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Wednesday Poll: Headphone Jack on the Bottom or Top?

It’s time to settle this debate once and for all (because polls can do that). Yes, we are talking about headphone jack placement on smartphones. The DL crew wishes that all phone manufacturers going forward would do the right thing (biased much?) and put headphone jacks on the bottoms of phones, because it simply makes sense.

If the jack is on the bottom, you can plug in your headphones and the headphone cable stays out of your way as it drapes below the phone. Also, when you go to place the phone in your pocket in the natural way, which is top down, then the headphone jack points upwards and out of your pocket. If the headphone jack is up top, the cord then becomes a nagging issue and is either draping off to the side, behind, or often times in front of your phone. Then, as you go to place it in your pocket, you have to consciously make an effort to adjust (possibly break) your wrist to slide the phone in bottom side down so that the cord sticks out of your pocket. (That makes my entire forearm hurt just thinking about the maneuver.)

So tell us, which do you prefer and why. Also, to further our argument, we dove deep into the logistics, creating evidence in the most proper of ways – yes, GIFs.

Headphone Jack on the Bottom or Top?

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On the bottom:

On the top:

  • Really… I don’t care, as long I can put it without messing with the cell use

  • Taglogical

    I’ll just say that it would be a design gaff if docking the device precluded easy access to the headphone jack… Given that either side of the phone is no good, and I think we all agree that we don’t want our phones docking upside-down, the only sensible answer is: Top.

    • Taglogical

       …following this, if docking is done on the side of the phone (my preference) then either the top or the bottom would work – 6 of one, half-a-dozen of the other at that point, no?

  • yarrellray

    Bottom will always rule. That’s one of the main great thing about the Gnex…It just makes sense…

  • the one thing i detest about my gnex is the headphone jack on the bottom >_>

  • Insert_Name

    What about the, it doesn’t matter option?

  • jb

    Why not both top and bottom?

  • I never knew the “natural” way was top down. Ever since my Blackberry (in holster) top up was the way. Same as iPod (not nano). Top down would push the on button on many phones, like my OG droid, so it carries on with my RAZR.

  • bottom


  • Normally I would say top, but my GNexus has the usb and audio plug on bottom and I like having them in the same place.

  • Murphy

    Top or Bottom? Those have totally different meanings to me 🙂

  • RoadsterHD1

    jack at the bottom is for iphone users

    • tech fan

      Except theirs is on the top.


    I put my phone in my pocket as if it were in my hand and I put my hand in my pocket, ie. top down.  That way when I pull it out, it’s orientated in my hand right-way-up.  Therefore, bottom please.

  • frankandsimple

    Top for obvious reasons. Situations where bottom makes more sense are if you were holding your phone all along as you listened with the headphones (why?).. or when your phone is docked on something in your car…  Even then, the top position is not bad. 
    For all other situations, headphone jack on the top is natural and makes sense. 

  • Kurt5153

    Top easier in the car

    • Mate01

       Top better when out of pocket for everything.

  • StevieWelles

    It is obviously more convenient to have it on the bottom in pretty much every circumstance. When my phone is in a car dock for navigating, I also find it aesthetically criminal to have cords coming out of the top (3.5 mm, yeah, I know, get a bluetooth capable stereo) and bottom (charging). Alas, my HTC One X is on preorder, so I’ll just have to deal with this design flaw.

    • Diablo81588

      Design choice*.. It’s not a flaw when more people would rather have it on top according to the poll 😛

      • If more people wanted to jump off a bridge, would you call that a design choice? 😀

      • StevieWelles

        The majority in this case are apparently illogical. Seriously, I haven’t heard a remotely compelling reason to put it in the pocket right-side up, UNLESS you are listening to headphones with your phone in your pocket AND the jack is on top. I think what people are saying they prefer is as a result of most phones having the jack on top, not because they would actually prefer it to be there if given the choice.

        • Diablo81588

          I listen to my phone in the truck on a daily basis. I keep it in the cup holder or a compartment next to the shifter standing straight up with the cord coming out of the top and towards the radio. Unless i wanted to keep my phone sitting upside down, a bottom jack would be completely stupid. There’s a perfect scenario where a bottom jack would be worthless.

          • StevieWelles

            But there is no reason why you couldn’t have the phone sitting upside down in the cupholder. The reason the bottom makes sense is because of one or two use-cases that are very common: 1) listening to headphones with your phone in your pocket (in which case, as demonstrated in the GIFs above, having it upside down makes more “ergonomic” sense), and 2) you have it in a car dock and don’t want cords coming out of both ends.

        • MyStroPro

          You apparently are illogical for the illogical attack on readers of the site.  Ad Hominem much?

          Because a person doesn’t fit what you believe is logically does not mean their belief is illogical.  People thought the world was flat at one time, but boy was that illogical.  They believed that the opposite was true – that not thinking the world was flat was illogical.

          Anyway, here’s a compelling reason. I put my phone top-end-up in my pocket so when I pull it out I can look directly at the screen if I get a text or email.  I grab it on the sides with the finger and the thumb, and lay it in my hand as it comes out of my pocket.  The people who put it in upside down have to push their whole hand down in their pockets to pull it out and flip their hand’s general direction just like they are pulling a gun from a holster in the days of the Wild West.

          When i work out in the gym, I slide the phone in my pocket the same way – Top-end-up.  Quick access to player controls on the screen, quick viewing for texts that may pop in. No head or hand turning needed.

          • StevieWelles

            Yikes, chill out my friend.

  • tvjrc603

    So this is how the DL crew distracts themselves from the anticipation of the SGS3 announcement tomorrow…

  • Justin Howard

    OMG why does it gotta be so complicated when it comes to explaining why it is better on top or on bottom, …….maybe they should start making phone with a jack on the top and bottom lol…..anyway I have the razr and it’s obviously on the top and I don’t mind at all, it just seems right to have it on the top (my opinion), but if I owned a nexus then I’m sure I wouldn’t mind having it on the bottom, like I said it’s really no big deal. I mean who doesn’t take pride in their phone and defend it and its specs, I take pride in my Razr, I think its great. Everyone has their own taste and style so please quit complaining about it being BETTER to be on top or on bottom….honestly who really cares lol

    • Lakerzz

      That is a pretty long comment for someone who doesn’t care, lol.

  • I dont really care.. on my Droid X and My Thunderbolt I was never bothered by the top headphone jack. But spending some time on my Dads GNex, quickly got used to the bottom jack.. I figure with as much as we use our phones, it would take all of a day or two to adjust to where ever the jack was.. 

  • Skeltergrave

    The bottom is a ridiculous choice. It would bother my bottom palm way to much. Charger jack on the left side and headphone jack on the top.

  • jjrudey

    I’m glad the droid-life crew agrees with me on how I like my headphone jacks.

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    Did I cause this with what I said in the One X review yesterday? I actually like both ways.. bottom for laying on my desk so it doesn’t spin if I tug on it a little. On top for my pockets… for when I put the phone in my pocket in the PROPER direction – top up! 😉

  • with apex launcher on my gnex, i don’t think it really matters. orientation change within the lockscreen is the tits! 

    • Lakerzz


  • TheOiulkj

    I’d like the jack to be on the front, right in the middle of the screen. That way I always know whether or not I have my headphones plugged in and I don’t accidentally play pron videos on speaker phone.

  • balthuszar

    i put my phone in my pocket bottom first…i don’t use headphones, but if i did, the jack being on top is fine, the jack being on the bottom is fine…i wouldnt “break my wrist” trying to put it in bottom first, nor would i “break my wrist” putting it in top first if the jack was on the bottom…also, unless you make a habit of holding the phone above your head…the cord is going to drape up across the screen if the jack is on the bottom, and unless you have a cord that’s too short(which increases the tension on the cord) the cord will drape down across the screen if the jack is on the top…so…?

  • gregwilliams

    Auto rotate! It don’t matter

  • I prefer the headphone jack to be on the back. of the device, next to the flash and the camera. It really fits in my pocket well.

  • steve30x

    i like it on top 0_o

  • Rodeojones000


  • Ohhh the things we are fanatical about.
    I’m a bottom jack fan boy
    I hated the top jack on my DInc, flipping it over every time I took it out, and the cord taking a 180 and draping down when holding it.

  • pacnwsoundstream

    bottom is the best hands down. I hated my droid plugging in at the top and the charger coming out of the bottom. so if i was using it in my car i had two cords going the opposite directions. I love how my cords just streamline out of the bottom on my nexus.

  • nicotinic

    I’ve never had a phone with the jack on the bottom but after hearing why it should be, it makes sense.

  • Anthony

    I don’t care either way. As long as it is on the same side as the charger port. Like on my MAXX. Both are right there on top. It is nice cause I plug both in while driving. My D3 I believe have the charging port on the left side and the headphone jack up top. Stupid design. 

    • Anthony

      Actually come to think of it I would like both on the bottom. That way while it is in the charger both wires are hanging straight down. Not putting any strain on the connection. Less chance of a loose connection this way. 

      • Anthony

        Meant to say Car Dock, not Charger

  • Jeremy Turnley

    Top. My phone lives in my shirt or inside jacket pocket, so when I pull it out, it’s not upside down like you, because I am grasping it with my hand already oriented right.

  • blizzard89

    slow news day waiting for the S3 eh?

  • Paul

    I don’t put my phone upside down in my pocket, so headphone jack makes more sense to me.

    • Paul

      *headphone jack on top*

  • Q

    It makes more sense on the bottom.  It’s probably one of my favorite features on the GNex.  I hated flipping my TB, DX, and Bionic around when pulling them out.

  • dplowden88

    Bottom. When I went from a DX to the Galaxy Nexus I was a little thrown off by it being on the bottom. Now I can’t imagine why it would be anywhere else. It truly does make the most sense for most scenarios. Obviously to each his own, but I’d be willing to bet that a lot of people voting top have either never had a phone with the jack on the bottom or just have not spent enough time with it.

  • Corey Marrier

    Bottom would be good. The best solution would be to have the headphone jack and the charging port on the same end. Makes it easier to charge and listen to music. With my Thunderbolt I have to sit the phone in a very awkward spot if I want to charge and listen to music.

  • JMac726

    We need a phone with BOTH

  • Dliuzzo110

    Top top top. Though I see the reasoning for the bottom….its just wrong. 1) power buttons on top so if you put your phone in pocket upside down it will constantly wake up, turn off, ect. 2) docks, holsters and kickstands would simply just not work 3) think about how you use your wallet. You grab it between your thumb and fore finger and as you lift, it rotates ever so effortlessly into position. You don’t put your wallet in your pants upside down do you? Silly Droid life dudes I think you’ve simply been “out-logic-tified” (is that a word) on this one

    • Power button is on top? What? Not in all phones. Also.I put my wallet in my pocket upside down… Why wouldn’t it work with kickstanfs holsters and docks? Elaborate please. Its fine that you like the jack in top, but your points don’t really jive.

  • Ksae

    i put my phone in my shirt pocket feet first. i don’t like putting it in my pants pocket because of keys, coins, and other stuff that usually scratch up the screen.

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      that’s why you dedicate 1 pocket for change, the other for your phone… hand your keys to your girlfriend/wife and they’ll purse the things.

  • Qbrisco

    The beauty is having a choice.

  • My phone is right side up in my pocket because I have OCD and nothing should ever be upside down ever!

    • blizzard89

      that exclamation point at the end of your comment kinda looks like an upside down i

  • ckeegan

    I’m actually amazed it’s this close (almost dead even at 1200 votes). I figured top would be a no-brainer. Interesting.

  • Tim242

    I’m versatile haha

  • Neither, Bluetooth!

    • Tim242

      Why burn battery with BT?

  • will bartlett

    these gifs make my head hurt.

  • Bains4u

    How about giving it at both locations 😉

  • Benjamin Storrie

    I put mine in my pocket and still would prefer top.  This is why they make the l-shaped headphone connectors.  Oh, you’re using stock/cheap headphones?  Why are you complaining about your jack placement again? 

  • Mustang5Oh

    Bottom due to how it goes in pocket. If you place it upside down in pocket when you remove the phone its already right side up.