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Contest: It’s National Cheeseburger Day – Tell Us Your Favorite Burger, Win a Nexus 7 8GB (Update: Winner Picked)

In case you didn’t know, today is National Cheeseburger Day. To someone like me, a self-proclaimed cheeseburger guru, this is one of the greatest “holidays” of the year, because it means that I’m on my way to gorging myself on the finest burgers that Portland has to offer. But being that I’m in the tech industry and travel quite often to cities across this beautiful country, I’m always on the hunt for the best burger in the next city that I visit. So in the most selfish of ways, I’m using the DL community to find out where your favorite burger spots are, so that if I end up visiting a town near you, I’ll have a list of spots to check out.

But to make it worth your while, I figured we’d give away a Nexus 7 8GB to one of the lucky readers that leaves a comment. Sound good?  


Winner: We have our winner! His name is Mike Kilar and he showed us that you don’t have to go anywhere besides your very own kitchen to have a great cheeseburger. He has included a picture as well! Congrats, Mike! Thanks to the over 3000+ comments/entries we received. We’ll go to as many of these spots as possible!

Prize:  1 (one) Nexus 7 8GB tablet

How to enter:

1.  Tell me what your favorite burger is, from what town and restaurant, and why it was the best ever.
2.  Feel free to follow us on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook if you aren’t already.


We will choose a winner randomly tomorrow at 12:00PM PT. Good luck!

  • My favorite burger is either a Chili’s Southwestern Burger or a Super Sonic Cheesburger from Sonic…..then again I may be biased…….

  • paul_cus

    Three Aces bar in Chicago. The bacon jam puts the burger over the top.

  • Best I’ve ever had was at a small mom and pop cafe here in Montana. Name of the town was Sun River and the name of the place was Ginger’s.There was never a real name for it but the cooks just called it The “Special” Burger. It was an 8oz sausage patty (not technically burger but close enough) with a piece of American Cheese, another 8oz sausage patty, another piece of cheese, followed by some thin sliced and grilled ham, piece of cheese, two fried eggs, and yet anothe piece of cheese. All this on either texas toast or kaiser bun. All I can say is it was most glorious.

  • Chris Kimura

    My pick for the burger is from a little restaurant in glendale restaurant called bashan. The half pound burger is really simple but its cooked really well and come with a roasted onion, gruyere, and choice of several toppings all on a brioche bun….droool

  • Joe Avery

    Another is Nation’s. They are open 24 x 7 in most locations. Breakfast is good there too but their Burgers are great. They do a full cut of onions, three huge slightly es of tomato and half head of lettuce so you have to open it and trim it back to your liking but its excellent.

  • Culver’s ButterBurger cheeseburger!

  • Joe Avery

    Squeeze In in Tracy CA. There are a few around, its a franchise, but this one has great employees (its a family) . Get a double with one cheese blanket, amazing.
    The reason its the best is they take a 8-10 inch price of cheese and set it on the Burger on the grill. Cheese cooks a bit and its just awesome. Look it up if your ever between Sacramento Cal and the east bay.

  • any bacon cheeseburger will do..

  • dkoufos41

    The best burger I ever had was the bandito burger from Wild Wiley’s in Worcester MA. The mix between Angus beef, bacon, cheddar cheese and grilled onions was to die for.

  • Nick O.

    Where: SoCal

    Why: Everything is fresh and delicious, including their fries. All of their suppliers are within a days drive to their restaurants and everything is handmade so you know it’s all good.

    The Burger: In-N-Out’s 4×4 burger with whole grilled onions, animal style fries, and a Neapolitan milk shake to wash it all down.

    You can’t go wrong with this combo for when you’re slightly intoxicated or have the *ahem* munchies. It’s a Southern California staple.

  • Peter Nguyen

    The best burger is the huey louie andouille at Coles in Buffalo ny. I love the mix of the beef with the spiciness and flavor of the andouille sausage. Would love to eat one now.

  • Mark

    Almost missed this! Who wouldn’t want a free Nexus 7????
    My favorite near me (and I’ve had a lot of cheeseburgers around the country) is from Wild Willy’s in Rochester, NH (out on the coast). It’s called “Wicked Good,” with

    sauteed onions and mushrooms with Swiss and Cheddar cheeses. I always get a drop of hot sauce thrown in, and you can’t do better! Oh, and a little guacamole thrown in doesn’t hurt my feelings at all either. Fresh, juicy ‘n good! Man, I’m hungry.

  • Dan

    best burger I ever had was a greasy fat dripping plain cheeseburger grilled on an open grill in the rain at the Minnesota state fair back in 1980 or so. But then my memory may be fading. I’ll take a royal robin with pepper jack any day of the week.

  • Minneta Tavern in New York City. Just read the description:
    “Black Label Burger $26selection of prime dry-aged beef cuts with caramelized onions and
    pommes frites”

    Stupidly expensive, but stupidly good.

  • Randy Nguyen

    I could go for an In n Out burger, animal style, whole grilled onions, chopped chillies and extra toasted bun.

  • Jason

    Cajun Jason at the Berkeley cafe in Raleigh, nc. Cuz it’s named after me.

  • Buckazui

    Calamity Janes in between Portland and zigzag Oregon i had the blue cheese burger with their home made blue cheese it was amazing the list of burgers there is huge and you can get any amount or type of pattys including veggie blackbean chicken or my favorite BEEF! it was a fun place to eat and the food was amazing i highly recommend it.


    The best burger is from Hardware in Buffalo, NY. Instead of giving you a limited selection of burgers they list the burger and anything you can put on top. Personal favorite is a Medium-Rare burger with Sage Derby cheese, a portabello mushroom and some carmelized onions.

  • I’d say the best burger I’ve ever had would probably be my dad’s bacon and ranch cheeseburgers. But if we’re talking about a restaurant i’m going to have to say Five Guys Burger and Fries. Seriously their bacon cheese burger is amazing, topped with bbq sauce!

  • Paul

    the lamb burger from golden state on fairfax in LA. only available thursdays. colorado lamb with spices + gruyere + bell peppers + argula + yogurt sauce = party in your mouth. wash it down with an old rasputin beer float after.

  • Terry Tang

    This place called Smashburger in my local town just opened up in Thousand Oaks, CA. Everything about it is amazing, patty cooked to a perfect med rare. Very tender and juicy and just full of flavor. I build my own with Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and sweet relish… oh and dont forget the smash sauce.

  • Well, they kinda moved and haven’t had it I’m forever… but Vickis burgers in Montgomery AL has the best burgers and a good price. Just a basic burger.

  • wonderGirl412

    Crown burgers in SLC is great! Pastrami on a burger cannot be beat

  • Jenny

    The best burger is the Teryaki burger from Red Robin in Greenfield Wisconsin, I love that the burger is marinated with the teryaki sauce, cheese and a grilled pineapple. Mmmm good!

  • jonboi78

    My favorite burger is from Flip Burger Boutique. For those of you who are Top Chef fans, Richard Blais owns and opened this place in Atlanta and they have the BEST burgers ever. My favorite is the butcher cut, crumbled bleu cheese, carmelized onions, soy truffle vinagrette, frisee, pickled shallots, and red wine jam. It is so awesome!!

  • PS

    Fort Lauderdale, FL – Jack’s Old Fashion Hamburgers – By far the best simple, no crazy toppings, greasy, burger. Hard to beat anywhere in the country.
    Boca Raton/Deerfield Beach, FL – Charm City Burger Company – opposite of Jack’s, but equally awesome. Great high-quality meat, but the chef has some awesome topping and sauce combos that will blow your mind. Competed against Food Network for their South Beach Festival.
    If you are in South Florida, you’re crazy if you don’t stop at at least one of these places.

  • Fern

    I don’t normally eat burgers but when I do, I prefer In-N-Out…stay hungry my friends.

    Where: All over SoCal
    Why: Freshly made with fresh ingredients. A double, double with grilled onions…yum! And I do love their fries…also fresh!

    • CivilDroid

      I had to!

  • rdnckcub

    the best burger is where i live in monroe, WI at a small tex mex place called pancho and lefty’s, it’s the popper burger! complete with fried jalepenoes, pepper jack, and cream cheese on top a kaiser bun!

  • Butters

    My favorite burger has to be from Rocky’s Pub in San Diego!

  • Daniel

    Timoty Dean Burgers In Largo, Maryland

  • Thegingerninja83

    My own variation on the Juicy Lucy. 2 hamburger patties with shreds of bacon and cheddar cheese sandwiched in between the patties. It just tastes so damn good

  • bevans623

    I gave up meat about a year ago… and discussions like this make me miss it a little. Best vegan cheese”burger” is the Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger. I know, how can a cheeseburger be vegan, right? But this one is and it’s better than any regular burger I’ve had. Even people who aren’t vegan can’t tell the difference.

  • DD

    burger from Fathers Office in Santa Monica! Here’s a review:

    Before every Los Angeles pub was “gastro,” chef/owner Sang Yoon was hellbent on creating not just a better burger but the best burger. He came up with a formidable combination of sweet onion jam, Gruyere and Maytag blue cheeses, smoky bacon, arugula and tomato compote on top of dry-aged beef. Since then, everyone has either been imitating, trying to improve on or bellying up to the bar for a bite. 1018 Montana Ave., Santa Monica. (310) 393-2337; 3229 Helms Ave., Los Angeles. (310) 736-222.

  • Mario Charnell-Delgado

    The Smoker from Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle. Smoky and savory with no extra, unnecessary toppings to distract from the flavors of the meat and cheese. Delightfully simple.

  • supra_2nr

    Best Burger I have ever had is the All American Girl Burger at babys badass burgers… a food truck in LA

  • BurnBabyBurn

    Silver Star Grill in Half Moon Bay. Great organic ingredients, awesome owner & staff and just damn good. And you can take it to the bar next door and wash it down with a brew.

  • middlehead

    My favorite burger is one I make myself. Second to that would be a local joint in my home town.

  • Andy Blystone

    If your are ever passing through Frewsburg NY stop by the Rio for one of 40 different internationally themed burgers. my favorite is #27 The Dora Wat!


  • Leo Freitas

    Burgerfi, Delray Beach, Fl. Burger is made from natural burger DELICIUS. Beat burger I over had

  • StereoPC

    The best burger around Buffalo NY area is from Grovers. I haven’t traveled much but I have traveled the east coast extensively and it’s always a pleasure to come home to Grovers and their food …. especially their burgers. Yuuummmmm.

  • Black and Bleu burger from The Blue Tractor in Traverse City, MI. It’s the best because IT HAS BLEU CHEESE and greasy, obviously.

  • chris boyer

    St.John’s, Santa Clara Calif.

  • Josh Roberson

    Blanc in Leawood, Kansas has some pretty awesome burgers. They used to have one called ‘The Barnyard’ that comes with ham, bacon and eggs on top of a burger on a brioche bun – it’s amazing. You can still order it off menu, but they don’t have the ham anymore.

  • Alex

    All American Burger Long Island, Delicious Burger! (Each First Letter Must Be Capitalized In This Comment!)

  • The best burger I’ve had was from Washington Square Tavern in Brookline, MA. It had no bells and whistles, it was just awesome. They didn’t squeeze any of the juice out of it, so it was somewhat rounder than most of the burgers that I have eaten, but biting into it the first time, I knew that it was the best burger that I had ever tried.

  • Mason Lammers

    My favorite burger comes from a town in western Nebraska called Paxton. Ole’s Big Game Steakhouse and Lounge has won best burger in the state multiple times (although it was beat this year) it still is one of the tastiest. The town has a population of 614 people so it may not be the most known restaurant but interesting fact is Denver International Airport (DIA) has a map of the country and the only icon for the entire state of Nebraska is Ole’s. The original owner has a mount from every continent in the world and is most famous for his full body Polar Bear mount. It was also the first liquor license in the state following prohibition. The burger is 100% USDA Omaha Beef, a couple breaded onion rings, cheese and some barbeque sauce… Plus all the fixings you may need on the side to add to your own preference.

  • Adam Pereyra

    Umami Burger in Santa Ana, CA (it’s a newer gourmet chain, so I’m sure there are a few around now) But their “Manly Burger” is the best! Fresh ground meat daily, buttered and toasted bun, bacon lardon, smoked salt onion strings and BEER cheddar… I need to get one today for lunch!

  • umataro42

    I don’t know if its too late to enter for the contest, but I’d still like to share my favorite cheeseburgers.

    I’d have to say my favorite was in Windham, ME at Friendly’s, the Grilled Cheese Burger. Which is a burger that uses 2 grilled cheese sandwiches for the buns. Not something I’d eat everyday, unless I want a heart attack, but it was good.

    These were also good (all in SoCal)
    Mac & Cheese Burger at Denny’s
    Philly Cheese Burger at Trimana (Los Angeles)
    Cheese burger with chilli and a fried egg at Fat Burger (Los Angeles)
    Caliente Burger at Original Tommy’s (Los Angeles)
    Roasted Pepper and Onion burger at Buffalo Fire Department (Torrance)

  • Mike Sharafi

    Hands down best burger is in Los Angeles at a little place called Apple Pan on Pico near Westwood Blvd. The Hickory Burger they serve is hands down the most delicious I have had. The quality of the ingredients is second to none, a never frozen fresh beef patty, crisp iceburg lettuce that crunches when you bite into it, fresh tomatoes, just the right amount of dill pickle, and their homemade hickory sauce, their slogan is “Quality Forever”. The best part is after you have the best burger you’ve ever put in your mouth you get to follow it with one of their home made pies, the recipies of some of them are nearly 100 years old. I made myself incredibly hungry writing this,I know where I’m going for lunch today.

  • A manly burger from Umami. Bacon chunks on a cheeseburger. Amazing!! Chunks not slices of bacon.