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TurboTax for Android Offers Free Federal+State Filings This Weekend Only (Updated)

April 17 is the official deadline for everyone to file their taxes this year. Filing may be a real pain, but there are a lot of companies out there that try to make the process a bit more simple. Sometimes, you have to pay some pretty high prices in order to take advantage of these services. But, this weekend only, the folks over at TurboTax are offering free Federal and State tax filings for all new filers.

To take advantage of the FREE filing offer, customers must start a new return using the app between March 30-April 1, 2012

Filing on the app is pretty darn simple: Just snap a photo of your W2, fill out a few questions, review your filing and you’re done. Pretty painless for those who only need to fill out a 1040EZ. If your tax situation is a bit more complicated, we suggest doing it another way.

Update: As a reader has pointed out, the promotion is for the full version of TurboTax, which is only available for Android tablets. Android phones will not received free filing via the SnapTax application. Please use the updated Play Link to receive the free filing.

Play Link 

Cheers A, and Ted!

  • TurboTaxColleen

    Hi Colleen from TurboTax here.. Just want to clarify that this offer is for TurboTax app for Android tablets, including Kindle Fire,  (SnapTax is a phone app for simple returns (1040EZ) and is currently $24.99 for fed/state, including ffiling).  To take advantage of the android tablet app offer, you do not need to be new, but you will not be able to transfer information if you’ve started a return somewhere else.  You need to download and start a return from the beginning between 3/30-4/1 (don’t need to file this weekend, just start a return).  Also, even though you may see pricing, if you downoad and start the return this weekend, it will be free for federal/state when you file. Hope that helps.

  • This post is incorrect. The deal is only for “TurboTax for Android” — the full app. It’s not for SnapTax.

    I think “TurboTax for Android” (which is incompatible with all of my Android phones) is a tablet-based app that has the full functionality of TurboTax On-line.

  • TheRandom1

    Uhhhh guys? You should revise this article as this appears to not be free. I’m trying to do this and it wants to charge me 25 bucks.

  • igotadroid

    yup, just tried it and still charging 24.99.

    • gime

      Not sure how you tried filing, but I believe it only works on Android tablets.  I read a blurb that it will not work on handsets.

      • igotadroid

        tried it on my gnex, gnex in tablet mode, and on a xoom…still nothing. 

        • gime

          Post from Engadget says that you must also not have downloaded the app until this morning: http://www.engadget.com/2012/03/29/turbotax-android-free-promotion/

          • TheRandom1

            I downloaded the app this morning and tried it both on my Revolution and my Xoom, neither one gives me a free tax return, both want to charge me 25 bucks.

          • TheRandom1

            They linked the wrong app…

  • Guod2002

    Well today is the 30th and its still trying to charge me $24.99, if you would normally file a 1040EZ, this is definitely the way to go if it really ends up being free, took me all of 7 minutes to do.

  • cizzlen

    They are way too late on this. 


  • LunaSherry39

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  • I just did mine the other day. That stinks. I could have done it on my Xoom with the bluetooth keyboard i got the other week. Would have been easy to snap a picture of my W2 and have that be that.

  • Jason

    I cant get it to download to my tablet …

  • I use TurboTax but I don’t know if I could do my taxes on my phone, even with a 4.65 inch screen.

  • ChuckDz3

    New users? Meaning never used turbo tax before or could be a returning use? hmm

  • willsours

    Dont use it! I used Turbotax for my 2009 & 2010 taxes, and I just had to file amendments to them to get a credit that Turbotax absolutely should have included in them, and I only file very simple returns. Absolute garbage.

    • Dc

      I’ve used TurboTax for 5 years without any issues. The software will even accurately autofill information for you if you allow it to.

    • Popeye

       What was the credit it was supposed to catch?

      • willsours

        Child tax credit. Thats 2 GRAND it missed with all the information it needed. Only realized it when I did my taxes this year, on a CHEAPER site (TaxACT) that did give me the credit.

        • wastry

          Maybe you shouldn’t be a cheap ass and hire a real accountant

          • willsours

            Is that what this Droid Life post was about, hiring an accountant? How bout you STFU and get on topic?

          • willsours

            I shouldn’t need to. Like I said, simple tax situation and this crap software should be able to accurately calculate it, like TaxACT does. I was just tryin to warn people. But you, you should use Turbotax.

  • Oh yeah! Taxes! I knew there was something I forgot…