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Monday Poll: Are You Buying the LG Nexus 4?

If the LG Nexus 4 had LTE and was going to be available on Verizon, I know that this poll would probably be completely one-sided towards “Yes.” But since it’s an unlocked GSM phone that runs HSPA+ only, many of you are going to have a difficult decision to make if you want to make the next Nexus your next phone. You would all have to give up unlimited data at Verizon (or just keep that account live too), and choose a tiered AT&T plan or the interesting coverage that T-Mobile can bring.

There is no doubt that the specs on this phone are unreal. You also know that it will receive updates before any other phone because it’s not tied to a carrier. Is that enough for you to make a monumental switch? Tell us, is the Nexus 4 your next phone?

Are You Buying the LG Nexus 4?

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  • bananatroll

    Hey Google you should be paying attention to this poll…


    Oh well my RAZR HD is being delivered tomorrow, and I know it can actually hold a signal and has LTE. I’ll root it and remove any bloat ware I don’t like as usual.

    LG is fail.

    Google should stop trying to win… and just pick a real winner to start with. Like Motorola or sony.

    But since all these fuc*ers care about is teaming up with the cheapest oem they can find over and over agin, we will continue to be stuck with sub par Google reference devices!

    I know im just pissing and moaning here, and should be grateful that motorola is even still in business…

    But srriously dude.

    Apple and Microsoft are going to keep cleaning up on this sh*t if Mountain View doesnt change its game.

  • Jim

    Absolutely love my GNex. But not leaving unlimited data nor Big Red fast LTE The good news is that the Galaxy Note 2 looks like an awesome phone . Can’t wait for a 5.5 inch device.

  • cgalyon

    I like the processor (a few things on my GNex lag), I like the wireless charging, and I believe the screen tech is supposed to be much better than the GNex. Those are very appealing features. I really don’t like the design (would’ve loved to have seen something more like the One X); it looks an awful lot like the GNex to me. The price is phenomenal and I’d like to stick it to Verizon. I’m contemplating my options over the next month and this could be the phone I get, but it’s not that outstanding, so it didn’t make the decision easy.

  • Its a little facetious to ask this on Droid-Life isn’t it? Most of the people who may be interested are most likely locked into a GNex 2 year contract.

    And ultimately, everyone is inclined to crap on the phone. It doesn’t support Verizon’s LTE network; not that Verizon has proved it deserves to have a phone exclusive to itself.

    Look at how the GSM/HSPA+ G Nex was marketed. It wasn’t picked up by the carriers because it can be used anywhere; it doesn’t lock you in. They are at YOUR whim, and they want it reversed.

    The Galaxy Nexus feels cheap except for the screen. 2100mAh for an HSPA+ phone is going to provide a lot of battery life, which helps ease the non-removable pain.

    S4 Pro Quad-Core, 2GB of RAM, are stand outs. The Screen display is preference really; and I could use a dose of non saturated color. 16GB is plenty, since cloud storage and access on Android has improved.

    I think Nexus 4 is Google’s opportunity to expand the market beyond the hardcore, and still have incentives for the hard core

  • droyd4life

    This phone is simply amazing for anyone NOT on a stupid CDMA network. 99% of the world doesn’t use gay CDMA. I will for sure be picking the LG Nexus up to replace my Samsung Vibrant.

  • steve30x

    I voted no! 16 gigs max (formatted probably 14 gigs or so) not enough especially if you like games that use up 2 gigs etc.. no sd card, no lte, battery is not all that.

  • lemonhead127

    I wonder how it would’ve been if Motorola made a Nexus….

  • Buckoman

    It’s a bad choice for this not to be on Verizon.

    Sorry, Google, I love you and all, but this just doesn’t feel right.

    Factor that in with the fact that you didn’t take control and actually push updates to the GNex, left it with a crap radio, and just now are releasing updated hardware that won’t even work with the largest network in the US leaves a sour taste in my mouth, and I’m sure it will for Google too.

  • Yes I’m gonna buy to replace my nexus s on my T-Mobile dealer plan. Already have a gnex also on Verizon so I’ll be fine

  • Verizon, Note 2 or GSIII for me, thanks.

  • I’m on Verizon plus I have the S3 and it is very easy to customize. Now the 299 price with no contract that would be kind of enticing to me, but I just don’t need to upgrade any time soon.

  • Matthew

    If its not coming to Sprint , I won’t be. If google offered it for Sprint without LTE I would buy it.

  • Wes Jordan

    The Nexus 4 was a good device until Google neutered it with crappy storage and connectivity. I doubt anyone not on TMobile will use this.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Waiting for Motorola Quads….

  • CodeToJoy

    Locked into a contract with Verizon, so no go for me.

  • And Verizon sucks!

  • Wow. So many dumb people NOT buying this.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Now that it looks like there won’t be multiple Nexus phones, I’d be very interested in this phone – if I wasn’t locked into a VZW contract. I’ll be looking to switch to T-Mobile or some pre-paid plan (even if that means only HSPA+) once my contract is up to buy whatever the top of the line Nexus phone is at that time.

  • ashlandT

    this phone already looks like an epic fail, regardless it’ll sell because its a Nexus

  • israel barbosa

    having my fingers crossed if ever a motorola nexus…

  • mland550

    I have a question about using an unlocked phone on AT&T’s network. I currently have a Galaxy S III i9300 and can only get about 2Mbits down and 1Mbit up when doing a speed test. This is with full bars and H+ showing in the notification bar. My AT&T GS II got about 4.5 MBits down/2Mbits up using the same test, in the same location. I have an unlimited data plan. Is it possible that AT&T sees my device’s IMEI and throttles the data because it’s not an ATT-branded device? I am excited for the Nexus 4 but don’t want to run into the same problems I seem to be having with the GS3 on ATT’s HSPA+ network.

  • Even if this was VZW compatible, no LTE is a dealbreaker for me. I’m spoiled now. My RAZR HD Dev Edition is looking like a golden purchase now.

  • I see no reason to part ways with my beautiful Galaxy Nexus. Not until my contract is up and I lose my unlimited data.

  • Blee

    No LTE is pathetic. iPhone 5 gets great battery with 4g. I’m so disappointed. This is last gen bs. I guess I’m getting an sgs3. Ugh

  • James

    After the LG Revolution I’ve learned my lesson with this company.

    • JetBlue

      Same never touching anything LG again due to the poor experience with the Revo.

  • Rajiv Kanumilli

    I would but I’m on Verizon, it doesnt have LTE, and am still in a 2 year contract with a Galaxy Nexus

  • JordanMcRae

    I’m on an AT&T GS3 and I love it but I really want pure Google. No LTE isn’t a deal breaker for me. I can deal with HSPA+ speeds. I am on wifi most of the time anyways being that I only have 200mb of data per month. So I am going to get the Nexus 4 and sell my GS3.

  • The fact that there is no LTE is simply a nogo for me.

  • i wont lose my unlimited data for no phone whats the point of having a all powerful device and it be limited by the 2gb data plan lol

  • Jackson

    Guess that leaves the htc dlx and the note 2 for us verizon people that want the best of the best I just hate that the exynos doesn’t hold a candle to the s4

  • no sd card…..nuff said

  • Mark F

    On Verizon so no

  • La2da

    No LTE, no removable battery, and gimped storage. They hit all 3 bullet points on my list of deal-breakers.

  • Yep. I’m actually grateful toward Google. I needed something to finally make me ditch Verizon. This was it. 🙂

  • hokieputter

    Would strongly consider, but stuck on VZW due to work. Hoping for a Moto Nexus on VZW based off of the Razr M!! That would definitely be next!! (wishful thinking I know)

  • Brittany n

    No not buying it even if it was coming to Verizon I still wouldn’t get it yes it has some nice specs and latest IS but it doesn’t have a memory card slot and its made LG I’m still going for the note 2 or HTC DlX

  • Jnmigr

    Love that lg nexus, wish this galaxy nexus was like it. But sticking with galaxy note 2. Plus no LTE Is a no no for Verizon customers.

  • no verizon lte. only thing holding me back.

  • Kisuk3

    No LTE
    LG has not established itself as a quality phone maker
    Non removable battery

    Going to hang on to the Gnex for another year and see what comes out next fall.

  • Garmon

    Non-removable battery, no card slot, no LTE. = No compelling reason to switch from Verizon. If I didn’t have a grandfathered account, I would be willing to switch carriers if the phone were compelling enough. This phone doesn’t come close. The more iphone like they make it, the less interested I am.

  • joejoe5709

    Yeah I’m on Verizon and I’m locked in until next year. Blah Blah. Up until today I was pretty much against this phone, but after that Verge video I like the phone a lot more. Is it enough to have me jump ship? No way. If I were on T-Mobile would it be enough to buy off contract? Not likely. If I were up for an upgrade on T-Mobile and still had my current GNex would I upgrade? Yeah probably. It’s a cool phone and it’s a Nexus. Nuff said.

  • jack

    Doing a speed test at a local T-Mobile store the reps HSPA+ One S was faster than my LTE Galaxy Nexus.

  • Bill Anderson

    Where’s the “I’m still under contract with the evil known as Verizon” checkbox?

  • dave

    Theres just nothing special here…I don’t know why..as much as I want to like it….its missing something.

    • Nathan


  • Hothfox

    It sounds like a good phone, but I won’t be for several reasons. First of which, I’m still on Verizon for another year, and I don’t feel like this phone is enough to justify an early termination fee and a switch to another carrier (that’s not to say I wouldn’t switch to AT&T for a different Nexus in another year). It looks almost just like my Galaxy Nexus too. I find the screen is sufficient on that to watch Netflix, so that’s all that matters to me. Quad core processors in a phone right now are over kill, in my opinion, because there’s not much you can do with your smartphone that really takes advantage of them yet – maybe when Ubuntu for Android comes out, but now now.

  • gadgetryan

    Nope…waiting for my Note 2 for work. btw, wouldnt those with the GNex get the 4.2 update anyway? I’ll wait for that!!

  • Justin Everett

    On Verizon, so no…staying with my GNex until something else actually gets released on my network.
    it’s too bad too, i had an LG phone before my first android and i loved it.

  • Michael C

    I was really looking forward to this phone. But since there is no LTE and it’s not on Verizon, then no.

  • chanstar

    For the price, I would put up with the non-removable battery and no external SD. But no LTE??….nevermind.

    Other specs and the beauty of the phone had me but this seems like a Google’s version of an iPhone even though it is still way better than an iPhone.

    • Dapoktan

      This. I def wanted an LTE phone this time. Ugh. So disappointed. Maybe theyll still release one with.

  • Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. Willing to buy a phone off contract to preserve unlimited data but it must have top of the line specs and be able to be rooted and run AOKP 🙂