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LG Nexus 4 User Guide Posted, Confirms 8GB and 16GB Models Plus Wireless Charging

On Friday night, LG posted up quick start guides for the Nexus 4 (LG-E960), confirming that it will come in both 8GB and 16GB models. Along with storage confirmation, there is a mention of wireless charging, which will be built in, rather than an add-on through an accessory (Yay!). We also get full tours of the device, like the location of the notification light (same as the Galaxy Nexus), all switches, the 8MP camera, microphones, etc.

Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Sandy, this phone will no longer be unveiled officially tomorrow in NYC. Google has yet to announce a new date for another event, but if they plan on doing it in NYC still, it could be a few days (or a week) as the hurricane will likely stick around for a while. 

Download:  Nexus4_QSG_US.pdf

Via:  LG (links pulled by LG)

Cheers Adam, Tim, BaldyPal, and brad!

  • turb0wned

    So let me get this straight. The new Nexus is ugly as hell. The camera and flash doesn’t even look like it belongs there. 16GB only again for GSM. No LTE. Headphone jack at the top. Glittery back so you can look like a spice girl….. Yeah Google, I’ll keep my money. I’ll keep my white GNEX and get the latest updates but put CM10 in a One X+ and deal with just a headphone jack.

  • Tim Buchanan

    Wireless charging? For a Nexus device, that either means an $80 peripheral (a la GNex) or waiting forever for a dock to never materialize (Nexus 7).

  • Neomastermind

    Is Google losing touch with its own App Store and its users. Games, at least, are becoming bigger. The big titles made by Gameloft push 1+ gigs on their own. You also have to account for photos, videos, random downloads from the browser. 8GB shouldn’t even be a thought when it comes to phones.

    • Bionic


  • Bionic

    Don’t worry guys. Motorola is working on a nexus for first half of 2013 and it’ll blow the doors off this one. Can you say quad core Intel power?

    • DainLaguna

      can you say ‘links?’

  • nightscout13

    Wireless charging: The only technology even remotely innovative in the new Nexus. Otherwise everything about the phone screams January 2011.

    • ddevito


      otherwise, it’ll still whip your phone’s ass 40 ways from Sunday

      • nightscout13

        battery capacity sucks. NFC was on Nexus S in 2010. mediocre screen. Non-removable battery AND storage. fugly glitter back. My GS3 wins in all rounds. Tell me at least 1 feature that is innovative on this phone. It doesn’t even have a quad-core! You FAIL

        • DainLaguna

          1.battery capacity sucks: if you are basing this off the fact that it is 2100 mah, then yes, i’d say it sucks…RELATIVE to what comes on motorola devices and ONLY what comes on motorola devices. but this is supposed to have new battery tech, which you havent tested yet, and something within android 4.2 to help assist with battery life.

          2.nfc is touted by many of us as ‘the future’ and now its old news?

          3. mediocre screen: really? compared to…what? and iphone5? an htc onex? its on PAR with them. no, its isnt as ‘revolutionary’ as the 720p screen on the gnex was when it first came out…but bear in mind, the gnex wasnt first to that party (it was accompanied by htc’s rezound) and pentile displays, even ones that are HD, have been universally panned by the media and techy sites as being subpar to the type of screen this lg will have. have you seen reviews for the optimus g? no this screen is as modern as a screen gets, and runs with the best of em. ‘mediocre’ is such a gross overstatement. you want to blame a phone company for releasing ‘2011’ screens? head over to motorola

          4. Non removable battery AND storage: you remembered that the nexus s has nfc…why dont you remember that it doesnt have removable storage either? battery? ok, i’ll give you that, from a literal perspective. but again we dont know what battery tech is going into this thing….maybe thats where the innovation will happen. i’m all for motos large batteries, but pretty devices they dont make.

          5. fugly glitter back: i’ll take personal opinion for 500 please alec. i totally disagree. i love it. looks like the classic nexus live wallpaper. to each his own. but how you think a device looks has nothing to do with ‘innovation’.

          6.my gs3 wins in all rounds. : no it doesnt. it comes stock with the same size battery that you deemed as a suckfest. (granted its removable). and the screen is a dim version of the gnex, which isnt as good as the optimus g’s….please explain how your s3 has a better screen than the optimus g. i’d love to hear it. and last but not least…it runs touchwiz.

          and yes, this phone will be running an s4 pro…which is quadcore bro.

          • nightscout13

            Wow, you must really like LG

          • DainLaguna

            No, i just dont enjoy people posting a legit complaint or two wrapped in a whole mess of falsehoods.

            I dont even own an lg product.

  • pharmdy

    I’m not sure if anyone else mentioned this – but this same thing happened last year, except it was Steve Jobs dying, not a hurricane. Nexus launch curse?!

  • George

    Sometimes it very confusing trying to figure out the logic behind Googles decision making. I understand the tech company’s pushing everybody towards clouding but to me clouding isn’t ready for prime time yet. At least not for what I would use it for. 8GB and 16GB? I just returned my N7 to the store to get the 32GB model in a few weeks. I think 32GB is the sweet spot. It is just right. I am going to skip this phone . My 32GB G-Nex is just fine (except for the horrible camera)

    • DainLaguna

      i agree that 32 gigs is the sweet spot…for certain users, users like us (android nuts). while i’m not a huge fan of the 8gig model, i’ll be able to live with the 16 gig model. if 17 year old chicks with iphones can learn to live with it, surely i’ll be able to 😉

  • Cedrik Portugues

    16gb is enough and if your still using up space on your device with music your a yard open a Google music account 25,000 songs worth of cloud space. And docs can be saved on Google drive. As for photos and bids the same goes maybe your just carrying around a bunch of useless media. And as for those who DL phone games portable gaming will never beat console gaming look forward to gaikai and on live to full fill your desires. The cloud is the inevitable get with it or keep crying over BS.

    • nhizzat

      And paying even more to your carrier is inevitable because you’ll undoubtedly go over your data cap.

      • DainLaguna

        please. unless you stream music for hours and hours a day….i stream on the way to work and back (half hour each way.) i’ve yet to run into data cap problems. at the end of the day, you arent listening to your 200 gig music collection all within the same day.make some songs available offline. inconvenient? kinda. but google trying to empower carriers? ha!

        • Storage is storage, who made the rule that you have to listen to everything that you have on your mobile device in one day? This does not make any sense. The same way I could ask you why you have a PC with more than 100GB, I don’t think you use 100GB per day?

  • JoJo Mac

    No lte is a disgrace

    • lkm32

      I guess google just won’t sell the Verizon CDMA and aren’t advertizing it. It could still pop up, but seeing the experience that Google had with Verizon with the Galaxy Nexus I don’t blame them for not making it a priority.

      • ddevito

        it will most likely be in Verizon’s lineup early 2013

        • There’s no guarantee of that. Verizon doesn’t always get Nexus phones and honestly I don’t think we’d be missing out much with this one. It’s good though since it give me more time to save for an unlocked Nexus next year so I can keep my unlimited.

          • Honestly the Droid DNA (or whatever the heck they end up calling it, its codename is DLX) blows this Nexus out of the water and seeing as the DNA will ship with 4.1 or even 4.2 (as the rumors are indicating) there isn’t really that much need to have to have a Nexus device for software updates (plus we all know how Verizon is with updates anyways).

          • DainLaguna

            pure google runs better than any skin. you can argue that you like the interface better all you want, but phones like the gnex on jellybean prove specs dont matter when you have software optimized for the hardware. so i’m waiting to hear how it’ll ‘blow this nexus’ outta the water…benchmarks mean nothing if the experience doesnt reflect it.

            and its not like the nexus4 isnt beastly under the hood either….

          • I don’t really know if I want a 5 inch phone though. I do love HTC hardware but I really just want a Moto Nexus next year. Wishlist for that: DLX/HTC One X type screen (which are the best out there), iPhone level camera, moto’s battery, design, and cell quality, wireless charging would be cool.

      • Larizard

        I think Motorola will get a Nexus next yea and Verizon will get it for sure. That’s why Google isn’t too worried about not having the LG Nexus on Verizon this year.

        • Tim Buchanan

          Probably true. VZW and Moto are like Siamese twins.

        • DainLaguna

          what difference does having a moto nexus on verizon mean if verizon still interferes with it the way they did the gnex?

  • Jason h

    I can’t imagine the marginal costs for 32gb are enough that it ruins the competitiveness of this phone…I love everything but storage. What’s wrong with consumers deciding if they want to own or use the cloud? Corporations are pushing the cloud because it’s massively in their favor to have content on their servers and eventually move to a rental model. This is beginning to look more like gmos in the food supply…

  • Scott

    Only 8 gigs? Please…

    • DainLaguna

      16 gig option too. or did you forget to keep reading?

      • The nokia n97 already had 32GB built in storage in the first half of 2009 (!) and we soon are in 2013, so even 16GB is a joke.

  • Jonathan

    What evidence is there for wireless charging? I think you need to be careful with that claim. If the only thing leading to that conclusion is the “induction coil” point in the manual, then you might very well be wrong. It seems much more likely that it refers to NFC, not wireless charging.

  • anezarati

    that headphone jack on the top is really confusing. why would they change that?

    • T4rd

      Yeah, I thought that was a bad design choice too. Having plugs on different sides of the phone is already a bad design, but putting the headphone jack on the top is retarded. I think the overall design of the Gnex is considerably better.

      • DainLaguna

        somewhat better. actually, its really only that the headphone jack placement is better for some folks.

        especially when you consider how freaking similar they look

      • anezarati

        you know, i never even thought of the fact that the plugs are on different ends. sometimes i use my gnex to play music in my car with a male to male connector, while at the same time charging it. this phone will make that impossible or at least really awkward.

    • Tim Buchanan

      Totally disagree. Headphone jack on the top is the way it should be, IMHO. I don’t like having my device sitting upside-down in the cupholder of my car so that I don’t tweak the audio cable.

      • duh

        Do you have your screen orientation locked?

      • T4rd

        That’s easily fixed with software. Most ROMs give you the ability to rotate 180 degrees. Also, get a car mount and get your phone out of the cup holder ;-). If you had a car mount though, you would see why it’s retarded to have any jacks on the top of the phone.

  • rumthin

    I’ll pick up a 16gb version, but I’ll be pissed if they pull a N7 and offer more storage a few months from now.

  • termiNader

    Wireless charging as in powersmat?

    • Bionic

      No it just pulls electrons out of the air around it.

      • shecalledmejay

        I can’t wait for that to be true lmaoo

        • Bionic

          Me too haha

      • Buy This

        Surprise surprise, more douchebaggery from this guy. How angry are you that you sit at home and make snarky posts on every article?

        • DainLaguna

          not even ics can make him content

  • So… If the Nexus 7 tablet has a 7″ screen, and the upcoming Nexus 10 tablet will have a 10″ screen, then this one has a 4″ screen?

    Yes, I’m aware that the leaked specs so far say it’s a 4.7″ screen but it seems like someone has been copying Apple’s confusing naming conventions. The name would suggest that it’s 0.7″ smaller than it actually is. I’m not really crazy about the non-removable battery either. Regardless, if there’s not an LTE version then it won’t affect me in the slightest.

  • Bionic

    Gladly take an HTC Droid DNA or Razr Maxx HD over this.

    • KleenDroid

      Only if you want LTE. If both had LTE there would be no comparison.

      • nhizzat

        Who doesn’t want LTE?

        • DainLaguna

          people who use wifi alot. or who dont get what it is. or who value battery life? just saying. i wouldnt want to live without it but i guess i could learn.

          bear in mind, they may announce an lte version.the optimus g is lte enabled on at&t and sprint…the n4 announcement may just be for the unlocked hspa version.

  • qmartman711

    A simple analogy-
    LG Nexus 4 : Samsung Galaxy Nexus as iPhone 4s: iPhone 4

  • ayyy

    New razr > new nexus

    • DainLaguna


  • i wish it would just go to verizon. but sadly it probably will not.

    • Bionic

      No LTE support

      • International version doesn’t have lte support, why don’t you wait for the announcement and see what the us version will have?

      • lkm32

        Like the other guy said, calm down and wait a bit.

  • Roshan John

    I’m still holding on to the glimmer of hope that there will be an LTE option. I can survive easily with 16gb space… but LTE speeds are a must when you’re on Verizon.

    • capecodcarl

      An LTE version probably wouldn’t be released within the next few months since we’ve seen no mention of it even passing FCC testing yet.

  • Bionic

    Worst. Nexus. Ever.

    • Bionic

      Who’s the hell is down voting this? Prove me wrong! Limited storage, no LTE, subpar battery.

      • hkklife

        Every Nexus has been hobbled in at least one key area:

        Nexus One had too little internal storage and its screen was a tad small for an all-touch devicem

        Nexus S was only WVGA and had a lousy camera and a greenish screen

        Galaxy Nexus had bad radios, bad camera, a weak battery and mediocre gaming performance.

        And now the LG repeats many of the above mistakes. As long as Google brings it in at a stunningly low price unlocked (such as $299 for 8Gb), I just don’t see it making much of a splash.

        The “unofficial” Nexi GED devices always had much better specs and seemed to age better (OG Droid, Xoom) than the official releases (Nexus 7 exempted).

        • Bionic

          Totally agree. Only thing that can make this phone look good is unlocked at a great price.

        • DainLaguna

          aside from the too little internal storage, the lg nexus doesnt seem to have any of the other flaws, so…..

      • The USA isn’t the whole world kid…..
        No matter what your parents told you, now go back to playing call of duty and leave the adults to discuss the new nexus.

        • Bionic

          LOL go fuckkkkk yourself. I’m 31 years old and I guarantee I’ve traveled much more of the world than you have.

          • You don’t happen to be a Nuke?

          • Bionic

            Haha. No. Just a weapons handler

          • 4n1m4L

            No more nukes! PVNGS for me 🙂

          • DainLaguna

            all the traveling you’ve done and all the life experience you have and you still arent mature enough to abstain from dropping the f bomb to a faceless poster on the internet?

        • Bionic

          8 years in the navy. Don’t talk to me about the rest of the world. Cuz I guarantee I’ve seen more of it than you have. The good and the bad.

          • lkm32

            Good for you.

            But seriously, stop being so damn grumpy.

          • I agree with you on the small internal storage space, but one thing you have to learn: No matter what kind of things you have done, if you do something wrong in the present you can’t use your past as an excuse for that.

      • Why are commenting about the battery? It hasn’t even been released yet so how do you know its subpar? How do we know there’s no LTE since it hasn’t been announced yet? This Nexus is pretty much the highest specs you can get right now.

      • Buy This

        probably because all you do is hate on every post on here. Some people have a positive perspective. Some people also consider themselves fortunate to be able to have access to a phone like this, regardless of whatever you deem to be its “shortcomings”. Also you are kind of a dick bro. The downvotes speak for themselves.

        • nhizzat

          What positives are there to this phone?

      • DainLaguna

        oh you have tested the battery?

      • Will Foss

        It’s a given on any online forum that if you just post a comment like ‘Worst. Nexus. Ever.’ you will be downrated into oblivion. It adds absolutely nothing to the conversation, and you don’t even support your argument. If you had included your reasons – storage, LTE, battery, etc. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been nearly as poorly received.

        Of course, it also sounds like your reputation precedes you here, so some people are just going to vote you down just because.

        Personally, I don’t care for the N4 due to limited storage, but I think it’ll be better than Sammy as long as it doesn’t have the same cheap, plastic case and horrible battery life. I’m still using my N1 running JB because no other Nexus has felt like it’s worth the money… yet.

    • Well we can all tell by your corny little avatar and handle that you’re a fan boy so we don’t expect nothing more/less out of you in this department. Lets face it Bionic that phone was and still is absolute trash along with the majority of the Razr line. Nexus’ are all top dog bottom line. The whole world does not use LTE and cloud storage is the future. Get over it already.

      • Bionic

        I’d say 80 percent of customers want LTE. Cloud storage for a phone with no unlimited data really? Fanboy? Maybe, but my tablet is made by ASUS. Do I live motorola? Yes please I do. But even if this was a Motorola with the same specs I’d be disappointed and not buy it. If this thing had a great battery I’d be more forgiving.

        • lkm32

          But it will have 4G right? Basically only Verizon has that CDMA LTE (maybe sprint), and after the Galaxy Nexus I can’t blame Google for not putting too much effort into it.

          • Brandon

            LTE is GSM Verizon phones have CDMA and GSM antennas for this very reason

      • billy routh

        Top dog, lmao. No lte, No Expandable memory, No true multitasking like the note 2. Decent phone? Yes. Top dog? Not even close.

        • DainLaguna

          how does this not have ‘real’ multitasking?

      • Sorry you can’t bash LTE and praise cloud storage in the same breath. If you really want to appreciate cloud storage, you need to have a fast data connection. They aren’t joined at the hip but they are better together.

      • Cloud storage is not the future, its already present. BUT not for HD Videos or Music on mobile devices, downloading them takes time, time and energy that could be used better. I don’t want my phone do run out of battery just because I streamed a video instead of having it in my local storage. Cloud storage for Videos and Music is the worst decision. Why would I want to store my files on a old Harddrive in some computer and stream everything from there to my phone when I can store everything on my modern mobile phone with enough storage? A Smartphone is a device, it has storage, storage that does not differ from storage in the cloud, the only difference is that you don’t have to stream everything because its already in the phone.

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    I love the cloud…but it’s got a long way to go before its an EVERYDAY thing. Google Music is the best service so far but with many being forced onto shared plans it causes problems! I’ll be holding onto my GNEX for a least another year! Although that NOTE 2 is beautiful!

    • TheCheapGamer

      The only the thing cloud lacks (for me) is the connection speed.
      LTE and 4G is great…if your area gets either. I’m left with 3G, which is fine for a connection, but horrible for relying on cloud based storage.

      • Bionic


      • nhizzat

        That just means it’ll take longer for you to hit your data cap 😛 Think of it as a blessing!

    • Allen Byrd

      Google Music is really awesome, I agree. The music and app ecosystem on Android is so much better than having to use heavy, laggy iTunes on your PC and tying yourself into something so hard to get out of. Google Music and Amazon MP3 FTW.

      • ddevito

        Actually, Google Music makes it OH SO EASY to migrate off iTunes.

        Now they need to do the same for all Apple and MSFT products and services!

      • iTunes may be laggy and unbearable on PC but after I bought a Mac (yes I know, its an Apple product but spare me the blah blah about it bc I actually like it) it is surprisingly fast and fun to use! Google Music to me isn’t that great but I have found that DoubleTwist with AirSync is AMAZING for going from iTunes to Android wirelessly!

    • In order for it to become an everyday thing Google and other cloud computing companies are going to have to go toe to toe with ISPs (mainly Verizon and other wireless ISPs) to get Internet costs DOWN!

      • ddevito

        err, Google already is


        • Thats a start but its only available in VERY few areas and if I’m remembering correctly it won’t even roll out until late next year! Google also needs to hash it out with Verizon and other MOBILE carriers to lower their rates! Whats the point of having my 100GB music collection uploaded to the cloud if it would cost me a fortune just to access it?

          • ddevito

            give them time – and besides – download your stuff when you’re on WiFi and enjoy it while you’re not. It’s not difficult to adjust. Seriously I think people just find faults in something and exploit it.

          • Most home internet providers even have limited plans now so for some people WiFi wouldn’t be an option!

            This is why I am glad I have unlimited Verizon 4G LTE and unlimited Road Runner!

          • Bionic

            AT&T u verse is my only option besides comcast here. Thankfully I haven’t heard any talk of being limited.

          • Larizard

            …which brings us to the topic of 8/16GB internal storage…

          • Will Foss

            For now, it’s only rolling out in the Kansas City areas (Kansas & Missouri) as the test market “contest winner”.

            There have been rumors about possible expansion beyond that market, but it seems equally as likely this was just a PR stunt trying to shame ISPs into offering better/affordable products. It’s similar to how Google first came up with the Nexus One in order to spur other makers to innovate and advance phone designs more quickly.

            I am hoping it doesn’t have an affect other ISPs yet, and that Google decides to expand the service all over the place!

        • Bionic

          I hope and pray Google fiber majorly expands soon.

  • T4rd

    Well that’s quite unfortunate :-(. Guess I’ll wait for a 32 GB or maybe just get a Note 2 if I can handle the size.

    • No dlx? 😀

      • a.youth.in.Asia

        He doesn’t want to downgrade.

        • How is that a downgrade?

          • Jon

            Horrible Technology Company


          • How is a quad core S4 Pro with a magnificent 1080p FULL Hd display a downgrade? It will be shipped with the most current version of Android (or so the rumors say) which makes it already above and beyond what Motorola is doing with the Razr HD this makes software upgrades not an issue for at least a year or so and even then if there is enough dev support it won’t be an issue at all.

          • Tony Allen

            Ignore the Samsung fanboys, the DLX is going to be a phenomenal device that will be better than a Note 2 for a few reasons it ultimately comes down to preference but a lot of people are upset that Exynos won’t be on top of the S4 quad core with the Adreno 320

          • Tim Buchanan

            Srsly, my GNex is great and all, but I’d trade it in a second for a device with more onboard storage. Sick of streaming and cloud storage. I just want it to play my music when I press play.

          • I don’t think any of the new devices being launched this winter have expandable storage so it looks like the cloud is the only option! I wish they would reincorporate mSD because they are like a angel sent from heaven to enlighten us with more storage lol!

    • Lorne Serpa

      Note 2.

  • lexicdys

    Lets get this over with, why 8GB and 16GB?

    • Joseph Pojunis

      A push for cloud storage. We (as a website) have been over this many times with the Nexus devices.

      • Drummer62

        Cloud storage is great but it forces you to consume more data if you are not on wifi, and with the carriers basically forcing people off unlimited I don’t think this helps people at all. Limiting the phones storage capacity for this particular “flagship” device is a big fail in my mind. If they offered a 32GB model, that would be sufficient, less than that is not acceptable in my opinion.

        • a-ron

          especially with no external sd option!

      • Travis Shepherd

        I got one of those usb connectors that has a male micro usb on one end & then a female standard usb on the other, I put a 32GB card in a reader & use that.

      • nhizzat

        A push for cloud storage in the days of tiered data plans. Sure, you could go to TMo or Sprint and get their unlimited data but you sacrifice network coverage. Even worse, 8GB is hardly enough these days now that games and apps are getting larger and larger.

        What a great way for phone makers and carriers to further gouge end users.

        • Correction: 8GB IS NOT enough! I had to use an 8GB iPhone4 cause my real phone broke. Couldn’t even fit 700 songs on it and was left with <500MB!

          • ddevito


          • Glen E Ston

            google wants you to stream your music. Its enough if you use google music.

          • AlexKCMO

            You can’t stream your music if you travel often. This is a huge fail in Google’s end.

          • nhizzat

            And carriers want you to go over your data limits.

      • Bionic

        Problem with that is Google does not seem to realize unlimited data no longer exists for most customers.

    • Chris Malkiewicz

      You would think they would have learned something from the N7. But hopefully the price point will be low enough to justify!

      • lkm32

        Yes, the N7 sold well and was received well by people who used it.

        Also, I have never needed to go over the 8GB on my OG kindle fire or the 4GB on my rooted Moto Defy. I have a sansa clip for my music since I am away from home for almost 48 hours at a time and battery life is important.

      • nhizzat

        Unless it’s $free.99 off-contract, no price can justify 8GB of storage.

    • Keeps it cheap. And yes, a push for cloud storage.

      • droidmupdox

        Has the push for cloud storage really been proven? Or is everyone just inferring?

        • Jimmyrustler

          Inferring, it’s quite clear that google is not forcing anyone in to the cloud. Just look at the soon to be released nexus 7 with 32GB on board storage, this is just a way of keeping costs down, a bit down the line you might see a 32GB version.