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Verizon Offering Significant Discounts to “Loyal” Customers, How Does a Galaxy Nexus for Free Sound? (Updated)

If you have been a long-time Verizon Wireless subscriber and have an upgrade available in the near future, checking your inbox would be recommended. Big Red is sending out emails under their loyalty program that are significant. We are talking significant as in free. As you can see from the part we cropped out of the email, VZW is willing to hand you a $299 Galaxy Nexus for nothing, as long as you sign a new 2-year contract. For most current customers, a $50 discount is the max.

Tough to tell who qualifies, but it may be worth a call to Verizon’s sales team to see if you do.

Update:  It’s a regional promo. If you qualify, you will receive a mailer. Stop calling customer service.

Cheers Scotty!

  • Chris has a headache

    Chat rep had me place the order online and call in for the my account to be credited back the amount I just paid. Customer service on the phone said they could not honor the agreement and that the charge was going to go through. Sooo…

    1-  $700 taken out of my bank account. Will be credited the $700 in 24hrs. No new phone.
    2- Playing middle man between the chat rep and the phone rep at the same time.
    3- Asked to talk to the supervisor. After awaiting for 20 minutes on hold the Rep stated he would call me right back. That was 3 hours ago.

    My fault for placing the order, but their fault for not communicating with each other at Verizon. Would never had gone through with it if it wasn’t for the Verizon chat rep telling me it was an legit and approved offer for my phone.

    • Chris has a headache

      Even though the order has been cancelled I just received an email stating that the phone I don’t want is on its way. This is getting ridiculous.

      • Anthony

        Chris im talking to a rep saying to do EXACTALLY what you are doing! should oi stay away?!?!?

        • Chris has a headache

          STAY AWAY! I Some reps still think it’s a real deal. I still haven’t received my $700 back. Promises to call me back have failed twice. Since I recorded everything I will be talking to a lawyer. Would never of gone through with it if the 1st Verizon report told me to place the order to start the “loyalty offer “.
          Keep copies of your chat logs, names of reps, bank statements, and a copy of the original offer.
          I’ll keep everybody updated.

  • Thanassi

    I’ve had the same number since my first cell phone in 1999. A Motorola StarTAC when Verizon Wireless was Bell Atlantic Mobile. Am I a loyal customer?

    • JayTee

      If you’ve had any physical contact with a phone managed by any company besides Verizon, you are considering disloyal and voided from promotional offer. Plain and simple. 

      • Strange_creation3000

        does that apply with asurian…. like a replacement for when they broke

      • Thanassi

        I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm.

  • Jeff Brown

    I got the email and tried the link for the Nexus. Still gave me the full retail price. So I webchated (?) with a rep and was told to call customer service and they would give me the free phone. (And yes, I have the transcript which she said it)

    So I called customer service. While I was not directly called a liar, it was heavily implied. She stated that she can see all the emails Verizon has sent me. I gave her all the links and information she asked for but was very rude and talked over me when I tried to ask her more questions.

    So I went back to the webchat. This time I was told that they are aware for the email and the only valid one were sent to customers in the south. No explanation on why I got one (email) and was told this has gone viral on the net so no. So I asked if I should get the first cs rep to buy me one since she told me I could get it from cs. Her answer was yes, I should try to contact them. She also suggested that I could call cs again and may get a different answer.

    So that is my experience.

  • SleekDX

    Tried doing this on my account and a relatives account last night and wasnt able to do so. Rep actually told me that the link went viral the last day or so (LOL) and all they been dealing with is customers trying to get their free 4g phones.

  • I spoke with a rep a few minutes ago and he basically says you have to average 5gb of data per month to qualify

    • Mike D

       Not true. I average maybe 1.5 Gb a month and after going through every body I possibly could the promotion was a success for me. Keep trying, keep calling and ask for a manager to speak with and inform them how this should apply to you and you should get the deal no problem.

  • jonny c

    let me just say that folks running into dead ends via chats with online reps or calls to customer service have not exhausted all possible options. i understand that for some this is the only feasible option due to schedule constraints or other circumstances. that said, it still requires the least amount of effort and in my experience getting anything exclusive/hidden usually takes more than the minimum

    • Mike D

       I had to go through many service reps and finally get sent up to management with this and finally made this happen for my self. When talking to multiple reps they all said they were getting large amounts of calls on this and that it was a mistake but after talking to the right person they had no choice but to give me this promotion.

  • Mike D

    After going back in forth with different sales reps my GNex is finally on its way!

  • Strange_creation3000

    Yea i tried everything… talked to about 6 online reps and also called customer care … I told customer care I got the email and then after awhile they went in and checked my email and said they never emailed me the promo… then said to print it out and go to the store but everyone keeps saying it won’t work at the store cause its an online offer only… this is rediculous

  • Has

    Just called and was told that the offer is not valid and there trying to fix this issue. Damm. I knew it was to good to be true. Now saying that the rep. Was very apologetic and if I pushed I’m sure I could have gotten a nice discount. Sorry for the confirmed bad news……………..

  • J Dub

    Um…how loyal are we talking here? I have been with VZW since…I am pretty sire the first Razr came out. So i know it has been at LEAST 6 years or so. I have got no email or anything about this promo. I have been on a smartphone plan since around 07-08. I am pretty loyal. To think I would be left off this is discouraging. We currently have 2 smartphones with VZW. WTF VZW? Where’s my free phone?

    • naterecording

      This is the problem with this type of promotion in general.  It singles people out without giving a specific reason while leaving others in the cold, which is why it can sometimes work to plead your case.  I’m trying to be a little pushy without being a total jerk about it over the phone.  Still trying…

    • I’m contacting Verizon right now, I’m in a similar boat, trying to see why we’re not “considered” loyal, heck my parents still have dumb phones, what a great way to get them to upgrade and give VZW more money!

  • naterecording

    Ok.. I think I have the full story:
    This is a real promotion, but it has only been made available to certain numbers.
    You’ll notice in the fine print, it says:  “Offer only valid on mobile number ending in…” so this is clearly an e-mail template, and I assume that they don’t intend people to be seeing the link even though they strangely haven’t removed it.

    It looks like there are two possible ways to get the promo:  If you are luckily one of the people to have gotten the e-mail directly, or if you can convince them that they messed up an get the promo anyway (which is where I’m at now)

    • Strange_creation3000

      im in jersey and they told me it was for the south but i dont buy it… there is some how to get this… i just havent figured it out yet

  • Greg

    My wife was on the phone with them for 1.5 hours and just got the deal for 2 new Galaxy’s. Whoo-hoo!

    • Fabyloso

      Troll. Doubt this is true. You’re just causing more of us to waste our time on the phone with VZW. Delete these type of posts please.

      • JayTee

        I doubt he’s trolling. If he’s a troll, then I guess I am one too because on Saturday, I managed to place an order for a Nexus for FREE! Say what you will but I have no time or reason to post this, if it wasn’t true. I even called today to verify my order and that it’s being processed and shipped, which it is today. This doesn’t mean everyone will be able to get it. It just means some of us got lucky and managed to get a hold of the right person and scored. Make what you will of it.

        • naterecording

          Hi JayTee – I just talked to a rep and they told me that the promo was offered to certain customers that was number-specific.  In other words, they targeted certain numbers for whatever reason.  He mentioned that it was offered in certain regions in the south.  Do you think your number was one of those targeted numbers, or did you just plead your case that it does not specify any certain deal?  (and as you say, got ahold of the right person)

          • JayTee

            Hard to say. I did tell them that the promo came to me via email and that seemed to make a bit of a difference. I’m on the west-coast (So. California) so I’m not sure if I was targeted or I just got lucky. Either way, I’m not complaining.

          • naterecording

            Well, if you can manage to get me a free one too, I’ll send $50 your way, haha

          • JayTee

            I don’t want to take any chances and ruin my current order, until I receive it. Once I get it, I’ll shoot the rep (I have his email) I talked to another email and see if he can do another one. A big pre-requisite is that you have to be eligible to get a new phone (regardless of promo). 

        • jonny c

           same here. i’ve elected not to go into detail about my encounter until the phone is in hand. i received my order confirmation and am currently awaiting the shipment notification email. until i see that, i’m gonna assume the worst and that the order can somehow be cancelled or something.

          for those that were hoping to get details on how to score this deal, sorry if you think i suck for not posting the deets. all i can say is i was given the same information as everyone else and how i got it vs others not getting the deal is probably a combo of the right sales associate/store and the tactic used to get it.

          i hope to explain specifically what was done in my case to receive this offer when the phone is securely in my possession

  • Fabyloso

    Just called and spoke to a CS rep, then the “supervisor”. They denied the promotion, and said it was fake. They specifically called out Droid-Life to blame for the “fake” promotion. I didn’t give up easily, but they seemed to be getting flooded with calls about this, and didn’t feel like they were backing down, so I just hung up on them.

    • Makeshiftharmony

      Same deal here.

  • Firetail_22

    just called verizon and they wont honor the offer anymore, they specifically mentioned that a “blog site” is offering the deal and verizon is not participating in this deal. go figure!

    • naterecording

      This just gets more and more strange… did they say what blog site this is from?

      • Firetail_22

        no, the rep only told me that her supervisor said it was coming from a “blog site” and were not honoring the offer.

    • Not-so-loyal

      spoke with someone in the loyalty dept, he checked my account and said i wasnt eligible for it. only $50 off. Was well aware of the offer, said it was legit, just couldn’t offer it to me… gues i am not “loyal” enough hahaha

  • Rmerrow83

    I just called the number from the email and was told it was fake. She stated that this was a fake flyer started on a blog website and that they are not giving free GNEX out.

    • Dude

       Its on Verizon’s website, how can it be fake?

    • I talked to one rep and she said it was an early 3G – 4G upgrade sent to specific customers, I said I had an e-mail, and she said to go into the store with a print out and they would have to honor it. The store turned me away and said they wouldn’t do it without the customer service rep putting a note on the account that it was okay to sell the phone for free with a new 2-yr contract, so I called again, got a different service rep, and he said it was fake and there was no such promo. So basically, Verizon obviously has poor communication within their own service center when two different reps told me two different things. I tend to believe the one that knew what I was talking about because why the hell would she lie about it being an actual promo? I give up though. I was grandfathered in to an unlimited plan so I’m just going to act like a 5 year old boy and stream music on 3G 24/7 out of spite.

  • nikko

    fakeeeeee, i just got off the phone with marketing and they’re flooded with calls about this. It’s driving them nuts so give them a break. 

    • Bobby B 187

       I can not see how it can be fake – but yet people are still getting the free phones.  What gives.  I called and they had no idea.  I wish I could somehow get a GNEX for FREE.  Maybe in the next few months.  Anyone think there will ever be a Buy One NEX Get One Free?

    • naterecording

      As others have pointed out, how can this be fake if it is posted on Verizon’s own website, unless it was some kind of hacking job?  It’s a pretty legit looking page.  

      Also, why is anyone wrong to inquire about it?  Someone apparently dropped the ball by posting it (or made a poor decision to send it to “select” customers), so now they have to deal with it.  It doesn’t hurt any of us to try.

  • Smart Consumer

    $300 for the galaxy nexus no way I paid 189 but that’s only after I sold my droid razr for $400. BEST BUY MOBILE ROCKS. I price matched sams club or was it costco, doesnt matter i will never get ripped off by a carrier store again.

  • strev

    This is for Comcast customers only, no one else.

  • Guest

    FAKE. I work for VerizonWireless Customer Service, this is not true. I’ve had numorous call’s about this “loyalty” give away, which isn’t true. We only had the BOGO(Buy one get one) Valentine’s special, on the Droid RAZRs. The Nexus still remain’s priced at $299, for the device. FAKE. 

    • Lucidstate38

       How is it fake if it’s on a verizon owned domain?

    • JayTee

      Yeah, fake. So fake that I managed to get one on Saturday. Obviously, you’re not very well informed and neither is most of Verizon. Talk about a big hot mess!

  • Guest

    This is not real. I work for Verizon Wireless, Customer service. I’ve had numorous call’s about this “loyalty” give away, including RAZR, Nexus, and Stratosphere. Those of you who actually purchased the Nexus, don’t worry. It’s still $299, and one of the best phone’s available. This is a fake. We are not offering any “Free Nexus’s, or RAZRs”. Although, Verizon did offer the Valentine’s special, BOGO, buy one get one RAZRs, which ended. 

    • JayTee

      Yeah, fake. So fake that I managed to get one on Saturday. Obviously, you’re not very well informed and neither is most of Verizon. Talk about a big hot mess!

      • naterecording

        Hi JayTee, is there anything in particular that you told the rep that convinced them to honor the deal?  I’m going to try for this today.

        • JayTee

          I emailed the rep I was talking to the link and he in turn showed it to his supervisor, who felt they had to honor it and they did. Maybe it’s a fake or maybe Verizon reps aren’t well informed of it. Whatever the case might be, all I know is that I have one on it’s way, shipping today. I even just called to verify the order is being processed and it is. Once I get a confirmation of the shipping, I will try to post details of the confirmation without disclosing personal information.

  • pacnwsoundstream

    Oh verizon that hurts…….Not only have i been with you over 10 years but  I have had this nexus since day one… I paid cash for 2 of them for my account from your store.. Now your giving them to the “loyal customers” for free…  Feeling angry.

  • Supreme_Lean

    This was my conversation with the customer rep

    You are now chatting with ‘Verlean’Verlean: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.  May I help you with your order today?You: i have a question about a promo i sawYou: its a loyalty discount for the samsung galaxy nexus free with upgradeYou: is that valid?Verlean: I’d be happy to assist you.You: this is the linkYou:https://email.vzwshop.com/servlet/website/ResponseForm?OSPEUV_9_z_TV_W.3dX.3d_.40y.26.26_.26e_zEz9v005v.40.3d.26vyVerlean: It is not a valid discount, but you can call customer care at 1-800-922-0204 Monday – Sunday from 6AM until 11PM. They will be able to assist you with that.You: thanks

  • eric

    Not sure how this is working for everyone, I’ve just had two VW representatives tell me it’s fake and refuse to honor the promotion. 

  • Guest

    I am downloading ubuntu via tethering so that I can become one of the high end “loyal” customers.

  • Bakes1810

    I chatted with one rep tell me that the promo was not legit. Then another rep told me to call a number that was for the promotion. Just keep trying that’s what I plan to do.

  • Guest

    Hey, anybody that received the email. What was the subject line and date/time?

  • trumpet444

    The summary of 75% of the comments below —- “I paid for the stuff I wanted, but now I feel like I’m entitled to have it for free just because I was honest enough to originally pay for the stuff I wanted”

  • Guest

    I dropped the ball on my attempt to score a free phone, I guess I should asked the rep to check with their supervisor. 

    Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.You are now chatting with ‘Lily’Rep: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.  May I help you with your order today?You: I have a link for Verizon loyalty program which is offering 4G phones for freeYou: But it is not discounting when I add the Galaxy NexusRep: I’d be happy to assist you.Rep: I see, i do apologize. Does it have a promotion code in the email?You: I didn’t receive any email, however I would like to know if I qualifyYou: I’ve been with Verizon Wireless for 4 yearsRep: I see, this is for random loyal customers, the email when sent to you would contain a promotion code or a phone number to receive this promotion.You: I see, could you check my account to see if I would qualify.You:https://email.vzwshop.com/servlet/website/ResponseForm?OSPEUV_9_z_TV_W.3dX.3d_.40y.26.26_.26e_zERep: We are unable to see who qualifies it is random picks that get the email. i do apologize.Rep: Hi, I’m just checking in, how is everything going?You: No problem, just figure since my contract ended, getting a phone for free would be a win win since you guys don’t do the New Every 2 anymoreRep: I understand, we do still have some free devices available.Rep: What key features in a cell phone are most important to you?Rep: Hi, I’m just checking in, how is everything going?You: I’m interested in the Galaxy Nexus or Droid Razr MaxxYou: Heard the Razr Maxx has excellent battery lifeRep: I see, these devices currently would not be free.Rep: Yes it does have amazing battery life. 21 hours!You: But you offer them for free to loyal customers. The link I sent you is what I’m referring to. The fact that you guys seem to put out phones every month (not real but you know what I’m saying) has keep me from signing a new contract. How do you determine who is loyal or not. Check my account I think I’m going on 4 years now.You: **********-00001Rep: This is from our promotional department, you can call into customer care and see if they are able to offer this for you.You: Sweet, you have a number for that departmentRep: 800-922-0204. We have an agent in that department that would be happy to assist you.Rep: Is there anything else I may assist with?You: No thank you, Thanks for your timeRep: It has been my pleasure to chat with you today! Please feel free to re-open the chat session if you need further assistance . Thank you and have a great day!

    • naterecording

      Never hurts to keep trying.. that’s what I’m going to do.

  • Fuz

    Got off the chat and was told to place the order. Then call CS and have them credit me.


    • naterecording

      oooh, that sounds a little sketchy…  Did you save the chat as proof?

      • Fuz

        Yup. Made sure I had the transcript sent to me by email. 

        Click end chat on the top Right and it’ll ask you for email. 

        That’ll be my best bet for now… 

  • Renac

    Tried chatting with an online representative about this promotion.  It seemed like he had no clue what I was talking about and like many others who commented, he couldn’t open links either.  I have an upgrade coming within the next two weeks (though, I was told I could upgrade earlier) and wanted to know the end date for the promotion so that I could know if I’d be able to take advantage of this, but he didn’t know that either.  I’ve been with Verizon for 5+ years and I’m still not impressed with their customer service or representatives’ knowledge.  Next step for me: try the marketing department.

    • naterecording

      Yup, in my experience, some reps will tell you “no, absolutely not”, then you try a few times and one of them will say, “sure”

  • naterecording

    Looks like there’s still hope… here’s my chat with Verizon:

    “This promotion cannot be processed online, but if you print it out you can take it to a verizon store”

    me:  ok, and they will accept this promotion in stores?

    “I have been told the stores will accept this”

    I saved a screenshot of the conversation so I can show them at the retail store.

    • GT500_Grad

      CS told me to take into a store last night, so I took it in today and they told me to call CS. I’m on hold now.

      • naterecording

        I should’ve mentioned that they also added to call customer care if I run into an issue… probably expecting an issue.

    • Brickner

      The stores will not honor the promotion. I stopped by my local store today. I was told by a rep, “We cannot discount 4G devices in store.” “We would get fired if we did.” I was also told this is an online promotion only. 

      • naterecording

        so… the told you the exact opposite thing that the rep told me.  Hmm..

        • Brickner

          The rep I spoke with was very frank about the promotion being online only and they could not offer it in store.

          • naterecording

            No I completely believe you, it’s just funny that they are giving a lot of conflicting information.  Seems like nobody at VZW really knows whats going on.  I hope if we push the matter a little, they’ll give in and give the deal.

      • jonny c

        some stores will honor it. agents/store managers saying it is an online promotion only are right. now, will there be some stores with associates that might process the order? sure. but this promotion is meant to be an online deal only… however, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the phone; it just means that the order has to be processed as if it were online where they ship it to you instead of walking out of store with it 😉

  • I just got off the phone with a VZW rep and he said they have not heard anything of a Loyalty Free Phone deal anywhere… I knew it was to good to be true. 

  • I guess it is for people who use a lot of data on the 3G network. From what others have posted, moderately high data users are getting $100 off a phone (I have a co-worker that received this offer) and uber-high users (*points at self*) can get upgrade for free.

    • Well… I’ve permenantly turned off Wi-Fi starting…. Now. Oh God… So slow…

  • I received an offer via email as well as snail mail to upgrade to a 4G LTE phone for free. It says I would keep my unlimited data. For upgrading to a Droid X last year for $20, I think free is good. I must be beating their 3G network like it stole something… our money…

  • Justin Howard

    I called Verizon and they said that they had no recoleccion of this offer, I also tried calling a local Verizon store and they also said they had no word from Verizon themselves about this offer. I wish there was a verizon store close to me that were offering this because last week I just upgraded to a new Razr and it would’ve been nice to save some money.

    • I wonder if someone in Verizon’s marketing or distribution department was on their 2 week notice and decided to stick it to them.

  • Big B B

    I was just told by the website rep that I do not qualify as “loyal” to upgrade to a free 4G device aka Nexus/RAZR.  I’ve been with them 4 and a half years paying my bill on time.  What other criteria would there be to be considered “loyal”?

    • watchthesky

       I’ve been with them at least 8 years and I don’t apparently qualify so who knows.

  • Rith

    Works for me 🙂 First I called, but the rep and loyalty department said they never heard of such a thing. So, the next day I went and chat with an online rep who then spoke with her supervisor. I showed them the URL link and they honored it. So, getting my Galaxy Nexus this Tues.

    • Kinfolk248

      what u tell the online rep?

      • Rith

        Here is a portion of the conversation. I removed her name from the chat log.

        Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales resentative to assist you with your
        order. Thank you for your patience.

        You are now chatting with ‘Rep’

        Rep: Hello. Thank you for visiting
        our chat service.  May I help you with your order today?

        You: Hello

        Rep: Hello, How can I help you with
        your order?

        You: I have a link for Verizon
        loyalty program which is offering 4G phones for free

        You: https://email.vzwshop.com/servlet/website/ResponseForm?OSPEUV_9_z_TV_W.3dX.3d_.40y.26.26_.26e_zE

        You: But it is not discounting when
        I add the Galaxy Nexus

        Rep: Would you mind holding for a
        moment while I check that information?

        You: Sure.

        Rep: What does the e-mail say?

        You: This is the link

        You: https://email.vzwshop.com/servlet/website/ResponseForm?OSPEUV_9_z_TV_W.3dX.3d_.40y.26.26_.26e_zE

        Rep: I can not actually see that.

        Rep: Can you forward that e-mail to
        my supervisor ?

        You: which offers Galaxus Nexus,
        Droid Razr, Stratoshere

        Rep: Ok.

        Rep: Can you forward that e-mail to
        my supervisor ?


        You: I didn’t receive any email,
        however I would like to know if I qualify

        You: I’ve been with Verizon Wireless
        for 6 years

        You: which 4 lines

        Rep: how did you get that message?

        You: I mean 5 lines open

        Rep: OK

        You: Through a website

        Rep: Ok, I am checking to see if it
        is legit

        You: Can you ask your supervisor if
        he can honor it?

        You: this is my Account Number:

        You: my Verizon pin is xxxx

        You: I think I’ve been pretty loyal
        to Verizon Wireless 🙂

        Rep: Ok

        Rep: Alright, I think we are coming
        to a conclusion.

        You: Ok

        Rep: This is what my supervisor said
        since it is not working. You can order today and “bill to account”
        and I will remark the account with the order number and it will be credited
        back to you.


    • rlorenz

      Yeah, what did you tell the rep? Mine said there wasn’t one, and said she couldn’t open links.

    • Kinfolk248

      did you get tht promo off oh here?

  • Gralal

     Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.
    You are now chatting with ‘Tawanna’

    Tawanna: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.  May I help you with your order today?

    XXXXX: My checkout is not showing the FREE
    4G LTE smartphone.

    Tawanna: Unfortunately
    this promotion that customer are inquiring about a free nexus this is
    not a true verizon promotion all promotion is currently listed online.

    XXXXX: So, what am I supposed to do?

    Tawanna: I am sorry I do not understand the question.

    XXXXX: How do i get the promo?

    Tawanna: The
    nexus online is true cost of the phone, there is not a promotion for the
    nexus at the present time.  Some customer have been getting bogus deal
    offers for what verizon is not selling or displaying.

    XXXXX: Yes,
    but it’s on the VZW coporate website

    XXXXX: So your saying this is not a promo?

    Tawanna: I am
    not able to pull the url up, so this is not a true campaign verizon is
    running at the present time ,would you like the customer care dept to
    inquire more about what true verizon promotion that are going on?

    • naterecording

      umm.. what’s wrong with her computer?  The URL seems to work for me.  If it isn’t a true promo, why don’t they take it down?

  • Rain_king46

    To all of our loyal customers, we are going to give a great phone with a radio that kinda works and a battery that lasts 4 hours tops….Oh, and by the way, all of the REALLY loyal customers already paid $300+ for the same phone….yep that is Verizon alright. lol

  • Elvtiv

    So, I called about this offer, and nobody seems to know anything about it…HOWEVER, if you are eligible for an upgrade, call the sales team, and see what they can do. They offered me BOGO on the Razr Maxx, + threw an additional $30 discount on each phone applied to my service bill. total was $279 for TWO new phones. 

  • Called and they asked me to foward them the email. if anyone has it can they foward it to me?

    freshgeardude at gmail dot com

    I appreciate the help!

  • Customer Service told me to take the flyer to the store

  • The ad doesn’t even mention anything about only business customers

  • The guy is trying to tell me its only for business customers

    • Kinfolk248


  • On the phone with Verizon now….getting my free Nexus

    • Kinfolk248

      what number you call and who are you talking to

  • Sapan Dhora

    Anyone know if this works for Razr Maxx?

  • Coaster36

    Didnt work for me. Seems to only work for 3g to 4g upgrades. Guess Ill be waiting for the next nexus…

  • J

    Why are none of the best new devices coming to Verizon?  HTC One X, LG Optimusx3, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc.

  • J

    With the best new phones seemingly all coming out for the competition, Verizon has to give away free Razr’s and Galaxy Nexus’ to try and keep customers.  

    • Lovemterry

      free galaxy nexus?  ive been trying all day and verizon refuses to believe this offer is legitmate!!!!

  • For those that got the email how long have you been with Verizon? I been with verizon  just about 10 years now