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Nexus 7 With HSPA+ Sells Out at Google Play

Google continues to sell through plenty of stock of its new Nexus family at an impressive rate. After seeing the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 (16GB still available) sell out in minutes, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the new Nexus 7 with HSPA+ has sold out as well. With 32GB of storage, at a low $299 price, and having the ability to connect to GSM networks across the globe, this is one of the more attractive tablets on the market.

If you were considering this tablet or any of the other new Nexus offerings that are no longer in stock, Google says that you’ll have to wait a few weeks before they can replenish stock. Once they do, you better have your credit cards ready, as I’m sure they will be flying off virtual store shelves, once again.

Via:  Google Play

  • Joshua Casey

    Fishing in Colorado

  • Roger W Turner

    Ordered mine on Monday morning. Received it Tuesday morning. Took a little of the pain out of not getting a Nexus 4 yet. Now, anyone want an original Nexus 7?

  • Let us know ASAP if anything gets restocked please! I plan on buying some as gifts for the holidays.

  • adam

    Orrrrrrrr, you can download FoxFi and use your phones 4G as Wifi anywhere and save a hundred dollars.

    • mustbepbs

      I only have the N7 and a feature phone.

    • ddevito

      or run Bugless Beast and no app needed

    • duoexo

      my internet went out in my area and i have been running AOKP’s hotspot and its like the internet never went out. Laptop & N7 with internet.

    • renGek

      If you intend to use your N7 heavily then you might consider an N7 with dedicated data. My phone drains at a rate of about 28% per hour when I’m tethered to my N7.

      • adam

        droid razr maxx ftw

  • SleepySensei

    someone remind me why the bezel is so big? the screen of a galaxy note 2 is almost as big as the screen on a nexus 7. galaxy note 2 just seems the better choice for the best of both worlds.

    • Colin Zack

      uhhh 5.5 vs 7? not that close

    • Steve Benson

      Go back to sleep.

    • mustbepbs

      Wait so a $199-$299 device OFF CONTRACT is a better choice than a $299 ON CONTRACT/$699 OFF CONTRACT? What kind of world do you live in?

    • renGek

      Try and hold it for an hour of reading with a thin bezel. You’ll need to learn shaolin eagle finger tip grip to hold it that long.

  • thronez

    I was lucky enough to snag one…but the shipping updates have been less than stellar #firstworldproblem

    • Jonathan

      Indeed. I ordered mine not long after the floodgates opened and reduced Google’s servers to tears, and I still have yet to receive any updates at all.

  • John

    Nice. I really hope the 7 w/ wifi stays in stock through the holiday season..so I can convince the wife to pick one up for me, instead of doing it the other way around

  • zepfloyd

    Google needs better supply chain management. Every model of everything is like this in a few hours or a day. And it’s not like they’re exactly selling millions of them in that time, let’s be honest here…

    • LionStone

      No kidding! I’d already have purchased a N4…. but noooo. And after I get the DNA, I probably won’t…. Bummer for them.

      • r0lct

        Pretty sure they win either way.

    • Paul

      Or have more than 10 in stock.

    • renGek

      Seems to me its pretty hard to gauge consumer interest. Its not like any of the previous Nexus phones sold like gangbusters from the start. Seems like people suddenly discovered nexus devices.