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Verizon Offering Significant Discounts to “Loyal” Customers, How Does a Galaxy Nexus for Free Sound? (Updated)

If you have been a long-time Verizon Wireless subscriber and have an upgrade available in the near future, checking your inbox would be recommended. Big Red is sending out emails under their loyalty program that are significant. We are talking significant as in free. As you can see from the part we cropped out of the email, VZW is willing to hand you a $299 Galaxy Nexus for nothing, as long as you sign a new 2-year contract. For most current customers, a $50 discount is the max.

Tough to tell who qualifies, but it may be worth a call to Verizon’s sales team to see if you do.

Update:  It’s a regional promo. If you qualify, you will receive a mailer. Stop calling customer service.

Cheers Scotty!

  • Local store turned me away. They even tried to call customer service but they kept asking me where I got the promotion. They also kept looking at my account and showing that I did not have a promotion. Those who were able to get it over the phone, what verbiage did you use? Where did you say you got the offer?

    • JayTee

      I told them I received the promotional material via email. Call 800-735-7744 and follow prompts for marketing department. After speaking to a rep. who in turn put me on hold and spoke to his supervisor, they honored it. Hard not to, when it’s their website showing the promotion. No getting around that. 

      • I just called that number and the office was closed

  • Arglmr

    Itried the store and they said i have to call the number but the number is closed today

    • Wmsco51


  • Jonathantheunicorn

    I picked up a G-Nex yesterday through this promotion! Thank you Verizon Wireless. I owe you two-more years now.

    • keenan hansen

       now describe how it happened and what your data usage is

    • JayTee

      Same here but I had to do it over the phone. Local Verizon stores didn’t have a clue. At least not my local ones. Bottom line, I got a brand new Nexus for free and got to keep my unlimited data plan but it’s not going to be a 4g plan instead of a 3g.

  • Cakeangel Prodigee

    Just took this promo into the store, they said they couldn’t do anything and i would have to call that number. Only took them 45 minutes to figure out that number is a part of verizon wireless…

  • Kinfolk248

    anyone go into the store with a printout of this?

    • I just did. They turned me away. I pulled out all of the stops. They said it was a phishing scam which is BS.

    • I tried also and they kept insisting I order through the website

  • I just clicked through the link and it’s showing $299.99 now for me.

  • Chriskampmann

    Seems like they are saying in store only, however I do not really trust online chatting for customer service

  • iKing_4

    Galaxy Nexus selling soooooo well that they have to start giving it away, huh??? 🙂

  • Josh

    Anyone have any luck with this? I have a 3g phone that’s not available for an upgrade until next year, but I’m part of a family plan that has two lines available for an upgrade already. Wondering if I can swap upgrades and take this printed out to my local Verizon store and see if I can work something out.

    • JayTee

      I got one free yesterday. I had to jump through a few hoops but I managed to get one. See my other post below for more details. The promo does actually exist, contrary to what people are saying. 

  • I clicked on the link, which works again, but when u select a phone, it does not apply the discount.. the phones are still 199.99

  • Spc Hicks09

    Verizons Customer Care Department has said that this is NOT a valid promotion.

  • Jamsil0877

    Hate the the look of the Galaxy Nexus, don’t understand all the hype? I returned after a week. And the Razr is just plain hideous, cant wait for the next best thing. The Bionic (rooted) is the best phone so far! My work phone the Galaxy S2 is pretty good as well!
    The Verizon phone sale means that something good must be around the corner… finally!

    • riggz

      Really? Just because you don’t like the “look” of a phone that has specs that blows the Bionic away you think it’s a bad phone? The Bionic was a failed device. Months and months of delayed release due to issues with the phone.

      •  I have to agree. The Bionic was a total failure. I bought one when it came out on September 8th (2011). Went through 15 of the darn things before I convinced VZW to swap me to a CLNR Razr Maxx. They did. It’s had a few issues. NONE like I had with the Bionic though. Data dropping and not returning. Screen going blank and requiring a battery pull. It was a mess.

  • I literally just jumped on the rezound on friday….omfg……………………………..

    • Ryan84 Anonymous

      You literally do not know what the word literally means.

      • superman

        Maybe he was saying omfg because he broke it

  • rlorenz

    I only use about 1-2GB per month because I’ve got wifi around me all of the time, and it’s much faster than 3G.  Has anyone tried to use the upgrade with lower data consumption numbers like these?  Tentatively excited…

  • Bradley Albert Nemitz

    To everyone asking for a copy of the page, here ya go: http://www.mediafire.com/?ewxqya6i8f9fcw9

    Also, to reiterate myself, according to my Verizon store: $100 off for heavy data usage (3GB/month-5GB/month), free phone for extreme cases (>5GB/month). This is a promotion so they can take strain off of their 3g network.

    I personally was able to get $100 off the Nexus and an upgrade (with a 2yr contract) even though my line was not due for an upgrade til August. I didn’t get an email, I just took a print out of the webpage in to the store, showed them, and they told me I was eligible for a special promotion upgrade and $100 off.

    • GT500_Grad

      Thanks. Bradley.  are your images missing, too? Not to be picky, just want to make sure they have nothing to question.


      • Bradley Albert Nemitz

        They aren’t missing for me. I still have the page up in chrome and just right-clicked “Save as…”. I’ll take some screenshots, upload them, and update my first post.

    • JayTee

      THIS IS NOT A FAKE! After seeing the add and going to Verizon’s link, I called the marketing department and spoke to a supervisor. I was able to get them to honor the promotion and placed my order for a new Nexus with a 2 year contract for FREE! (plus tax, of course). I was eligible and got to keep my unlimited data plan as well. You just have to speak to the right people and be qualified. Mine is shipping out on Monday. The page is no longer up and I doubt they’ll honor it anymore. They honored mine because the page was theirs and they had no choice. That is clearly not the case anymore.

    • GT500_Grad

      100+  Thanks so much. 

  • Uncle Paul

    Calling Bravo Sierra on this, my wife is due for upgrade on march 16th from launch day droid X, 
    I had CSR check thru every deal going and came up empty. Came up empty on a deal on a network extender also.

    • JayTee

      No B.S. I’m assuming it was a mistake by big red and before they took the web page down, I called marketing and spoke to a supervisor, who honored the promotion. They’re shipping me a new Nexus for free. All I had to pay was shipping. No joke here. Sometimes timing is everything!

      • N8shon

        Looks like I’ll be calling on Monday, they are closed now, the third CS rep I spoke to today still had no clue. 

  • feztheforeigner

    How do I know if I’m a “loyal customer”?

  • igotadroid

    Anyone have a copy of the email? I didn’t get a chance to print it out.

  • JayTee

    To confirm, THIS IS NOT A FAKE! After calling the marketing department and speaking to a supervisor, I was able to get them to honor the promotion and placed my order for a new Nexus with a 2 year contract for FREE! (plus tax, of course). I was eligible and got to keep my unlimited data plan as well. You just have to speak to the right people and be qualified. Mine is shipping out on Monday.

    • JayTee

      I just noticed that the link and page with promotional details that was up earlier is no longer. Either they realized it was a mistake or the page is getting too much traffic and not currently available. 

  • Dublife5744

    My chat conversation with Verizon rep:
    Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.

    You are now chatting with ‘Connie’

    Connie: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. I am available to answer your questions and help you navigate through our site more efficiently. How may Iassist you today?
    Me: Are you offering the galaxy nexus for free to loyal customers?
    Connie: you will have to call 18009220204.
    Me: So, if I received an email stating that I’m eligible, I should call that number?
    Connie: Yes.

    • eliteJAE

      lol thats the vzw tech support number, how would they honor your offer there?

    • GT500_Grad

      I just called the number. The rep supposedly couldn’t find the email promotion that I was talking about, but said if I print it out and take it into the store they should honor it.

      So…. Anyone still have a shot of the promo screen?

    • N8shon

      Called that number. Rep I spoke with said she talked to others around here and 4 different supervisors and no one knew of the promotion. She suggested having me go back to the store I just came from and have them call in to customer service. I’m starting to hate Verizon. The store tells me to call customer service, customer service tells me to have the store call them. No one knows about anything. There’s a huge communication gap going on here. 

    • Dublife5744

      So after I talked with the rep with the number that was provided. She stated that the promotion is only for a tablet purchase. Meaning, buy a tablet and get a galaxy nexus free. Tried to read verbatim what the email link had offered, but the link is down. https://email.vzwshop.com/servlet/website/ResponseForm?OSPEUV_9_z_TV_W.3dX.3d_.40y.26.26_.26e_zEz9v005v.40.3d.26vy
      its now being redirected.
      what a troll.

    • Dublife5744

      Update: Called 
      866.822.9445, spoke with a rep, and told me this offer is only for the South region, since I’m in the North East I am not eligible. What a load of crap.

  • Alex Garcia

    vzwshop is a verizonwireless website. I’ve gotten promo’s that originated from there, like the promo for 9.99 unlimited data. I have 4 lines all on unlimited data coming in at about 204 a month. I never get these promos sent to me, but I always fight for them! doesn’t hurt to try.

  • GT500_Grad

    Did you take in your email or a print out of the page?

    • GT500_Grad

      Since the page is now dead, does anyone have a printout or screen shot of the page? I was going to print the page and take in

  • jonny c

    here’s a thought: did anyone walk into a BB and try to have them price match? now that the link is dead, it’s kinda moot though

    • Try it- I did that with the discount from Let’s Talk for the GNex. After they decided my order was backordered, I took my order into BB and they said no. I then took it into their new BBmobile! at the mall and they had no problems matching. $175 out the door!

  • eliteJAE

    Looks like the link is dead now. Verizon should have known this would spread like wildfire. All this ruckus for a phone they severely downplayed and instead pushed on the droid razr front. Someone up top at VZW needs to open their eyes and see what consumers really want.

  • N8shon

    This is NOT a hoax. I just returned from a retail location and was told that this promo is being given to 3G customers upgrading to 4G service based on their data usage. I was told there is a $100 discount that populates in their retail system for users who are consistently above 3GB but below 5GB per month of data use, and higher discount, in the Gnex’s case, free, that populates if the user has consistently been over 5GB of usage per month on their account. I had neither one on mine because when I returned a 4G phone I was trying out over Christmas, they did not remove the contract that was put on my account. I had to go through phone customer service to get the contract corrected. Now I still can’t get either promo in-store and I am again going to have to call phone customer service to try and get anything out of this. This is getting ridiculous.

    • Bradley Albert Nemitz

      This is exactly correct, according to my Verizon store. $100 for heavy usage, free phone for extreme cases. That way, they take strain off of their 3g network.

      I was able to get $100 off the Nexus and upgrade (with a 2yr contract) even though my line was not due for an upgrade til August. I didn’t get an email, I just took a print out of the webpage in to the store, showed them, and they told me I was eligible for a special promotion upgrade and $100 off.

    • Jhardy93

      So basically they are rewarding users who rooted and tethered …

      • I’m over 9gb a month and I didn’t get this and I am rooted, but don’t tether.  Netflix all day burns up some data.

  • Hustlinjoe

    I just called verizon they said that this is not a true statement they are not giving out free nexus is to anyone and they are trying to contact droid life to have this post removed

  • Hustlinjoe

    If you do not believe me give them a call They will be more than happy to tell you it is a hoax Believe me I thought that was great I don’t want a galaxy nexus and I plan to get a better phone when it comes out but I don’t think it’s fair to the people that bought 1 .. So calm down nexus owners you have nothing to worry about you pay full price for your phone or that price for a reason it is to have a phone and if anybody else want 1 they will have to pay as well

  • eliteJAE

    I so wish this was true. Sounds like awesome trolling with a slight chance of win if its actually true for some people.

  • Hustlinjoe

    I just called verizon they said that this is not a true statement they are not giving out free nexus’s too anyoone and they are trying to contact droid life to have this post removed

  • keenan hansen

    im getting a strong feeling that going into the store itself is the only way to get this promo, as they have less information and have to act on what the customer brings to them…

  • Jab1472

    I have been with vzw from 1997 i just got off the phone with them and they tell me NO free nexus 🙁

  • Josh515

    Verizon may want to update the info on the Stratosphere, “The only 4G LTE smartphone with a slide-out keyboard”.

  • BostonB

    It worked for me! I think your contract has to up for it to apply!

  • chef guy

    Just got my GNex from the local Verizon store. No sales tax, no fees, FREE! They said I was offered the early upgrade at the amazing discount because of the 3G usage history on my account.  They stated that any (3G only)costumer with usages over 4-5GB per month would be eligible.

    • N8shon

      Confirmed this at a retail store a few mins ago. At one level of GB use, they give you a $100 discount, at the higher level, phone is free. 

      • eliteJAE

        time to start torrenting off wifi? lol Huge props to those who do qualify, I guess we’ll just wait until something new comes out post MWC before they drop the price on the nexus.

        • N8shon

          I know, it seems ridiculous that if I had used MORE data on my 3G connection that somehow I would have gotten an offer for a free phone, but because I don’t use more than 5GB/month, I get screwed out of the offer. Awesome logic there Verizon, just brilliant. 

  • tyguy829

    None of the customer service representatives ever know about these deals.  You usually have to call their promotional line: 

    • Kinfolk248

      have you called?

      • N8shon

        Just did

    • N8shon

      Office is closed right now…

      • tyguy829

        oh alright. I’m guessing they are monday-friday.  Let me know how it goes.  Good luck

  • From a VZW.com rep:

    Tiffany J: I do apologize but this is just a spam the email is just sent to fish your email account to gain your information so do not apply to this email we are not offering the Galaxy Nexus for free at this time I do apologize. 

  • keenan hansen

     did you get the e-mail personally? also how did you approach the rep? did you have proof of the promo?

  • keenan hansen

     as did i, also called and chatted with them. the links when you click on the phones say ”

    Page is not currently available

    There has been an error in processing your request.” currently. opps

  • ScottyfromGA

    thanks for the shoutout Kellex!  went into a store this morning and the employees were totally clueless.  they grabbed a Nexus, scanned it and much to their disapproval, gave me one for FREE. The chick instantly tried to sell me accessories so she could make a commission. haha!

    also got the 1/2 off extended battery….total cost, $26.49. total savings, $674.99.  love it!

    • Kinfolk248

      PLZ elaborate, did you get the email or just walk in the store.

      how did tht conversation go? 

    • N8shon

      I’m in GA as well. Did you just walk in for the upgrade and get that deal?

    • I called and they want me to fax them a copy of the email. Is there a way you could forward me the email freebies0525 at gmail dot com? Thanks!!!!

  • So, being a customer of theirs for 8 years doesn’t cut it?  Meh.  I don’t care anymore.

    I had the Razr, almost broke it, exchanged it for a Rezound.  

  • N8shon

    Can anyone confirm or deny that vzwshop is Verizon Wireless or not? 

  • keenan hansen

    just called Big Red and they have no idea what this is, said to send the e-mail to the contact us page and see if they get back to you. they are not aware of any promotion at the customer service calling level. im going to send in a e-mail and see what happens, chances are its just for the top 1%….. just to piss off the 99%ers out there. ROFL. that or it is totally fake.

    • N8shon

      I just sent an email with the link to the promotion enclosed to the “contact us” page about 2 hours ago. We’ll see if I hear back. 

  • edited

  • thats pretty fucked up if it is

  • they are claiming the vzwshop is not a verizon wireless website…so did we just give our account login info to a phising scam site? 

    • Kinfolk248

      thts what im wondering…

      • N8shon

        I’m wondering the same thing. I just talked to someone on the online chat at VZW’s site and they said that I’d have to contact customer care, that they could do nothing at all. 

  • JayTee

     After talking to their marketing department and a supervisor, they honored the promotional price. I’m still in shock but I got the Nexus for free (you have to pay sales tax for full retail value). So scored!!!

    • JayTee

      And got to keep my unlimited data plan for $29.00 but now, it will be 4G.

    • Kinfolk248

      whats marketing dept number and what did you say

      • JayTee

        I called the number listed in the promotional add. Press 1 and follow prompts to enter your number. Once a representative comes on the line, tell them you received an email from Verizon with this promotion and you need to them to honor it. I forwarded the rep. the add and he in turn discussed it with his supervisor who validated it and honored it. It took me all of 15-20 minutes.

        • eliteJAE

          do you have a live link for this ad? The main one seems to be down.

          • JayTee

            This is/was the link but it doesn’t work anymore. 
            Here’s a copy and paste…

            Step up to a FREE4G LTE smartphone.Download a song in 4 seconds, upload aphoto in 6 seconds and download a videoin just minutes. Apps, movies, music, photos,games, news and more – 4G LTE givesyou everything you love but 10x faster.There’s never been a better time tomove to 4G LTE – Upgrade to yourFREE 4G LTE smartphone today!Learn MoreKeep your unlimited data package when you move to a 4G LTE smartphone!Special Offer: Get a FREE 4G LTE smartphone.Galaxy Nexus by SamsungFREE**1,073 reviews†Boasting a huge HD screen, thepopular Nexus now has Android’snewest OS.> Buy Now2-Year Price$299.99Exclusive Discount-$299.99Loyalty Discount-$||Your PriceFREEDROID RAZR by Motorola FREE**99 reviews†The world’s thinnest 4G LTE smartphone, the special 16GB model is available in black, white and purple.> Buy Now2-Year Price$199.99Exclusive Discount-$199.99Loyalty Discount-$||Your PriceFREESamsung Stratosphere™Promotion ends 3/31/12*FREE**356 reviews†The only 4G LTE smartphonewith a slide-out keyboard,plus a brilliant 4″ screen.> Buy Now2-Year Price$149.99Exclusive Discount-$99.99Loyalty Discount-$Online Discount-$50.00Your PriceFREEWe’re here to make the transition to 4G LTE easy.Wireless WorkshopsMaster your device with freeonline or in-store workshops.Learn MoreBack Up Your ContactsSave your mobile contact listand upload it to your new phone.Learn MoreCall:  866.822.9445Visit:  Find your nearest retail locationClick:  verizonwireless.comFind Verizon Wireless on:FacebookTwitterYouTubePlans|Phones & Devices|Accessories|Verizon Forums|My Verizon|Retrieve User Name|Retrieve Password*BOGO offer is only valid if multiple lines are eligible for equipment upgrade.**New 2-yr renewal req’d per device. Smartphones require a data pak. Available only if customer has not upgraded in the last 180 days. Pricing based on vzw.com as of 02/25/2012 and subject to change without notice.†Based on customer reviews as of 02/25/2012.Our Surcharges (incl. Fed. Univ. Svc. of 17.9% of interstate & int’l telecom charges (varies quarterly), 16 cents Regulatory & 99 cents Administrative/line/mo., & others by area) are not taxes (details: 888.684.1888); gov’t taxes & our surcharges could add 11%-48% to your bill.Activation fee/line: $35.IMPORTANT CONSUMER INFORMATION: Subject to Cust. Agmt. & Calling Plan. Up to $175 early termination fee ($350 for advanced devices) & add’l charges apply to device capabilities. Add’l $20 upgrade fee may apply. Restocking fee may apply. Offers & coverage, varying by service, not available everywhere; see vzw.com. While supplies last. In CA: Sales tax based on full retail price of phone. In MA: Sales tax based on Verizon Wireless’s cost of a device purchased at a discount with service. Limited time offers.LTE is a trademark of ETSI. DROID is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. and its related companies. Used under license.Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (“Samsung”). Samsung and Galaxy Tab are both trademarks of Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and/or its related entities.Offer only valid for mobile number ending in .© 2012 Verizon WirelessVerizon Wireless | One Verizon Way | Mail Code: 180WVB | Basking Ridge, NJ 07920This email was sent to .We respect your privacy. Please review our privacy policy for more informationabout click activity with Verizon Wireless and links included in this email.If you no longer wish to receive future emails, you may unsubscribe, or easily adjustyour subscription preferences from your profile information.

        • Kinfolk248

          hot damn…lol

        • Kinfolk248

          could you send me that link lol????

          • JayTee

            Looks like they took the promo page down. It shows as unavailable. I bet they realized the mistake and took it down. I guess I got lucky.

  • Ritchiec87

    Lesson of the day, the early bird gets the $300 worm

  • Kinfolk248

    Has anyone anywhere gotten this deal to actually work for them? I see several if not all of the users on this site being turned down for this promo, makes me wonder what the true meaning of all this is…so is there a single soul out there that has have this processed to completion???

  • Spoke with customer service and they won’t even acknowledge that VZWShop.com belongs to Verizon Wireless. They claim it is a spam Web site even though it is registered to MarkMonitor the exact same as VerizonWireless.com is. It’s sad when CSR reps don’t even know their own company Web sites, which are the public-facing image of the company. *sigh*

  • How about a refund on my Galaxy Nexus then since I’ve been a “loyal” customer for oh so many years… 🙂