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Online Orders for Verizon’s Galaxy S3 Now Shipping July 19

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon now launching July 12 instead of the earlier announced 10th, it looks like online orders are getting a bump back as well. Last seen with an estimated shipping date of July 11, your orders through Big Red’s official site will no longer ship until July 19. We are assuming this only affects those who ordered within the last day or so and not those that ordered last week or the week before. We know that many of you have either already received your pre-orders or are expecting them in the next day.

Update:  We have heard from a handful of readers that pre-ordered long ago and are now getting pushed back to July 19. Yikes.

If you were considering an online order, you may want to think about heading into a store instead.

Cheers Jeff, Mike, and Scott!

  • dev

    i went in to verizon store today and ordered a galaxy s3, they didnt give me an estimated arrival time do you guys really think that it wont ship till the 19th?

  • JazzoRenee

    It’s to be expected…..


    Pre-ordered my phone June 6th at 9am and no word on my delivery date. I am ready snap my driod 2 in half. And Verizon is pissing me off with the only information they can provide is my order hasn’t been shipped yet.

  • Crack Monkey

    My S3 was delivered yesterday. Sweet phone 🙂

  • James of VA

    I ordered on June 18th and will be delivered on July 11th here in Virginia. Blue 32gb. I won,’t be home when delivered. Any idea if you authorize fedex to leave at your front door on the first try. Their website indicates you have to wait for a door tag after the first try.

  • Antoine

    Me and the wife jumped to the share everything plan since we are both on wifi at home and work everyday… Big red returned the favor with overnight shipping. Well played.

  • ryguy0885

    Update on my order. Apparently there is a known bug (words used by the rep I talked to on the phone) in Verizon’s system that rejected my order based on me not accepting the terms of service when I placed the order. According to that rep, they are working on it, but I’m stuck playing the waiting game…. Blah…

  • Bob

    I preordered mine June 20th and Verizon said the estimated ship date was July 11th and somehow it arrived today, couldnt be happier!

  • Ordered 16GB blue on 6/23. CC charged 7/7 got shipping confirmation 7/8 with delivery date of 7/10 by 3pm. It’s currently in Memphis.

  • JK37

    wow i feel blessed every day being that i got mine on the 5th 🙂

    • ryguy0885

      As you should. As I stated earlier, I ordered mine on 6/7 and originally had a 7/9 expected ship. On Friday, however, the expected ship was pushed to 7/11 and still no cc bill or other communication. Blue/16GB if anyone is wondering.

      • JK37

        I’d be getting very frustrated indeed, i wasnt even expecting mine to be shipped so soon… must have to do with location or something i dunno

  • counsel dew

    Since my Galaxy Nexus has this
    http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=24019 and Samsung’s repair did NOT fix it… I have the option of getting this phone (currently using the MAXX). Worth the upgrade or should I simply hold onto the upgrade? Give me opinions, and I know you have them… 🙂

  • My wife’s phone is sitting at the local FedEx station…shipped out on Friday, arrived in town on Saturday…but since it’s 2Day shipping, FedEx is sitting on it and won’t deliver it until tomorrow. Blah!

  • PC_Tool

    Just got my Wife’s. No notification that it had been shipped…

    The only indication something was up was the account being billed for it on the 6th. Couldn’t even bring it up on their site to get verification…

    ..and it just arrived out of the blue. VZW *really* needs to work on their customer service…

  • tehserver

    Preordered June 25th and is arriving today. I should add that it was a white 32GB model.

  • Bobby Oler

    Ordered friday afternoon (around 4PM mountain time) and it’s shipping today, delivery Thursday.

  • antoine

    so for those that have received their phones… what kind of time frame did you face from when big red hit the CC to when you had your phone in hand?

  • OpiX

    Mine was charged to my credit card on Friday with a ship date of 7/9 but still have not received any shipping information. Pre-ordered on 6/13

  • MarvinX

    Ordered my 16gb white on 7/6 and my card was charged today. Anyone else order 7/6 and get shipping info?

  • any

    Mine is coming tomorrow.

  • bakes1810

    I ordered a 16gb white on June 27. It was delivered this morning at 8:43

  • violator702

    I ordered last minute and am supposed to get mine today.

  • Dj

    Ordered 6/11 and got it today!

  • I preordered my pebble-blue 16GB S3 on June 13th. Verizon charged my credit card on Friday July 6th. Then I got my Verizon shipment email with FedEx tracking number last night (Sunday July 8th). Destination is San Diego, CA:

    Ship date
    Jul 9, 2012

    Estimated delivery
    Jul 11, 2012 by 7:00 PM

    Jul 9, 2012 6:00 AM
    Picked up

    • Shawn

      mine is exactly the same only i ordered on the 11th and coming to orange county. very surprised it isnt getting shipped from somewhere out here like they normally do

  • DanSan

    Ordered my white 16gb on the 27th around 9pm. Its on the truck, out for delivery to my house right now.

  • Ok, so a couple questions. Wouldn’t those who get pushed back to the 19th just cancel and pick it up in store a week earlier?

    And, getting my GNex in the next couple hours(currently out for delivery), Im really considering just selling it and just plopping the money down (in a couple weeks time) for the off contract price of a S3. (the GNex is completely brand new, so should still sell well). It’s a big toss up between the two right now for me. Im currently using a TBolt, and not due for an upgrade for another 4 more months. Though with me currently having unlimited data, next upgrade would lose that. So off contract pricing for me.

    • SubMatrix

      That’s IF you can pick it up in store and it isn’t sold out everywhere you try. Also, the big sticking point is that doing this would lose unlimited data, which is why a lot of people preordered in the first place.

  • Sky_Guy

    my dreams shattered when my pre order got pushed back to 7/19..

  • Could be that the orders are being satisfied by different warehouses affecting the ship time to different users? Mine shipped from
    WEST CHESTER, PA anyone else have somewhere else shipping?

    • bakes1810

      Mine was shipped from Memphis, TN to michigan

  • Themanhere10

    My card was charged on Friday, and have not heard anything else. I am hoping it gets shipped today…..

  • Mizzark

    Any word on a release date over at Best Buy? My preorder there is taunting me with a lack of word

  • zUFC

    Hummm thats weird because i called and ordered one last Friday (6th) and i already got the tracking number saying it will be here tomorrow (i paid for NDA). Blue 32G
    I wonder why I’m getting so fast with these delays????

  • ordered mines on june 27th and still no tracking number yet i want this phone come on VZW im inpatient for this beast of a phone

  • I pre-ordered this past Thursday (7/5), got the shipping notice Friday and FedEx says it should be here today. I know lots of people hate Verizon but they absolutely nailed it for me on this one.

    • WrinkledForeskin


  • Ethan

    It seems like Verizon’s doing everything they can to make us GS3 adopters as angry as possible. Latest release, delayed release, locked bootloader, Wifi toggle removal, Wifi notification, etc. It’s becoming comical- next, I’m expecting my FedEx delivery to be eaten by wolves sometime between now and Wednesday.

  • ryguy0885

    Pre-ordered on 6/7 and my expected ship was pushed to 7/11… what gives?

  • dsilva1217

    Pre-ordered on 6/27 and my ship date has been pushed back to 7/19. WTF

  • The battery life seems to be very low on mine, even compared to the bionic I had before.

  • I got mine on friday, I LOVE THIS PHONE!!

  • jseah114

    I ordered on June 12th. They were shipped out last Friday the 6th. What gets me is that Fedex really does stick to the two-day shipping schedule, even though they technically could deliver it in one day. It left the Fedex sorting facility an hour away from me for my local Fedex facility on Saturday, so they could have delivered it today, but they are basically going to hold it at the local Fedex facility for a day so that it arrives on time.

    This is why I hate Fedex. With UPS, if they can deliver it early, they will.

    • Cprsmrrcr3

      Same here my wifes phone is ten minutes from my house and i cant even pick it up! Frutstrating as hell….. But one more day wont kill me …or her

    • Mizzark

      It’ll be delivered in 50 pieces inside a smashed box…. but hey you got it early!

  • Regardless of the locked bootloader (which I could care less about since I dont root my phones anymore), this is an amazing phone and they can’t keep up with the orders through the entire USA! Just can’t wait to get mine!

  • I am getting mine tomorrow but since I work out of town I wont be able to get it set up till Wednesday.

  • TheFonz

    Waiting for fed ex to bring my phone…I’m like a kid on xmas.

  • BTR-75

    I received notification and FedEx shipping information that my pre-ordered 32gb S3 is enroute and should arrive tomorrow.

    • BTR-75

      PS. Pre-ordered mine on 6/25/12

    • JazzoRenee

      Yea, I pre-ordered mine on 6/15 and the FedEX tracker says it is on the truck en route for delivery today.

  • EvanTheGamer

    What about the Nexus 7? Anyone hear anything yet as to when it will ship?

    • I called Google the other day and they couldn’t give a definitive answer and told me some time this month. Hopefully this week, but my guess is next week.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Yeah, I prefer next week as a week from today is when I get my next paycheck. haha

        We shall see! Hopefully there will at least be an announcement this week though.

  • Sacchin

    Worked night shift but staying up because getting mine via FedEx today!

  • nightscout13

    Mine is out for delivery today, can’t wait!

    • Liam

      Mine too! Been waiting for FedEx truck for the last 2 hours!

    • Shaggy

      Same here in FL still waiting for the Truck to stop on by.

    • caddy197

      Mines also on the delivery truck!!! Can’t wait.

    • FedEx just dropped mine off. I’m currently in mourning over my Droid X.

      • Sky_Guy

        There will be no mourning over MY droid X..

      • Trueblue711

        Haha I will miss my DX also, but I won’t miss cursing out Motorola for all the bs I put up with!

      • JK37

        wow theres more people than i thought with the orignal droid x like me, i couldnt actually tell you where mine even is in this house lol …im sure its missing me LOL

        • Bob

          Im getting mine today too. I’ll miss my Droid X…

          • Dx to S3

            Getting mine tomorrow in transit with Fedex. Also on Droid X. I guess original DX came out 2 years ago so this is many people’s next phone…….. Have fun everyone

          • Dx to S3

            Getting mine tomorrow in transit with Fedex. Also on Droid X. I guess original DX came out 2 years ago so this is many people’s next phone…….. Have fun everyone

    • Daniel Tifft

      Mine is the on the delivery truck right now.. replacing the OG Droid! This is going to be a MASSIVE upgrade for me, lol.

      • cyber75sax

        Same here! No more trying to squeeze every last drop of processing and RAM power out of our OGs!

        • log

          Yep Same here.

          Going from 256mb ram -> 2048 mb ram, and 600mhz -> 1.5 ghz dual core 😮 Can’t wait.

          • Trueblue711

            Not to mention…. that beautiful screen! I’m going from a Droid X to this and I can’t wait to have an AMOLED.

          • JazzoRenee

            I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready!!

  • Will Rehse

    I preordered one for my dad 2 weekends ago and it is going to arrive via fedex tomorrow.

  • GotNitro

    What does that mouse icon in the orange square mean? I could not figure it out on Verizons website. Can’t wait to get off work, my white 16gb delivered this morning and is home waiting for me!

    • toosurreal01

      It means it’s available online only

  • Thank god mine is already on the truck heading to my house. Can’t wait to play with it after work. Hope activation won’t be a bitch.

  • SirSoloDolo

    I’m anxiously waiting to see how well this phone is in terms of battery and radio. Nexus is great and all but I hate seeing my brother’s Razr Maxx get 3 bars of 4G while my Nexus gets 2 bars of 3G

    • Jon

      And the number of bars matter why? Have you tried running speed test on both phones at the same location and seeing what that tells you? Many phones will report completely different signal bars…those bars are for reference and far from scientific or something to worry about at all. It’s one thing if you had no bars and he had full bars…but that’s not the case.

      • SirSoloDolo

        It matters bc he gets stellar 4G reception and fast speeds while the nexus in the same spot doesnt get 4G. have to travel a couple miles into town to pick up any 4G

  • mondaykiz

    i sent a tip yesterday but i preordered mine on 6/25 but my shipping date says 7/19… anyone else seeing this? (it said it would ship 7/11 before) this is ridiculous

    • mustbepbs

      For people who have dates of 7/19, you should just cancel it and go pick it up Thursday in a store. Seems stupid for them to make preorders wait an extra week for it to ship.

      • Casey Puyleart

        Except for the whole “keeping my unlimited data plan” thing…which is why I pre-ordered instead of waiting.

        • hkklife

          And that is precisely why VZW will continue to F up the majority of their pre-orders. At this point, I would not be surprised to see some cancelled outright within the next few weeks. They want SO BADLY for us to become frustrated, throw our hands up, and simply give up and walk into a store and sign up for tiered data.

      • mondaykiz

        i would but they said then id lose my unlimited data….. verizon never fails to let me down

    • Casey Puyleart

      I ordered mine on 6/26. I received an email on Saturday stating my “Order is on Hold,” that it is scheduled to be processed, and that average processing time is 3 days. When I checked the order status link in my order email yesterday afternoon, it says my expected ship date is 7/19. Hopefully that doesn’t turn out to be the case…

      • mondaykiz

        exactly, that’s the same notice i’ve been getting..

    • Daphne

      What area are you from? I wonder if that makes any difference?

  • mustbepbs

    Ordered mine 6/28 and I’ve still got no word. Still says ship by the 11th. Mother ****ers.

  • Mason Lammers

    I ordered mine on 06/26/12 and FedEx shows it will be in my hands sometime today… I have two coming, one for my wife and one for me.

    • Funny, I placed my order on 6/20, card was charged Friday, but I have yet to receive any indication it’s been shipped…someone’s getting an earful.

      • Jon

        Same here. I called Verizon yesterday and they confirmed my card was charged on Friday, yet there is no tracking number available and the guy told me it hadn’t shipped yet. He said he would monitor my order and send me a text message with the tracking number when it ships. He also said it should ship today (Monday).

        I ordered the Blue. I’m wondering if the Blue color is in less supply or something. I’m kinda wishing I’d ordered the white now cause I was worried about this.

        • I just got off the phone with Verizon and was told that orders placed between June 14th-20th have a shipping date of July 10th. When I told her about other individuals having placed orders well after the indicated dates yet have their devices delivered or will have them shortly, she couldn’t explain it…I sorta want to bitch in hopes of getting some credit (at least the $30 activation fee waived).

          • Themanhere10

            I was also charged on Friday. I called and they gave the generic 7/10 ship date. Lets hope we get shipped today!

      • ELS

        Also ordered on the 20th, charged CC on Friday. I got a notice it was shipped this morning. Clicked on the tracking, said it was shipped on 7/6 and would be coming by 3:00 today. I sat around waiting for it and just got an update from Fedex that it was really picked up today and will be delivered tomorrow. It’s always something.

    • Mason Lammers

      I ordered one 16 GB and a 32 GB, both the same time and both are supposed to be here today. My SGIII’s is a White. I am wishing I would have ordered a blue, but the problems they were having with them made me go with a White.

  • Takes a few extra days to lock up the bootloader

  • I just received my 6-12-12 preorder 10 minutes ago… setting it up now. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mine’s out for delivery now, can’t wait

      • I tried to activate mine online.. didn’t work, called the number to activate it, and that didn’t work… now i’ve been on hold 5 minutes waiting for a representative to activate the darn thing…. GRRRR

        • So I get through to customer service failure, and she tells me that I need to use the automated system to activate the sim card. I told her that the system transferred me to her after it didn’t work automatically. She gave me another line of BS of which I cut her off and told her i’ve activated 3 phones off and on this week without issue and she needed to activate my phone. She put me on hold, then i ended back at the automated system, which to no ones surprise didn’t work again. Thanks Verizon.

        • They should be able to get it to work for you. I have to take mine to the Verizon store since I am putting the Galaxy S3 on my line and the upgrade line is getting my Samsung Galaxy Nexus