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Wednesday Poll: Do You Live in a Verizon 4G LTE Market?

This morning, Verizon announced that as of tomorrow, 75% of the country will be covered by their 4G LTE network. That got us thinking, “What about the Droid Life community?” We have done maps of the community before, to see what areas you all reign from, but we haven’t ever asked if you get to take advantage of Big Red’s ultra-fast network. As this rollout continues to come close to 100% of the country, we thought we’d ask to see what percentage we sit at. So tell us, are you enjoying 4G LTE? If so, for how long?

Do You Live in a Verizon 4G LTE Market?

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  • ryan formeck

    Yes I do, have had it for over a year now. We should do a poll though of “do you own a phone other then razr maxxx and leave 4g on consistantly”

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Huh? I have gnex with 4G on all day. When my battery dies, I replace it with one of my fully charged spares.

      • msnight04

        Same. My wifi connection at work is spotty as I walk around our campus. Luckily, there is a Verizon 4G tower about 100 yards away from my office. GNex remains on 4G all day, every day and a charged battery is used if needed.

      • tomn1ce

        Same here. 4G on all day on my G-Nexus with the help of a spare extended battery. I’ve been used to carrying a spare battery since my OG Droid days.

      • LionStone

        DROID Inc4 here, the days of swapping out batteries are over. 🙂

  • Jon

    Since day 1…Charlotte

  • Chris

    One of the first. Live in a Verizon Wireless 4G Legacy community … Philadelphia, Pa

    • EraserXIV

      Pshh, I was bathing in 4G before anyone could even buy a 4G phone. Boston!!

      • zUFC

        I’m in worcester and used to drive to Boston just to use it…haha. We have here now but not at my house (barely have 3G at my house but thats another story)

  • Day one with the Thunderbolt

  • danofiveo

    I’ve had it just shy of a year now. Happened around the same time that the Razr was released.

  • Jovi

    I do now bitches! My city is 90 miles from the newest edition but I got it.

    • Jovi

      addition. my excitement 🙁

  • paul_cus

    Chicago has LTE coverage, since spring of 2011.

  • not in the high desert sometimes i get it for like an hour then its gone but that was only for one day

  • Common Sense

    I voted yes, but where I live is right between lte/3g. As soon as I drive less than 2 miles I have a strong 4G signal.

  • duoexo

    For a month now. 40 Mbps down/ 24 up average at my home. The tower is actually near farmers work area and being close i get 64Mbps down/24up.

  • Jim Dandy

    NOLA stand up!!

  • I don’t even get 3g at my house. If I walk 50 ft away from my yard, I have 4g.

  • There should be a poll for “Do you live in a 3G area?” in which I would gloriously answer no

  • Guest

    Yep, the Twin Cities was one of the earlier areas to get it.

  • They just switched on 4G here in Battle Creek, Michigan today 🙂

  • Murphy

    Day 1.

  • Detonation

    For over a year now. And just the other day I hit a whopping 47 Mbps down / 20 Mbps up, though on average its usually 10-15 Mbps each

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    It’s taken a month for them to iron out the bugs, but now it’s working 90% of the time.

  • Silver Veloz

    No 4G LTE yet. Hopefully soon as I’m in Northern L.A. County. Frustrating that the LTE signal is only a couple miles away, but not as far as I live. And my Verizon signal is not very strong where I am. Luckily my home WiFi works well. Santa Clarita (Valencia), CA.

    • msnight04

      Really?! Valencia doesn’t have it? I’m in Riverside and most of the town has 4G LTE.

  • br_hermon

    Officially no I don’t, unofficially, yes I do. There’s been no press release or anything. Plus it’s sporadic. I’ve had for almost a month. Piqua, OH

  • Me

    I wish there was a “yes but no” option because mine changes depending on the wind…

    • michael arazan

      Seriously, what are the distances that a 4g tower covers? I live in St.Louis, a total of almost 1k sq. miles of the city and counties and 7 – 4g towers covering it all, not including 3g. I live 8 miles away from 2 different 4g towers and only get 2 bars, 108 dbm 41asu after the 4.0.4 update i now get 3-4 bars but still says avg 108 dbn and 41 asu. My wifi and 4g coverage at home are equal at about 12 down and 6 up according to speedtest app.
      Also today i saw ATT commercials saying they have the largest 4g coverage of the United States, larger than Verizon.

      • CopierITGuy

        at&t is like that guy in the gym who only works on his bench press. You’ve seen him. His chest is completely disproportional to the rest of his body. They’re trying to over-compensate for the rest of their lacking. Turns out when the guy stands up he’s only like 5’3″ and a buck-35 but, wow, look my pecs! at&t has always tried to claim they have the best network. Look at the map, people!

        • CopierITGuy

          BTW, I’ve been live LTE in the Fort Smith, Arkansas market since I got my T’Bolt. Verizon bought Alltel (which was based in Little Rock), so AR got the early love from Big Red.

      • Steve Faiella

        There’s 4G, and then there’s 4G LTE. Not the same thing…

    • In my house, my speeds are about 2mbps at the best on 4G, if I go to my friends house down the block, it suddenly becomes 8mbps down/2 up. Wtf is this? You would think signal has something to do with it but there isn’t much of a signal difference.

  • Rob

    Four months, give or take?

  • david

    I live in Murrieta, Ca and in my house I have 1bar of 1x service and 0 bars of 3g service. I use open signal and it says the closest tower is ~5 miles from house

    • msnight04

      Yeah, the service in that area is patchy. My college roommate grew up in Temecula. That whole area is in between markets (LA and San Diego) and service isn’t the greatest.

  • I have 4g in Phelps NY, not even a major township, kind of redneck actually, I have to drive to the next town over for groceries!

  • San Diego here. Verizon’s 4G LTE is very spotty out eastward towards the mountains and desert and beyond — but it hauls buns where I reside, work, and hang out. Although, I could be standing right under one of their towers and it never hits the maxed out 5 bars which is weird. I only ever get 4 bars which is more than plenty as it doesn’t effect speed anyway. I’m loving it all that much more too since I still have unlimited data — for the next 2 years anyway.

    I got on VZW’s 4G LTE for the first time when the Samsung Galaxy SIII was released after I preorderd. So — about a month.

  • Michael Schnider

    Right between Seattle, Wa and Portland, OR I love LTE, nice and fast. Actually switched from sprints very slow 3G network when I found out LTE was live here. Best cell phone company switch ever as far as coverage goes.

  • Baltimore has had 4GLTE since the days of the Thunderbolt last year. So over a year and a half we’ve enjoyed 4G goodness! 😉

    • I remember getting my Thunderbolt on launch day and being just blown away by the 4G speeds! So glad the sales rep persuaded me from an iPhone 4 to the Thunderbolt!

  • Droid_Junky

    Had 4G at home for a while now. Now have it from home and all the way to work which is about a 45 minute drive. Even in a building that coworkers cant get a single bar with ATT I have four bars all day long now!

  • Live in Ocala, FL and work in Gainesville, FL (both have it)

  • jaybar


    *Based on their coverage maps yes, but I have absolute crap service, I’m talking maybe 1 bar of 3g and 1x even pops up a lot. I’m literally right outside of Philadelphia, PA

    • achaff86

      I have that problem and i live in northwest ohio… It goes from 4g to 3g to 1x to roaming I called verizon and they are investigating it for me!

      • LionStone

        LTE ON/OFF app is your friend.

        • jaybar

          Yeah, it would be if I had solid 3G…

          • LionStone

            Yea I hear ya…one of the areas I work is in 1x, so I have to lock it in 1x when I’m there. But I found out that US Cellular has 3G in this particular area so I’m gonna get their Hotspot device and see how that works out.

  • Tim242

    It’s all over Arkansas! Map updates at 2am!

  • dqw

    Well according to Verizon all the closest towers to me have been upgraded to 4g lte with no planned further upgrades. Only get 3g at the house inside or out. Yet if you walk a quarter to half mile in any direction you get 3-4 bars consistently. I voted nodqw

    • dqw

      3-4 bars lte consistently **

  • As of 4pm! Battle Creek, MI got turned on a day early!

  • ozo012

    Just had mine turned on on Monday at my house. Had it 3 towns over but never expected to see it this year. 75% of my commute into NYC had it already but thankfully Verizon is getting around to covering more of Essex County in North Jersey other than the ghetto.

  • Does it count if I do, but my phone keeps dropping the 4G signal like so many others? Not sure how good 4G is, if so many ppl are dropping to ‘white’ or 3G constantly, like my Bionic does daily since May.

  • mog386

    There should be an option for “Supposedly”.

    They say my house is supposed to get LTE, but we don’t get a signal here.

    • quiklives

      Me too. They were supposed to have turned on our tower a few weeks ago, but I haven’t picked it up yet, and I live right in town.

      • *22899 – dial that.

        • quiklives

          I can pick it up when I go out of town just fine, that’s what doesn’t make sense. I just came back from Clearwater and had 4G all weekend there.

        • Debatable, but this is not recommended with 4g phones..

    • Emilio_Buttsextivez

      Same here in Reading, Pa.

      • I went through there yesterday and picked up signal.

        • I’m in Lebanon, PA and I got 4g everywhere I go in my area. Im also in Reading very often but 4g there is very spotty.

        • Emilio_Buttsextivez

          I should specify, around the city sometimes but at my house I get nothing. Spotty would describe it best.

  • AhsanS

    Bay Area baby!

    • LionStone

      You know it! 🙂

  • Levi Wilcox

    Been in one for so long I forget it’s not everywhere yet.

  • RichDuellman

    Not here yet. North central Wisconsin

  • sbcadguy

    I have had 4G at my place for about a month. I am in the San Bernardino, CA. I have noticed my phone sometimes has a hard time keeping the 4G connection. Don’t know if it’s still a lingering Droid Bionic bug or the crankiness of the 4G service here. Most of the time i’m on a wireless connection anyway at my home or office.

  • Sault ste marie mi…no 4g..even att has fauxg up here 🙁 oh and first!!

  • Greg Morgan

    I live in 4g, but the speeds are so low you’d never know it.. 🙁

    • Droidzilla

      I had speeds of about 6Mbps up until one of the RAZR updates; after that, it’s been 13-20Mbps.

      • Greg Morgan

        I live in Seattle. I work downtown and I’ve tested on a Bionic, Razr, Gnex and a Rezound and i’m always getting only 3-4 Mbps.

  • Pdiddy187

    Loving 4G since Dec. 15, 2011.

  • Brandon Sikes

    I officially live in one as of tomorrow, but we’ve had it now for about 2 months.

  • Since day 1 of the LTE launch of the Thunderbolt. (I know the mifi’s had it first but who actually owned one of those… seriously)

  • I live 10 miles from 4G. Hoping the announced Sioux Falls expansion fixes that but considering I haven’t even seen a sniff yet I am guessing that I will miss out again.

  • Crazydog

    Nope, and it burns mah britches!

  • chris125

    Currently am but once my contract is up may be with another carrier the way Verizon is screwing everything up with their new crap plans

    • Jim McClain

      I will be leaving when contract is up due to their updates taking forever

      • chris125

        That too. Unlocked gem once my contract is up

  • Needs more options like “Do you have a 4G phone but don’t live in a 4G area”. My commute to work would take about 30 minutes before I got anywhere near 4G.

    • Diablo81588

      You missed the point off the poll.

  • sssbbb

    Downtown baltimore and dc from day 1 (tbolt). DC suburbs in maryland was very steadily improving over the past year and is now mostly covered in the populated areas.