanna keep the unlimited, just buy retail! If you do switch to a carrier with unlimited, have fun with coverage. (Depending on where you’re at)

    • chris125

      what is the point of preaching about your so fast and great network if you force people to use wifi??

      • p

        Did I preach about the speeds? I said coverage. But if I’m not around WiFi, speeds are as if I was. Data is there for when you don’t have any around you, when you’re on the go. Isn’t it? Just like when the cell phone was made.. So you can be contacted instead of being with your house phone. Gotta take the cell with you, as with the data

  • I want to buy Nexus 4 and leave for T-Mobile when my contract is up (soon), but wife wants iPhone… buying it off contract is insane. 🙁

    • JMonkeYJ

      what if you get a year old model off cragislist or something? i think they usually go for around N4 price or even less.

  • pappy53

    Military town of 65,000 in eastern NC, and T-Mobile doesn’t even have 3G here! They suck in this area.

  • no option for unlimited data?

  • Coverage is the big thing for me. I’m grandfathered into unlimited but if Tmobile had better coverage on the eastern seaboard I’d go with Tmobile unlimited.

  • Yeah i marked plan options as it its my unlimited data plan that lets me put up with verizon

  • TokedUp

    You should add a vote for Discounts. I get a discount through my employer.

  • Droid Burgundy


  • Justin W

    I can’t answer this question beause I’m no longer with my previously current carrier (VZW). Jumped ship when the LG Nexus 4 was released to Straight Talk. Customer Service sucks, but I only pay $45 a month and it works fairly well with AT&T’s HSPA+ network.

  • RaptorOO7

    For me its a few factors, first I am on Verizon so obviously its the network and the sheer coverage with 4G LTE. Next I have (2) phones, (2) MiFi’s, (2) Tablet and (1) Home Connect unit that my (6) base wireless phone with base station is tied to, so I can’t just leave any time I want I have to wait for a lot of contracts to age out.

    Now that said I am plenty annoyed with Verizon and the way they continue to crap on us as customers and the fact that they are so nice in locking every phone down like a chastity belt but seriously, I just can’t deal with AT&T in my market, Sprint sucks worse and T-Mo is just no where to be found.

    Hopefully in time as my devices age out of contract over the next year or so and some other carrier sucks less than they do today I could switch. I mean who wouldn’t want a Galaxy Note 3 International with 64GB, I know I would.

  • NicholasMicallef

    Unlocked xD, so nothing