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Steve Wozniak: The HTC Thunderbolt Was One of the Worst Gadgets I Ever Purchased

Bear with me here, because the mention of someone from Apple doesn’t necessarily mean a flame war immediately. Gizmodo recently asked their readers what the worst technology gadget they had ever purchased was, and if you dig through the comments you can find Apple honcho Steve Wozniak weighing in that the HTC Thunderbolt was right at the top of his list.

Unfortunately, he did not go into much detail, but take a poll from the TBolt owners we have reading the site and they can be sure to tell you. Bad LTE signals all over the place, random reboots, update failures and that isn’t even touching on the horrible stock battery life.

Would you agree with Woz that the Thunderbolt was that bad? Or have you had worse?

Via: Gizmodo

  • me

    i have had my thunderbolt for a year now and i hate it..constant random reboots..of course battery life sucks..its been dropped once since ive had it and been replaced since then…still nothing but trouble with it..now the screen doesnt even hardly respond and no matter how you push the keys it takes forever to respond therefor takes forever to type out a text..i wouldnt recommend it to anyone

  • Joe

    His belly probably made it difficult to use ?

  • athynz1

    There are definitely worse gadgets than the Thunderbolt The Samsung Fascinate and the Blackberry Storm being 2 of them

  • Thrownkillerx69

    i owned the Blur before the thunderbolt. the tb was way better, mine was droped in 3 puddles , and was in a house fire and still works. only down fall i have is i cant us my internet on my thunderbolt. but hopefully these updates dont mess it up even more.

  • trter10


  • The Thunderbolt wasn’t a great phone but it was decent after I loaded CM7 on it. Battery life still sucked regardless.

  • Tyler Chappell

    Me too! April 2nd, my bday! 😀

  • Tyler Chappell

    My Thunderbolt was bad with battery life and reboots until I finally flashed GB onto it about a month and a half before they officially released GB. It has been good ever since and now I am running the ICS leak, with everything working pretty well except for wifi being finicky for some reason. And I dont mean the wifi signal or connection, I mean simply trying to get it enabled!