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HTC One X Benchmarks: Tegra 3 (Quad-core) vs. Snapdragon S4 (Dual-core)


First, if you haven’t checked out our full review of the AT&T HTC One X, then you will want to do that. After doing that, let’s go ahead and start the conversation about benchmarks between the AT&T, Snapdragon S4 version and the Tegra 3, unlocked version of the phone.

With NVIDIA not having LTE modems for their quad-core processors just yet, carriers that want this phone with LTE capabilities are having to swap out the Tegra 3 in favor of the dual-core Snapdragon S4. Both processors are beasts in their own right, so we thought, “What better way to see if we can find a difference than through a handful of tests?” For those that hate benchmarks and think they mean nothing, we would agree with you to a point. We would have to disagree in that these at least give us something to compare against. We can flip through home screens all day long, open and close apps, look for stutters, etc., but in the end, you need to have numbers. Benchmarks give us numbers.  

So what did we see? On a pure performance and power level, the Tegra 3 with its 4-PLUS-1 quad-core architecture seems to come out in front of the dual-core Snapdragon S4. We also noticed in benchmarks like Quadrant that show a constant frame rate, that Tegra 3 seems to hold a higher rate even during the most strenuous of on-screen activities. But, the Snapdragon S4 produces higher one-time frame rates than the T3 at times and even bests it completely in some tests, and is clearly no slouch. You won’t find a loser in this battle.

If there is one conclusion to draw from these tests, it’s that these two processors (at least for now) are the best in the business for Android devices. Both will probably never slow down no matter what you try to do to your phone, and that’s a great feeling to have.




  • Asmodai

    The quad core is going to win in synthetic benchmarks which take advantage of all cores but in the real world things aren’t threaded well enough to take full advantage of that.  The S4 has a better graphics chip and dual cores is sufficient in real world applications… heck I hardly stress more than two of my 8 cores (with HT) on my PC let alone on mobile apps which severely restrict background processes to conserve battery.  I’d rather have the dual core with better GPU and LTE.

  • meta96

    … funny, the one x (tegra 3) wins in 2 of 3 Benchmarks, but both versions are equal? I think the s4 is a wonderful peace, but tegra 3 or quadcore is a little bit more fun today, or?


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  • Droidfan

    AMEN.  Android phones are only going to be smoother and faster with these babies on board….especially teamed with ICS.  Hell, my Raxr Maxx doesn’t show any stutter or lag…unless I have loaded up a number of apps and am surfing heavy….and even then it is barely noticeable.  

  • askher

    I got a little bit better scores on jellybean beta. Waha

  • D3

    sorry guys i was to retarded to check out the top picture. i need to pull my head outta my ass!!

  • D3

    one of the main reasons why the S4 is mostly faster in tests is also because of the screen resolutions: lower resolution less inpact on the cpu, if the one s was at 720p then it would have a much lower score.

    • T4rd

      Wut..? Where did you get “One S” at? This is a comparison between both variants of the One X.. Both of which have the same resolution (720p).

      • socalrailroader

        King Tut?

    • Taglogical

      While the res is the same, the S4 is clocked higher – the S4 will likely (not accounting for differences/efficiencies in architecture) perform better in the bulk of single and dual-threaded applications… however the moment the software/platform can implore the Tegra3 in full (ala multithreaded applications or multiple concurrent single-threaded applications, then the Tegra3 will outperform the S4.

      For what I do with a phone, I would prefer the Tegra3… I also _need_ LTE so… I would prefer Tegra3 v2 that is in development.

    • GazaIan

      Sir, you are wrong.. This is both models of the One X, they have the EXACT SAME resolution.

  • Skinja

    You should have tested them in airplane mode with no wifi. One os connected to att and one is conneceted to wifi during the tests.

    • droidiac13

       Good point.

  • Butters619

    Man I am so excited for this phone.

    Do a battery life comparison please!

    • Guest

      Battery life – S4 wins! http://www.anandtech.com/show/5779/htc-one-x-for-att-review/3

      • Destroythanet

        Hmmm…what happened to the significant battery life advantage Nvidia was touting with quad-core over dual-core processors?

  • Blood

    Nvidia needs to stick to gpu.

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  • 4n1m4L

    That little ics style menu button at the bottom bugs the hell out of me. They opted for non onscreen keys, but… still have an on screen key.. that still takes up screen real estate.. in a perfect world apps would eventually quit using it.. riiight.

    • Butters619

      That’s the same reason why it was smart for Samsung to include a home button, if they in fact go with capacitive buttons.

    • GazaIan

      Well since Google is killing the Menu button, HTC is yelling on behalf of Google and saying “FIX YOUR APPS”. It bothers me too, but it wouldn’t be a problem of secs fix their apps..

  • kixofmyg0t

    In some tests they’re quite even, others Tegra3 takes a giant win. Interesting. 

    After reading this I am even more excited for OMAP5. 

  • Daniel Seymour

    It seems that both processors are fairly similar, however, the tegra 3 seems like it’s a slight bit faster. Battery life would have to be the determining factor, while the S4 has the LTE advantage… I would still rather have a tegra 3 processor IF there was no LTE, due to tegra zone.

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