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LG Announces a Beast Phone in the Optimus G – Quad-core Snapdragon, 4.7″ Display, 2GB of RAM, and LTE

If LG is ever going to make a splash in the Android game, it’s going to need to do something crazy, something that can blow people’s minds. With the announcement of the Optimus G, they may be well on their way. Sporting a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor (APQ8064), there is no doubt that this is the most powerful smartphone in the world at this time. This processor alone, should be up to 40% more efficient and powerful than any other quad-core processor on the market. The GPU inside (Adreno 320) should also be the best in the business. 

But they didn’t stop there. They also included a 4.7″ True IPS HD display with G2 Touch Hybrid technology (320ppi). That essentially means that the LCD is thin enough, that the display appears to be as close as you can get to the front protective glass. Much like on the HTC One X, it should seem as if you are actually touching items on the display – that’s how close everything should be.

The bezel is only 3mm thick, but apparently can’t be seen when the display is off, making it “invisible.” The device itself is just over 8mm thick. They also tossed in a 13MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, 2100mAH battery, NFC chip, and 4G LTE.

The Optimus G will arrive as early as September in Korea, but may not land in other countries for a while. No U.S. date has been given.

Is this the phone that brings LG back?


Newest Premium Device from LG Sets High Benchmark for Performance and Usability

SEOUL, August, 28, 2012 -– LG Electronics (LG) revealed its newest premium mobile device with the announcement of the Optimus G, a high-end smartphone that offers powerful performance, an elegant and sleek design, and an innovative user experience. As the first LTE device featuring Qualcomm’s Snapdragon™ S4 Pro Quad-Core processor, Optimus G will set the foundation for every future premium smartphone from LG.

Best-of-Best Technologies
To offer the best smartphone to consumers, LG gathered industry-leading partners and technologies to develop the Optimus G. In collaboration with Qualcomm, LG developed the Optimus G with the goal to be the first LTE smartphone with the Snapdragon™ S4 Pro CPU. LG also joined hands with vertically-integrated sister companies LG Chem, LG Display and LG Innotek for the ultimate battery capacity, viewing and user experience.

Next Generation Quad-Core with LTE
The Optimus G will be the first commercial and global smartphone to offer the Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ8064) processor with a Quad-Core Krait CPU, LTE supported capabilities, and the newest generation Adreno™ 320 GPU. The Snapdragon S4 Pro runs at 1.5GHz and features Asynchronous Symmetric Multiprocessing (aSMP), which enables each core to power up and down independently, for maximum performance with better battery life. Furthermore, the Adreno 320 is over three times faster than the Adreno 225 found in previous Snapdragon processors for an enhanced gaming experience with faster frame rates, smoother play and support for higher HD resolution displays.

Cutting-edge Display and Outstanding Battery Efficiency
With help from LG Display, the Optimus G sports a beautiful 4.7-inch WXGA True HD IPS+ Display with 320ppi high pixel density (1280×768 pixels) and Stripe RGB IPS Panel with 15:9 aspect ratio. LG Display pushed the boundaries of its technology to offer True HD IPS+ Display, which is sharper and crisper with color accuracy of sRGB 100 percent to show natural and life-like images.

Moreover, the Optimus G will be the first smartphone to be equipped with LG Innotek and LG Display’s newly developed G2 Touch Hybrid Display for touchscreen panels (TSP). The G2 Touch Hybrid Display is thinner than current TSPs and offers the slimmest panel display with no diffused reflection for clearer and sharper visibility, even outdoors. Thanks to the new technology, the thickness of the screen panel has been reduced and the screen itself is much stronger to withstand damage from impact.

Lastly, LG Chem developed a high-density 2,100mAh battery that provides more power capacity and prolonged charging cycles. The new battery technology extended the battery lifespan to 800 cycles at 80 percent charging capabilities, much greater than the lifespan of 500 cycles in regular phone batteries.

Enhanced UX for Productivity and Entertainment
Whether users need functionality or fun in their daily lives, the Optimus G has it all, including a high-resolution 13.0MP camera and unique and differentiated user experience (UX) features, such as:

  • Live Zooming allows zooming in and out while viewing a video;
  • Dual Screen Dual Play, not only allows mirroring between the smartphone and a TV, it also has the ability to display different content on each screen. For example, a slide presentation can be displayed on the TV while the Optimus G shows the accompanying speaking notes;
  • QMemoTM, first seen in the Optimus Vu:, allows users to write, draw, or jot a memo directly on the captured screen with their finger for sharing instantly with others as an attachment or a URL;
  • Time Catch Shot allows users to select and save the best shot among the images taken just before the shutter button is depressed;
  • Cheese Shutter takes a photo when a voice command is spoken.

The added UX features are anticipated to provide instant and intuitive productivity to complete tasks beyond simple multitasking.

Innovative and Modern Look
LG maintained its differentiated design philosophy with the Optimus G. The Optimus G is encased in an eye-catching slim body epitomizing timeless beauty that perfectly demonstrates LG’s design philosophy. Premium glass is utilizied on the back cover with a polarized glass pattern that offers a clean, modern look. The G2 Touch Hybrid Display contributed significantly to the design of the Optimus G as it reduced the thickness of the device enabling Optimus G to fit more comfortably in the hand. And the jet black front display flows smoothly into the body for a seamless look with no gaps.

“We are confident that users will have a superior experience with everything that we’re offering in the Optimus G,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “Optimus G isn’t just another high-performance phone with the latest bells and whistles. It’s a collaboration of some of the best component makers on the planet coming together for a singular cause, to develop a smartphone that stands out in a sea of me-too devices.”

NTT DOCOMO will be the first to unveil a Japanese edition of the Optimus G. The global version of the device will be launched in Korea in September, followed by other markets worldwide.

Key Specifications:

  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor with 1.5GHz Quad-Core CPU, Adreno 320 GPU with 4G LTE
  • Operating System: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Network: 2G / 3G / 4G LTE
  • Display: 4.7-inch WXGA True HD IPS+ (1280×768 pixels) / 15:9 ratio
  • Memory: 32GB
  • RAM: 2GB DDR
  • Cameras: 13.0MP rear / 1.3MP front
  • Battery: 2,100 mAh
  • Size: 131.9 x 68.9 x 8.45mm
  • Weight: 145g
  • Other: Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, USB2.0 HS, A-GPS, MHL, DLNA, NFC

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  • Azn_Android

    Definitely the best looking LG phone I have ever seen. I’m very opposed to both LG and their design, but I think this looks pretty attractive and I’d love to own this phone. If a large developer following develops around this phone, I’d gladly buy it. But yeah, as much as I hate on LG, I like this phone and I hope this becomes the standard for their phones.

  • Tyler

    This would be a decent LG Optimus Nexus.

  • They finally stepped up to the plate.

  • Freddy The man

    I think LG learned their lesson. This is their flagship device and it looks like they put in all they could. My bet is the design, workmanship and materials are top notch. Otherwise why bother with all the buzz.

  • PhillipCun

    I wouldn’t buy an LG phone, but this design is quite nice. Loving the simplicity, but something tells me the material and build quality suck.

  • Amenemhat1

    more pictures please…

  • Stevedub40

    For the love of god, why do OEM’s continue to make phones with physical buttons! There is no excuse for this anymore.

  • UrDoGG

    LG phones don’t have a good track record in any category. The only way I would own this is if it comes unlocked and AOSP.

  • feztheforeigner

    I am willing to give LG a second chance for this phone

  • EC8CH

    If that phone is successful at all Apple will sue it into the ground on trade dress.

    Didn’t you hear… they own that shape.

  • Calvin35

    Does lg lock bootloaders?

  • Anyone else think that apple should be worried about this looking like an iPhone and not the droid charge or nexus?

    • Charles Rogers

      If the droid charge looks like an Iphone I’ll eat somebody.

  • KleenDroid

    If this phone were easily unlocked it would be a winner. Maybe LG could be the next big thing since Motorola is not interested.

    Based on the specs this phone deserves to be looked at. Looks like lots of potential, but if the thing were locked down like a Moto phone it would be a big disappointment just like Moto.

  • Answer2K1

    Just a production question… If you just give me a really great 8MP camera, what other areas of the phone can you enhance? Are folks really clamoring for more MPs?
    I can feel you on more cores, more RAM, more space, and more battery but if I really want an awesome camera with loads of MPs and sensors then I’ll probably buy a camera.

  • *gasp* round edges! Apple has LG in their sights!…nice specs though!

    • Answer2K1

      Holy patents Batman!

  • Bionic

    Obviously im pissed about the Bionic ICS update. But LG is HORRIBLE at updates. Yes this phone SEEMS cool, but will it be supported? Its still an LG……..no matter what the specs.

    • La2da

      1…..2……no update for you. 3……..4………..cry some more. A thousand eight. A thousand nine. Its fun to see Bionic whine.

  • I don’t know about LG phones but I have one of the monitor/TV combos for the last 2 or 3 years and it’s still working great.

  • dark_funk

    Hey, Verizon – this is the LG phone we want. Not the Vu.

  • nimbyist

    i find it really sad that the reputation of LG has taken such a hit in the smartphone era. Back in the day, their feature phones weren’t bad at all…

    • corymcnutt

      Mine never had a very good radio/reception…not like Moto’s.

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    LG???? Hope it’s a turn for the best and doesn’t end up in the US as a dumb down version. If the rumors are true that LG may be a Nexus provider this could be a game changer… Right? Anyone? Hello?

    • Bionic

      maybe……..the only LG i would ever consider, would be a Nexus, because it would be updated from google and not LG. LG is horrible at updates.

      • Chris Malkiewicz

        Agree 100%.

      • UrDoGG

        I agree, except I feel that you should have added one more tidbit of info:
        “…because it would be updated from Google and not LG (**Unless your service is through Verizon, in which it will not be updated at all)…”

  • MKader17

    Holy **** no capacitive buttons??? Did a manufacturer listen????

    • NexusPhan69

      Nope. They are there. I see them in the pic

      • LionStone

        Really? I’m using a N7, tapped on the pic, zoomed in…and don’t see any buttons. I have 20/20 too 🙂 I don’t think the buttons are confirmed yet.

        • NexusPhan69

          Strange. They appear pretty clearly on my screen. The picture all the way to the left of the front. Three white capacitive buttons. Going left to right its “back” “home” “recent apps”. Trust me they are there.

          • LionStone

            Ok, I trust you…it sounds like you really can see them buut, I’ve seen LG post pics with their logo down by the home button and when it came to town, it wasn’t there? So we’ll see soon enough.

          • NexusPhan69

            That’s hilarious. Oh LG.

  • MKader17

    That’s an awesome looking device. Add Verizon, Add Nexus, and subtract the LG logo on the front and I would be for it. The chances of that happening are slim, but that’s what it would take.

  • Bet this phone doesn’t come to Verizon!

  • Adam Cox

    Droid Life “midrange” phone in 2 months…

  • castortroy

    3300mah battery or GTFO

    • Bionic

      not likely

  • Apostrafee

    U.S. variation will have 8MP and a dual core guarantee

    • dark_funk

      This is built on Qualcomm’s Quad-core chip, so no – four cores for everybody.

      • Apostrafee

        Then this is great news

    • Bionic


  • John

    I still hate LG with a passion.

  • MobileServer

    Ice Cream Sandwich? Really?

    • violator702

      What new device has come with Jelly Bean out of the box other than the Nexus 7?

      • Bionic

        the Note 2 will

        • violator702

          It’s rumored to, but we still don’t know when it will be released. This phone is going to Korea first. I’m sure they’ll have plenty of time to put Jelly Bean on it if it does make it to the states.

      • PC_Tool


        …with that logic, we’ll never see Android devices ship with anything but ICS. (Ya know, since no new devices have come out with JB except the N7…)

        • violator702

          A new device shipping with Jelly Bean only three months after it was released is asking a lot from manufacturers IMO.

          • PC_Tool

            I get it. I do…I just cannot bring myself to accept an expectation of incompetence…just because they’ve been utterly incompetent up until now.

            My Fascinate (SGS1, and the worst of the bunch) is running Jelly Bean.

            LG/Samsung/Moto/et. al. should have been able to do this on new/old devices in *half* the time it took some 3rd party devs to do on the Fascinate in their free-time.

            Just because the Manufacturers have taken stupidly long in the past to get up to speed doesn’t give them a pass to keep doing it…

            …in my ever-so-humble opinion. 😉

            (…and yes, I am used to disappointment.)

          • violator702

            Yeah, I just think they start to develop a phone with one specific version of Android in mind, and don’t think twice about it. I understand where they’re coming from, but I don’t like it either.

  • ok

    “to develop a smartphone that stands out in a sea of me-too devices” THE SAMSUNG SHADE

  • ok

    But it’s so ugly with the screen on 🙁

  • CopierITGuy

    I’ve never hidden my feelings for LG. They utterly SUCK! They look cool – very nice design. However, they fall very short in software and support. The only way I’d even consider an LG device is if it were a Nexus device. Let’s hope the rumors are true, because this device would be sick running stock JellyBean!

    • CopierITGuy

      Or Key Lime Pie in January…

    • r0lct

      This package with a Nexus label I would seriously consider dumping my GNex for. But I’ll probably not be first in line in case their are any hardware issues since I don’t know LG’s hardware track record.

  • streetlightman

    doesn’t matter, likely won’t be in the US, let alone on VZW

  • motofanboi

    are lg’s easily unlockable/rootable? not very familiar

  • Meh its got a custom Ui and LG pass.. bring on the nexus

  • Mack

    Dear LG,
    I have one word for you…NEXUS. That is all.

    • BSweetness

      They’re rumored to be one of the manufacturers for the next round of Nexus devices.

      • mustbepbs

        That’s unfortunate.

        • r0lct

          Other than their bad UI and lack of updates which would both be mitigated by it being a Nexus, what else is bad about LG? I’ve never owned one so I am legitimately asking and not picking a fight.

          • LionStone

            That was it, with the past LG’s that I’ve had, funky UI/software…their radios were fine.

          • I’ve had two LG’s. A flip phone & the Voyager. Both lasted me over 2 1/2 years w/ no problems until the last few months. Nothing major. I’ve never owned an LG Android phone but I know the stigma that they carry. Hopefully this phone will change that.

          • Jillxz

            I have an lg flip phone that I have had for the last almost 2 years..It has great reception and connection. Natural sounding voice. No problems with this phone at all. My contract with Verizon will be up in December and I am looking for a smartphone to replace this feature phone. LG is looking good to me.

        • BSweetness

          Not really. It’s been the UI and the lack of updates that have made most LG Android phones suck. If they release a Nexus device, those won’t be issues any more, particularly if we’re looking at this kind of hardware.

          Plus, the rumor is that there will be more than one manufacturer releasing a Nexus phone this year. So if the rumors hold true, LG won’t be the only Nexus choice.

  • Tenaj

    ugly as f*** tho….

  • Kendrick Sims

    This will be my next phone!!

  • panicswhenubered

    Wow that is an awesome phone…. oh wait it’s an LG.

    • picaso86

      It doesnt look that bad…oh wait its a Lame Gadget.

    • WAldenIV

      My LG dishwasher tried to burn down my condo. I’m done with LG products. The specs on this phone are nice, but not nice enough to forgive and forget.

      • bitch_please

        A dishwasher tried to burn down your condo? Hmmmm, are you sure you checked electricity power installation?

        • There was a whole Dateline story on dishwashers in general, not just LG, where the heating governors would malfunction, letting them heat up to extreme temperatures. Thus, causing fires. It’s the reason I don’t run mine when I wont be home for the complete cycle.

          • WAldenIV

            I found out that LG units also have problems with the wiring in the door hinges that control the heating element.

          • I wasn’t trying to say LG wasn’t included in that list. Just that it wasn’t the only one.

          • WAldenIV

            I know. I appreciate it. I suppose I should have replied to bitch_please, but I was just continuing the thread.

    • r0lct

      If it will run an AOSP rom without bugs that last part won’t matter.


    Can I get a nexus like this???

  • duke69111

    This phone looks an awful lot like the iphone, just bigger. LG you’ve been put on notice.

    • phones cant be black rectangles anymore?

      • htowngtr


      • kwubba

        Michelin should sue Goodyear for their original idea of a tire being round!

        • carlisimo

          Trade dress is, by definition, non-functional. Only decorative features are illegal to copy.

  • MrEnglish

    Hmmm. I might wait to see this before buying the new iPhone. I like the specs on this alot. If it delivers what it promises, this could be a contender. Assuming, of course, that it gets os updates in a timely fashion. Like the look of it.

  • hkklife

    No microSD slot? MHL for video out? LG could have hit it out of the park had they shipped it with stock ICS (or even better, JB) and in multiple regions simultaneously ala Samsung and the GS3.

  • MichaelFranz

    Unlock it, Root it, ROM it, AOSP Flavor, Done. I’d be sold. As long as the battery life is good

    • coolsilver


  • jak_341

    I am drooling over this hardware. Too bad there is little to no software support, both official and 3rd party.

  • RedPandaAlex

    I just hope the next nexus(es) have these kinds of specs. I don’t care who manufactures it.

    • moelsen8

      word. if this became the next nexus, i’d jump on it.

  • SomeDooD123

    Sued by Apple in 3….2….1….

    Anyways, why no JB!?

  • coolsilver

    Yup. I would totally buy this over a HTC phone. Though I be more happy for a Nexus.