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Verizon to Charge Customers $2 Fee When Paying Bills Online or Over the Phone Starting January 15

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Time to set up “auto pay” through your Verizon Wireless account. According to our sources, Big Red will start charging you a $2 fee both over the phone and online for your monthly bill transaction unless you have your account set up to pay automatically. I know this news won’t excite most of you, but know that there are still plenty of options to get you out of having to pay this “convenience ” charge. We have all of your options listed below. This new $2 fee will allow Big Red to “continue to support these bill payment options.”  Mmmhmm.  

Below is the confirmation that has been released by Verizon.

Customers Encouraged to Use Options to Avoid Single Payment Fee That Starts Jan. 15

Verizon Wireless offers customers numerous free and simple payment options and we encourage customers to use those options. Starting January 15, a new $2 payment convenience fee will be instituted for customers who make single bill payments online or by telephone. There are a couple of exceptions. See below. The fee will help allow us to continue to support these single bill payment options in these channels and is designed to address costs incurred by us for only those customers who choose to make single bill payments in alternate payment channels (online, mobile, telephone). It is waived for those who pay by electronic check or enroll in AutoPay — we encourage customers to use those or other payment options that incur no fees. [See complete list below.] The telephone and online single payment fee, which takes effect January 15, will be disclosed up-front and throughout the transaction.

There are numerous payment options available to our customers where the fee is waived or where no fee applies. They include:

  1. Electronic check online (My Verizon Online, My Verizon Mobile/Handset). Fee waived.
  2. Electronic check via telephone. Fee waived.
  3. Enrollment in AutoPay using credit/debit/ATM card or electronic check; fee does not apply
  4. Online from the customer’s home-banking service provider website; fee does not apply.
  5. Credit/debit/ATM card, electronic check or cash at a Bill Payment Kiosk, Panel or with a representative at a Verizon Wireless Communications Store; fee does not apply.
  6. Use of a Verizon Wireless Gift Card or Verizon Wireless device Rebate Card to pay a bill in-store, online or by telephone; fee does not apply
  7. Paper check or money order mailed to the VZW remit address on customer’s bill; fee does not apply.

Update:  They gave into customer complaints and have now decided not to institute this fee.

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    You charge and you break our contract and I go to ANOTHER CARRIER

  • Jjjj

    I just spoke to Verizon regarding this. According to the representative i spoke with, VZW has decided not to institute the fee.

  • Dieter

    That’s why banks are so lucrative – they just help themselves (charging fees) because they already have our money. Which tradesman would bother if I owed them one Dollar, yet the bank takes ten cents, if they think I owe it to them!
    Dieter, Adelaide

  • Anonymous

    And it is gone.  They pulled it back.  

  • angry customer

    My contrat is up in March, maybe it is time to find another provider.


    Verizon should be ashamed of Its self! This a thinly veiled money grab.. if you insist on this policy I will bail out on Verizon as son as I can, because I know you will add more and more charges in the future! It is time Congress rein in the the communications indutry. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU!

  • Kalyani

    Sounds like it’s VZN’s ploy to force everyone on auto pay.
    Why don’t you just call it like it is.

  • Hillbillycarl

    i have ben a loyal verizon customer and i have researched on how 2 get out of my contract, 2 dollar fee is bull;;;;;; and you had better prepair yourself for millons of people to do the same thing ,so we are talking about hundreds of millons in revenew that verizon will lose . i think its to the best intrest that verizon stop this 2 dollar fee before it causes them to lose a ton of money

  • dws1947

    Can you hear the people?  You are cutting your own throat, Verizon.  We cannot stand for such an antagonistic and unbusinesslike move on VZ’s part.  A penalty for making payments!  How bizarre!

  • Juzzepe

    Verizon = FOOLS

  • DBNebraska

    Verizon can take this fee and shove it directly up their dirty assholes.

  • Lildreamr23

    I would just like to say that for the people that are barely making it as it is, this $2 is outrageous! I have always liked Verizon and have had loyal service with them for almost 4 years. I have always been on time with paying my bill and it has always been a very nice convenience to be able to pay my bill online or on my phone. We don’t have checks through our bank and to drive 30 min to the nearest Verizon store just to pay the bill, to me is stupid!
    I would also like to say that we are quickly becoming disappointed in the service that we get. We pay over $100 a month and we can’t even use our phones at our home. We were forced to get a land line so we could have a way of getting in touch with our families. When I asked Verizon about all they said was update your roaming area and they should work. I did that and nothing changed. Also, mysterious charges have been added to both our phones last month and when I contacted Verizon about they were not much help in resolving the issue. They did take $0.80 off our bill.
    Finally I would like to say that why would people stay with Verizon when they keep adding charges and their service keeps going down when there are cheaper plans, with different companies, that offer better service and have more things available, such as unlimited everything? 

  • Rkent

    Extremely upset that I have to pay for Verizon to take my money!

  • Nope I signed a petition today against this practice.  I hope everyone else does too!! 

  • Superman

    guess they’ll just get a check in the mail from now on

  • Bdalesmith

    Verizon is not the only Company doing Wireless, at the end of the day it will cost them more than the $2 by lost Customers.  I am making my move as soon as possible.

  • CustSince’94Out

    Customer since ’94 looking to dump this crap service.

  • Boise Ed

    Have the folks at Verizon been taking a tack from the airlines?

  • Nearly40

    Isnt more work for them to process a paper payment and take longer to get thier money waiting for the check to clear the bank. What dumbass comes up with this stuff ? LOL

  • Granted

    And does anyone else find irony in the term “convenience fee”?

    • Granted

      Because you know…..it’s no longer a convenient phucking way to pay if you’re charging me for it!!!!!

  • Gman2317

    Tell me the difference between their auto-pay and my scheduled EBT?? why the additional cost?? Next they’ll have their own VISA card to make you use

  • Anonymous
  • Go here to sign the petition and get Verizon to scrap the plan:

  • Jimbo

    Would this be considered a change to the contract terms? (In other words, can I get out of my contract? ) Sure sounds like it to me. 

  • Djmake

    It is time for all of us to make a statement to big businesses and banks.  We need to have “write checks” month.  A month of EVERYBODY paying for everything with checks would send a definate “don’t mess with us” message.  They try to convince us, that paying on line with debit / credit cards, is for our convenience, when the reality is, it’s a money saver for them and they don’t have to worry about bouncing checks.

  • Pjmimis

    Whatever happened to customer service?? Loyalty to long term customers?? Thing of the past I’m guessing. This may make me reconsider upgrade when the time comes. Between them and the bank fees, what is next……frustrating!!

  • Trishnewman97

    I just switched back to the paper bill and wrote them an email telling them that the reason for switching back was my response to their 2 dollar additional fee.  Perhaps, if more people do so, they will have a change of heart as Netflix did.

    • Trishnewman97

      I also told them that I would now begin sending a check rather than using the online option. 

  • Please sign my petition to stop the convenience fee! https://www.change.org/petitions/dan-mead-chairman-and-ceo-of-verizon-wireless-do-not-impose-a-convenience-fee-for-customers-who-pay-by-phone-or-website

  • Leesan87

    Just use ACH.

  • Palsywalsy

    Where can I find this on the Verizon website? I want to make sure I can point it out to the rep when i call them.

  • This is the type of corporate behavior that leads to more regulation. Switch to T-Mobile. Better rates, faster speeds, better service. 

  • The difference between me and you is that when I signed the contract I did not expect them to care about me.  I signed it fully knowing their motives, and knowing that I need a service they offer me.  So I entered into a business agreement with them, now other business decisions were made, things changed with them, I recognize that, and I adapt instead of crying a river like all you people who are stupid enough to think that a business who wants to make money cares about you.

  • Bdrsvt

    Hell if Verizon credited it’s 4g customers a $2 (inconvenience fee) every time the lte network went down, they would owe us a payment. I would wave the $2 convenience fee. Your welcome Verizon.

  • katie

    This definitly wasnt one of the “big news of 2012” Posts i expected to see!

  • Guest

    Report Verizon to credit card companies that do not allow credit card fees.

  • Irie

    I just started an online petition against this fee!  Click the link below to sign and also share with all your friends by email or facebook.  Click on the link below or copy and paste in address bar!


  • Qbrisco

    the check is in the mail ha

  • Deuce269

    I guess its time to remind them why online bill pay was invented and why they prefer it. everyone should just send them a check in the mail and then they will remember that online bill pay saves them money.

  • Unotlikeme0303

    verizon is some rape-artists they chargin for erything feelin like im being raped by big red! 

    • Dude


  • Applepiter

    Fyi, the way the scam works- its not only about the two dollars, its about the ability to argue a inappropriate charge, once you pay it they wont usually credit you for an overcharge. Example: vzw has made deals with premium messaging companies charging 9.99 for messages, they use misleading with messages like reply stop to receive more messages. This is a long term screw in many many different ways. This is purely a money maker with no reason behind it except to confuse there customers and charge them with things they don’t want and was tricked into ordering. Shame on you vzw!

  • Anonymous

    Time to show Verizon how “We the People” run things and not them.  Anyone else up for a Go Daddy type revolt?

    • Anonymous

      got my freak flag up! Let’s go!

  • Dude

    As long as consumers keep thinking “Verizon has the best network and is most reliable,” they’ll continue to charge for you ridiculous fees like this. The telecom co’s are the worst…..anyone seen what Comcast charges for these days? Yay free market. I’m just shocked we’ve gotten to a point in the Corporate States of America where companies are allowed to charge consumers to pay their bill. It’s time we all move back to cash, as apparently the “technology” payments are too cumbersome for companies. They’ll re-think it when they have hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash in their stores and physical security becomes ian issue. 

  • spudx


  • JohnPA2006

    For the record the headline of this story is incorrectly worded.

    If for instance you have Bank of America and added verizon wireless as a payee for electronic payments, your OK, no fee.
    If they are ebilling your bank account directly, there is also no fee.

    This is mainly to stop the in-store credit card payments, or mailing in of a paper check.
    Any payments from your banks payee listing is considered and ACH payment.
    so your safe.

    • katie

      you cant pay your bill in store with a card! this is mainly to prevent people from going to the verizon website to pay their bill, or calling verizon and paying your bill through the automated system. there is no miswording!!!! What you are refering to is billpay set up through your bank not through verizon

  • ChrisI

    I work for a large bank, investigating financial crimes for a living. I do not have a SINGLE auto payment established on my bank account (I keep very little money in my actual account though either). I would advise you people to do the same, especially with a company like Verizon. Anyone ever tried getting their money back from a large corporation if they extract $ from your account when your bill is in dispute, or service was cancelled but they continue to charge you anyway? I see it all the time…..gyms are notorious for it. It’s my advice to pay by cash at the store and get a receipt. You give Verizon access to your bank account and the “authorization” to charge it whenever they want, you get what you deserve.

    • Kris Brandt

      This.  Forcing you to enroll in auto-payments is bad.  Its what gets you into financial trouble when you realize that you may need a little extra time to get that money.  Its wrong to force customers to do something out of convenience to the company.  This is another slap to the face in terms of convenience.  I need to see if there are better, cheaper options than Verizon when my contract is up.

  • Irie

    just go to change.org and make up a petition and people will sign it.  Thats how bank of america changed their mind in charging ATM fees.

  • droidx

    Now we can all get out of our Verizon contracts if we want to!!!  It states in the Verizon contract that any change that might be materially adverse to us can get out of their contract

  • JohnPA2006

    Here is the killer thought about the whole story.

    They want to charge you a fee, …. for paying them.
    in other words.
    I have to pay you , for being able to pay you.
    Charge you a fee, for paying your fee.
    A fee for a fee

    Speak those words out loud, someone at verizon obviously hasn’t done that.

    Verizon is really trying to get everyone to stop mailing in paper checks, which is not a bad thing.
    However they could have said it differently like….
    “Switch to ebilling whatever, and get an extra 30 minutes on your wireless account allowance.”

    To charge me a fee, for the ability to pay you, is absurd, angering and will make someone
    walk into a verizon store wanting to “smack a beez-hotch”

  • Anonymous

    The funny thing is it actually costs companies more to process checks than an ACH online payments…yet they want to charge $$ for the less expensive option.  Yeah – that makes sense. 

  • looks like VZ is going to get their wish, 2 fewer lines from me.  Assholes!