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Pre-Order Your Books Straight From Google Play Starting Today

Starting right now, book lovers can start to pre-order upcoming titles that they can’t wait for right through Google Play. There is a new page dedicated entirely to pre-orders, which is a nice way of seeing what is soon to hit the market. This is cool for the bookworms, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some music pre-orders in the future.

Raise your hand if you actually buy books from Google Play.

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Via: Google Play

  • Skip Heflin

    Hand raised here.

  • Inquizitor

    Hm. This could have interesting applications in the future. Pre-ordering an app seems kind of interesting, but risky. It has the potential to be a sort of Kickstarter-like deal, except without some binding agreement in place it’s a bit of a gamble that the dev will actually deliver. Could be good for huge companies like EA that release big titles.

  • Droidzilla

    Google, make textbooks available and I’ll throw my money at you.

  • Hand raised.

  • vonbane

    I’ve purchased and read 20+ ebooks from the Play store on my Xoom and now my Nexus 10, but unless there is a price break for a pre-order I don’t see much sense in it, seeing as it is an on demand, digital product.

  • YEMan0443

    raising my hand. actually bought Anthony Bourdain Kitchen Confidential for $2.99 when it was on sale. haven’t finished reading it nor have i bought another book since.

  • This actually started yesterday.

  • Kevin Lauscher

    Why would you pre-order an ebook? It’s not a finite resource. It will be available on release day.

    • KleenDroid


    • Mack

      Most of the time with books the pre-order price is lower than final retail.

    • Droidzilla

      Have you SEEN the Play store on release day?

      I’ll get my coat.

  • Buy This

    Bought two from the app right before I sold my Xoom. So I have read on that, the N7, I have now, and my G-Nex (mostly toilet reading with that). I was actually very pleased with the experience especially considering those were the first two e-books I had ever bought. I was reluctant to leave physical books but I found it to be really nice, especially on the N7.

    • Buy This

      minus that comma between “the N7” and “I have now”

  • Alan Taylor

    ive bought a couple of books from google play to read on my nexus 7, like other people ive made sure they have been cheaper than the paperback copy first

  • guest

    but i cant pre order a nexus 4…

  • Liquidretro

    In before all the jokes about preordering on the play store.

  • moelsen8

    how about “wouldn’t mind pre-ordering nexus devices”?

  • Booyah

    I do, but only if they’re the same price/cheaper than paperback. I don’t read a ton but reading on my Nexus 7 is perfect for the job.

    • michael arazan

      I actually read on my Gnex, I honestly can’t read from a real book anymore unless I have a table in front of me, I have never felt comfortable holding up books to read.