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Rumor: Galaxy Note Headed to Verizon as the Galaxy Journal

The Samsung Galaxy Note was everywhere last week at CES. Attendees from other parts of the globe were carrying it, busses were covered with massive Note decals, and news coverage of it could not be missed. With its massive 5.3″ HD Super AMOLED display, 1.4GHz dual-core processor, and HD cameras, we aren’t surprised that rumors of it finding its way onto Verizon would start popping up already.

According to an “industry analyst” that spoke with the Examiner, the device is “certainly” coming to Verizon and Sprint during the first half of the year, potentially as the Galaxy Journal. Our sources have yet to mention the device to this point, but would love to see it on Big Red. When the device was introduced early in 2011, we had mixed emotions on the size. However, after getting our hands on it at CES last week, we might be sold.

I should point out that to my knowledge, Samsung does not have a CDMA/LTE model available anywhere in the world yet. The HSPA+/LTE model is available across the globe now, with AT&T availability happening very soon.

Interested in a 5.3″ daily driver?

Via:  Examiner

  • DJyoSNOW

    Not real sure what that says about me: But I would rock this phone out!

  • manny108

    @icedhot who said it’s coming out in June?

  • Interstellarmind

    Would have gotten this over a g-nex in a heartbeat. Probably will if it’s true and the processors better than omap4460.

  • icedhot

    this is awesome!!!! but to be honest i wll not tell my friend the phone is call a “journal”. if they asked, its the “galaxy note”. i cant wait until june when its release.

  • Anonymous

    i think its pretty awesome. it fits the niche for people who want a device that’s still portable in pocket. probably not most practical use holding to face to talk. but blue tooth headset would fix that. think about it. alot of us with smartphones have tablets now. this bridges both. most people don’t even talk on phone anymore, we text, email more than anything.

  • noisyKricket

    Wow that is huge. lol 

    I’m still not sure I want a phone that’s bigger than 4″. But then I’ve still not played with the Nexus or Rezound.   

  • Anonymous

    Ditch the buttons, add ICS and i’m sold! Now that I think of it, since the buttons are gone in this fantasy device of mine, that leaves room for more screen! 5.5 @ 16:9 ??? Yes please.

  • jake creed

    this is appealing to me. 

  • Djenks24

    I’m interested in a 10.3″ daily driver with a swappable sim card

  • Perfect size phone for me.  I’m aiming at exactly this size, as the balance for my iPad 2.  Want the phone at 5.3, and the iPad at about 10.  Not interested in the 7 table size.  I’d rather carry around a 5.3 all day as the phone, with a serviceable browser screen.

  • Sinofueramos

    I’ve got a friend who saves money by carrying around an HP TouchPad. He uses it to make calls wherever there’s WiFi. Not sure I can keep making fun of him if I get a Note.

  • Anonymous

    This is a man sized phone! It will be mine!

  • Anonymous

    Hooray, a network that actually works!

  • LionStone

    I have Samsung’s GTab 10.1 and it will get ICS soon, but I don’t like this thing with that clicky button thing on the button, blech. Gimme a nice clean screen and ICS. I’m waiting for the next gen LTE chips, so maybe by summer? or later this year…and my next device will also have ICS on it. 

  • Jim McClain

    a guy carrying a phone this size around could not look gayer if he tried   lol

    • Rufusx

      You are an idiot. People with a job who need a phone AND tablet would find the Journal convenient and refreshing. Plus saving an additional $30 on data charges is a no-brainer.

      • Jim McClain

        be sure to get a free skirt with it

        • Get your homophobic bulls*it out of here, dick.

          • Agreed.  As a gay man, I also get tired of gay slurs which, when you push back, you’re told you’re being too sensitive or just chill. Gay men also read this site, far as I imagine.  So the assumption that this is all hetero here is mistaken.  At least, two of us who are gay on this site.  So cut the gay slurs, please!

          • Jim McClain

            ahhh, did I touch a nerve ?    lol

          • John Waters

            You’re acting like an idiot and the only one laughing is you.  That should say something.

            Protip: We pity you.

    • Tim242

      I’m gay…and carry around a Nexus : )

    • Anonymous

      troll harder

    • Anonymous

      wow, classic overcompensation there Jim. I think you just outed yourself.

  • Jim McClain

    it will a nice phone for women, only place to carry something that big is in a purse

    • RSLP

      You, apparently, are pint-sized as any normal sized man that isn’t wearing the 15 year old  emo super skinny jeans should be able to pocket one no problem.  

    • are you just a idiot or do you think your funny?

    • Anonymous

      Not true really. Check out the review videos, its actually not that much bigger. Its thinness really makes its a very much not a brick, but a slim portable and pocketable device.

  • Can’t wait to get my man hands around this baby.

  • scoccercoach

    Yall seem to worry about the battery life….I agree.  How about adding additional 2G ram and two 3500 batteries and have mophie make a juice pak for it to boot?  Lets “git er done”

  • i knew it wouldnt be soon until we start having phones this big if not bigger

  • I like how everyone thinks that we’re going to get the same phone that the GSM has xD

    Galaxy SII had the Exynos Processor, and when it came to the US they dropped it down to S3, a faster clock speed, but overall not as good processor as the Exynos. 

    2500mAh from 5.3 inches, people bitch about the Galaxy Nexus’ battery. 5.3 Inches and LTE? Are you kidding me?

    I really hate this moronic e-penis these phones have become for people.


    Seriously people, its a phone. And its a phone that has a skin EVERYBODY, INCLUDING THE PEOPLE WHO WANT, complain about. It’s going to have TouchWiz, do you know the bootloader situation if that matters to you?


    • Anonymous

      Get your facts straight

      The Exynos IS in the SGS2 for Sprint and ATT (Not the Skyrocket)

      Touchwiz WORKS with the Pen and allows you to take screen captures, annotations and the applications for the pen that ONLY work with Touchwiz if you’ve never tried a Live unit.

      And Samsung NEVER has locked bootloaders.

      • Hmm,

        So, out of the Sprint, T-Mobile, the 3 variations of the SGS2 on AT&T (SGS2, Skyrocket and Skyrocket HD) 2 of them have the Exynos processor.

        If you like touch-wiz, that’s cool, but realize half of the folks here who have comments talk about un-skinned devices.

        And you’re right, Samsung doesn’t have locked bootloaders, but how many people know that? 

  • Anonymous

    I will definately get this I have always wanted a 5.3 inch screen but I have to say that I am torn between this and the upcoming Nexus tablet. More information will be out soon on this Nexus tablet and that will help me to make my choice. But YES I am strongly leaning hard at the Galaxy Journal

  • Reminds of the PDA phones back in the day – Anyone remember the Samsung SCH-i730 – Now that was brick.

    • KnightCrusader

      I still have my i760 somewhere…. you think sliders are thick now, just look at that inch-thick beast.

      • Trust me I remember and think todays devices are nothing compared to those days.

  • If it doesn’t have stock Android, count me out.

    • Anonymous

      You’re implying stock android has support for the S Pen, and it’s gestures. Really now.

      Go try it out before commenting

      • Anonymous


  • droidrev71

    Would love to get my hands on it through Verizon. If bootloader is unlocked though. But going to hold out for quad core!! 12-12-12 is when I’m getting the next big phone!!

    • Anonymous

      you aren’t going to be able to enjoy that phone very long. TROLOLOL

    • Anonymous

      Once again: Samsung NEVER HAS LOCKED BOOTLOADERS

      NONE of them are locked EVER

  • Anonymous

    too big, no ics, stylus……. fail

    • Anonymous

      stylus is not a fail it is a plus (assuming you don’t have to use the stylus to control the phone, ie windows mobile 5 style).
      no ICS sucks but i am sure samsung is going to fix that in the next few months. as for too big, that really depends on who and what they use it for. as a personal daily phone, yea probably to big. as a work phone that has a ton of notes, emails etc.. coming through it and with a stylus, that is a win.

      • BartJJ

        ICS sucks? And Samsung is going to fix it with their amazing code? Please kid, learn a few things before trolling…. One, ICS has been heralded as a giant step for Android in the right direction and two, Samsung is terrible at writing code. Go ahead and ask any developer that hasdworked on a Samsung device.

        • he is saying not having ICS sucks. he isnt saying ICS sucks

        • Anonymous

          you wanna read his comment again before trolling? He said not having ICS sucks but hopefully Samsung upgrades it to ICS within months.

          Anyway I’m getting this device without a doubt. I was debating switching to ATT for it but always said…”Ill hold off on switching if I start seeing Verizon rumors before ATT releases it.” And here we are, hopefully by MWC something more official/convincing is put out.

        • Anonymous

          The difference between:
          No, ICS sucks
          No ICS sucks

    • Anonymous

      your life= fail

    • how do you know it wont have ICS its not even official.

  • Anonymous

    I was in London this weekend and got to hold this, wow it’s large.  I think what the Nexus did best with these large screens is they didn’t make it real wide, so in hand it doesn’t actually feel as big as it is.  The Note on the other hand is very wide, which makes it a two handed device.  Using the stylus was interesting though, after a few minutes you could see how this device could be a very useful tool in one’s field.

  • Destroythanet

    Between my Nexus and my Transformer Prime, I don’t really see a need for it. 

    • Anonymous

      Haha we are in the same boat 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Can i join your boat?

        • Anonymous

          You’ll have to paddle lol

          • Anonymous

            i r phelps.

          • Anonymous

            i r phelps.

          • ce lee

            phelps r swim

          • Anonymous


  • manny108

    Kellex do you think that this will really be coming to Verizon?

    • I really have heard nothing on this front. It wouldn’t surprise me, but again, there are not even rumors on my end of this happening. And with no LTE/CDMA versions in the wild, it could be a bit.

      • Anonymous

        would be great if it was on ICS when the cmda version is ready. I am sure verizon would be really excited to release the device with ICS just to “one up” at&t, making them wait several more months.. +1 on hope for verizon.

  • Anonymous

    Holy Cow!! My dreams have come true! I have been yearning for this device since it was announced. I guess you could say that I Had a Dream.

  • If it has a Snapdragon processor, I’ll go with the MAXX. Exynos? SIGN ME UP!

    • Both Snapdragon AND Exynos are faster than what is in the maxx.

      • You clearly are just basing you comment on how many .ghz higher it is.  And thats not what I’m talking about. .3ghz higher does not mean faster.

        • Oh really? How about the fact that the OMAP4430 can’t overclock very far so a 1.2 GHz cortex A9 will be slower than a 1.5GHz Scorpion S3 which has the potential to clock a bit higher than 1.5GHz. Then we can bring up the GPU. The SGX540 at 304 Mhz is laughably slow by todays standards where as the Adreno 220 in current SoCs and the Adreno 225 in the next generation snapdragon are quite a bit faster.

          • Anonymous

            From what I’ve seen, the RAZR outperforms the Rezound not only in just about every benchmark test, but in real world usage as well (according to every review site out there). It doesn’t really matter what specs are thrown out; the Rezound is playing second fiddle to the RAZR in performance. Now, if they get a custom ROM on there with an overclock kernel and no bloat, that’s something else.

          • Snapdragon is an embarrassing chip.  If you own the the Rezound, you would know. (Why I’m returning it tomorrow to get my upgrade back for the MAXX).  While it may not be performance issues, the GPU is just terrible.  I would go Exynos 4212 chip or an OMAP 4470 over anything Qualcomm, and you are smart, you would too. 

          • My phone has an OMAP 4460. That being said if there was anything Exynos on verizon I would have gotten that. But I would take the Adreno over the SGX540 anyday.

          • There is nothing wrong with the OMAP 4460. So I’m not sure I would just jump ship to the Exynos like that without testing both devices, and running benchmarks.

          • 4460 is the best chip available on verizon right now. the current snapdragon chips are just straight up old now. that’s one of the main things that ruined the rezound for me. 

            clock speed does not mean that much. i am willing to bet the 4460 at stock speeds will out perform rezounds snapdragon at stock speeds.

  • Anonymous

    I’m honestly not interested in a screen that size.  I have a tablet and an e-reader for the things that need that kind of area.  Personal preference, really.  I love my G-Nex though.

  • manny108

    Thank you.. My prayers have been answered.

  • I played around with this at CES last week, and I fell in love with it. Yes it’s big, but unless you wear girl pants, it should be able to fit in any pants pocket. The screen is amazing, and the smoothness of the S Pen and related apps was awesome. Coming from an art background, I see a lot of potential for this device. 

    • Anonymous

      smoothness of the S pen? every review and video i see on a tech blog or youtube always says or shows how the pen tends to lag

  • ddevito

    At least Sammy won’t get sued by Apple for this one

    • Iamkeeler

      I wouldn’t bet on it. Apple might say they have a 5-7 inch tablet in the works that it encroaches on.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure they’ll find something

  • Dsim91

    I will be the first one in line the day it goes on sale 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Probably the only one in line 😛

      • Anonymous

        doubt that

      • Anonymous

        I know at least 3 people dying for this phone on VZW. Just take a look at the Note section in any forum, this is the device alot of cats have been waiting for. I was suprised at the demand i’ve noticed for this device, but after seeing the hands on videos it seems like quite a phone. Too big for me, but i see the appeal.

        • Anonymous

          I’m sure a lot of people want it. However just like every other android phone I doubt there’s going to be a line outside for it no matter how good it is. I was amazed how busy it was to get the nexus, but still no lines.

          • Anonymous

            There was a line of 20 people outside of my Verizon store on the Galaxy Nexus launch day 

    • Tried one out at a global phone store near my home. Its very very nice, that is, for what it is. It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t want a phone and tablet. Depending on your taste, its one and the same.

  • ddevito

    Looks like Big Red and Sammy are building a nice relationship. 

  • Anonymous

    I would definitely get that if (a) it was stock android (b) didn’t have horrible battery life with that screen and (c) there wasn’t a gnex.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely not stock, battery may be fine since device can fit a much bigger battery, I agree as cool as this seems I think the gnex is more realistic, especially for my pockets.

      • Anonymous

        that’s what i’m saying: it isn’t stock, therefore i wouldn’t get it.

        • Anonymous

          Check out videos on it, technobuffalo mobiletechreview for example, I usually hate touch wiz and blur but touch wiz on this device is actually really nicely done and doesn’t lag it.

    • Anonymous

      You can easily put ics on it now. Pocketvideonow hasa video up along with a few others almost everything works too.

    • Anonymous

      It also has excellent battery life as almost all videos report they go through a while day on a single charge. Id know as I look at them like everyday lol.

  • Anonymous

    It’s just to big, I can barely handle the size of my Galaxy Nexus

  • God

    Think they can put in a battery where you can get more than 5 hours of standby time? 

    • Anonymous

      2500mah battery says hi

  • Thing is huge and ugly as hell, borders on the “is it a phone or tablet?”

    • Anonymous


      • Clarkbsharp


    • Anonymous

      Yea, that’s the point. 

  • Anakin2Solo

    If it has an unlocked bootloader I would sell my Nexus for this.  I want a big phone, but it is not for everybody.

    • Anonymous

      Samsung NEVER has locked bootloaders

  • Galaxy Note battery life > Galaxy Nexus battery life (LTE)

    eagerly awaiting for the galaxy note on verizon. 

    • ddevito

      you haven’t seen the GNote on LTE yet.

      • Lmrojas

        It does have a much bigger battery. 2500

        • ddevito

          not much bigger than the GNex extended battery – plus it’s a bigger screen so it’ll eat more battery from the screen. 

          I’m not knocking it – I actually like it – a lot.

    • Anonymous

      You know, I’ve really had few problems with battery life on my G-Nex using LTE.  Moderate use out of it got me over 12 hours and that was with me forgetting I had the WiFi on when I wasn’t using WiFi.

  • Timothy

    Definitely on my wish list though I only had Moto Hardware its time to see what I’m missing like my moms Galaxy S (Fascinate) & love the look of the GNote.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I know how im using my wife’s upgrade… yowza

    • Anonymous

      I’ve used my wife’s upgrade twice. She understands that I’m a phone junky though.


    Thats just too big..5.3…next thing we’ll have a tablet as our phone and wear backpacks everywhere.. lol ill stick with my nexus.. 4.3-4.6 is fine.

    • It definitely felt big in hand. They claim its pocket-able, but I’m just not sure. Tato and I are making bets that this is the next girl sensation, just like the original EVO was.

      • EC8CH

        size queens

        • Anonymous

          they like 5+ in. that’s why i don’t need this 😀

      • Anonymous

        oh yea it will, if they make a pink case for it. hell women will use it as an excuse to buy a bigger purse as well, they will see that as a win-win.

      • Anonymous

        I know for a fact that my wife would love this phone size. Women have purses, so it’s not as big of a deal for it to be pocketable.

        [Insert “size matters” joke here.]

      • Anonymous

        It’s pocketable to the lots who already bought it. I tried a mock up and it definitely fit in one of my tighter jeans.

        I wanted one after trying it out but I have to sell off my GS2 first

    • Anonymous

      I played with one and really liked it. My extended battery Bionic feels small now. But Im waiting for the X3 aka XT928. 

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, if I was in the market for a phone right now, I’d seriously consider this. Interested to see what a verizon version would look like.

    • J Dub

      Screw backpacks. I’ma rock the fanny pack for the next gen phones.

  • Anonymous

    With this phone we are going back to the Zack Morris days from Saved by the Bell, not with technology but with size!!!

  • Absolutely a no for me. I think that the Galaxy Nexus is too big, let alone this one. The only reason I am putting up with the Nexus is because it is a developer phone. They really need to start making small phones again.

    • Eric

      I guess it’s all personal taste. I love the size of the Galaxy Nexus and recently picked up my old Nexus One and it seemed so small.  I don’t think I’d want to go as big as the Galaxy Note/Journey though.

    • My 12 year old cousin said basically the same thing, her hands are small too.

      Seems like some like small phones are popular among some people.

      • I have a friend with that attitude too. He says he likes his large phone, because there are other parts of his life which he wisher he can make bigger but can’t, so he overcompensates where he can.

        • Anonymous

          How original!

        • Azndan4

          Or… maybe he has poor eyesight (like I do) and prefers having a larger screen for when he browses the web? 

        • Josh Nichols

          Why aren’t you in the kitchen?

          See, we can all make unoriginal insults as well.

        • I’m 6’3, i’d like a phone with a large screen to watch videos, and text with one hand and not have to go to landscape to use larger keys for big hands, not all of us are little people.

          Now get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich

        • Lol 😉 I’m just kidding around, everyone likes different things in every aspect of life.

  • Lmrojas

    Praise Tebow I didn’t use my update on the Nexus

    • Tebow

      No need to thank me just enjoy my touchjiz

    • Doublea501

      Its not like its coming out tomorrow.  dont you remember how long it took the galaxy nexus to come out after the uk version?  That is when it was known that there would be a vzw nexus.  Im sure verizon just finished talking it out whether or not they would import this netbook, my bad, desktop.    itll be 1 month at smallest, and knowing verizon, they will delay it attt id say 3 more weeks… By that time a quad core phone will be rumored…

      “Theres Always Something Better In The Future”

      • Anonymous

        By the time Verizon’s done with it, it’ll be the Samsung Blote…

      • Anonymous

        lmao @ desktop 😀

  • This phone makes my Galaxy Nexus look tiny. 

    • Anonymous

      new category? phonelet? tablone? 

      • I like “tablone”

        • Anonymous

          Maybe with Google obsession with food…it’s called tablerone.

        • Anonymous

          tablone balogna…

  • Anonymous

    With an unlocked bootloader I could see getting this and passing the Galaxy Nexus to the wife.