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Video: Need 50 Reasons Why Your Galaxy S3 is Better Than the New iPhone?

Whether we want to or not, many of us find ourselves having to justify our decision to buy an Android device over Apple’s new iPhone 5. Now, we aren’t into device bashing (we promise) and we think there’s room in this world for everybody’s opinions, but we thought it would be good for all of our Galaxy S3 owners to be equipped for their next battle. 

The Galaxy S3 features many unique things that the iPhone does not – NFC technology, expandable memory, removable battery, and you can even throw in that we have a dedicated Google Maps app. Burn. Below is a video listing out a total of 50 things that the SGS3 has that the iPhone 5 does not.

Go study and the next time an Android hater comes knocking, you’ll be ready.

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Via: Phone Buff

  • Sam’s Son

    Is there proof that the Iphone 5 doesn’t have half of these features?

  • holy crap!! hey at&t!! can i trade in my iphone 4s for an upgrade to the galaxy s3??!! please and thank you!!!

  • Ccac

    After jail break iPhone become Monter. After 4share Android become dummy.

  • Ccac

    galaxy like a truck and iphone like a sport car. I did not hear any thing about after iphone jailbreak, far away from gaming and utility plus free app and free utility.

  • Mike

    Androids are cool but iPhones are cool too I just prefer iPhone because of crisp display the apps Siri and the cases I like android because of the flash player the widgets and they have so many different cool phones because of the competition theyre all cool phones.

  • battery life

  • jo

    Iphone 5 got so much hype that’s why everyone bought one. But they are both very good phones.

  • the screen is bigger. not sure if that was mentioned

  • master94

    Apple fan boy’s perspective: 50 reasons why the iPhone5 is better than the galaxy S3:
    1-50…Because its an iPhone..
    Apple is a joke..

  • I had an iPhone4 for almost 2 years, I gave it to my wife, and have had the Verizon GS3 for a few months now. S3 is amazing, I can wirelessly have my pictures videos and music play on my xbox, I have great battery life on par with the iPhone, even with that GIGANTIC screen. The S3 is doing great in the sales figures for a simple reason, Its a great freakin phone.

  • feztheforeigner

    But does it five rows of icons?

  • Mike_Cook7

    Best argument I have heard yet of why iOS is better is because Android has too many options. I so wish I had a flip phone to hand the person…

  • syriano


  • That’s a lot of reason 🙂

  • Kie

    Does anyone know which stand they are using in the video at the 5min mark?

  • This is more “Why Android is better than iOS” than s3 vs iphone.

    • Actually, no, since a number of those reasons are S3 specific features

  • jboogie1289

    What is the name of that song that plays as the video ends!!?? It’s sounds like a “I kicked A*%” song. Poor iPhail 4 1/2.

  • Art Carter

    50 pts. for Android 0 for the iPhone.

  • Brock Fletcher

    Just got an iPhone 5 switched from gnex because was tired off plastic and poor cell reception and tell u what battery, reception, and build all better 10 fold pretty happy will miss android but happy

  • JulianZHuang

    Mostly useless to me…..

  • I am the ‘go-to’ computer guy at home and at work whenever there’s a problem or a glitch that might be easily remedied at the start. However — I’ve never really delved into modding cell phones. It doesn’t interest me. But they don’t know that. They think I’m some kind of a wizard because I quickly and efficiently upgrade their rigs or build new computers for them — set up their wireless networks — help them build home theater systems — and fix their computer issues on the desktops and their laptops all the freakin’ time. Just about everyone I know aside from my little brother is totally and completely PEBKAC. They just have no idea how easy it all actually is — or they just don’t want to deal with it — or they’re just not technology savvy in the slightest. But — as a result — they always come to me for advice and whatnot when they’re trying to decide on home electronics and the like.

    I tell all my friends, family, and the acquaintances that I like to definitely go Android.

    I tell all the people I secretly despise and/or loathe to definitely go iPhone.

    Eventually the two shall meet and then I’m busted — but until then — muahahahahahahaaa.

  • Leathernuts

    Funny, I was just on the iphone website (imore) and no mention or bashing of the SIII, then I come here and your still talking about why or how the SIII is better than an iphone. People do that when they feel inferior (in your case, iphone envy). Funny. And if your wondering why I came here, although Im currently on a very fine iphone 5, I like to keep up with the latest offerings of other OS, in fact I was about to jump BACK to android via SIII. It appears to me to be a very good device. I cant say one way or the other if one is better or not. The iphone works for me right now, sometimes I would like to tweak a little more hence my interest in android (I am a prior android user), but to say the iOS is inferior is just false. Anyways, report on things pertinent to to Android rather than compare it to the iphone. Sheesh

    • nightscout13

      iOS is a simpler OS in comparison to Android. Android is extremely customizable, but in iOS all you can do is move icons around. When people ask me what phone IO recommend, I first find out their technical knowledge, and experience. If they are a basic or entry level user, I recommend the iPhone for its simplicity. Android users typically don’t need to ask for recommendations, they already know what’s better. So since you have gone BACK to the iPhone after Android, you must be a novice.

      • leathernuts

        @Nightscout LOL (I just learned what LOL meant,was looking for a moment to use it) Good one. Made me laugh. I would agree though, IOS is simpler and more polished. I guess as I get older (and more simple) I have come to appreciate it. Apparently you are a child and your phone is your life hence why you are such an expert. Maybe I should have my IT contact you for advice for my companies needs. Your right though, Android users dont have to ask which phone, becuase every article on Android sites explains to you WHY the Androids are better than iphones. Geez I sure wish the Iphone sites would explain the difference to me.

        @Nathan, yes, 50 reasons why its great phone would have been better.

        • nightscout13

          There is nothing wrong with iOS being simple. Some people like advanced things, others like simple things.

      • ERIC REED

        “Android users typically don’t need to ask for recommendations, they already know what’s better”
        So when my wife and daughter had the Droid Incredible they were a little more computer savvy?

        • nightscout13

          I don’t know their technical knowledge, so I cannot answer that.

          • ERIC REED

            If we are being honest, most android users know very little about what their phones can do. They only know they can look at Facebook,send text and make calls. And I would say the same thing about most Iphone users!!

    • Nathan Buth

      I hear ya. I feel the video overall was a good one but that it should have been more of just focusing on the S3, not comparing it to other phones. Should be 50 reasons why the S3 is a great phone, or 50 reasons you might want one. Not 50 reasons on how i is “better” than another. 🙂

    • JulianZHuang

      Because android fanboy are more scary than ifan. And weird too.

  • erod434

    What is this iphone 5 they speak of?

  • frankandsimple

    My shiny new Ford Mustang will give any BMW z3 a run for it’s money in terms of the bells and whistles it has…
    p.s. My Ford Mustang does break down every now and then though and I’m left stranded waiting for the tow truck at times.

    But you see.. my Ford Mustang is >> than BMW… it has more bells and whistles after all… and oh, did I mention my Ford is also bigger.. so OBVIOUSLY it is better.

  • Daistaar

    A vast majority of these “features” that the GS3 is being credited with are more ICS than GS3.

  • master94

    There are at least 1000 more reasons why the Galaxy S3 is better than the iphone 5.

    • brandnew234

      Not that I’m doubting it, but care to list a few? Just 10 or so.

      • master94

        1. Smart screen orientation – the GS3 uses face recognition to align the screen orientation with your face, so even if you lay down while holding your phone, it won’t turn to landscape mode when you still want it in portrait mode.
        2. Google Now > Siri. Even Apple agrees to that.
        3.Custom Roms without voiding warranty
        4. Android completely gives DETAILED and accurate information from the system itself including CPU TIME, Wakelocks and more.
        5. No app restriction, you can install what ever you want.(Translation Free Tether)
        6.Access to the newest and best version of Google Apps, rather than a watered down version that the iphone gets
        7. Open Source
        8. Talk time is longer than the iphone
        9.Better notification system than ios

      • master94

        1. Smart screen orientation – the GS3 uses face recognition to align the screen orientation with your face, so even if you lay down while holding your phone, it won’t turn to landscape mode when you still want it in portrait mode.
        2. Google Now > Siri. Even Apple agrees to that.
        3.Custom Roms without voiding warranty
        4. Android completely gives DETAILED and accurate information from the system itself including CPU TIME, Wakelocks and more.
        5. No app restriction, you can install what ever you want.(Translation Free Tether)
        6.Access to the newest and best version of Google Apps, rather than a watered down version that the iphone gets
        7. Open Source
        8. Talk time is longer than the iphone
        9.Better notification system than ios

  • anyone know who to anable the photo voice capture?

  • Steve

    Apple’s iPhone 5, at just three weeks old, is apparently experiencing more Web traffic than its three-month-old arch nemesis Samsung Galaxy S III.

    • Guest

      why would you even buy that Shamsung Plastic POS!

      • brandnew234


    • New_Guy

      Of course, the screen is still small so you have to spend more time browsing pages as opposed to one who’s screen is almost 5″ big…

      • Manny

        No Moron MORE DEVICES. Something you droid boys are delusional about…More devices Sold…

        • Apostrafee

          1.3 Million Android phones sold everyday and that number keeps rising, but regardless we could argue sales or activation’s all day it doesn’t take away from the fact Android is a far superior OS. It just means there are countless people out there who don’t know what they are talking about and purchase blindly.

  • “deja, deja, deja, deja…..vu!”

  • Raven

    I don’t have time to watch a 10 minute video of somebody rambling stuff off at work. Some bored person with more free time should list out these 50 points for people like me 🙂

  • Bewara2009

    One thing and only thing Android 4 life!

  • Jackson

    I own both a galaxy s3 and iphone 5 …. sorry guys I honestly like the iphone 5 better

  • MikeSaver

    there are some cool features i didn’t know touchwiz has. I want to say snooze to my alarm!

  • I’m so spoiled. iOS STILL doesn’t have widgets? Just the other day i was reminded that iOS doesn’t have an app drawer. I dont understand how people live with iphones.

    • Manny

      let’s not be stupid and assume that an app drawer or widgets really make a diffrence when buying a cell phone. IAfter making a phone call, twitting, checking email and searching the web, what diffrence does it make. Iphone’s UI is a lot more polished and smooth..and works fine out of the box without having to Flash This or that.

      • “polished and smooth..and works fine out of the box without having to Flash This or that.” i would disagree. I find the UI for iOS to be very ugly and bland.
        Lets not be stupid and assume android needs to be tweaked at all for it to run smooth. I find project butter to have made android smoother than iOS. i held an ipad 3 and my GN in my hands at the same time and the GN was far more responsive, it loaded apps faster, and home screen transitions was smoother. Not to mention my GN also had far more apps installed.

        • manny

          False. and everybody on this site know is. You say Ugly and Bland..some would say simple but the fact is not everybody needs or wants all that. Let’snot forget It’s a phone or tablet not a science project. Most if not all that visit this site buy a phone that has a unlockable bootloader because they already know they are going to complain or find some part of the phone unusable. Yeah there is a Jailbreak in ios but jailbreaking mostly for installing cydia apps not to change the phone completly.

          • “and everybody on this site know is” knows what?
            “some would say simple” thats what i was hinting at that its opinion. since you said the ui is more polished.
            “not everybody needs or wants all that. Let’snot forget It’s a phone or tablet not a science project.” i still don’t see how something EXTRA is a negative. dont use it if you dont want it. the fact that it has it though makes it better. I cant believe you’re actually bashing android because its has a very powerful feature that you can opt to not use.
            Jailbreaking ios is pretty much how android comes stock. People also act like its hard to do for some reason. People actually pay me for it! XD

          • Manny

            Every one knows what is the smoother os. You don’t see the extra as negative but the numbers say something diffrent. What customization do you do on a rooted phone that cant be done in an unrooted phone. Flashing a leak? overclocking, Changing a theme or some color scheme?
            And our right rooting is not hard but let’s stop the bs. You root to get rid of touchwiz sense and blur. So were back to the same place where google wants android as simple and easy to use as possible. We may have our likes and dislikes but these are companies trying to make money and dominate their respective markets. This many people and companies can’t be wrong. They are buying what they want and need and android isn’t it.Your android advantages are disadvantages to the masses. ATT sprint and verizon all have iphones as their number 1 selling devices. You say android I say Ios.. but sales say Apple.

          • zomeone

            Actually, sales say Android. 70% (not <30%) market share baby!

          • Manny

            Really? Which of the carriers is android number one in? I you mean the 99 dollar tablets that run gingerbread you can have that market. Iphone is the best seller with att sprint and verizon. Tmobile doesnt sell an iphone

          • android out sells on every carrier.

        • ERIC REED

          Come on man, the G-nex being smoother than the new iPad? That thing flys, and yes I’m a former owner of a Galaxy Nexus with JB. You can hate the UI, but the speed on the 2nd and 3rd generation iPads are insane.

          • Well it’s not like i conducted a study or anything. All im saying, in this one case, with that one guy’s ipad and my GN. Mine 100% loaded apps faster. I was loaded the “same” app on each my GN won every time. Smoother ui? its slight, but i felt my phone was more responsive. I’m just saying is what i saw.

          • rhonin

            Sorry Eric, have my iPad2, my wife’s iPad”3″ and my N7.
            IPad2 is a very obvious “last place”.
            IPad”3″ and N7 are really close. It looks to be more of a case where the iPad seems to try to “flow” everything. That makes the “snap” on the N7 appear faster.

          • ERIC REED

            I have the iPad 2 and had the Nexus 7 and in no way does the N7 compete with the iPad 2!!! It’s not even a close contest…

      • nightscout13

        Customization ability goes a long way. Who wants to have the EXACT same homescreen as everyone else? You ask 50 Android users to look at their homescreens, and all of them will be uniquely different. But if you ask 50 iPhone users, all their homescreen’s look the same. It’s too simple.

        • Manny

          If this was an advantage android’s sales would reflect this. Iphone is the top device in terms of sales with ATT Verizon and Sprint.

          • nightscout13

            Android currently owns 53% of the smartphone market. Where are you getting this information that iPhone outsells Android? Link or it didn’t happen.

          • Lol i wonder y? There are multiple companys making android devices. Theres only one “Apple” making iPhones.

          • nightscout13

            Well, a fact is a fact. No matter how you twist it. Do you remember back in 2010 Apple fans used to say : Android will NEVER hold market share above iOS? Well look at Android now! It’s an unstoppable force!

          • Last I seen the Droid Razr Maxx was the top selling phone on Verizon…

          • Aaron


            How does 68.1% of total smartphone sales for Q2 not give Android the advantage? I’m not in the habit of bashing Apple fans, but yall can be delusional sometimes.

          • dangolds

            As usual, you guys are confusing the facts. Android clearly outsells iOS, but the iPhone is usually the single highest selling phone model for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, more than any single Android handset. The Razr Maxx was alleged to have outsold the iPhone 4S for a quarter on Verizon, there was some debate around the accuracy of that report. Even if that was the case, it doesn’t change the general trend that the iPhone is the best selling single phone out there. Only unit that can legit challenge the iPhone over a sustained period on sales volume is the GS3, so we’ll see what happens over the next few quarters.

          • Aaron

            “If this was an advantage android’s sales would reflect this. Iphone is the top device in terms of sales with ATT Verizon and Sprint.”

            Sorry I misunderstood your intent, but as for your post, it seems to state that iPhone beats Android, which it doesn’t. Android sales do reflect that it has some advantage. The numbers are clear. But as for any single Android device, you are right. But unlike iOS, Android comes in many different packages. Its not iPhone vs Android, it is Apple vs Google, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, Sony, etc., etc., etc……

          • Mike

            Yeah….It’s the best selling phone because there is only one iphone. When people get an android hmmm moto, htc, samsung etc there are choices therefore the fact that the one and only iphone is the best selling iphone is not an argument. Simply ios vs android who outsells? Android but you can’t narrow it down to one device because there are consistently at least 3 top tier phones to choose from

      • brandnew234

        Yes, a bit more polished than Touchwiz, but that’s a matter of opinion, and you can’t deny that the UI is stail, like blackberry was. In terms of responsiveness & fluidity, I’d argue that with Butter the SGS3 is just as good as te ip5, and whats more the SGN2 has 1024 levels of pressure sensativity, and has double the RAM (than the international S3 and, and ip5), and a 15% higher clock speed, so the Note 2 is probably more responsive than the newer tech of embedded sensors, and lets not get into battery life.

  • 51: Notifications.

    • New_Guy

      52, push notifications 😉

  • hkklife

    Removable battery , bigger and higher-res screen and expandable storage are the biggies for me. Everything else is just icing on the cake. Take note, Android OEMs who are trying to make Android-based iClones with fixed everything (Moto, HTC, LG). Maybe there is a reason Samsung is the only one making money and gaining marketshare with Android??

  • Scott Bowen

    My next phone will either be a SIII or Note2

  • Scott Bowen

    Samsung should hire this guy… lol

    • S3

      they really should, he sold me on the s3 and I already own it, lmao my S3 is sicker then I realized

  • Brandon White

    Did anyone else learn about some features that you didn’t know your phone had? Samsung needs to do better about sharing these little secrets that our phones can do.

    • New_Guy

      Or, we need to do a better job reading the manuals =D. No one ever reads those things!

      • Kane

        Yea reading manuals is unmanly. Its like stopping a car to ask directions.

        • TheOiulkj

          Reading manuals is for the literate.

        • New_Guy

          Ha! I don’t have an iPhone so I know nothing about asking for directions :D!

    • DeathfireD

      I had no idea about the voice commands for the Alarm, Phone, Music player, and camera. It’s off by default and if you’re like me and never go into language & input you’d never find the feature. The Alarm command is very handy for me :).

  • edmund75

    Anyone know what file explorer he was using?

  • joedirt2217

    Maybe I missed it, but he missed Google Maps and turn-by-turn voice navigation….

    • New_Guy

      He breezed over it when talking about streetview

  • A majority of these advantages aren’t GSIII specific but rather available to all most Android phones.

    • New_Guy

      Which is why it kills me when people say that Apple has a better ecosystem…While Apple may have a pile of apps, they come nowhere close to the level of integration that you find with Android.

      • ERIC REED

        Clearly you are very uninformed..

      • brandnew234

        Actually, iOS and Android’s app stores have roughly the same amount of apps on them, but Android has more apps added per day, so any time now Android will overtake Apple for “most apps available for download”.

  • Michael_NM

    I only need one reason. The Galaxy SIII runs on Android OS. The iPod phone 5 does not.

    • New_Guy


    • mikewong27

      IOS still sucks!!! I rather use Android OS…

      • They stopped innovating back in ’07. Now that i think of it that timeframe is a tech eternity

        • michael arazan

          Hey, The iPhone 5 is unlike any other Device!

          No it really is, it lacks so much stuff compared to all phones out on the market it doesn’t even come close to any smartphones out now or coming out soon. I’d be embarrassed to own an iphone 5, and a lot of forums i’ve read at like verge or Engadget, most iphone owners would rather have a 3s or 4 than an a 5.

    • Michael Hutwagner

      iphone 5 cheaper to fix.win

      • LegalAmerican

        oh those are good ones. So if you can’t handle the immense size of the iPhone and drop it like an idiot, it’s cheaper to fix since you wasted all that money buying it at full retail cause you HAD to upgrade from the 4s. Also, you need to be able to copy and paste all those burns that iPhone fans say about “Fandroids”.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Haha, excellent!

      • NicholasMicallef

        The funny part is that now that the iPhone 5’s screen seems to be made of better materials and is less likely to break, they made the screen easier to replace. The problem with that is that the back is now more easily damaged and while it was very easy to replace on iPhone 4/4S it is now very hard and/or expensive to do since it requires removing all the internals…

      • Shane Belanger

        My s3 can copy and paste no problem. Am I missing something?

      • michael arazan

        The iphones have the easiest screens to break too, in the past, my friend went through 5 glass covers on his 4.
        I have dropped my old D1 over 20 times from 2-3 feet and not even a scratch.

    • Adam Metzner

      What is the iPod phone 5? Is that new?

    • EvanTheGamer


      My dad just purchased the SGSIII last week, and he freakin’ loves it!

  • Hector

    Does the SIII transition from 3G to 4G while data is active? My current phone only goes back to 4G when data is not active. This is annoying when I’m downloading something continuously like streaming online radio (never stops downloading) or downloading somewhat large files (ie. apps). It’s really annoying when I’m moving in and out of spotty areas. 4G to 3G is seamless but it stays stuck on 3G during the above situations.

    • JoshGroff

      My friend commutes 40 minutes to work passing from 3G-4G (lucky dude, he actually gets 4G at work…,) he’s in the 4G zone for about 15-20 minutes of the drive though, but he has no issues. Maybe it’s a little slow on the transition?

      • G. Threepwood

        That’s because when there’s no active data going on transitions to/from 3G/4G works fine. However, the phone only goes from 3G to 4G when all data has stopped (ie. the app downloaded, the current song being streamed finishes being downloaded, etc.)

        This is annoying when you’re downloading a large app, streaming a long video, streaming a continuous online radio station and 3G is super slow which is almost always < 1 Mbps for me.

        • JoshGroff

          Hmm, and will it switch over if you pause the download, or do you have to turn mobile data off and back on for it to switch?

          • G. Threepwood

            Yes, that works but not all my downloads are pausable/resumable.

    • G. Threepwood

      Happens to me too. I think it’s problem with Verizon’s CDMA/LTE hybrid network. My friend’s AT&T LTE phone doesn’t have that issue at all.

      • New_Guy

        The two radios are individual to each other. Might be one advantage for the iPhone, but also means the iPhone cannot to voice and data at the same time(except by using AT&T’s HSPA), so not really.

      • angermeans

        Nope that is exactly what I thought but my ipad has zero problems and my wife’s iPhone 5 is an absolute dream. The radio is excellent and never is on 3G and if it does it switches on its own. It’s not Verizon it’s android OEMs and cutting corners on radio tech.

        • New_Guy

          Apple has developed the 3G and 4G radio to be one radio. Reduces size and weight with faster switching, but also emliminates simultaneous voice and data for most users which can really, really suck; especially if you are navigating somewhere…but who navigates with an iPhone anyway, right :)?…

          • Dave

            who would trust their Iphone to navigate?

        • Joe

          You’re not understanding the details of the issue. Read again.

        • me

          You must be in a solid 4g area. Everyone with the 5 I know has problems getting 4g when other phones have it. Example I was talking with a guy that said the iPhone could do data and voice at once on 4g. But his phone was on 3g while my S3 was 3 bars of 4g. I’ve herd it several times.

    • lgstoian

      Same here. I have to stop TuneIn radio so my phone would connect back to 4G after leaving a bad 4G area (tall buildings or tunnels). If I’m downloading something that’s large enough so that 3G is will take too long and drain my battery, I have to stop the download and restart it all over again. Pretty annoying.

    • angermeans

      Nope mine still does that just like my galaxy nexus does. I used to blame Verizon but my retina 4g ipad never loses data in fact it has never even gone to 3G. My nexus and gs3 both are always on 3G And won’t transition to 4g unless I restart the phone or use airplane mode.

      How’s that for 1 reason apple is better than android (I prefer android) maybe I should say Samsung. They use awful radios and don’t get me started on GPS

      • rhonin

        Sounds like you have a problem somewhere. PEBDAC?
        My gNexus has no issues “hot switching”.

    • kixofmyg0t

      After reading the comments below I have to say my Android device doesn’t do that. It only came to my mind when another commenter mentioned the Tunein app…..which I use a lot. My phone can leave a 4G area while streaming(kicking it down to 3G) but returns to 4G while continuing to stream once I enter a 4G area again. I’m on Verizon too.

      • Joe

        Are you sure that data is actively being downloaded when you switch to 4G? What’s your buffer time set to? Is this a continuously streaming radio station or something that is time limited?

        • kixofmyg0t

          I’m saying I can put on my hometown radio station on Tunein while in a LTE area, drive outside of that area and across a state line(which is a 3G only area) and back into a LTE area without a interrupted stream and it’ll be back on LTE while still streaming.

    • guy

      Same here on the Droid RAZR.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    There was actually like 30 I didnt know about.

  • Yeah, but neither are a nexus. Touchwiz cannot stand up to stock Jelly Bean in terms of style and fluidity. It’s a shame.

    • ddevito


    • JoshGroff

      My friend has the S3, the difference in processing power makes the skin feel almost negligible performance wise. Also, style is a matter of preference, but I’ll take stock over Touchwiz as well.

      • I think touchwiz is ugly. but those bonus features are pretty niffty. I don’t get why Samsung doesn’t port over some of them to the rest of the family to us Galaxy Nexus users via app or something.
        Share shot is a cool idea but so stupid since its kind of exclusive to the SIII. Why not let the GN in on it too so it has greater functionality?

        • JoshGroff

          I have no idea. What I really want ported though is that swipe over screenshot thing.

    • billy routh

      Hate to burst your bubble but my s3 has more style and is just as fluid as my gnex running jellybean. Not to mention it can do things no other phone can do

  • I am actually really excited that he’s going to do the opposite. I think that showing off both phones strengths and weaknesses is a great thing for consumers. These videos have a lot of promise *he said about to watch this one and hoping he wasn’t going to end up eating his words*

    • Woah, I didn’t know about the vast majority of those features…

      • New_Guy

        Neither did I. I thought I knew so much, but I had no idea. To think that the Note 2 will have even more makes my mouth water :)…

  • Serious question since the SGS3 vs i*hone 5 faceoff is beaten into the ground. How does the i*hone 5 stack up against a stock Galaxy Nexus? Is it better or worse and by how much?

    • JoshGroff

      Performance wise the iPhone 5 has the edge. Customization wise, the G-Nex wins hands down, even before we get into custom ROMs. Signal, the iPhone should take the cake there. Maps, we all know the G-Nex wins. Ease of use, iPhone. Screen, iPhone. Looks, debatable.

      When it comes down to it, we can nitpick all day, but it largely comes down to preference.

      • drewfus0929

        I think most Android users don’t really have any idea how much of an edge the iPhone 5 has over Android performance-wise. My iPhone 5 is considerably faster and smoother then my Galaxy Nexus ever was (rooted and rom’ed), as well as the GS3 and the One X. This is extremely apparent in applications. General UI stuff I would say iOS still edges out Jelly Bean, but they are getting close. Surprisingly, for supposedly being “inferior” multi-tasking, my iPhone 5 works significantly better in that regard then my Gnex ever did. Plus my iPhone 5 gets about 8x the battery life of my Gnex. That type of performance, with significantly better battery life has yet to be matched in the Android ecosystem.

        • New_Guy

          You’re throwing a lot of GNEX in there, but that phone is a year old now. Compared to the GS3 it literally comes down to preference and one could easily choose the GS3 over the iPhone 5 even if teh UI isn’t “as” smooth at times. So much more that comes with a phone like that than be 100% smoothh 100% of the time (which no phone is). Unfortunately for you, by the end of the year you are going to see that 5 fall behind the curve again….

          • drewfus0929

            Just a question, have you actually used the iPhone 5? It really is surprising the difference in speed and smoothness. I felt the same way as you did until I actually used it. I am of the opinion that most of the Android users on this site that call the iPhone garbage, have never actually spent any quality time with the device to really get a feel for the differences. And seeing as how the iPhone 4s is still extremely competitive (http://www.anandtech.com/show/6324/the-iphone-5-performance-preview), I actually don’t think that the 5 will be falling behind the curve any time soon.

            And I agree, it really does come down to preference. I was (and still am) a huge fan of Android. Things I am not a fan of: non-vanilla android, poor hardware quality, very slow OS update speed (even on GNEX), weak battery life, and a proliferation of slow, incompatible, un-optimized apps in the app store. In the end, I felt I could handle the loss of widgets, good notifications, more user control, and a bigger screen for a significantly smoother user experience, better battery life, and the nicest hardware I have ever seen on a phone. And that’s pretty much what it comes down to, personal preference.

          • Manny

            This is an android site and very few that visit this site will look at or use an ios device with an open mind. I prefer IOS but can’t deny android is also a very good os.Both have advantages and disadvantages. I personally like the Techy fell of android and the customization of it but the buggy feel and lack of real connectivity to a mac are a draw back for me. I agree that IOS may be simpler but that’s what makes it so much of a draw. The Majority of people dont want or need all that android includes.

          • New_Guy

            For the record, I’ve had plenty of time with the 5 and it boils down to, what it always has, that the iDevice is way too basic on its own. If’ I’m paying $300 for a device, I want it to do everything it can; even it it might not be “as” smooth as something else.

          • manny

            That may be your opinion but basic sells and from the looks of it more and more there is more samsung may be doing well but we all know not one of the handset makers has the customer base apple has

          • New_Guy

            For the record, I have definitely had a chance to mess with the 5. Have a couple of friends who own them. I also have spent time with the S3, I have even more friends that own them. I even have friends who have returned their brand new 5 and replaced it with the S3 because they are simply bored with the same ol’ iOS. So, preference…yes…but I for one will give you the smoothness and I’ll basically take everything else. Just the fact that I can’t move icons on the screen where I would like them would drive me nuts. Speaking as one who loves to change roms every few months. Not because I need to, but because it’s just fun and refereshing :). P.S. not a fan of the hardware either; feels like I’m holding a sharp piece of glass and is not comfertable at all.

          • ERIC REED

            The Razr Maxx is thinner then the iPhone 5? Again proving how uninformed you are.

        • Robert Jakiel

          The smoother is based more on activity on screens than anything else. IF iOS had real time widgets updating data as well as something similar to Google Now you would see the same things on an iPhone 5. Let’s add live wallpapers to the mix as well which is not present on the iPhone. Multi-tasking on Android is still leaps and bounds above iOS. As for applications I haven’t seen any issues with either when using them. Last but not least is battery life. Again that’s a toss up as well. IF you were to remove all live widgets and only have your Gmail and Facebook sync every now and then I would bet that the battery on the GNex would last much longer than it currently does for you. Maybe not as long as the iPhone 5 but certainly much longer than it currently does.

          All in all Android has more features and flexibility than any other mobile OS out there. It is more akin to a full fledged desktop OS particularly when using a custom kernel with insertable modules. Same cannot be said of iOS. Windows RT may change the landscape a bit though but that has yet to be seen. In any case iOS as an end user operating system is far less advanced than Android overall. Which for the most part accounts for its’ fluid animations an smoothness. In simplicity comes speed. With Android some of that may be sacrificed but what one can do with it is leaps and bounds above what iOS will ever be able to offer in its’ current incarnation.

          • Manny

            All this mumbo jumbo about multitasking..Dude it’s a phone.. ok it’s a smartphne but hwo much do you really do on your phone at a time..or the average user. Widgets are over rated, if you want to check the weather every 6 seconds that’s on you but let me tell you it’s not going to change much. As for a full fledged desktop OS…if it was Google would be making computers..If android runs so horribly on a phone imagine the lag on a pc. Your comment kind of proves all android phones, hardware wise are inferior.. Why release this so called advanced os on devices that can’t operate correctly? That would be like running Windows 7 on a pc released in 2001..wouldn’t make much sense..

          • drewfus0929

            I would tend to disagree with the lag due to Widgets. I consider that as part of the general UI interactions, and as I had stated I think that JB is close to iOS in menu and home sceen smoothness. I don’t think the iphone would have any more issue then the gs3 running widgets. My complaint is in app speed and smoothness.

            Battery life I would also disagree with. While the gnex was significantly better then the thunderbolt, I was still able to drain the battery in approximately 2 hours on 4g. iPhone 5 battery so far has been approximately 7-8 hours on 4g, barely discernable from the 3g usage. I would like to see anandtech or tomshardware reviews before quantifying the actual battery life difference (my statement of 8x the battery life is accurate for my phone and usage, but is most likely exacerbated by the fact that the gnex battery has definitely gone through more then it’s 300 cycle 80% battery life). Also, only widgets I have are calendars and bookmarks, they aren;t updating. Facebook and gmail sync settings are the same on both iPhone and gnex.

            I also disagree that the fluidity differences are due to iOS being “simpler” (which I don’t disagree that Android is a more feature-full OS). The gpu in iPhone’s have historically run away from the competitors, which I think is a major portion of it. Only now is the 4s being outclassed in GPU power by android devices. However, the new Adreno 320 is getting close to the iPhone 5’s imagination GPU. Also, the smoothness and speed difference between my Nexus 7 and my ipad 2 is still really frustrating, seeing how much older the ipad 2 is. It is substantially ahead of the nexus in responsiveness.

            Tying into battery life and processing power, I think it is going to be extremely impressive once anandtech’s iphone 5 review is released. I (as well as many tech sites) think the new A6 destroys the competition in processing power/current draw. One of the fastest chips out there, with one of the most impressive power characteristics. I think this is a huge portion of the impressive battery life.

        • You forget that the iPhone really runs 1 app in the foreground. It’s not hard to tune a processor to run 1 app. Android devices have true multi-tasking which probably is why you can see lag on them.

          It’s like comparing a Harris 286-25 to a Intel 386DX-16. Sure the Harris will out-benchmark the Intel, but the Intel will out perform in processes that run parallel.

          If you want a true measure of performance, you can’t use Benchmarks the way people normally run them. Do this instead… start the same Benchmark on an IOS device and Android device. Bring up your mail app, youtube, and open a web browser for a minute or two. Go back and check benchmark scores.

          Which has better “punch”? A BB-gun firing at 700fps or a 12 gauge firing at 700fps?

          • drewfus0929

            Most of my issue is with memory allocation in Android. Apps that show up as still in memory, often times will end up re-loading upon re-entry. I ran into this on both the gnex, One X (significantly worse bc of sense), and even the SGS3. And alot of apps are allowed to work in the background in iOS. Web browser still loads, maps still download, music keeps playing, etc… I agree however that Android has no restrictions in background processes, whereas you are limited to Apple’s provided API’s. Still not even close to only one app at a time though.

      • onDroid

        Let’s not forget that the Gnex is almost a year older than the iphone 5 so it’s not a perfect comparison. You wouldn’t want to compare the iphone 5 to the OG Droid or the GS3 to the iphone 3G. I realize the time gap between those phones is larger but one year makes a huge difference the smartphone industry, unless of course if you are talking about iphone iterations 😛

        • New_Guy

          Agreed. Even the iPhone 4 was considered a phone to be recond with back then; breaking records when it came out. But is pretty much garbage now.

      • zionlion

        Very good, objective comment here. I own a Gnex, and can’t argue any points.

        • JoshGroff

          Same here, it is a pretty awesome phone, coming from Motorola, I can’t say I dig the reception, but the speakers and camera are clearer. Kind of hoping for a Motorola nexus, but I may settle for a RAZR HD dev edition, especially if VZW passes on the nexus choices this year.

    • cns2007

      While I’ll pick my GNex every time, keep in mind you’re comparing a year old phone to one that just launched.

    • durangojim

      I have both and bought my gnex on day 1 and my ip5 on day 1. My routine during weekdays is the same. My battery life on the gnex would be 10% or less at the end of the day, with the iPhone it’s around 50%. This is in a lte area suburb of Detroit. The camera on the iPhone is superior. Gmail and maps on the gnex are superior. I don’t mind the smaller screen. Sound quality and signal strength seem to be better on the iPhone. I had a gs3 for a day but didn’t like touch wiz and found it a little too large. I thought I’d be switching back and forth between the iPhone and gnex but have stuck with the iPhone.

      • A lot of battery life could probably be attributed to the LTE radios as well. As far as I know, the GS3 is the first Samsung to get LTE on chip, in the form of the S4, which costs less in terms of battery life. On top of that, apparently the Galaxy Nexus had radio/signal issues of its own, and searching for a data signal is a big power drain.
        So… I guess all that said, in terms of battery life, the S3 vs iPhone5 is a fairer comparison.

        • New_Guy

          Exactly, I am not really sure why people are comparing the iP5 to the GNEX….the GNEX is a year old for crying out loud! Is this the best comparisson folks can come up with because if we want to compare the S3 to the iPohone 4, we can, but why bother???

  • durangojim

    1 hour until the opposite video hits YouTube

    • More than likely lol I’m actually interested in seeing that one more 😛

    • brandnew234

      I doubt they’ll make it to 50 features, maybe 5 or 10 though. But if they actually make it to 50 how much do you wanna bet it’s semantics like the title of the app or the air-view feature? Which actually is on Google Earth already.

      • somsone

        No, he’ll make it 50. He’ll take the same 50 reasons in this video and then add “doesn’t have”, then explain why it’s advantagous for not having said feature.

  • Mason Lammers

    Respect the GSIII!