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Download: Android 4.2 Keyboard With Gesture Typing (Probably an Early Build)


Hey, look! It’s the Android 4.2 keyboard pulled from a Nexus 4 dump! It’s probably an early build, hence the ugly white and blue floating word prediction, which is unlike the subtle floating word prediction that Hugo Barra showed off yesterday. No matter what though, it’s neat to use and it works well. It predicts on the fly, corrects as needed, and flows like butter. 

Download:  LatinImeGoogle_signed.apk


For Non-stock Android devices:

1.  If you have a non-stock Android device, like a Galaxy S3 or RAZR HD, just install it.
2.  Download the app from above, and install it like you would any other 3rd party app.
3.  Then head into Keyboard settings and activate the keyboard.
4.  Then open a text box and change to this new keyboard.

For Stock Android devices:

1.  You will have to flash a .zip file to overwrite your current stock keyboard.
2.  You can download it here.
3.  Yes, you need to be rooted.
4.  Yes, you should backup your old keyboard, just in case.
5.  If you are running a ROM, feel free to try and install it.

Via:  Android Police

  • n0m0n

    I don’t get it so non-stock devices a not rooted?
    Thought non-stock would be a rooted device.

    I have a Razr Maxx HS stock shouldn’t I be able to install the .apk?


  • Devilsephiroth

    Unlike the standard AOSP keyboard, this one doesn’t utilize the volume button for positioning ,also when you add to the user dictionary the keyboard doesn’t return aftera save. I used the new keyboard to write this on my nexus 7.

  • brando56894

    This is pretty awesome. I just installed it on my HTC Rezound running ICS. Once Swiftkey Flow comes out I’ll probably ditch it though.

  • peeyourownpants

    this is incredible. i’ve always had issues with swype not recognizing words like them and when, but with the real-time pop-up you can just keep moving your finger until it recognizes the right word. amazing stuff.

  • Ryan Frankenstein

    Swype is king. But this new keyboard is working nicely and well on its way to being my new keyboard. (wish I could replace a couple keys on it with , and ?) The voice to Text of this is so much superior to any other 3rd party keyboard.

  • DanSan

    I downloaded there apk and installed like a normal app ontop of AOKP 5. Now shows the “choose input method” icon in the notification bar. Not sure if flashing it via recovery would do the same

    • DanSan

      freezing the AOSP keyboard fixes this “issue”

      • monkey082506

        Sure did, I had to reboot after freezing it though. Regardless, it’s fixed. Thanks!

    • monkey082506

      I noticed the same thing…haven’t tried flashing in recovery, other than that it works fine though.

  • Jogging_Teacher

    What does this keyboard do that countless existing keyboards cannot do?

    (Sure wish droidlife would learn the difference between calling devices “stock” and “non stock” and “rooted” and “non rooted”.)

    • there is a difference between non-stock and rooted. They are not talking about rooted when they say non stock here.

    • balthuszar

      you can be rooted and still be stock…i know i am….if you’re non-stock…you don’t have to do anything special…as the rom has it’s own keyboard, which will overwrite with this…the stock keyboard needs to be overwritten

  • Wes

    Never been a fan of swiping to type before, but this is alright. Good for a free app, though.

  • Swiftkey forever and always.

    • Bigwavedave25

      Yeah, it’s my number one also… can’t wait for their Flow update!

  • joejoe5709

    I’ve never really gotten into swype type keyboards, but gave this a try. It’s not bad! I’m going to try to get used to it before 4.2 gets here. 🙂

  • Keyboard installed right over top of AOKP ROM on VZW Nexus. Just had to change to English Android Keyboard in Language & Input. Now if only I could have the sphere camera!

  • I like it, i used Swype since Android 1.5 on Cliq XT, but… its better than Swype? that’s my question.

  • sr_erick

    This keyboard Is working very well so far. It seems more accurate and easier to use than Swype. I’ve been using Swype for years now as my primary keyboard but this will now take over from here.

  • niuguy

    Shocked with all the hate towards Swype. I love it. So much faster than standard keyboard and I can do it without looking at phone.

    • Cowboydroid

      This is faster than swype. And looks a heck of a lot better, too.

  • This definitely looks like SwiftKey Flow (which is yet to be released even as a beta). The styling is too similar not to be Flow. Google must be using the SwiftKey SDK.

  • This keyboard works well. Cheers. I posted a screenshot on my Android Keyboards page: http://grantbarker.com/android-keyboards.html

  • ramifications

    Does anyone know if this automatically breaks up long text messages into multiple texts? I don’t like how the stock jelly bean one turns it into an MMS message if it is longer than 160 characters.

  • I like it. The only problem is that it doesn’t recognize i as being a word. Its in my dictionary but it refuses to separate it from other words or capitalize it. For example. If i type thisi can’t get it to work. Also won’t recognize ‘A’ as a word. This would bea fine example.

  • DeeMat

    Been using it for a few hours and have not had any issues – OG RAZR.

  • Typing on this is really nice; it’s light, fast, and completely simple to use.

  • Wyveryx

    Nice feel to it. Definitely needs some polish though.

    Also confirmed if you are running BB rom on GNex… Just installed apk and then choose which keyboard to use. Since BB runs AOSP keyboard as native it doesn’t overwrite.

  • ddevito

    Anyone know how to disable/remove the notification that appears when you use another keyboard? It’s really obnoxious

  • Works great on the latest build of Bugless Beast!

  • KRS_Won

    Where’s the Emojis?! lol

  • C-Law

    Just installed the keyboard and” gestured” this sentence!

  • Christopher Chin

    big fan of Swype here. Cannot stand to tap keys anymore. This looks awesome. Must try when it’s released.

    • Justin Swanson

      Try it now, I am very impressed with what Google has done with this. I haven’t tested it enough to say it’s better than swype but it’s definitely very good.

  • I just installed like a third party app on bugless beast.
    Settings>language and input>turn it on
    Open keyboard> longpress space bar> activate.

  • john

    just when i was hoping to finish my work i see all of these new leaks

  • AranelAlasse

    Forgive my ignorance of the way the Android ecosystem works, but… I thought Android was open source… Since a device came out with 4.2 already, shouldn’t that mean that we have the source? why does this need to be “an early build”?

    • No device with 4.2 has came out yet.

      • AranelAlasse

        really? so it’s been announced, but it’s not out in the wild (aka released) yet? (I haven’t looked…)

        • Justin Swanson

          That is correct. It hasn’t been officially released and therefore isn’t available to the public.

    • Mike

      The actual Android OS is open source, but that doesn’t mean that all apps have to be. The 4.2 source code isn’t available yet either, so we have to wait for that.

  • sam_evans7

    Anyone else’s phone going haywire after installing this? I’m getting super high (~50%) CPU usage by processes like “Downloads”, “Media Manager”, and “DRM Protected Content Storage” and “Android System”… I’ve tried killing them and rebooting multiple times… They keep coming back. My gnex is getting hot. It feels like it’s been hijacked. Is that file legit? (Am I being paranoid?)

  • ragnarok180

    The “swype” portion of the keyboard still needs fine tuning. Word options change erratically when using it. Its definitely a good start though.

    • cj

      Don’t use it like swype. It will mess you up. Imean don’t drag back and fourth on double letters and don’t worry if you miss letters. Drag your finger around the correct letters and let it do the work. I can’t believe how well it works.

  • Br_d

    Does anyone know if there are any Android keyboards that let you program your own custom shortcuts like the iPhone keyboard does? For example, I could configure it where if I type “em” and hit space, it would spit out my email address.

    Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone keyboard is inferior to Android keyboards in pretty much every other way, but that is a feature I’d like to have. Swiftkey doesn’t seem to want to learn my whole email address.

    • interstellarmind

      thumb keyboard app allows you to do that. plus it is an insanely customizable keyboard (height, width of the keyboard)

    • AranelAlasse

      I think you can force Swiftkey to learn words… But I forget how. (sorry, that’s not too helpful, is it.) I KNOW I’ve seen that I can make it “forget” a learned word, anyways. And it seems to remember strange things I’ve typed, after I type them once somewhere…

      Try this… after you type a weird word, I think swiftkey puts your weird word as one of the options. (maybe you have to reposition your cursor, first? or highlight the word?) if you tap on that option (or long press?), I think it might remember it. one of the problems is getting your weird word (or email address) to not get “fixed” by auto-correction, first.

    • It is possible on the stock Android 4.0+ keyboard, I’m not sure about pre 4.0, but I just tried it signed into discus to post this comment using that method. You have to add a word to your dictionary and then setting a shortcut to it. It won’t automatically fix you word for you though. You’d have to press I on the suggestions above the keyboard.

    • Guest

      go into your language and keyboard setting and add it to your dictionary. like Jesus Otero said, im pretty sure this is a 4.0+ feature though.

    • Dr Tim Willis

      You can do it with our free app, Flexpansion (Flexible Text Expansion):


      You can add a shortcut for anything – for instance ‘qqq’ for your entire contact details, then you only need tap space to select. We have the only fully flexible abbreviation expansion system for Android anywhere, with a ton of time-saving features, and it’s straightforward to use. Please try us out!

      We’ll be releasing a major update later this week (mid-Nov 2012) too.

      • Br_d


        I gave it a shot. While it shows some promise, there are a few things I think could be improved in order for me to use it full time. The predictions are slower than what I am used to with SwiftKey, and the haptic feedback is a little too strong. I appreciate the abbreviation expansion feature, and I think I will use the keyboard to fill out forms on the web. I’ll keep an eye out for improvements that would make me want to use it as my keyboard for other use cases. Thanks for the post!

  • Justin Howard

    Is my droid RAZR original stock or non stock? I don’t know which instructions to use….someone please help

    • Justin Howard

      I don’t have it rooted or anything either

      • trixnkix637

        just try to install it (make sure you allow installs from 3rd party apps in security settings). If it goes through & works, then voila. If it doesn’t allow you to install then, you need to be rooted in order to put it on your phone and follow the 2nd set of instructions. As always back up before you attempt.

      • Your phone is non-stock (moto blur). Stock phones meaning Nexus devices.

      • Mack

        non stock

    • KreeTerry

      def non stock, unless your using a rom. the non stock method should work on stock devices so just go with it if your not sure. just make sure you have a backup either way.

    • kixofmyg0t

      just install it as you would any other app.

      I find it funny how its a few extra steps to install a “stock” keyboard on a “stock” phone lol.

  • lrohenaz

    damn you droid life I’m not going to get anything done today at all!

  • John Simonelli

    Android 4.2 + SwiftKey Flow = The end of Swype

    • UncleFan

      Good riddance. I always hated Swype’s parasitic business model: they took advantage of the scale of the Android ecosystem without participating in the marketplace that helped make that scale possible. Imagine if EVERY Android developer monetized their apps like Swype… EACH Android phone would have a retail price of MILLIONS of dollars due to the included license fees.

      • Obliterator

        Also, I don’t think Swype is going to get out of beta any time this century… :/

        • michael arazan

          Swype should put itself up for sale and see if Google will buy them out for all their work and testing, be a nice leap for Google to get a hold of all the preexisting data, software and testing to save them time.
          And then all that hard work won’t go to waste

          • drathos

            They were already bought out by Nuance. Hence the “Dragon Voice” button that got added last year.

          • TheMan876

            which is waaaay worse than google voice input

    • Not so fast……Hopefully this version is an alpha an truly not final because after taking it for a spin it is not nearly as good as swype for example trying to type words “love” or “good” is impossible unless tracing directly on top of each of the letters of the word as with swype you can be off by a few letters and it will accurately guess what you meant….again I hope this is an alpha build and google got to fine tune this keyboard because I hate having to switch back and forth between swype and our stock keyboard

      • This is a early version and not the final version.

      • balthuszar

        since it says “probably a beta” i would say this is an early build

    • MotoRulz

      Couldn’t agree more. I ditched Swype for ICS keyboard long time ago. I’ve downloaded Swiftkey Flow and love it so far. Needs some work but not bad..

      • Alix8821

        How’d yu get Flow?? I signed up, and was already VIP member, and never got email….

  • Chris

    How about a 4.2 ROM???

    • 4n1m4L

      Don’t think anyone has found them in the wild yet

      • Wont be one until the API is released.

  • desiman26

    Love it. Might get used to this.

  • DeeMat

    Looks pretty cool. Might give it a try to see how it compares to TouchPal.

  • if you swipe a word and its not the word you wanted, dont keep trying to swipe to make it change. lift up your finger, and long press the middle blue word in the little suggestion box. there will be a big list of other suggested words, and probably the one you meant to type is in there

  • Brittany n

    liking it a lot using it right now

  • Camera leak??..I need that new camera it’s amazing!!

  • Josh Flowers

    couldn’t activate it for the life of me–then realized i had to hit the ‘globe’ icon on the correct keyboard in order to actually use it.
    who knew?

  • Detonation

    “Stock” in the instructions just means you have the existing AOSP keyboard currently installed on your phone. You don’t necessarily need a flashable zip either, just need to push it to system/app and set the permissions.

  • BTLS

    I need a day off work to catch up on all the articles DL is pumping out this week!!!

  • ragnarok180

    This is probably the thing I’m excited about the most. Native Android “swype” support if you will.

  • i love that this is integrated with the stock keyboard now. I love the Swype keyboard in portrait mode but the stock keyboard is the best in landscape.

  • Dr_Buttballs

    Stupid question here, but what if you’re running a custom ROM on a device that is not stock? I’m running ParanoidAndroid on my Skyrocket.

    • Guest

      I currently have liquid rc5, i just installed it like a regular app. You just need to go to the language & input settings and turn it on. It didn’t replace the stock keyboard that comes with the ROM.

  • Nick

    So…..is Bugless Beast considered stock? I’m assuming not, but I want to make sure before I go having to load a backup.

    • I just installed the apk and it works flawlessly. I’m using it now! 🙂

      • Nick

        Thanks for the info!

    • yeah i installed the apk on bugless. no problems. works pretty well. works just like the stock keyboard when you type and then you can swype if you want. thats what ive wanted for so long, because if you just try to type on swype, it doesnt work out so well

  • have it on my gnex on bugless beast just downloading and installing the apk. works just fine. i like it a lot

  • TheDrunkenClam

    I’m not a fan of swyping to type.. But it looks cool. I guess I’m just not good at it.