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Samsung Posts Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Gallery, Home Button Branding Definitely Included

Remember when we posted pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for Verizon and it had “Verizon” branded all over the home button? That wasn’t just a prototype. The actual device will have a Verizon logo on the home button, on both the white and gray versions. Not only that, but the back battery cover will have “Verizon” and “4G LTE” as well.

Now, this shouldn’t turn you away from it, as the Note 2 has been a pleasure to use over the last few days. But, I can’t help but shake my head a little. Look Verizon, we get that it’s on your network, however, we don’t need to be reminded of that every time we want to leave an app. Not only that, but I can’t imagine that home button logo placement is topping the charts for prime advertising space. Oh, we should also mention that no other carrier deemed branding the home button, necessary.

Pics below! 

White model paint sales just went through the roof for the first time in 50 years.

Via:  Samsung

Cheers Jay!

  • Brittany n

    i hope its a sticker or it can be scratched off or something that is just ugly

  • CaptainHowdy13

    A new accessory market has been born: Home button protective covers. Try all new bedazzled home button cover and many more!

  • C-Law

    I just noticed normally you can’t see the back and menu buttons unless they are lit up but you can see them in the above shots and they are the same color as the Verizon logo. Does this mean the Verizon logo lights up! Nooo! God I hope not! Oh and it looks like it comes out November 15 behind every other carrier. What a surprise

  • Batman

    Just so unnecessary. I have been a Big Red customer for years. Once it becomes feasible for me to switch to unlocked phones, I’m going to do so.

  • Really Verizon? You have the whole back of the phone to mess around with (which you already did immensely) and decide to put your logo… on the HOME BUTTON?! and its the ugliest logo placement too. You pretty much ruined this phone.

  • BAX

    iFixit, please post a guide how to REPLACE THE HOME BUTTON!

  • Who the crap crap is Verizon even advertising to when practically everyone in the country has wireless Service?

    Here’s a little trick I used back in the days of of OG Droid: go to your local beauty supply store and buy a 4-way mini nail file to gently sand and polish this classless blemish away.

  • paul_cus

    Oh, how I hate carrier branding on phones. Especially the front. Only the OEM should be able to do that.

  • C-Law

    I’m sure Verizon already realized people would want to rub this logo off immediately and had it permanently installed underneath the top coating. God how I wish a nice company that cared about its customers opinions and quick updates would take over this evil one

  • I’m leaving Verizon for a multitude of reasons when my contract is up in a couple months, but this makes me even happier that I am doing so.

  • i think what makes it worse is the button looks kinda ugly itself. at least for me.

  • Guest

    i think what makes i

  • Joshua

    VZW sucks — glad I’m with AT&T

  • possomcrast

    I wonder how hard that will be to scratch off…

  • Nicholassss

    Why is that real. First person to tell me how to get it of wins a prize.

    • La2da

      Use a sugar cube or nail polish. If they were so low as to actually put it under glass, there’s a link above for replacement home buttons.

  • StoneColdCarl

    No. No. NO.

  • gadgetryan

    Glad im pre ordering the ATT version. Thanks Work!! haha

  • Adam Cox

    so is that the home button or the magic verizon button?

  • C-Law

    I might feel embarrassed now to show this to my friends. I wonder if I could just take a small dremel buffing wheel to it? It’d probably ruin the buttofinish n in the process. Lol.. so how hard is it to replace this button?


      As if holding this thing to your ear wouldn’t be embarrassing enough?

  • DanWazz

    Gives you a reason to use that home button: use it enough and eventually that logo will wear off.

  • Butters619

    Verizon is the bully of networks. They got too big and now they just push everybody around, manufacturers and consumers alike.

  • Besides how tacky it looks, this is a legitimate user experience issue. Not to mention having physical buttons at all – UGH.

  • that’s disgusting.

  • If they’re that conceited why didn’t they just move the Samsung logo to the back and put theirs up top? It would of looked a million times better!

  • Zach Armstrong

    Verizon always puts their logos in really stupid places but this was the dumbest of them all.

  • NexusMan

    Friggin Verizon…..How could a company succeed so well at annoying me and pushing me away when just a year ago I did nothing but sing their praises for like the ten years prior.

    • JoshGroff


    • La2da

      Greed from the smartphone gold rush.

  • mustbepbs

    What. The. ****.

  • itsacardigan

    Do they have the death penalty in NJ?

  • TheWenger

    That is hideous.

  • NyReynolds

    One day their name will be watermarked on the screen.

    • Jared Fulgham

      Pre-burned into the LCD, like it’s supposed to be, right?

      • NyReynolds

        Absolutely lol.

  • geedee82

    Someone at Verizon deserves the death penalty.

  • Does anyone know if this will be a VZW Global Phone like the VZW version of the Galaxy S3? Yes I know the update to make it a Global phone isn’t out yet for the GS3 but I thought I would ask.

  • benjamin forehand

    I bet someone will make a little sticker that comes with a case or something

  • jldleo

    The only way I’m NOT getting this phone is if Verizon engraves the Logo on the screen.

    • Tim242


  • Seriously, is anybody going to get this, I have a GS3 and a Nexus.. give up my GS3???? I’m not sure I want to hold that to my ear.. like ever!

    • Tim242

      Yes, many will get this. If you don’t want to hold it to your ear, use headphones. I rarely talk on the phone anymore. I’d rather have a device that fits many other uses.

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    Okay now I want the DNA, are they serious with that 2 inch Verizon & 4G logo? I do not see how the front logo is compatible with any of their logo guidelines. Normally major corporations have logo guidelines that must be used with at least 1 inch of white space and other specifics, what are they thinking.

  • Spoken Word™

    Well, looks like my Galaxy Nexus will live on as my daily driver unless I can find instructions for removing that f’d up Verizon graffiti.

    • Love it …..

    • On the Bionic you could easily remove the branding with a quarter and a bit of pressure.

  • Tim242

    One of the techs at my Sprint store will replace that branded button for a plain Sprint button : )

  • schoat333

    Why do they let apple get away with zero branding? Time for manufactures to make a stand against VZW.

    • Apple has the clout and financial security to put their foot down. They can pull iPhone from Verizon and not be bothered, as there is still AT&T, Sprint, and other carriers.

      • schoat333

        Samsung, HTC, Motorola… they could all do the exact same thing. Imagine if they did it together, and VZW got no new phones. That would be a nice power swing.

  • I HATE VERIZON…..But it’s getting harder everytime I experience these insane data speeds….DAMN YOU VERIZON!!!

  • Robandrhee

    Look at the date on the phone nov.15

  • Zachary F

    The only carrier with a logo on the front for the Note 2? sigh can’t believe Samsung allowed it.

  • PrestonInc

    The back cover, whatever some of us have cases some of us will replace with a metal back. But that front button is hideous. Its not like they have a decent looking logo either, its off-centered and just ugly. SMH verizon

  • Hey at least they are the best carrier and many people know that verizon is expensive so at least your rocking a expensive brand not some cheap Metro pcs brand lol

    • iamjackspost

      Honestly, who other than the person using the phone will notice it?

  • hfoster52

    Hopefully someone will figure out how to remove that off the home key without scratching it…. 🙂

  • Boston

    I need to start a new company that sells stock face plates, back plates and now buttons to cell phone consumers.

  • Verizon Galaxy Note 2. The only variant of the Note 2 to include front branding and a locked bootloader.

    • Nick Floria

      was it confirmed that the bottloader is locked?

      • sBj

        Yeah, unfortunately.

      • Jason

        I would count on it.

      • ERIC REED

        Yep…as soon as that Verizon logo was slapped on it!!

    • KleenDroid

      I am hoping Samsung “leaks” an un-encrypted bootloader like they did for the S3.

    • That lasted a long time on the S3… Like a month… Suspect it’ll be the same or faster on the Note 2

  • Ron_Swanson

    I’m putting an AT&T sticker over it….

    • Diablo81588


    • FortitudineVincimus

      a well placed and cut and colored matched vinyl sticker can hide that beotch easy

  • Buckoman

    See, this is great for consumers like me who never want to forget which carrier they’re bending over for.

  • Velmeran

    How long until replacement, non-branded buttons pop up online for sale?